Black Mirror 1Black Mirror 1

Game Details:  Mystery, 2003

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/8/2010

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Black Mirror 1 is the first of a trilogy of supernatural adventures, based around an ancient family secret relating to the Gordons, who call Black Mirror Castle home. In this game you play as Samuel Gordon, returning to your ancestral home of Black Mirror Castle following the death of your grandfather. The series continues with Black Mirror 2.

Chapter 1

Castle Black Mirror

After the introduction, head down to the left, then climb the stairs and go forward towards your room. Look in the newspaper rack outside Robert's study, and you will find a letter from HH about a parcel. Head forward to the left, then approach your room door, which is locked. Use your key to unlock the door and head inside.

Look at the broken mirror, then open the drawer beneath it. Look at the album, but you don't want to pick it up. Try to open the bottom drawer, but it is locked. Check the doorframe for the key, but it is too high - right click on the frame to find the key. Now use this to unlock the bottom drawer, and look at the camera, film and bible in the drawer.

Next look at the round portrait on the wall behind the chair. Also look at the large painting above the fireplace, then at the fireplace itself. Open your suitcase, and take the headache pills and wallet - right click your wallet to get a coin.

Leave your room and return to Robert's study. Knock on the door and talk to Robert about everything. Head back out towards the staircase and walk to the right, then go out to the balcony. Look at the old tower to remark that you must get inside somehow. Go back inside and continue towards the old wing. Look in the dead fireplace, then right click to find remnants of an old photograph. Put the photograph together in your inventory (don't worry, it's not as hard as it first appears). Check the door to the attic, but it is locked.

Go back to the main part of the castle, and go downstairs then across the lobby towards the library. Talk to Bates, who is dusting the fireplace just outside the library. After you have spoken about everything, cross the lobby again and enter the dining room. Look at the fruit bowl on the side table and take the sweets. Enter the kitchen at the other end of this room, and take the attic key from near the cellar door.

Return to the attic and use the key to unlock the door. In the attic, check out the locked chest, then go left and look at the door to the old tower - it is boarded shut. Return to Bates again and talk to him about the old tower and some tools. Bates will mention Morris and the stables. Head out the front door of the castle, and head towards the stable. On the way, have a look at the broken fence where William fell. Continue to the stable and speak to Morris about everything. Enter the stable (via the side of the building). Open the drawer and take the hammer - also look at the metal box. Use the light switch next to the horse, then turn it off again.

Go back to the attic and use the hammer to remove the boards. Try opening the door several times, and you will comment that you should ask Victoria. Head to your room and you should meet Bates coming out after lighting your fireplace. Now exit the castle through the dining room, and walk around the rear garden to acquaint yourself with the place. Find the stairs out by the front of the castle, and head down towards the main gate. Speak to Henry, the gardener, about everything. Walk behind him to the greenhouse, and you will find that the greenhouse is closed. While you are here, look at the grinder just outside, and you will see blood in it. Return to Henry and ask him about both things, then return to the castle.

Inside, talk to Bates at his fireplace again, particularly about the spot where William died. Look more closely at the tower, just to the right of the lower window, and you will see a symbol. Click on the symbol, then zoom out again. Check out the shrubs to the right, and right click to get a strange object. Talk to Bates inside about this object - he is now in the kitchen.

Go up to your room and take the camera from the bottom drawer - now you need some film. Talk to Robert in his study, and he will give you the key to the chest in the attic. Head there and unlock the chest, then take the film. In your inventory, place the film in your camera. Go outside to where William died, and take a photo of that strange symbol. Go to the stables while you are here, and talk to Morris again.

Head to the greenhouse, which is now open. Look at the painting on the easel, then talk to Henry about the strange object and the painting. Next, return to the castle and enter the library. Talk to Hermann about everything. Go to the central part of the library and take the scroll from the table (which turns out to be a map). While you are here, go to the rear part of the library, and read the large book on the desk - the history of Warmhill. Leave the library and head to the common room.

