Black DahliaBlack Dahlia

Game Details:  Mystery, 1998

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Walkthrough Updated:  5/30/2018

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Black Dahlia is a detective mystery set in the 1940's that makes heavy use of full-motion video. You play as a rookie government agent, Jim Pearson, starting an investigation into Nazi propaganda; this turns into an investigation of the supernatural and the murder of a girl who becomes known as the Black Dahlia. The game is loosely based on a real unsolved murder. Within the game, the puzzles can be skipped by typing in cheat codes (these are provided in the walkthrough).

August, 1941

My Office

Starting in your office, head over towards the windows and you will turn around to face your desk. Open the left drawer and read the items inside, then close it again. Open the right drawer and read the checklist, then move it upwards and take the revolver from beneath it. Go back towards the door and turn right. Try to open the wooden cabinet, but it is locked. Examine the revolver in your inventory and slide the grip forward, then take the key from inside. Use this key to unlock and open the cabinet. Read both notes here, including one with a whole lot of code information.

Turn on the light switch near the door, then look up and get some items from inside the ceiling light fitting (parchment sheets and a bag of runes). Use your world map to travel.

Sullivan's Office

Talk to Sullivan, asking about your predecessor and the case file. Move the invitation out of the way and move your mouse cursor over Finster to be able to ask Sullivan about him. Respond to his question about the invitation with either option. Move your mouse cursor over the signature and ask about detective Merylo.

Hank Finster's Office

Look at the Finsterlau coat of arms behind Finster, then ask him about the Brotherhood of Thule and the man who gave him the invitation. Ask more questions about the messenger.

Detective Merylo's Office

Talk to the Merylo about everything, then examine the case files book on the left. Take the Finster stationery from the top, then flip through the pages - you cannot identify your suspect yet.

McGinty's Bar

Approach the man in the grey suit, who turns out to be FBI agent Dick Winslow. Talk to him, then leave again.

Sullivan's Office

Ask Sullivan about the black list to get a copy.

My Office

Examine the Finster stationery in your inventory to see the code CMR-140 (which corresponds to phone number 267140, using the code information on the note in your cupboard from earlier). Now examine the second page of the black list in your inventory to see that Henry Finster's case number is CLV-21-84-11. Again using the code information from earlier, you can convert this to the same phone number 267140. Find Dr Karl Strauss on the first page of the black list, and you will see his case number is CLV-51-22-40. Use the same rules to deduce his phone number is 267404. Use the telephone on your desk to dial this number.

Sullivan's Office

There is nothing new to do here, you just needed to leave your office.

My Office

On returning, you will have received a note from Helen Strauss, offering to meet you.

Museum of Natural History

Talk to Helen about everything, then show her your bag of runes, and she will translate your parchment sheets for you.

McGinty's Bar

Go to the back and talk to the bald guy at the table, Hansen - he will tell you the messenger's name was Louis.

Detective Merylo's Office

Look through the case files book and you will see there is one suspect that matches the name and description you have been given: Louis Fischer (aka Louis Fielder, Louis Fielding).

Museum of Natural History

Talk to Helen again, then show her the invitation in your case file - you will be shown a book and can recognise the coat of arms from Hank Finster's office - it is the Sergeant at Arms for the Knights of the Trinity. Talk to Helen about the stained glass window, and you will see the Stained Glass Window Jigsaw (cheat code: leadhead). To solve this, just rearrange the pieces to form 4 diamond-shaped windows. Once you are done, back out and use the lamp on the left to reveal 4 hidden names within the windows. After realising before that Finster may be short for Finsterlau, perhaps Fischer is short for Fischterwald.

McGinty's Bar

Go to the telephone in the back and zoom in to see "Lou Fielding CMR-259). Dial 267259 on the phone here and ask to speak to "Lou Fischterwald".

Raven Room

Pick up a card from the floor beneath the table. Look at this holy card in your inventory and turn it over to find another new location.

