Game Details:  Fantasy, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/15/2023

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Birth is a side-scrolling fantasy puzzle adventure game. You play as a lonely creature that wants a friend, and sets out to explore town to collect the body parts necessary to create one. There are 7 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


There are a series of screens here, each with basic interactions to follow:

  • Put the cassette into the player, then press the play button
  • Lift up the teapot to pour a cup of tea
  • Put the toast into the toaster and push the lever on the side down
  • Select the options for your appearance
  • Open the book and drag the 6 symbols into the matching positions
  • Reconstruct the spine (1/16)

You will now be in your room. You can look at the desk to see the body parts you have collected (so far just the spine) and you can look in the mirror to adjust your appearance. Once you are done, leave the building.

First Gate

You will find yourself on a street in front of several buildings. You can click on each doorway to see where it leads.


Before going inside, click on the bird on the ledge over the apothecary. Examine the note it is holding and click on each of the images until you reveal a token (1/5).

Look at the shelf on the left. You need to get the pebbles to fall into the second hole, so that they end up in the empty bottle - click on the arrows to flip them and direct the path of the pebbles, then pull the pin at the top. If you miss the bottle, reset the puzzle with the button at the top right. Once you are successful, pick up the bottle.

Look at the frames on the left side of the counter. Drag up the right slider, then take the bowl of pebbles from the character's hand. Next go to the shelves on the back wall. Move all the bottles out of the way so you can take the tall bottle with pebbles.

Now look at the right side of the counter. Place each of your containers with pebbles in the blank spaces. Carefully tip the pebbles from each into the large water-filled jar (if you spill, you can reset the puzzle). Put the lid on the jar, then pick it up. Give the jar to the apothecary. Open the flowers and remove them so you can pick up the humerus (2/16).

Stranger's Apartment

Look at the desk on the right. Open the drawer to get a black fish. Solve the puzzle to get a silver fish. Next go to the nightstand. Take the brown fish from the glass of water. Look at the photographs and drag the stars to the strings, then take the bug from the empty bowl. Look at the bird in the window and give it the bug, then take the gray fish.

Put all 4 fish in the aquarium on the left, then take the first tooth (3/16).


Click on the door, but you need a combination to get inside. Look at the book in front of the girl sitting at the table to the left. Click on each of the dots in the book to see a code. Return to the bakery door and set the symbols to the correct combination: donut, cake, croissant baker.

Look at the utensils hanging on the wall to the left and rearrange them so their tips touch the markers on the wall. Take the herbs. Next examine the egg in the shelves. Click on it until it cracks and you can take a small jar from inside. Look at the jars in the shelves to the right, then click on the jar containing candy. Flip the bottom middle switch and take the moon symbol.

Examine the top cupboards to find a triangle puzzle. Arrange the triangles so the adjacent symbols match - when you are done, take the lemon. Next look at the sandwich on the bench. Click on the banana until there are 6 extra slices. Now place these on the bread so they are in increasing order (1-8) from top row to bottom row. Click on the bread repeatedly to eat it, until you can take the leaf.

Look at the shopkeeper, who will have 3 symbols on her top: triangles, curved lines, semi-circle. Look at the soup pot on the stove to the right. Spin the spoon around to each of these symbols in the correct order, then take the ring.

Go to the bowl with cookie dough on the left. Place your 6 items in the blank spaces. Drag 6 pieces of cookie dough to the tray, and take the second tooth (4/16).

Art Studio

Click on the door, but you need a code to get inside. Examine the phone outside to the right. Insert your token in the slot and you will see the code 6459. Go and enter this code outside the art studio artist!. Inside, you can optionally use the painting desk.

Coffee Shop

Look at the order board on the back wall to see a series of 5 orders and the ingredients they require. Now click on the woman holding the cup on the left. First examine the painting behind her and piece it back together. Now the dispenser will be active. Click on the ingredients matching the desired order and put at least one of each into the cup. Give the cup to the woman and take the eyeball.

Click on the man with the laptop, and unwrap his lollipop until you can take another eyeball. Examine the gumball machine and turn the handle until it is empty. Now pick up the next eyeball. Look at the person on the right. Attach your 3 eyeballs to the stick, then pick up the femur (5/16).