Now that you realize you need to know about the door to the old tower, you can enter the common room. Talk to VIctoria, and she will get upset. Go and see Bates in the kitchen, then return to Victoria and apologise to her, then continue your conversation. After this, return to the library and talk to Hermann again. Finally, go up and talk to Robert at his study, and he will tell you there is a dark room at Willow Creek where you may develop your photo. Right click on the map in your inventory and travel to Willow Creek.

Willow Creek

Walk towards the pub and talk to the boy outside - his name is Vick. Give him the sweets, then show him the photo. Enter the pub and talk to Harry, the bartender. Talk to Tom, but he seems to be holding back on information - talk to Harry and pay Tom's debt, then talk to Tom again. Leave the pub and walk across the bridge. Look at the Pawn Shop window, then try to enter but it is closed at the moment. Go back and talk to Vick once more, to find out the Murray won't be back until tomorrow. Enter the pub and talk to Harry about Murray. Now right click on your map and travel again.

Warmhill Vicarage

Try both entrances to the church to find it is locked at present. Talk to the grave-digger over towards the right, then head left of the church to reach the rear cemetary. Walk through to William's grave, and look at the gravestone. Click on the engraving. Return to the grave-digger and talk to him again. You will hear the bells ring 7 o'clock and automatically return to the castle's gates.

Castle Black Mirror

After your brief conversation with Mark, pick up the box, then right click on it in your inventory to get a watch. Right click on this to discover a small piece of paper. Right click on this to get a clue from William. Return to the library and look at the globe in the rear corner of the room. Next look at the inkwell on the large table and you will discover a button - press this to open a secret cabinet. Walk over to the cabinet and take the box from inside. Go back to the globe, and click the box on the indentations around the side of the globe. Now place each of the planets in its correct position in orbit around the sun. When you have done it, the planets will spin to reveal a key - take it.

Go back to the attic and use this new key on the tower door, then go through and the door will lock behind you. Look at the large chest in the middle of the screen, and the massive chest on the right - both are locked. Look at the chessboard to notice a black rook is missing. Now open the roll-top desk and take the black rook and the small cabinet. Look at the parchments while you are here, but there is nothing important on them. Zoom back out, then open the drawer of the roll-top desk and look inside. Take the book and zoom back out again. Now in your inventory, right click the rook to make a small knife, and right click the book to reveal a small key. Right click the drawer of the desk to find William's diary. Now use the key to unlock the massive chest, then open it and look inside. Take the black sphere. Use the small knife (from the rook) to open the door and leave.

Chapter 2

Castle Black Mirror

Go around to the stable and speak to Morris. Next return to the house and talk to Victoria, who is near the fireplace outside the library. Go to the kitchen and talk to Bates, then head up to Robert's study and talk to him as well. Enter the old wing, and check out the fallen beam and the broken window.

Head out to the rear garden and look at the fountain several times, then right click to see something glittering at the bottom. Also check out the fresh footprint just over to the left. Go down to the greenhouse and check out both desk drawers - there is a locked metal box in the right one.

Go back into the kitchen, and head down to the cellar now that the door is open. Walk over to the right and talk to Bates. Go to the rear part of the cellar and look at the pump and the pump controls. Return and speak to Bates again to learn how to control the pump, then go back to it again. You can do this by trial and error to discover the effect of each wheel, but the fastest solution is to left click the right wheel 3 times, then right click the middle wheel.

Leave the cellar and return to the fountain. Look at the symbol in the fountain and take another photograph of it with your camera, then pick up the key next to it. Go to the greenhouse and use the key to unlock the metal box in the drawer. Take the letter to Victoria and read it. Go back to Bates and talk to him about the letter, then find Morris in the stable and talk to him as well. Right click on your map and travel to Dr Hermann's house.

Hermann's House

Talk to Dr Hermann down in the morgue, then you will automatically go back outside. Check the garbage container, but it is locked. Next check the dustbin, and you will find pieces of a torn letter. Right click on the letter in your inventory and put the pieces together. Now press the doorbell and Dr Hermann will let you back inside. Go straight down to the morgue again. Down there, look at the keys above the sink, and the photographic canister beneath. Talk to the doctor, and he will develop your photos if you get toner from Murray.