St Bartholemew Mission

Talk to the man behind the counter here, Ernie, until you manage to trick him into leaving. Now look down and open the suitcase. Move all the papers to the far right so you can move the bottom one marked "Do not bend" to the far left. Now move everything to the far left until you find a photograph to take.

Detective Merylo's Office

Talk to Merylo and select to show him Ernie's photo - he will identify Louie the Fish.

Museum of Natural History

Helen will have finished decoding the parchments and will give you her notes on these.

Raven Room

Talk to Louie, then show him Ernie's photo and he will agree to meet you.

Louie's Loft (Later that same day)

After arriving at the meeting point, head immediately to the left towards the large spinning fan. Shoot up at the jet of steam on the platform above, then quickly shoot the man that appears.

My Office

Talk to Detective Merylo after he wakes you up from your nightmare. Turn around and read the newspaper on your desk.

Louie's Loft

Walk forward and you will hear a creaking noise; turn around and look down to find a lockbox hidden beneath a loose floorboard. Examine this in your inventory to see the Wooden Lockbox (cheat code: loghouse). To open the lockbox, follow these steps:

  1. Rotate the left lamp clockwise
  2. Push in the window on the left side
  3. Push the chimney down
  4. Slide the gate on the left side up
  5. Spin the water-wheel up so the base of the house retracts
  6. Slide the front bottom corner of the house backwards
  7. Slide the gate on the left side back down
  8. Pull the chimney back up
  9. Spin the water-wheel down until the window on the left side comes back out
  10. Rotate the left lamp anti-clockwise
  11. Slide the front bottom left corner of the house to the left
  12. Open the front door fully
  13. Slide the front door slightly to the left
  14. Lift up the small rune beneath the front door

Now take the signet ring and lockbox key from inside. Look to the right wall to see some symbols that look like a lunar eclipse but in the wrong order. Examine the chest of drawers beneath this and use your key on it to reveal the Lunar Lock (cheat code: turnkey). To open the lock, follow these steps:

  1. Push the key in
  2. Turn left
  3. Pull the key out
  4. Turn right twice
  5. Push the key in
  6. Turn left
  7. Pull the key out

Take the fang from inside the small drawer that opens. Turn around and head towards the stove on the opposite side of the room. Look down and use the brush to reveal some runes on the floor. Look at the matchbook in your inventory to see the name Hotel Cleveland. Open it to see the name Muhlhaven, and turn it over to see the telephone number of the hotel: GB5-637.

Hotel Cleveland

Talk to the desk clerk about Muhlhaven, but no matter whether you threaten or bribe him, you cannot get his room number. Use the phone on the wall to dial the hotel on 425637 and you will automatically reach floor 23 of the hotel. Turn around and move the maid's cart, then search to find a knife. Click on the top of the door to Muhlhaven's room and you will climb inside. Examine the large armoire here, and use your signet ring to open it. After another dream sequence, search through everything in the armoire, particularly an unsigned invitation to the Raven Room. Now go over and look inside the small urn next to the bed and take the room key from inside it. After the Germans come and go again, search the urn once more and take the Photo from 23G from inside. Look at the back of the photo in your inventory.

Sullivan's Office

After you overhear the partial conversation with Winslow, talk to Sullivan about everything.

FBI Office

Talk to Winslow about everything, and you will find out that his safe is in his office.

My Office

There is nothing new to do here, you just needed to leave the FBI office.

FBI Office

On returning here, Winslow will be elsewhere, and you can search his office. Examine a framed photograph on top of a bookcase, next to a globe of the Earth - it has the numbers, 19, 6 and 33 on it. Go over to the large painting of the jug and fruits on the wall, and move it to reveal Winslow's Safe (cheat code: masterlock). To open the safe, turn the dial clockwise to 19, anti-clockwise to 6, then clockwise to 33. Pull the handle, then read everything inside and steal Winslow's FBI card.