Second Gate

You can now head left through an opened gate to explore the next part of the street.


Look at the couple sitting on the bench to the left. Starting at the top, click to rotate the circles so they match the background pattern. Once they all match, take note of the 3 symbols in the girl's hair: arc, caret, triangles.

Look at the clothes rack and hang 3 garments. Examine the hand on the orange top. Click repeatedly to get the small shapes up to the top part of the circle, then take the block that appears in the middle. Look at the top shelf and drag the bottles out of the way to see 6 discs. Drag the 3 with symbols matching the girl's hair into the slots, then take another block from the opened box.

Next examine the portrait at the top right and take the block from the necklace. Look at the rubbish next to the trash can. On the large piece of paper, drag the parts of the fly together. When the sketch is complete, take the block from under the corner of the paper.

Finally, look at the washing machines. Open the right one and take out the last block. Look at the lock on the middle washing machine. Insert the 5 blocks into the correct positions. Open the washing machine and take out the hand (6/16).


Start by looking at the typewriter. Press any keys repeatedly until the cup falls over. Pick up the diamond. Next look at the flower pot. Move your mouse over the flowers to open them, and you will discover a baby bird that you can pick up. Go to the book near the top right of the bookshelf and put the baby bird on the left egg. Now you can pick up a small game cartridge.

Use the game cartridge on the game console to the bottom left. On each of the 3 levels of the game, guide the pieces into the circle using the arrow keys. Pick up the hexagon.

Look at the glass jars. Pick up another diamond. Look at the portrait and place the two diamonds over the portrait's head, then take another hexagon from its hand. Insert your 2 hexagons at the base of the glass display, then take the rib cage (7/16).

Someone Else's Place

Look at the picture on the wall. Drag the fruits to the right to complete the grid, then take the mosaic piece. Go to the shelves on the left. Click on the top section of the screen to make small pebbles appear - keep doing this until the meters next to both containers are full, then collect the front part of the centipede that appears. Examine the bottle on the floor. Tip out its contents, then take the back part of the centipede from the label on the bottle.

Go to the game table. Insert your mosaic piece, then put the centipede back together and pick it up. Click on the girl playing cards, and place the centipede on her wrist, then take the intestines (8/16).

Antique Shop

Examine the arched picture on the left wall. Move your mouse over it to reveal the picture, then take the snail from inside the rabbit. Next look at the bottles on the small table. Put the 3 loose blueberries back with the others, then click on the small people in the other bottle. Open the picnic basket, then click on each piece of food to transform them into puzzle pieces. Click to rotate these until their adjacent sides are matching, then take the flower from the girl's hand.

Click on the person in the armchair to see their book. Slide the 3 rectangles until the patterns match up correctly. Place your snail in the right side of the scales that appear, then take the dragonfly.

Look at the rabbit's head on the wall. Lift both of the rabbit's ears, then take the spider from the necklace. Rearrange the jumbled picture just to the right, then take the 4 arrows from it and place them in the bottom right section. Click on the symbols in the round frame above, then take another flower.

Go to the shelf on the right wall. Put the dragonfly and spider in the frame, then take the puzzle tile from the hand on the left. Back out and look at the drawers on the left, taking a needle from the top middle drawer. Next go to the table at the bottom right. Put the needle in its place on the left, then draw 4 stitches between pairs of matching symbols, so you can take another flower from the right.

Return to the shelf on the right wall, and put all 3 flowers in the pot. Take another puzzle tile. Return to the drawers, and insert your 2 puzzle tiles in the right drawer so you can open it. Look inside and open the jacket, then take the lungs (9/16).


When you go to the door, you will see that the museum opens at 3:55. Look at the nest above the doorway and search it to find a token (2/5). Use this on the gumball machine on the street here. Open the gumball to release a lot of ants.

Back out and go to the clock outside the laundromat. Set the time on the clock to 3:55. Go back and enter the museum right timing.

Look at the fruit bowl picture on the wall. Move away most of the fruit until only the pomegranate remains, then brush away the seeds so you can take the umbrella from inside. Give the umbrella to the portrait of the blonde woman, then take the star that falls down.