Willow Creek

Talk to the fisherman to the right, then to Vick outside the pub. Cross the bridge and enter the Pawn Shop, which is now open. Talk to Murray, and he will sell you some toner, but not the other device. Return to the pub and talk to Harry, then talk to Mark to get him to distract the doctor.

Hermann's House

You will automatically go back to Hermann's house and then down to the morgue. When the doctor gets called away, go and look at the box on the shelf in the background. Also open the desk drawer over there and take the piece of imprint plastic. Try to take the keys from above the sink, then use your imprint plastic on the keys to copy the key for the garbage container. You will automatically go outside - press the doorbell and go straight down to the morgue again. Talk to the doctor to give him the toner. Now travel back into town.

Willow Creek

Enter the pub and talk to Harry about the imprint, then talk to Mark, who agrees to make the key for you. Go in and out of the pub three times, each time asking Harry about Mark - on the third occasion he will give you the key. Head over to the Pawn Shop and talk to Murray to get the second part of the strange object. Combine the two parts in your inventory to make a single strange object.

Castle Black Mirror

Quickly stop in at the castle to talk to Robert in his study about Henry's lack of blood.

Hermann's House

Ring the doorbell and head down to the morgue. Speak to the doctor about the pictures - if he doesn't have them for you yet, head outside and go back in until he does (and in fact you may have to travel elsewhere and come back again). Go and take the pictures from above the sink, and you will put them in the diary. Right click on the diary in your inventory and turn the pages until you note that the two pictures are quite similar. Leave the house. Outside, use the key Mark made for you to unlock the garbage container. Open it and look inside. Take the clothes from the top, then look at the human skeleton. Also look at the bags that are oozing blood. Right click on the clothes in your inventory to notice something hard hidden inside. Right click on your black rook to expose the knife, then use this on the clothes to get a gem. Combine the gem with the strange object to complete it. Now travel to the church.

Warmhill Vicarage

Enter the church through the side entrance. Look at the stone tablet on the wall here, then try the grate at the end of hall, but it is locked. Head to the altar and speak with Father Frederick. He will eventually lead you to the belfry. Look at the large gate that leads to the rear graveyard, and the opening just to its left. Place your strange object in the opening and an altar will rise from the floor. Go over and look at it.

The object of this puzzle is to reverse the positions of the black and white stones, and have the red stone end up in the middle again. It takes a bit of fiddling, but basically you just need to gradually shuffle the pieces one at a time from the area they start into an area either 90 degrees right or left. When you are successful, move the carpet in the bottom left of this area, and go down the stairs that are revealed.

Look at the opening on the pillar here. Climb the stairs and retrieve your strange object, then go back down again and place it on the new opening. Read the carved lettering in the large stone. Now look at each of the four books, which contain riddles. The answers to the riddles are submitted by turning the rings on the four stone pillars next to each book. The correct answers are "echo", "hole", "map" and "coal". The tomb of Marcus Gordon will rise when you have entered all four answers correctly.

Push the cover off the tomb, then look inside. Take the book and the key. Now look at the candlestick at the bottom of the screen. Right click on it, then click on the suspicious spot you find and you will fall down.

Mine Shafts

Find the valve near the right of the screen and turn it until it gets stuck. Now look at the control mechanism on the right, and zoom in on it. Move the left lever to the middle, the middle one to the bottom, and the right one to the top. Now press the power button and the lights will come on. Note the live cable on the right - do not touch it or you will die. Open the metal box in the back room and you will get some wire cutters. Turn off the power again using the button, then cut the cable with the wire cutters. Turn the power back on. Pick up the rope.

Try to leave through the gate, but it is locked. Right click on the gate to note that the key is just on the other side. Use the wire cutters on the gate, then click to get the key. Use the key to unlock the gate and head on through.