Sunnyvale Rest Home

Talk to Pensky about everything, and he will tell you to find 3 talismans: a wolf's fang, a raven's feather and the "wisdom of the dragon".

My Office

Find a book on the middle shelf called "The Crusades - A Pictorial History", and look inside to find a feather.

Flanagan's (Later that same day)

Talk to Muhlhaven about everything, then give you your invitation to sign.

Sunnyvale Rest Home

Ask Pensky about the party at the Raven Room.

Museum of Natural History

Examine the display case to the right of Helen. After another nightmare, you will have access to the Museum Seal Case (cheat code: ringding). Examine the document with the 5 colored seals, then look at the golden tube. Remove its cover by clicking on it, to reveal 5 colored rings adorned with oval gems. You need to rotate these to adjust the seal imprint on the end of the device. Numbering the rings from 1 (nearest) to 5 (farthest), perform these steps:

  1. Rotate ring 2 to the right
  2. Rotate ring 5 to the right
  3. Rotate ring 1 to the right
  4. Rotate ring 5 to the right
  5. Rotate ring 4 to the right
  6. Rotate ring 5 to the right
  7. Rotate ring 3 to the right
  8. Rotate ring 1 to the left
  9. Rotate ring 5 to the right
  10. Rotate ring 4 to the left
  11. Rotate ring 3 to the left
  12. Rotate ring 5 to the left
  13. Rotate ring 2 to the left

Once correct, you will be shown by Helen how to apply the seal to your invitation.

Raven Room

After your introduction to Eliot Ness, head towards the door to the left of Winslow, then try to go through - you will be stopped by the doorman. Turn left and pick up the overturned dish from the table, then head past the table to the dividing partitions near the wall. Use your dish on the spinning dumbwaiter, then use the nearby tray of glasses to balance them on top. You will end up in the darkened room after everyone else leaves. Look around the room, then pull the cord hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the room to illuminate the Brotherhood of Thule Table (cheat code: arthur). Look at the writing in the middle of the table: "Each Gift To Him Is Now Devoted". Examine Helen's notes in your inventory and find the same text under item 22. Next examine the parchment sheets in your inventory and look at item 22 to see a series of 24 runes. Look at the runes on the table to work out the correct order in which the hatches should be opened. Make sure the eagle is nearest to you (at 6 o'clock), then open the hatches (using your signet ring) in the following order:

  • 11 o'clock
  • 1 o'clock
  • 4 o'clock
  • 5 o'clock
  • 2 o'clock
  • 9 o'clock
  • 10 o'clock
  • 12 o'clock
  • 7 o'clock
  • 8 o'clock
  • 3 o'clock
  • 6 o'clock

You will recover the 3rd talisman: a book covered with lizard skin.

December 2, 1941

My Office

You will automatically read a letter and then head off to your next destination.

Psychic Parlor

Talk to Madame Cassandra, and agree to being put into a trance. You need to wander around the various rooms here and look at different parts of the room to hear a series of messages:

  • The crown and the bird sit on his right and left
  • The sun loves the bird, but only when she's alone
  • When the bird is away from the sun, she's with the moon
  • The fish are creatures of the moon, though she avoids their company
  • The bird and the fish are the base of all
  • The keys are creatures of the sun
  • The serpent rises after the sun, and sets after the moon
  • The serpent will chase the comet's tail, if not chased itself by the star
  • The comet is seen after the moon has risen
  • The key follows the shield when the moon is far away
  • By day the shield surrounds itself with the sun and the key, by night he prefers the moon and the fish
  • No twin can stand its sibling
  • If west is the right and east is the left, you know on which side the sun will rise and on which the moon will set
  • A lonely fish loves the crown, though a lonely crown prefers the key
  • The star follows the key

Now make your way to the large wooden door surrounded by symbols. You need to arrange the symbols around the Trance Door (cheat code: cancan) according to the messages you have heard. The correct order of items from top to bottom is:

