The Blind ProphetThe Blind Prophet

Year:  2020

Genre:  Horror

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

The Blind Prophet is a violent 3rd person adventure game with a comic-book art style, set in the corrupted city of Rotbork. You take the role of Apostle Bartholomeus, in a divine mission to liberate the city and destroy a great evil.


The Sirens of Gore Bay

Talk to the exhausted girl. Head right and pick up the crowbar, then return left. Use the crowbar to break open the box with the fish symbol. Take a can of tuna from inside, and give this to the girl. After talking to her, pick up the attacker's hand. Head right again, then follow the blood trail forwards to reach a fountain. Examine the gate with the keypad here and you will see blood on the 3 and 7 keys. Back out and a stranger will walk past and tell you the code starts with a 1 and ends with a letter. Examine the gate again and enter code 137B. Go through once the gate opens.

Pick up the bloodstained key from the ground near the door. Try to open the door, then climb over the right wall corner. Use your crowbar on the closed window, then break the window and climb inside. Go upstairs and look at the doors to rooms 101/102, then go back downstairs and use the computer - the network is down, but the note on the computer tells you how to fix this. Look at the key hooks on the wall, then take the garden key. Climb back out through the window. Use the key on the locked flagstone in the ground here. Use the mechanism in the ground to start a mini-game - you need to point the central pivot in the direction of the lights as they approach.

Climb back inside again and use the computer, reading all 4 emails. Head upstairs and knock on door 102, being careful not to smash down the door (he will kill you). Pick up the lamp on the right and combine it with the attacker's hand, then use this on the letter flap to the right of the door. Inside his room, use the bloodstained key on the safe. Examine the receipts, cash and photograph. You will end up back outside the hotel, so head down to return to the fountain.

Walk right twice to find yourself outside Signature Tatoo. Enter the store and talk to Vic about everything, then go back outside and head right. Here you will find the Mermaid Smile. Talk to the door, but you don't know the password to get inside. Return left and into Vic's store to talk to her again - you will get the password as well as a wrench. Go right again and talk to the door, giving the password so that you can head inside.

Go down the stairs to the right to meet Jade. Head through to the back room, then go up the stairs to the right and talk into the speaking tube. Return to the previous room and talk to the bouncer on the left about everything. Return and talk to Jade to receive a shooter. Go to the back room and into the toilets. Use your shooter on the trash, then head back out towards the entrance to the club. Talk to the dwarf bouncer and say "You've got a light?" Return downstairs and use the lighter on the trash to start a fire. You can now head down the stairs to the left. Use the wrench on the lock system so that you can take the gas bottle. Head up to the boss' door again and use the gas bottle on the speaking tube.

After Asmodeus leaves, take Vic's brooch from the desk. Use this on the fish torpedo to start a mini-game - move the brooch through the mechanism to enter the code 1939. Next look at the moving circles in the floor - you need to rotate these 3 discs into the correct positions. To find the correct positions, look at the periscope on the back wall and cycle through 3 different displays:

  • Inner Disc: Heart-shaped arrow points left
  • Middle Disc: Black arrow points to the rectangle/window
  • Outer Disc: Black arrow points to the back of the long curved arrow

Climb down the hole. After the cutscene, go out to the bar and use it. To make a drink, move the glass beneath one of the spouts and turn its wheel. Create the Apokalypsyrup with the combination 1, 1, 1, 4, 7. Use the bar again to smash everything. Go to the back room and search the corpse of the dwarf to get his lighter again. Come out and use this on the alcohol dripping down the front of the bar.

Head up the stairs to the left and try to get outside, but the door is locked. Return to the back room and go down to the cellar. Use Vic's brooch on the tunnel cover to start another mini-game - move the brooch through the mechanism to enter the code 78531 (some of the numbers are partially worn away). Now climb into the tunnel to escape.