Take the iron rod from the middle of the screen, and the rag from the skeleton on the ground. Now have a look at the switchboard - it is closed, so use your small knife (the rook) to prise it open. Look inside, but there is nothing to use there at the moment. Head down the tunnel to the left. In this area, check out the lift shaft, the full barrel of oil, and the rusty mining cart. Go to the engine room in the background, and look at the control panel, and the pool of dirty water and oil to the right.

Head back to the lift shaft and check out the lid beneath the barrel of oil. Try to push the barrel, but it is too heavy. Use the iron rod on it, then you will be able to tip it over. Try to open the trap door, but again it is stuck. Tie one end of your rope to the trap door, and the other end to the mining cart. Try to push the cart, but you can't move it. Right click on it and you will remove the brake stop - now push it again. Climb down through the the trap door.

Climb down once more, into another dark area. Click on the red area to discover it is another closed switchboard. Use your knife to loosen the hinges, then click to open it. Reconnect the wires - from left to right they should be green, red and blue. Press the button when you are done, and the lights will come on. Check out the skeleton, then right click it to get a key. Read the book on the table. Check out the locker, which is locked. Use the key to unlock it, then click three times to get a revolver, bullets, and plans for a machine. Put the bullets in the revolver.

Climb up twice and go to the engine room. Use the plans with the control panel. Climb back down twice, and you will see steam coming from one of the pipes. Try to use the rag to block the hole, but you would burn yourself. Climb up and wet the rag in the pool near the engine, then come back down and use the wet rag to block the hole. Now the engine stops again. Look at the fusebox on the wall to see one of the fuses has blown. Climb up twice and go right to the storage area. Click on the switchboard and you will take one of the fuses from it. Go back down and put this in the fusebox. Use the generator controls just left of the pipes and it will now work at full power.

Climb up one level and use the control panel to call the lift. Use it again to open the gate, then go up. Walk over to the grate, but it is closed with a padlocked chain. Right click on the padlock itself to note it has a rusty section. Shoot the padlock with your revolver, then go out through the grate. When you see the wolf, shoot it as well. Leave this area to return to the castle.

Chapter 3

Welsh Manor

Press the doorbell several times, but it appears to be broken. Try to use your small knife on the doorbell, but it is too large. Examine the left statue to see the leg is broken. Look again to see a nail - take this and use it on the doorbell to make it work. Now Louis will come out to see you. To prove your identity, show William's mourning card. Inside, talk to Eleonor about everything, then look at the jewel box on the side table.

Head outside, then proceed to the path fork. Talk to Louis, then continue on to the old garden. Look at the faucet with the hose attached, and you will automatically take a piece of firm wire. Approach the abandoned house, and try the door - it is locked. Right click the door to notice the key is on the other side. Slide William's mourning card beneath the door, then use the firm wire to push the key through, and you will get the key and the card. Use the key on the door to get inside.

Open the drawer of the small table on the right and you will zoom in. Now open the little drawer on top of the desk and take the fountain pen. Right click the fountain pen to note it contains blue ink. Now pet the cat that is sleeping over the fireplace, and it will run away. Pick up the key that it knocked to the floor, then look in the cabinet where the cat appeared to enter. Look at the clippings on the cabinet's door to read about Richard Gordon. Look at the right side of the fireplace to see a small door, then open it with the key you just found. Grab the candle and light from inside. Now right click on both of these items in your inventory. Use your small knife on the candle to get the wick, then combine this with the lighter. Use the lighter on the cabinet and you will reveal a secret passage - enter this.

On the other side, you will speak to Richard. Agree to help him get his bottle of rare Boron Oxidant EX-52. Take the shards of glass from the floor (right click on these in your inventory to read the label) and a small bottle from the table near the exit. Leave the laboratory. Back in the abandoned house, grab the logs, newspapers and tea kettle before heading outside. Head out to the old garden, and fill the tea kettle with water from the faucet. Also fill the small bottle with water. Use the fountain pen with the bottle to turn the water blue.

Go back into the house and look at the stove over on the left. Put the newspaper and logs in the stove, then use the lighter on it. Put the kettle on the stove. Head outside and come straight back in, and the water will be boiling. Hold the shard of glass over the steam to remove the label.