  • Left side: crown, key, serpent, star, key, shield, sun, bird
  • Right side: bird, moon, shield, fish, serpent, comet, crown, fish

You will be sucked through the doorway and appear to be floating in space, surrounded by spinning spheres. You need to travel around the spheres in a specific order:

  1. Saturn: Left sphere with a yellow symbol
  2. Mars: Right sphere with a tan symbol
  3. Mercury: Right sphere with a yellow symbol
  4. Venus: Bottom sphere with an orange symbol
  5. Sun: Right sphere with a white symbol
  6. Moon: Bottom sphere with a pink symbol
  7. Jupiter: Left sphere with a green symbol
  8. Earth: Left sphere with a blue symbol
  9. Thule: Light grey sphere with no symbol

In the next area, walk over to the raised pool and look down towards the water. There are 7 stones along the edge of the pool - use each of them to see a different vision. Once you are done, press Escape on your keyboard to exit the trance. Talk to Madame Cassandra again, then leave.

Sullivan's Office

Talk to Sullivan about everything.

Detective Merylo's Office

Talk to Merylo and he will give you another invitation. Ask to see the torso case evidence - you need to examine Item 1 to find out that Angelo Santini was the first victim, then click on the last page of his report to learn his address. Also examine Item 4 to find out about the Kingsbury Run crime scene. Look through all of the other evidence, then leave.

FBI Office

Talk to Winslow about everything, but he won't let you see any new evidence.

Santini Home

Talk to Mrs Santini until she leaves. Turn off the room lights using the switch by the door. Go over to the window facing out to a streetlight; pull down the blinds to find a photograph. Turn the room lights back on. Go to the right of the bed and examine the skirting board along the base of the wall. Read the notes and pick up the envelope covered in runes.

December 6, 1941

Kingsbury Run

After entering the sewers, head north once, east 4 times, then north 5 times. Turn right to see the Pressure Puzzle (cheat code: pressure). There are 4 valves and 5 gauges. You can ignore the bottom gauge, as it is stuck at 30 PSI. You need to turn the 4 valves (numbered 1-4 from left to right) to adjust the other gauges (numbered 1-4 from left to right) to set them all to 30 PSI. From the starting position, do the following:

  • Turn valve 3 clockwise until gauge 2 reads 30 PSI
  • Turn valve 2 anti-clockwise until gauge 4 reads 30 PSI
  • Turn valve 4 clockwise until gauge 1 reads 30 PSI
  • Turn valve 2 anti-clockwise until gauge 4 reads 30 PSI
  • Turn valve 4 clockwise until gauge 1 reads 30 PSI
  • Turn valve 2 anti-clockwise until gauge 4 reads 30 PSI
  • Turn valve 4 clockwise until gauge 3 reads 30 PSI

Click on the door you find to copy down its runes, then examine the cross in the middle to realize it matches Von Hess' medallion.

FBI Office

Talk to Winslow and he will come with you.

Kingsbury Run

After automatically returning to the door, click on the cross in the middle and you will use the medallion on it. After Winslow leaves, approach the Sewer Door (cheat code: barbell). There are 6 cylinders in the lock mechanism that must all be retracted to be able to open the door, and these are controlled by 4 pairs of switches. To open the door, press these switches:

  • Left switch of top pair
  • Right switch of bottom pair
  • Bottom switch of left pair
  • Right switch of top pair

In the next room, turn left and look up at the ventilation duct to realize you are behind the Raven Room.

