Black IslandBlack Island

Game Details:  Adventure, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/24/2016

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Black Island is a short mystery adventure that was designed as a first episode to a longer story. It is a first-person game that starts with you awakening on a mysterious island with no memory of the night before. There are several interspersed FMV cutscenes.

Chapter 1


Pick up the pocket knife, then leave your tent. Look at the ground and pick up the flute, then play the notes indicated on the panel and you will get a map. Back out, then head towards the glimmer on the coast and pick up the anchor from the rocks. Now use your map and travel to the harbour.


Head towards the shed, then pick up the key from the ground. Next go to the car and use the key on the front door to unlock it. Take a flashlight from the front seat and a screwdriver from the back seat. Return to the shed and use your screwdriver on the box on the side of the building, then click to open it. Solve the equations as follows:

  • A = 2
  • B = 5
  • C = 7
  • D = 6
  • E = 2
  • F = 6

Open the shed door and go inside.

Chapter 2


Take the rope from the pillar, and combine this with your anchor. Examine the desk, open the drawer and take some binoculars from inside. Back out and go over to the sink on the back right wall. Take the belt, then use your knife on the tube to remove it. Use your map to travel again.

Observation Post

Use your anchor and rope on the tower, then climb up. Use your binoculars and look over to the left, clicking on a cottage and a strange pattern (remember this or write it down). Now use your map again.


Click on the dirt to see a video, then the message "ADA 76". Back out, then head to the small shed to the far right. Pick up the red gas can, then click on the lock and open it with combination 14176, and a symbol pattern matching the one you saw with your binoculars. Open the door and take the key hanging on the inside of the door. Go back to the cottage and approach the door. Use your new key on the door, then open the door and go inside.

Chapter 3


Open the top cabinet and take the batteries, then put them into the flashlight. Go through the doorway to a bedroom. Pull the lever on the fireplace, then use your belt to hold it in place. Look at the safe that is revealed and play a peg solitaire game - you don't need to remove all the pegs, just make 15 valid moves. Take the matches and the note, and look at Ada's passport. Back out and use your map again.


Head to the car and remove the gas cap from the side. Combine your gas can and hose and use this to get the gas out of the car. Take the full gas can and use the map once more.


Go to the wooden door on the left. Use your gas on it, then your matches. Use your flashlight on the opening to head inside. Go through the door, then watch the video on the television. Look at the keypad by the door here and enter code 157187 (from the note you picked up earlier). Now just keep clicking on the round buttons when the small lights above them ligh up. Go through the final door now that it is unlocked.