Borrowed TimeBorrowed Time

AKA Time to Die

Game Details:  Mystery, 1985

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/2/2005

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Borrowed Time is a graphical text adventure in which you play as private eye Sam Harlow. You must solve the kidnapping of your ex-wife, but are constantly under threat yourself during the game.


Wait, then answer the phone. Read each of your case files (1-7), then go east. Read the note here, then go east twice more. Hide behind the chair to avoid the gunshots, then go north and lock the door. Go upstairs, then break the window and get the glass. Enter the window, then climb the cable, cut the cable, and enter another window. Drop the glass.


Lebock's House

In the bar, talk to the thug, then show your gun twice to get the address and password "TINPLAYER". From the bar, go west twice and north. Wait for the girl to leave, then go north again and say "TINPLAYER". Lock the door, search the fireplace and take a scrap of paper. Head east and take the candlestick. Wait once, then hit Rocco (with the candlestick). Go east, drop the candlestick, and go east again.

Doctor's Office

Walk south twice, west twice and north to enter the doctor's office. Answer "YES" to the nurse and you will enter the doctor's room. Search the desk and take the bandages, then leave to the south.


Continue west and search the trash (you will find a bone - leave it here for later). Now go north, west and north. Break the door and untie Mavis. Get the novel and the tube, then read the novel. Take the bookmark and drop the novel. Head south out of the shack.

Rita's Apartment

From here go south, east 3 times, north, west and north. Open the door to Rita's apartment. Search the table, and you will end up hanging up by your wrists. Get the candle and matches. Light a match, then use it to light the candle so you can burn the rope. Drop the matches. Head west and move the stove, then bandage your hands. Get all, then drop the bandages. Search the trash and pick up the receipt. Go east and south twice to return to the street.

Doris' Apartment

Walk west twice and north. Talk to Doris, and show her the stub. Go back south to the street.


Head west and north. Show your gun to break up the fight - you will get some gloves. Drop the key and get the cans, then wait here until the police arrive, then show them the gloves, cans, receipt, bookmark and tube. Pick up your key again after the police leave.

Farnham's House

After the police leave, go south, west twice and north. Say "HELLO" and you will hear Farnham say "HIYO". Go south, east and north, and say "HIYO". Continue north and untie Rita. Talk to Wainwright - you will get a report. Wait here until the police arrive and you will go outside.

Post Office

Now head east 5 times, south twice and east twice. Open box 999, then get the poem and read it to see "6316". Drop the poem.


Go west twice and south 3 times to find a tool shed. Set the lock to 6316, then take the shovel. Return north and dig. Take the suitcase, then go north and west 3 times. Hide in the trash. Get the bone and give it to the dog.

Police Station

Head east 4 times. Open the suitcase and take the folder. Tell the police to arrest Farnham, then go north. Show the police the scrap of paper, report, suitcase and folder.