Raven Room

Turn around to see the patterned red, white and blue Raven Room Door (cheat code: triangle). Examine the invitation in your inventory, which can be folded using the following steps:

  • Spin around to see the black surface
  • Fold along the vertical line 1/4 of the way from the left side
  • Fold along the top right smallest diagonal line
  • Spin back around to see the white surface
  • Fold along the large top left diagonal line (starting at the very top right corner)
  • Fold along the vertical line 1/3 of the way from the left side
  • Spin around again to see some of the black writing on white background
  • Fold along the large bottom left diagonal line (starting at the very bottom right corner)
  • Fold along the bottom horizontal line (to bring up the only visible black triangle)
  • Fold along the bottom right diagonal line (to bring up the only visible black triangle)
  • Fold along the top left diagonal line

The resulting diamond shape gives you the sequence of panels to press on the Raven Room door:

  1. Large red diamond
  2. Central top blue trapezoid
  3. Left blue triangle
  4. Top right blue trapezoid
  5. Top left blue trapezoid
  6. Right blue triangle
  7. Left blue triangle
  8. Right blue triangle

Head across the room to the cabinet with the glass doors. Look to the right and pick up the left Raven Room Candlestick (cheat code: nimble). You need to twist the various segments of this to adjust the key segments on its base. If you number the segments from 1 (at the base) to 4 (at the top), the easiest solution is to rotate segment 1 anti-clockwise twice, then rotate segment 3 clockwise twice. After opening the cabinet, take the green talisman from inside.

Psychic Parlor

Ask to be put into a trance again. Walk over to the raised pool - now that you have the talisman, there will be an 8th stone here. Drop the new stone (2nd from the left) into the water to see a new vision of the Raven Room. You will automatically leave, get Merylo, and head back to the Raven Room.

Raven Room

Go over to the large bookcase and pull the book on the right end of the middle shelf.

April 20, 1945

Nazi Vault

Examine the complex-looking Vault Door (cheat code: sunspot). To open the door, each of the 7 planets must be moved so that their top half is illuminated. One way to achieve this is as follows (number the planets 1 to 7 from inner to outer):

  • Move planet 7 anti-clockwise (just before 12 o'clock) so that planets 5 and 7 are rotated correctly
  • Move planet 4 clockwise (just after 1 o'clock) so that planet 1 is rotated correctly
  • Move planet 2 clockwise (to 6 o'clock) so that planet 4 is rotated correctly
  • Move planet 6 anti-clockwise (to 2 o'clock) so that planets 2 and 6 are rotated correctly
  • Move planet 3 anti-clockwise (just before 11 o'clock) so that planets 1 and 3 are rotated correctly
  • Press the sun to open the door.

You are now in a room with 3 safes, each with unique locking mechanisms. Start by going to the left alcove and examining the First Safe (cheat code: ladybug). To open this safe, you need to move the control knob (which starts in the middle of a grid of 4 squares) around a specific path as follows:

  • Move left, up, right and down - this will engage both of the two top pistons
  • Move up, right and then left twice - this will engage the top of the two right pistons
  • Move down and right - this will engage the top of the two left pistons
  • Move left, down and right - this will engage the bottom of the two left pistons
  • Move right and up - this will engage the right of the two bottom pistons
  • Move left twice - this will engage the bottom of the two right pistons
  • Move down, right and up - this will engage the left of the two bottom pistons

Next go to the middle alcove and examine the Second Safe (cheat code: keypunch). There are 8 keys along the top - number these from 1 to 8, left to right. Use the keys to unlock the 8 locks in the following order (put the key in and turn it clockwise so that it stays in a horizontal position):

  • Use key 4 to open the left lock in the top row
  • Use key 8 to open the middle lock in the top row
  • Use key 1 to open the right lock in the top row
  • Use key 3 to open the left lock in the middle row
  • Use key 6 to open the middle lock in the middle row
  • Use key 2 to open the right lock in the middle row
  • Use key 7 to open the left lock in the bottom row
  • Use key 5 to open the right lock in the bottom row

Finally go to the right alcove and examine the Third Safe (cheat code: gearoil). There are 7 levers along the top - number these from 1 to 7, left to right. Pull down levers 1, 4, 6 and 7, then press the red button until the safe opens.