Return to the path fork and go right to reach the main gate. Louis will be there, fixing the doorbell. Look at the toolbox - you can't take things while Louis is still around, so talk to him. Go inside and talk to Eleonor, then come back and talk to Louis again. Visit Eleonor and Louis again, then Eleonor once more. When you come back outside, Louis will be mowing the lawn. Go to the main gate and take the glue and firm wire from the tool box. Put some blue on the label, then stick it on the small bottle to complete your fake oxidant. Return to Richard and talk to him to supply his oxidant.

Leave the abandoned house and head left to the chapel. Try the grate, but it is locked. Check out the stone flower pot and the tall monolith. Go back to Richard, who suggests talking to Eleonor or Louis about the tomb key. Head to where Louis is mowing the lawn, and note the jacket hanging on the tree. Drop the piece of wire on the lawn, then wait for Louis to leave. Search the jacket to find some keys. Return to the chapel and use the key on the grate to enter the tomb.

Look at the inscriptions above the 3 statues, and the 3 empty bowls. Also check out the stone tomb on the right, and the stone lock on it. Return to Richard and ask him about the names, and he says he will look them up. Leave the house, then go back in and ask again. Keep doing this until he gives you the information - you need water, blood and earth. Ask him for some blood while you are here, then open the freezer and you will take the blood. Leave the lab, and pick up the kettle from the stove before leaving the house. Head towards the chapel, and collect some soil from the stone flower pot. Now enter the tomb again.

Pour blood in the left bowl, soil in the middle bowl, and water in the right bowl. Now look at the altar that rises in the middle of the floor. This is a sliding puzzle, and you need to arrange the signs of the zodiac in order around the edge, with the four blank blocks in the middle, leaving the central part hollow. When you have solved it, you can take the stone key. Louis will discover you coming out of the crypt, and take away the keys again. Visit Richard, and he will agree to meet you late at night. Go back to the mansion and you will wait until it is dark, then climb back outside.

Go to the abandoned house, but the door is locked. Head back one screen, and you can click on the tower window, which is still illuminated because Richard is at work. Just over to the left, pick up some grit from the path. Throw this at the window several times, and Richard will unlock the door for you. When the experiment has failed, pick up the flask of green acid from the shelf behind you. Go out to the tomb, and use the acid to get inside. Use your stone key to open the stone lock, then enter the secret passage that is revealed. Examine the lock - it is very familiar. Go and talk to Richard about the lock - there is a key for it in Eleonor's jewellery box. Take Richard's key to the manor from the shelf, then go and enter the mansion.

Go and check out the wooden jewellery box on the side table. This is a puzzle where you need to exchange the positions of the white and black knights. Simply rotate each of the four knights to the left 4 times to get them in their correct positions. The box will open and you will take the amulet. Go back to the tomb and head down the secret passage. Use the amulet on the lock and enter the crypt.

Save your game. Read the engraving on the monolith. Do not open the grave, or you will die (try this to see a cool death if you have just saved though!). Look up at the skulls above you, and specifically look at the third one from the right - it is cracked. Throw some small rocks at it, and it will fall down. Look at the broken skull, and you will see a key has fallen behind a grate, and you cannot reach it. Go out to the abandoned house, and take a poker from next to the fireplace. Return to the crypt and use the poker to collect the key. Use this with the monolith, then open the grave. Take Dergham's sacred key.

Chapter 4

Castle Black Mirror

You will have a brief conversation with Victoria and Bates. Head off for the village when you can.

Willow Creek

Enter the pub and talk to Harry and the grave-digger. You will be reminded of another place to visit - head there now.


Speak to Detective Collier. Look at the central altar with blood smeared on it, then check out the 3 menhirs surrounding it. There is another symbol on the middle menhir. Click William's diary on the symbol to copy it down. Also look at the tree behind the middle menhir - some of its vines are burned. Talk to the detective about the symbol while you are here.

