Black CauldronBlack Cauldron

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1986

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Walkthrough Updated:  12/23/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Black Cauldron is a very early graphic adventure from Sierra On-Line, based on the movie from 1985. It has a slightly unusual interface, with function keys being used for most actions. You take the role of Taran from the movie, and must rescue Hen Wen and defeat the Evil Horned King.


The interface for this game takes a little getting used to. Press F6 to interact with something on screen. Press F3 to select an object from your inventory, and F4 to use that object. When you are thirsty, use the water in your inventory. When you are hungry, use the food in your inventory.

Hen Wen

Walk over and open the door. Cross the room and talk to Dallben. Go to the fireplace and get the pot, then go to the cupboard and open it. Take everything inside and close it again. Go outside and select your flask then fill it from the water tank.

Head east and open the shed door, take the corn and close the door again. Go over and open the gate. Select your pot of gruel and use it to feed Hen Wen. Now follow the pig west and into the house, and talk to Dallben again.

Main Quest


Walk east and south, and look under the bridge to see a wallet. Pick up the wallet. Now go west, north, west and north again. Look in the hole in the tree and take the lute. Now head north twice, west and north. Read the sign and take the dagger. Head south and west, and then make your way through a hidden opening between the trees near the back of the screen. Open the door in this hidden area. Go inside and learn a magic password "bmmpxf". Open the cupboard and take the cookies, then close it again.

Leave the house and head east. Wander around this and adjacent screens until Gurgi arrives. Select your apple and give it to Gurgi. Now head west, south and east twice to find a waterfall. Stand just south of this and select your magic word, then use it to open the rocks. Go over the rocks and to the right and you will fall down into a cave. Walk to the middle and talk to the King, then select your lute and offer it to him. Select your flying dust and use it to fly up out of the cave. Once outside, select and use the magic word to move the rock again.

Now head west 3 times, north twice, west and north. Get through the maze by going initially right in front of the first blue rocks. Walk straight ahead to the cliff face, then select and use your rope. Grab on to the rope and head up diagonally along it to reach a ledge. Make your way to the higher ledge by goin over to the other side of the screen first, both walking on ledge and scaling the cliff face. Go forward and cross the path towards the castle, then head west. If the man with the cart is there, quickly head over and hide in the cart; if not go back east and try again.


After you are taken into the castle, get out of the cart again. Head north 3 times and you will be caught and taken to a cell. Go to the table and take the tin cup. Use the cup to knock on the door. Wait until Eilonwy appears, then talk to her twice, then fall down the hole.

Go west twice and north. Look at the left side of the back wall, then push 4 blocks out and walk through the hole you have created. After Eilonwy leaves, take the sword from on the stone slab, then return south twice and east. Twist the gargoyle's head, then climb up the ladder. Go north, then use your sword and the henchman will be stunned. Get the keys from the wall, then use your sword to stun the henchman again. Use the keys to unlock the door and go through to the north. Free the man from the wall and you will receive a harp.

Now go south, west, up the stairs, and east, stunning the henchman as needed. Open the closet and take your possessions. Head south twice and use your sword on the chains near the bottom left to open the main door. Leave the castle.


Walk east, south 3 times, and back down the cliffs. Use the rope to get down to the ledge, then go through the maze and exit to the south. Go south once more, then use your flying dust and fly south over the swamp to land outside a house. Open the door and go inside. Open the chest, then talk to the witches. Offer them your sword, and you will end up outside.

Talk to the witches, who tell you the secret of the cauldron. Don't try to use it now or you will die. Wait and it will be taken away from you. Use your flying dust again and go north. Return to the castle.


Enter the castle and go north to the cellar. Go to the right between the 2nd and third barrels and fall through the hole in the floor. Walk south and east, and use your mirror on the king. After your ride down the river, you will get 3 offers from the witches - wait for the offer of the magic sword and then take it.