Whichever safe you open last will contain the Black Dahlia.

October, 1946

Austrian Catacombs

Look around with your flashlight and climb the stairs towards a wooden door - look through the peephole in the door, but there is no way out through there. Turn around and look with the flashlight until you comment "What's that over there?". Head over in that direction to find a well. Examine the winch next to it - pull the left knob down, then move the right knob up and back down again. Go back over to the well and use the pulley to get down into some catacombs.

From your starting position, head north, northwest twice, southwest 3 times, south twice and southwest into the Scribe's chamber. Search the sarcophagus to find some stone pieces, then go and use them in the fountain on the wall to wash them and reveal the Scribe's Rune Blocks (cheat code: rock33). Slide these around to create a set of 4 adjacent runes.

Leave this room and continue north twice, northeast 3 times, southeast twice, northeast, north twice, northeast, north and northwest. Turn right and enter a small alcove here. Examine the altar and take the gold artifact from inside. Return to the corridor and continue northwest 3 times and west to find the Herald's chamber. Examine the sarcophagus and use your gold artifact to open it - click on the runes you see on the inner aspect of the lid.

Leave here and head southeast twice, southwest and west twice to find a large altar room. There are 6 exits from this room, and you want to leave via the northwest exit (when look at the altar, it is the closest exit to the altar on the left side). Continue west, northwest twice, west, northwest, west, northwest twice and west. Try to climb up the stairs, and you will narrow avoid being hit by an arrow. Now carefully climb up the stairs, standing on the green segments below (from bottom to top):


Examine the sarcophagus at the top and click on the runes you find inside. Go back down the steps, standing on the same ones as before. Back in the passages again, go southeast twice, southwest, southeast twice, southwest twice, west and southwest into the Sergeant-at-Arms' chamber. Examine the sarcophagus to find the Sergeant-at-Arms' Slider Puzzle (cheat code: blockhead). You need to move the pieces around so that you can slide the 4 corner pieces away from the edges. Once you are done, examine the runes on the sword.

Leave the room and head east, southeast, east twice, northeast, southeast, northeast and east to return to the large altar room. Approach the altar and you will see 4 columns surrounding it, with rotating discs of runes - Temple Columns (cheat code: temple). You must align the runes to match those you found in each of the rooms in the catacombs - you can view these in your notebook, but must reverse the order and appearance of the Herald's rooms:

  • Near left column: Herald
  • Far left column: Scribe
  • Near right column: Sergeant-at-Arms
  • Far right column: Landulph

Go through the new doorway that opens.

Monk's Crypt

Examine the top of the sarcophagus to see the hands positioned as if to cradle a large gem. Use your bag of runes, and position the runes around the gem according to all 11 sets of runes that you have collected throughout the game (these can be arranged horizontally, vertically or in L-shaped patterns). Once all runes are correctly positioned around the gem shape, use it to place it in the hands on the sarcophagus.

After a long cutscene, turn right and head down the stairs. Look at the side of the sarcophagus (this should be at the foot end) and rotate the cube stones so that their mirrored faces are pointing towards each other. Go around to the other end of the sarcophagus (the head end) and rotate the cube stone so that its mirrored face points out to the side. Look through the eyepiece here to see a magnified portion of part of the wall. Turn left and go over to this part of the wall, pulling out a dagger.

Old Church

Talk to Von Hess about everything.

November, 1946

Air Base

Talk to the Lieutenant about everything, then examine the trunk that has "Capt Collins, M" written on the top. Slide the tray over to the right, then pick up the letters from Elizabeth Short.

January 2, 1947


Examine the ashtray on your table, then you will automatically talk to the porter. Go forward towards the door, then look at the seating chart to see that "Matt Collins" was supposedly at your table before you. Head through the door, then through the sleeper carriages to reach the baggage car. Keep going through the opposite door into the caboose, and enter the office to meet the conductor. Ask him about the room number for "Matt Collins".