From the beach, go right and click on the door to Signature Tatoo. Go inside and talk to Vic. Outside again, head up the stairs on the right, then through the archway towards Rotbork. Talk to the homeless guy, then pick up the signet ring from the ground and show it to the homeless guy. Go back down both sets of stairs and enter the shop to the right of the tattoo parlor. Talk to Edward in here, then go back outside and talk to the thugs on the left - select either option to deal with them. Return to the shop and give the glasses to Edward.

Go back outside, then up both sets of stairs. Continue twice more to the right to reach a group of thugs. After the discussion, continue right to reach the Green Bus. Continue right, then go down, along the alleyway at the bottom right, and across the bridge. Continue forward to reach the manor gates, where you can use the signet ring on the name near the base of the gate. Rotate the discs here so that the hourglass lines up with the snaking eating its own tail. Turn the ring in the middle, then back out and you will head inside.

First Act

Ghosts of the Past

Try to open the front door, then head around to the right. Look at the open window here, then take the rope from the tree. Return to the front of the manor and pick up the door knocker, then combine this with your rope to make a grappling hook. Go around to the right once more and use the grappling hook on the window to get inside.

Take the statuette from over the fireplace. Go out to the landing and downstairs, then use the receptacle on the left. Insert the statuette into the middle hole, then use the signet ring at the bottom, and you will hear a click. Return upstairs and examine the door on the left, then go through to a bedroom. Use the mini piano on the left. Click on all of the music pages to remove them and reveal a message, then play the following notes on the mini piano: 7, 5, 7, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 7. You can now get a second statuette from inside the mini piano.

Return to the landing and try to open the right door, but it is locked. Go into the first bedroom and pick up the axe from the floor, then return to the landing again and use the axe on the right door. Head inside. Use Ludwig's office on the right side of the room. Read the journal on the right, which documents a journey you must interpret:

  • Page 1: Full moon, wind 2/4, compass northeast, click on the wheel to move the ship
  • Page 2: Half moon (anti-clockwise 90 degrees), wind 1/4, compass south, click on the wheel
  • Page 3: New moon (anti-clockwise 90 degrees), wind 4/4, click on the wheel
  • Page 4: New moon, wind 3/4, compass southwest, click on the wheel
  • Page 5: Half moon (anti-clockwise 90 degrees), wind 2/4, compass east, click on the wheel

Take another statuette when it is revealed. Go back downstairs and use the receptacle once more. Place the boy's statuette on the left, the mother's statuette in the middle, and the girl's statuette on the right. Use the signet ring at the bottom, and you will hear another click. Now you can go through the ornate door here. Use the signet ring on Madelyn Morrow.

You will find yourself back outside the gates of the manor. Head left twice to meet Luis, the head of police. Continue all the way back to talk to Vic and Edward, but neither knows where to find Elsa.

Go to the Green Bus and head inside. Talk to the barmaid, who turns out to be Elsa. Go upstairs on the bus and use the piano on the left, playing the same melody as before: 7, 5, 7, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 7. After Elsa and her boss Niels appear, follow him into the back room and talk to him.

Leave the bus again, then go up the stairs to the left. Continue up 2 more sets of stairs, then beneath paired archways and further left to reach the base of the Ra Corp Tower. Head inside and you will meet the entry golem. Try to use the elevator on the right, but you need an employee to go with you. Return to the Green Bus and go inside and up to Niels' office. Use the computer, then move the radiator to find Niels' finger. Return to Ra Corp Tower and use the finger on the elevator to get inside.

Second Act

The Tower of Discord

Go along the corridor to the left and use the coffee machine. Use any combination of water and coffee other than the one indicated, then serve it and you will be reassigned to another job. Return to the left and grab the scraper from the bench on the right, then use it on the fresco on the right wall. Go around to the left and talk to the Chief Editor again, who will give you a new job. Return to the left and use the computer, selecting these articles for the front page:

  • Shock pix! Footballer Miguelito in bed with Doberman... And sister!
  • End of heroin taboo? The hidden benefits.
  • Rap star SuckMeDirtyBitch says, "Stanislas Ra defends Rotbork women's rights best".
  • Lose weight fast: spend more money! Our advice for smart consumers.
  • Beauty tips: 66 year old Stanislas Ra reveals the secret of his everlasting youth.
  • Spend your way out of depression: a bank loan to freedom and happiness.
  • 15 ways to re-awaken your sex life by cheating on your husband with HIV convicts!