Next look at the painting of two people. Drag them together, then take the wooden leg from the bottom left. Also notice the markers at the top right of this painting. Go to the two people on the bench on the right. Move their hands apart so you can take another wooden leg. Also notice the squares at the bottom left. Go to the bench on the left. Assemble the wooden toy, including the 2 wooden legs you have collected. Take the star from behind the tail.

Now examine the large painting on the left wall. Press the squares matching those you saw at the right bench. Flip the brushes to match the markers on the earlier painting. Pick up the third star.

Look at the final painting on the back wall. Add the 3 stars you have collected, then take the hammer. Use this to smash the glass case in the middle of the room so you can take the heart (10/16).

Third Gate

You can now head left through another opened gate to explore the final part of the street. Find a rat just to the left of the museum and take the next token (3/5) from it. Return right and use this on the down-pipe to the left of the library, then explore the water drop that appears.

Look in the top left window above the market. Open the wound on the arm and take a token (4/5) from inside the wound. Go to the vending machine in the alley just to the left of the market and insert the token, then press the button corresponding with the envelope. Open the envelope and turn the handle to watch a moving scene.

Return to the front of the market and read the small sign about a lost necklace on the outside of the building. Take note of the symbols on the necklace (tooth, semicircle, moon, crystal, feather). Return right to the library and look at the girl on the steps just to the left. Put these five symbols onto her necklace. Open the central locket to get the final token (5/5) rich!. Go to the far left (near the locked gate) and look at the note on the lamp post. Insert the token here and watch the carousel.


When you try to enter, you will need to first create a drink for the person at the door. Back out and look at the postbox outside the post office. Slide the shapes into position to complete the patterns, then open the envelope and look at the drink recipe. Go back to the pub and create the drink (add dragonfly, flower, lemon and worm). Now you can enter the pub.

Look at the man on the left. Drag the slider near his eye until you see a fly, then take it. Pop the balloons at the bar until another fly appears and you can grab it. Now look at the man sitting at the bar, then at the dominoes. Arrange these to complete a pattern from left to right, then take the beetle from the middle.

Look at the cake on the bar. Move the top middle strawberry to see an equation (worm = diamond, hexagon, triangle). Next go to the pile of presents. Drag the circles onto the pattern on the right gift, and watch them expand outwards. To solve this puzzle, just place a circle 2 spaces from each end of the pattern. Now click to rotate the 4 triangles that are pointing downwards. Click on the 3 dots, then rotate the symbols to show a diamond, hexagon and triangle from left to right. Take the bug.

Look at the triangular flags at the top right of the room. Find a spider behind the third flag from the left, then approach it. Give it the 4 insects you have collected, then take the key. Return to the pile of presents and use the key on the box, then take the liver (11/16).

Someone Else's Place

This is located above the pub. Look at the shelves on the far wall, then examine the fish. Rub the body to remove the scales, then match up the paired shapes on the right side. Take the piece of paper. Still in the shelves, look at the dominoes on the right, and take the quarter circle shape. Now arrange the dominoes to complete the pattern from top left to bottom right. Take another piece of paper from one of the mosquitoes.

Back out from the shelves and look at the record player on the floor. Drag each of the 3 sliders so the matching shapes line up with the needle. Take another quarter circle shape.

Next go to the desk on the far left. Click on each of the squares in the grid to reveal the numbers within. Also pick up the scissors from here. Back out, then examine the small coffee table. Give the scissors to the girl in the tower, then click on them again. Now take the earring, which is the next quarter circle shape.

Look at the table at the bottom right of the room. Rearrange the flower tiles in the same way as the number grid on the desk:


Take the final piece of paper. Go back to the desk and put the pieces of paper together to reveal a 4-digit code (3251). Go to the dog on the floor. Put all of the pieces into the bowl, then complete the collar using your 3 quarter circle shape. Pick up the crown. Now you can visit the girl on the sofa and enter the code 3251, then slide the circle to the right to unlock her phone. Put the crown on the person in the phone, then take the foot (12/16).


Take a carrot from the customer's shopping basket. Look inside the fish on the shelves to find a small man to pick up. Go to the large shelves on the right and rearrange the items so they are all grouped correctly, then take the apple that appears. From the main counter, take the small white seed.