Go back to the baggage car and look at the blueprint stuck in a holder on the opposite door. Search the shelves in the baggage car and take a roll of string from one of the shelves. Pick up the orange suitcase on the floor to lift it up on to the nearby shelf, then quickly use your string and you will tie it to the emergency brake line. Now quickly go to the caboose again and the conductor will be forced to leave. Head into the office, and now that the conductor is gone you can look around safely. Search the left desk drawer to see that "Matt Collins" is staying in car 283. He has a porter by the name of Nick Adams, who covers rooms 2 and 7 in that car. Now you need to identify which car is number 283.

Look further at this list and at the maintenance items list on the desk to learn the following pieces of information:

  • A passenger in car 238 needs wheelchair assistance
  • A passenger in car 823 needs a cradle for an infant
  • Car 238 has a broken light fixture
  • Car 283 has a broken light fixture and a chipped railing
  • Car 328 has torn wallpaper and a chipped railing
  • Car 382 has torn wallpaper
  • Car 823 has a chipped railing
  • Car 832 has a broken light fixture

Walk back through the sleeper carriages, paying close attention to each of them:

  • The first car has torn wallpaper but no chipped railing (car 382)
  • The second car has a broken light fixture (either car 238 or 832)
  • The third car has a broken light fixture and a chipped railing (car 283)
  • In the fourth car you will overhear someone mentioning a wheelchair (car 238)
  • The fifth car has torn wallpaper and a chipped railing (car 328)
  • In the sixth car you will see a couple come out of one of the rooms with a small child (car 823)

Go back to the fourth car and enter room 7. Look down at the bedside table to see the expected cigarettes. Look in the rubbish bin, then open the top drawer of the dresser and read the letter inside. After you wake up, go to the caboose and talk to the conductor again. Look at the clipboard on a shelf in the baggage car to see that you are looked for tag number 0100AA. Search the baggage area until you find this tag number, on a large crate near the middle of the baggage car. Click on Winslow's Crate (cheat code: boxtop) for a closer look. There are several steps required to open this:

  • Remove the pin from the top of the latch and insert it on the front, just left of the latch
  • Remove the pin from the bottom of the latch and insert it on the front, just right of the latch
  • Pull down the top half of the latch
  • Lift the lid of the crate and look inside to find some crates of champagne
  • Close the lid of the crate
  • Lift up both parts of the latch
  • Remove the pin from just right of the latch and put it in the hole above the metal square
  • Slide the metal square on the front upwards
  • Remove the pin from just left of the latch and put it in the hole beneath the metal square
  • Remove the handle from the left side and place it on the top near the front
  • Remove the black plate from the left side and place it over the metal square
  • Remove the handle from the top near the front and place it over the black plate

After seeing the contents of the crate, you will automatically change its label with another piece of luggage. Head back to the dining car and talk to Alice about everything.

January 10, 1947

Sunset Arms Hotel

Use the telephone on your bedside table to call the police.

Boarding House

Talk to Mrs Underhill about everything. Search the bedside table to find a napkin from the Biltmore Hotel Bar, and a letter to Mrs Underhill.

Gabe's Diner

Talk to Detective Maxwell; you will run into Alice on the way out.

Train Station Shipping Office

Go to the Incoming Parcels desk and talk to the receiving clerk. Look in the trash can next to the Outgoing Parcels desk and pick up the box. Use this at the Outgoing Parcels desk to get a receipt.

Biltmore Hotel

Talk to the man at the bar, then show him your photograph of Elizabeth Short.

Train Station Shipping Office

Go to the Incoming Parcels desk again and show your receipt to get a look at the ledger - you will learn about the ABC Moving Company.

Sunset Arms Hotel

Use the telephone to call ABC Moving Company, but they are closed for the weekend.

ABC Moving Company

Read the note on the wall next to the calendar, which outlines the filing system used in the office. Examine the notes in the bottom left desk drawer for some more information. Now examine the filing cabinet. Open the bottom drawer and find folder SOIAKP52.