Check out the small plant near the left menhir, then right click on it to see a small piece of cloth. To distract the detective, pour some blood from your bottle on the rock behind him. Talk to him to make him turn around, then collect the cloth, which turns out to be a handkerchief.

Hermann's House

Press the doorbell and head down to the morgue to see the doctor. Speak to him about Vick, Robert and Henry. Now travel back to the castle.

Castle Black Mirror

Go out to the stable and talk to Morris. Next head out to the letterbox at the main gate and get the letter, which you will read automatically. Enter the kitchen and talk to Bates, then head up to Victoria's bedroom (right near Robert's study) and talk to her. She will ask you to go to Ashburry, so use your map and head there.

Ashburry Sanatorium

Press the doorbell and you will eventually talk to the nurse inside. Leave the building and head around to the left. Take the hammer from the roof of the shed, then check the dustbin twice to get a syringe. Knock on the door and talk to the boiler man. Now head to the graveyard, then to the rear part of the graveyard, and check out the monument and the 2 tombs. Go back to the side of the sanatorium and look at the beer bottles outside the boiler room door. Talk to the boiler man again, about the beer and the graveyard.

Return inside and talk to the nurse to have her make a phone call. While she is distracted, head through the counter door. Try to open the drug cabinet, but it is locked. Pick up the vase, and right click it in your inventory to notice it has a slot in the bottom. Right click your wallet to get a coin, and insert this into the vase to get a small key. Use the key to unlock the drug cabinet, then take a sedative from the middle shelf. Leave this area and return to the side of the building. Draw the sedative up in the syringe, then inject it into the beer. Now look through the small window here Notice a loose rod being held in place by a brick. Hit the brick with the hammer, but the boiler man will hear you and come out. Look at the window again, and time your hitting of the brick with the sounds of the guy shovelling coal inside. Pull the rod free when the brick is gone, then try to touch the thermostat.

Enter the sanatarium again and dip your handerkerchief in the fountain to get it wet. Go back to the small window and use the wet handkerchief on the thermostat. If you wait a few seconds, the boiler man will come out and grab a beer. Go and visit the graveyard, then come back and enter the boiler room. Go straight back to the rear part and check out the intercom then the noticeboard. Pay particular attention to the 1918 poster, and while looking take the key and a pin. Now go and look at the panel near the locked door. Insert the key in the opening, then type 1918 and hit the bottom button to unlock the door. Go through and you will see a doctor.

Return to the foyer of the sanatorium and talk to the nurse to get the duty schedule. Go back to the boiler room and use the duty schedule on the intercom. Head through the door and down the hall, then you will talk to Ralph - he wants Mr Bubby back. Look in the dustbin just to the right, then right click on it to get a doll's head. Go back to the boiler room and right click the coal pile to get a doll's body. Combine the two pieces, then right click to get a spare thread. Use the pin with the thread, then use this with the doll parts to complete Mr Bubby. Return to Ralph and give him Mr Bubby - he will tell you James' cell was next door.

Use the light switch above the dustbin here, then click the wire above it to remove it. Pick up the end of the wire that is on the ground, and attach it to the fencing over the window. Now put the music box on the fencing, and you will electrocute the doctor. Search his body (right click) to get the cell keys. Unlock James' cell with the keys and you will head inside. Look at the picture of the eye, then right click it to remove it and have a conversation with Samuel again. Grab the dark picture from the easel, then look at the hole in James' mattress. Right click it and you will read his diary. After the doctor locks you in the room, talk to Ralph again, then leave via the hole under the bed.

Castle Black Mirror

Go to the kitchen and talk to Bates, who tells you about Sharp Edge. Go there via your map.

Sharp Edge

Save your game. Try to enter the building, then head around to the left. When you wake up, untie your hands by using the rook (knife) on yourself, then use the music box on James (you must do this quickly, or you will die). Talk to James about everything, then you will return to the castle.