Go around the corner to the left, then through the doors at the end of the hall. After the debate, go right and pick up the screwdriver, then use it on the high ventilation shaft on the left. Look at the notice board here (note the title of the project), then back out and head right. Use the control center, entering the password "ICARUS". Return left and use the screwdriver on the BBS News sign above the elevator doors. Pick up the hand of Mammon from the floor and use it on the private elevator controls. After he dies, use the screwdriver on Mammon to get his eye.

Return right and use the eye on the control center. Bring your jacket and sword from the cloakroom, then read the single available message. Go to the management tab and select to unlock the controls. Click on the panels of red and blue wires to make them all correct (you can only view half of them at a time, but they are all still there). Now turn the heating and electricity on for every area, but make sure the alarm is switched off. Use the wings on the ceiling to escape the tower, and you will end up back with Vic.

After the conversation, head back into Rotbork. Climb down a ladder on the left where a policeman used to be standing guard. You will end up seeing where Ludwig fell to his death. Look at the impact site, but there is nothing there other than blood. Talk to the homeless guy, then head down and right. Talk to the praying man, then continue right and look at the pole.

Return left twice and take the steering wheel from the wrecked car. Go right and pick up the rope from the ground. Go right once more and combine the rope and steering wheel, then use this on the pole to get over the gap. Continue right and talk to Gorus.

Third Act

Into the Lion's Den

Start by heading right and talking to the matron. Now head left twice and talk to Scriabine about everything. Go through the middle doorway here and talk to the gunsmith. Return to the previous room and go left to find the gym. Talk to the fitness coach here, then return to the first room. Talk to Gorus now that he has returned, and follow his instructions:

  • Law 1: Pick up the glass and use it on 5 statuettes
  • Law 2: Click on each of the 5 statuettes you chose earlier
  • Law 3: Click on the spiked balls on the shelf above
  • Law 4: Click on 3 of the lower statuettes to make them fall
  • Law 5: Drag the new statuette on to one of the candles

Use your dose of synure on the vat to the left. In the test room, take the chain from the right. Use this on the pulley hanging from the ceiling, then on the grating in the floor, and on the gears to the left. Next head left and talk to Scriabine, then continue through the middle doorway and talk to the gunsmith; you will receive some jumper cables. Use these on the battery against the far wall. Now approach the gun range for a mini-game - shoot the guys without a red bandanna over 2 rounds.

Next head to the gym and talk with the fitness coach to start another mini-game - just click on the symbol when it is green to win the arm wrestle. Return to the gunsmith and talk to him to get the bazooka. Go back to the first room and look at the vat to get an idea. Take a dose of synure from the offerings table and put it into the vat. Head right to talk to the matron again; she wants an antenna. Go to the gunsmith and ask for the scrap iron behind him. Now return to the matron and give her the antenna.

Go back out to the first room to meet the Father. After you get knocked up to the roof, quickly use the jumper cables on the battery to the left, then the large steel plate. Back inside, use the vat to push it over. Go left and pick up your sword, then enter the test room and talk to Elsa.

Outside, return to the tattoo parlor and talk to Vic. Head to the Green Bus, then continue right and up to find the Clinique St Criq. Talk to the door, but you won't be let inside. Use the junction box to the left, and set the problems as follows:

  • 5 x 2 = 10
  • 2 + 5 x 4 = 28
  • 5 x 2 + 4 x 6 = 84

Turn all 3 switches near the bottom, then back out. Talk to the door again and you will end up inside. Next examine the security screen on the right. Drag each of the letters of SAINTCRIQ down on to a matching shape in the picture below. Now you can head through the door. Use the elevator panel here, and drag each of the black bars to the side so that the green circles are in the middle, then quickly click the Validation button at the bottom. Enter the elevator, then go through the gate to the left.