Look at the glass jars on the table to the right, then get rid of all of them. Plant the seed in the empty pot. Put the small man on the swing, then take the leek that he holds up. Go back to the counter and put the leek, apple and carrot in their correct positions, then take the stomach (13/16).

Stranger's Apartment

This is located above the market. Notice the small diagram to the left of the window.

Look at the Ferris wheel on the desk, which is missing 3 baskets. Pick up the screwdriver from here, then back out. Look at the bowl on the desk. Notice another small diagram on a clipboard here. Click just above the bowl repeatedly until the bowl is full of ants - it will then tip over so you can pick up a basket.

Go to the power socket to see another diagram. Use your screwdriver on the screw here, then take another basket. Look at the grid of paper at the bottom left, and place the 3 circles on the grid according to the diagrams you have seen:

Take another basket. Go back to the Ferris wheel and attach all 3 baskets. Pick up the brain (14/16).


Look at the bouquet on the small table and move your mouse over the dandelions to reveal some puzzle pieces. Put these together on the outline below, then take the paper ship. Next look at the shelf with the bottles. Put the paper ship on the water, then take the frog. Open the can to the left and take the button that appears.

Go over to the couple on the right and look at the table in front of them. Move the rocks to reveal a tiny table. Look at this, then put the frog on the second card and take another button. Back out to the room again.

Look at the bat in the doorway and give it both buttons. Once the numbers appear at the top, rearrange the numbered pieces so the column totals are correct:


Take the snake from the bat. Go back to the tiny table again and put the snake on the fourth card. Take the ear piece from the hand. Back out to the room again. Look at the person on the far left and fix their ear with your ear piece. Take the kidney (15/16).

Post Office

Start by looking at the square puzzle in the top left corner of the mail slots. You need to insert the squares so their adjacent symbols are matching. Once you are done, take the light bulb. Back out, then look at the letters in the middle of the mail slots. Just put all the envelopes into the sorting area (start with the bigger ones first), then take the key.

At the left end of the bench, open the envelope, then remove the leaves to reveal the number 4283. Examine the laptop on the bench and unlock it with the code 4283. Open the bottom picture on the laptop and click on the plant several times, then take another light bulb. Examine the clock on the wall. Turn the rings so the 3 arrows point at the 3 dots. Open both of the eyes and take another light bulb. Look at the boxes on the right end of the bench. Unlock the box with your key to find the last light bulb.

Look at the top right corner of the room. Hang the light bulbs here. Click on each of them, then take the pelvis (16/16).

Science Lab

The last gate will now be open, and you can enter the final destination. Go into the Science Lab, and click on the desk full set. Now click on each body part (in any order), perform a simple action, then click on it again:

  • Spine: Break the spine, then drag the balls onto the strings and swing the balls
  • Humerus: Put the plants into the pot and optionally water them
  • First Tooth: Place all the objects in the room
  • Second Tooth: Open all of the medicine capsules
  • Femur: Break the bone, then drag the small pieces onto incomplete patterns on the right
  • Hand: Light the candles, then drag the missing bone onto the hand
  • Rib Cage: Get rid of the flies
  • Intestines: Click on the shoe laces, then put the strawberries onto the nails
  • Lungs: Click on the small bird, then drag the 5 worms from the large bird to the left lung
  • Heart: Plug the power cord into the socket
  • Liver: Open the bottom of the liver, move the key into the skull and turn it, then put a tear back into the liver
  • Foot: Break the bones, then draw anything on the computer screen until the foot is whole again
  • Stomach: Push down on the syringe until a seed falls into the stomach
  • Brain: Click on the fish, then drag the matching piece into the hole in the brain
  • Kidney: Remove the plasters, then drag the 3 fish into the kidney
  • Pelvis: Open the scissors and put the square into the outline; close the scissors and add the leaf to the plant

Now click on the basket of body parts. Now you need to perform a few more simple actions:

  • Click on the hand to cover it with skin
  • Look down the microscope and reassemble the small bones
  • Put the piece of flesh into the hand
  • Open the eyes
  • Drag the needle onto the record
  • Put the lime on the edge of the glass
  • Slide the photographs to the right
  • Look under the bed on the left under the bed
  • Open the box and look inside
  • Click on all of the photographs
  • Watch the credits thanks for your time