Castle Black Mirror

Go to the kitchen and take the cellar key, then use it to enter the cellar. Take the rope with two hooks from above the well. Now try dropping a coin (right click your wallet to get one) down the grate left of the well - it hits water. Drop another down the grate right of the well, then you can climb down. Check out the fountain, then pick up the cogwheel from the ground. Look at the red mechanism to the right. Head to the underground (at the back of this area).

Check out the stairs and the murky water below. Look at the wheel on the wall, and the opening in the corner of this area. Look at the opening just above the water level on the right. Now walk left to the railing, and take a loose rod from it. Try to use the rod on the opening in the corner, but it is too wide. Go back up to the cellar and use the rod on the grinder. Back down in the sewer, use the rod on the opening again, and it will open the drain. Use your acid on the padlock holding the wheel still, then turn the wheel to raise the water level. Now try to collect the cogwheel from the water using your rope. Attach the hook to the rope and try again. Finally, attach the rod to the rope and try again to successfully get the cogwheel. Return to the red mechanism, and insert your 2 cogwheels. Use the mechanism, then go back to the underground. Head down the stairs and get the small chest. Open the chest (right click it) to get another sacred key. Look at the stone relief on the wall, then you will get a headache and leave.

Chapter 5

Ashburry Sanatorium

Ring the doorbell and talk to the nurse to be allowed to see James' cell. When she leaves, enter the cell, and look at your name on the wall. Look at James, then right click on him to get Robert's keys. Use your small knife on the hole that has been plastered over - you will succeed, but the knife breaks. Talk to Ralph through the hole. You will automatically leave when you are kicked out by the doctor.

Sharp Edge

Look at the hole in the masonry, then use your lighter on the hole and you will see another symbol - use William's diary on this to record it. Right click on your map, and you will head to the morgue.

Hermann's House

Ring the doorbell, then head inside and down to the morgue. Look at the body on the table, then when you have recovered, check out the symbol on the sink. Copy it into William's diary, and you will have a vision. Look at the body again, and examine the clenched hand. Go over and turn on the lamp on the far table, then open the drawer. Move the book and take the plastic bags that are revealed. Now look at the desk and take the medical forceps. Return to the body once more and use the forceps to open the hand. Collect the hairs that you find in the plastic bags. After your chap with the detective, you will go back to Ashburry.

Ashburry Sanatorium

Ring the doorbell and talk to the nurse. Head back outside, then around to the left of the building. Talk to the boiler man, but he won't talk back. Go left again and try the chapel, but it is locked. Return and speak to the boiler man again, but he still won't help you. Go back to the front of the sanatorium and climb into the sewer to emerge in James' cell.

Leave the cell and go to the boiler room. Walk to the front part of the room and take the rag from the railing near the pile of coal. Try to open the boiler, then use the rag on the boiler - you need to dampen it. While you are here, open the locker to the right and take the rubber boots. Now return to James' cell and wet the rag using the dripping faucet. Go back to the boiler room and use the damp rag to open the boiler. Try to throw the boots in the boiler, then use the valve on the boiler and try the boots again. Go to James' cell and climb out under the bed.

Walk around to the left and you will see smoke billowing out the window and above the door. Take the keys from the door. Now go to the graveyard and use the keys to unlock the chapel. Look at James' body, then pick up a shard of broken glass from the floor and use this to cut off some hair.

Hermann's House

Go across the room and use the microscope. Put the hair of the killer under the microscope, then do the same with James' hair - they do not match. Head back to your castle.

Castle Black Mirror

Go out to the stable and read the letter that is stuck in the vice. Use the light switch and take the cap that is revealed. Right click on this in your inventory, then use a plastic bag to collect one of Morris' hairs. Time to head back to the morgue again.

Hermann's House

Don't bother with the doorbell, just head inside and down to the morgue. Use Morris' hair on the microscope, but again it does not match.

Castle Black Mirror

Head into the kitchen and talk to Bates. Go upstairs and use Robert's key to unlock the study. Check out the picture in the upper left corner of the room. Next look at the small table in front of the picture. Open the small cacao box and take the small key from inside. Use this key to open the upper drawer of the small table, then take the piece of paper. Right click this in your inventory, but it appears to be blank. Open the bottom drawer using the key, and have a look at a picture of Sophie, Robert's wife. Look at one of the lights on the right side of the room, then hold up the small piece of paper to one of them, and you will see the code 63081.