Movie Studio

The security guard won't let you inside without a pass.

Biltmore Hotel

You will now finally meet Elizabeth Short at the bar. Talk to her.

January 15, 1947

Sunset Arms Hotel

You will start the day here, but there is nothing specific to do.

Biltmore Hotel

Talk to the bartender and get him to tell you Elizabeth's room number: 201. Go upstairs to her room, but nobody answers and the door is locked. Climb out to the fire escape and look at her window. Pull down the top frame slightly, then push away the stick so you can open the bottom frame and climb inside. Examine the top of the room door and take the small key. Go back down and talk to the bartender again before leaving.

Train Station Lockers

Look at the telephone on the wall and realize that ES corresponds to the numbers 37. Find locker 37 and use the key to open it, taking a sales receipt from inside.

Sunset Arms Hotel

Talk to Maxwell and then Alice.

Wellington's Antiques

Talk to the proprietor, who has sold the Black Dahlia, but will sell you a cane instead. Examine Eisenstadt's Cane (cheat code: candycane) in your inventory. Turn it so the head at the top is facing you. Now rotate the runes so they show group of four runes corresponding to the Scribe from your Temple Columns puzzle back in the Austrian Catacombs (look in your notebook to remind yourself what these should be). You will find a treasure map inside.

Sunset Arms Hotel

Pick up the studio pass from your pillow.

Movie Studio

Examine the shipping crate and look at the delivery slip inside, then go over and talk to Alice about everything.

Al King's House

After meeting everyone, look at the shelves behind Alice to see a photo featuring Al and Winslow. Go over to the desk and search the trash can to find a Torn up Telegram (cheat code: teleport). Examine the telegram in your inventory and piece it together (there are actually 2 separate telegrams). Search the trash can again to find a newspaper article and some pieces of evidence. Look at the nearby telescope, making sure to note the logo on the telescope controls and on the nearby chart. Go back and ask Alice about the photo and the telescope - you need to find out what settings to input for the 2 knobs.

Ferrin's Hill Cemetery

Read the writing on the walls of the mausoleum until you find an algebra problem that gives you a solution of 27. Look inside the small golden urn on the floor to find a note that gives you another number problem: 165 x 100 = 16500.

Al King's House

Go over to the desk and look at the topographical chart on the wall above it. Use your treasure map here and move it to align the arrows at the bottom right corner. From this you can see that Al King's house is at an elevation of 100, and the target is at an elevation of 250. While you are here, examine the notebook on the desk to see 3 pairs of numbers.

Now turn around towards the telescope again. Examine the inclination-declination charts to see that the angle for a height difference of 150 and distance of 16500 is 0.5. To view a target, enter a pair of numbers using the knobs on the side, then look through the eyepiece and scroll around to line up the arrows. You can enter any of the 3 pairs of numbers from the notebook to engage in some bird watching, then it is time to solve the Telescope Puzzle (cheat code: peeper). Enter the numbers +0.5 and +27, then look through the eyepiece and find your target. After speaking to Alice you will automatically head to the next location.


Down in the basement, look for a ladder and examine the photo nailed to it. Once the fire starts, you must quickly open all 3 metal cabinets and take the key from inside the last one that you open - this will let you escape through the adjacent wooden door. You will automatically go back to your hotel, then head to Al King's house.

Al King's House

Go to the living room and use the projector on the round table - note the time on the clock in the video. Now go and examine the Cuckoo Clock (cheat code: bongo). Set the time to 5:00, then when the cuckoo comes out, quickly set the time back to 4:55. You will head down through a secret passage. Walk over to where you see Alice, then save your game if you want to see both possible endings. Use the rope next to her to free her, but she will turn into Winslow. When you finally regain control, you can choose to either shoot the Black Dahlia (good ending) or shoot Winslow (bad ending).