Use the computer. Click on each of the drawers until you find the one where Ludwig Marrow is stored. Click the open drawer button, then back out and use the drawers on the right side of the room. Drag around the body parts to line up the tattoos - when you have them correct you can back out again. Go over and use the light switch on the left wall.

After you are injected, use the mechanical saw on the right of the room. Turn it on by pressing the top button on the left. Drag the right lever to the far right, then pull down the blade. Now quickly use the machine in the bottom left of the room. Click on the lever to push it to the very top, then press the red button. Go back through the gate and use the elevator panel, solving this puzzle the same way as last time. Go back through the door to the left and head outside.

Fourth Act

Stuck in a Nightmare

Try to use the cell door, then look at the homeless guy and take the pin from his hair. Use the pin on the cell door to start a mini-game - just keep clicking the various springs until all are open. Leave your cell once the door is open. Outside, pick up the dictionary and use it on the sleeping policeman. Head right and move the drape over the furniture on the right to reveal a safe. Use the pin on the safe to get to another mini-game - click on the springs to open the lock again.

After Vic bandages your arm, head back outside. Go to the Green Bus, then go right to find the Red Pill. Go inside, then downstairs and talk to the young woman - she won't let you inside.

Playing as Vic, talk to Yuna, who is in the ground floor of the club. Now head downstairs and through the doorway on the right. Talk to the squatting guy, then go back up and talk to Yuna again. Next talk to the barman to eventually get a Smickers bar. Return to the squatting guy and use the Smickers bar on him. Go back and talk to Yuna once more, and you will end up in the Dream Zone. You will automatically start a mini-game - just shoot the spheres as they appear and don't forget to reload when you get a chance.

Once you need to escape from the office, quickly use the extension cord on the right, then use the dumbwaiter.

Use the lever to the left of the door, and Vic will fall through a trapdoor. Use the elevator system of the dumbwaiter to get a cable, then use this cable on the pit. Next take the hitching ring on the wall over the pit, and throw it down the pit as well. Switch to Vic and combine the hitching ring with the cable. Look at the bas relief on the left wall, then press the three eyes. Back out and use your grappling rope on the gargoyle that has appeared beneath the grating on the right wall. Now as Bartholomeus, you need to listen to Vic's instructions to press a series of buttons:

  • Instruction 1: Frog
  • Instruction 2: Slipper
  • Instruction 3: Moon, Honey, Jeans
  • Instruction 4: Pickle

Now turn the mechanism on the right. Head through the large metal door to find a laboratory. After the initial conversation, pick up the lifting hook from the floor near the middle of the room. Use the controls on the right to move a winch around the room - use the lowest circle on the left to bring it down, then move it to the right (using the circle at the top right) so that it is just over the other guy's head. Now back out and attach the lifting hook to the winch. Use the controls again and click on the resistor to pick up the guy. Keep using the controls to move him to the very top left. Use the tarpaulin on the left to reveal an acid bath. Use the controls to lower him towards it, then back out and he will speak to you.

Use the bomb to start the next mini-game - you need to keep mixing pairs of colors to create new colors, then send them to match the color in the unstable particle on the left. After the gas begins leaking, quickly pick up your sword from the ground. Also pick up the wheel from the right, and use this on the valve on the wall near the acid vat. Turn the wheel once it is attached, then use your sword on the pipe once it is filled with high-pressure water. After the fight, use your sword on the conduit to escape. Once outside, head down, left and into the cathedral.


The Blind Prophet

Go over to the confessional and use the door on the left. After the discussion, go right and through the door that leads to the roof. Talk to Thaddeus, then you will start the final battle. In the first phase, you just use your sword to repel the magical blasts; click and hold, then release the mouse button when you are about to be struck. The conversation will resume. In the second phase you still need to repel the blasts, but also need to direct them back towards Thaddeus; when you charge him, click repeatedly to attack. Keep doing this until he is defeated.