Check out the roman numerals above the middle bookcase on the right - MCXX (1120). Next check out the clock in the corner of the room - it will chime 12 o'clock. Click on the red button in the middle of the hands, and change the time to 11:20. Now click on the top needle and the clock will chime again, then the middle bookcase will slide open. Look at the safe, then enter the code 63081 to open it. Look inside and read Robert's diary. Get the ring, then read a letter from William to yourself, and William's last will and testament. Right click on the ring in your inventory to see that it has some old runes and words in latin. Leave the study and talk to Victoria in her room. Now head back to Ashburry.

Ashburry Sanatorium

Press the doorbell and the gate will open. Head around to the left, then through to the graveyard and into the rear part. Check out the grave on the left - it is unmarked. Right click to discover you need to remove the thorny bush first. Return to the main part of the graveyard and enter the chapel. Look at the box near the door and you will take some gardening scissors, but they are broken. Go to outside the boiler room and look at the small window. Take the screw from above and left of the window, and use this to fix the scissors. Now return to the rear part of the graveyard and use the scissors on the shrub.

Try to push the lid off the grave, but it is too heavy. Go back towards the boiler room and check out the dark corner of the shed, then right click on it to find a metal rod. Go and use this with the grave, but it will be empty. Talk to the nurse in the sanatorium, then head to Warmhill.

Warmhill Vicarage

Enter the church and approach the altar. Talk to Father Frederick, who asks you to come back later. Visit several other places on your map, then return to the altar and talk to the Father again. He will tell you that he was cremated and is now at the family vault.

Go outside and head to the rear cemetery - one of the crypts is open. Talk to the grave-digger through the open door, and he will eventually bring you an urn. Right click this to get the sacred key. While you are here, click on the tool box to take a flashlight. Look at William's grave to the right, and you will note that the ground has still not hardened. Go to the small cemetery to the right of the church, and look at the grave and barrow. Look again using the flashlight, then take the shovel. Go back to William's grave and try to use the shovel, but you need to get rid of the grave-digger. Take the peg away from the base of the door, and untie the wire that is holding the door open. Now dig up William's grave and take the sacred key. Return to the front of the church and you will witness a confession.

Chapter 6

Castle Black Mirror

Head down to the catacombs that you drained a while again. Look at the stone relief on the wall at the base of the stairs. Place your ring in the pentagram in the middle, then click on it to light up the glowing red symbols. Review William's diary and note the order in which you found the symbols, then click on the small red jewels next to them in that order. Go through the passage that is revealed, then try to read the symbols on the archway above you.

Save your game, then you need to find a path through the labyrinth. Walk left then forward, and pick up the helmet from on the ground to the left. Press the brick here and you will hear a sound in the distance. Walk forward again and you will see a door without a lock. Now walk back twice then left and look in the opening on the right - you will get a talisman. Return to the door by heading right then forward twice, then place the talisman on the opening in the door. You will now see a stand with 2 alcoves behind it. Place the black sphere on the stand, and you will see a light come on in the foreground. Look in the left alcove and you will find a map of the labyrinth.

Walk right twice, and light the candle with your lighter. Hold the map over the candle to see 4 areas light up. Now walk back one screen and take the sword from the left. Next walk back and left twice, and press the button on the right wall to light a lamp. Walk forward twice, then left and back to find an abyss. Do not try pressing the button - you will fall and die. Instead, throw the helmet and sword into the abyss, and the floor will close over. Now press the button on the right. Walk forward and right twice to see a beast carved in stone. Press the left and right buttons on the walls here, and a portal will appear - go through.

Look at the altar and pick up the sacred dagger. Right click this in your inventory to learn its significance. Click the dagger on yourself, then place your 5 sacred keys in their appropriate locations based on color. Read the verses in the book to complete the game.