Biohazard: Escape RoomBiohazard: Escape Room

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2024

Links:  Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  2/17/2024

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Biohazard is a first-person escape room game set in a world under threat by a viral pandemic. You play as an investigative journalist, exploring an animal research facility, trying to unravel the pandemic's origin. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Go around into a small office on the left. Search the bottom white drawer to find a fuse. Look at the fusebox on the wall, and take the small key from on top of it. Use the key to unlock the fusebox, then open it and insert the missing fuse. Now you need to activate some of the fuses to solve a maths puzzle getting from 20 to 64: 20 × 2 + 32 − 8 = 64. Set the fuses as follows:

Still in this room, search the middle desk drawer to find a white key card. Back out in the hallway, use this key card on the card reader next to the nearest door. Open the door to go through.

Security Room

Cross the room and desk the wooden desk drawers to find an alphabet block (1/4). Read the complaint letter on the desk. Now examine the laptop on the desk. You need to rotate the 5 discs so that the missing segments in each color match the extra segments around the edge (there are 2 white, 2 blue and 1 orange segment). Once you are done, you will see the code 4815 in the middle. Go to the computer on the other side of the room. Look in the shelves behind it to get an alphabet block (2/4), then unlock the computer with the code 4815. Using the binary to decimal conversion hint, you can read the code 1623 in the encrypted file. Go back to the tall grey cabinet and unlock it with the code 1623. Open the cabinet and take out another alphabet block (3/4).

Search the bin near the middle of the room and pick up the paper gadget. Look at the wooden desk here and you will see 4 colored patterns with arrows pointing to 1 block. Now examine the paper grid on the top of the desk. You need to position the paper gadgets to reveal colored blocks matching the patterns drawn on the desk, to reveal this code:

  • Red: 7
  • Green: 9
  • Yellow:0
  • Blue:5

Go to the other tall cabinet and unlock it with the code 7905. Open the cabinet and grab the last alphabet block (4/4). Head over to the sofa and you will use your alphabet blocks. The name on the bag is Amanda, so arrange the blocks to spell this on the side facing you. Pay attention to the colors of these letters, then look at the small pink locked box here and open it with the same color combination Security Room:

Pick up the grey key card, then leave this room again.


Go over to the other door and use your grey key card on the card reader, then head through.


Go down the stairs to the bottom, and open the door straight ahead with the grey key card. Look through the door ahead to see a hallway, but you cannot get through here yet. Go back to the base of the stairs and open the other door with the grey key card, then head through.


Look around the room and count the number of various items:

  • Forklifts: 1
  • Lift Trolleys: 2
  • Small Trolleys: 3
  • Cardboard Box Pallets: 9
  • Wire Mesh Crates: 10
  • Blue Barrel Pairs: 11

Go to the computer desk and drag the appropriate symbols to each number on the left computer screen. Now look at the right computer screen and drag the appropriate colors to each shelf space:

Once you are done, you will see that this is Warehouse 20. On the right of this desk, you can see that bar codes are made up of a company number and an order number. Find a tablet in the shelves near the opposite door, which mentions a shipment that contains boxes of 11 plastic vials, 2 garbage bins and 6 plastic bottles. Look inside the opened cardboard boxes on the ground to find the one with these numbers - look at the bar code to see 33-926537. Go back to the tablet and enter the order number 926537. Return to the printer next to the computer screens and take the bar code label, which has Company 42 and Order 711230.

Search around to find evacuation map parts beneath a blue small trolley, beneath the blue forklift and on another blue small trolley. Go to the other map parts on a barrel in the middle of the room, then piece together the map - take note of where you want to access, Corridor 19. Go to the exit door and read the digital lock note. Based on the information you have collected, enter the code 422019 Warehouse. Go through the door.


Go along the corridor, noting that the rooms along the right are all locked. Find a room with "High Voltage" written on the door. Use your grey key card on the card reader next to it, then head inside.

Generator Room

Look at the desk around to the left - pick up a light bulb, and read the fusebox information on the notice board. Go to the other desk and examine the laptop. Press the following numbered lights to turn them all on:


Notice that the highest score for the game is 1834. Go to the electrical cupboard in the corner of the room and open the combination lock with the code 1834. After opening both doors, look at the panel on the right. Rotate the connectors so that the yellow light connects to your new light (avoiding all of the red lights). Now look at the fusebox on the left and flip the switches in this order:


Examine the red screen on the middle generator. You need to rotate the connectors so power gets to all electrical nodes. From the starting position, click them as follows Generator Room:

  • Outer Connectors: 3 times
  • Second Connectors: 3 times
  • Third Connectors: 2 times
  • Inner Connectors: 1 time

Return to the corridor.


One of the door panels is now active (next to the blue forklift). Use your grey key card here, then go through the door.

Mice Room

Read the research diary on the white desk. Search the white desk drawers to find the Order of Draw note with colored boxes. Just to the left, read the refrigerator note. Examine the blue display above and set the 3 bars to the middle height. From the starting position, press these buttons:

  1. Up
  2. Mode
  3. Up
  4. Mode
  5. Down

Open the refrigerator and take out the incubator with samples. Next look at the centrifuge on the desk (also make sure you look inside the lid of the centrifuge). After automatically placing your incubator here, you need to insert the tubes according to the Order of Draw note (adjacent colors should be place in opposite positions):

After the machine activates, take the centrifuged sample. Look at the microscope to the right. You must click to rotate the various discs so the cell pattern looks correct. From the starting position, press these discs:

  1. Central Disc: 1 time
  2. Left Disc: 3 times
  3. Right Disc: 2 times
  4. Top Disc: 1 time

Take note of the symbol that is displayed. Turn around and cross the room to see the containers with mice. Each row, column and diagonal adds up to 350, so the missing number is 80. Enter this into the keypad, then pull out the bottom-right container and take out the computer mouse. Use the computer on the desk. Each of the lines on the individual strips in the sections at the bottom should be superimposed to end up with the lines shown at the top. Number the individual strips 1-8 from top to bottom, then position them as follows Mice Room:

  • Left Group: Strips 1, 3, 5
  • Middle Group: Strips 2, 4
  • Right Group: Strips 6, 7

Now you can continue through the orange door.


Go right and take the orange key card from the unconscious scientist. Use this on the card reader outside Pig Room 1. Head through the door.

Pig Room

Press the red button, then enter the next room. Go into the small office in the far corner and read the vaccine essay on the desk. Look at the locked computer, which has the note "V Ac C I Ne" on the corner of the screen. Out in the main lab, find a periodic table on the wall, and find the atomic number for each of these elements (23, 89, 6, 53, 10). Go back and unlock the computer with the code 238965310. Watch the video on the screen to see a color order.

Go out to the main room and find a white cannister along the wall with 4 colored buttons. Press them in the order you just saw on the computer screen: Green, Yellow, Blue, Green, Red. Now you can take the vaccine sample from inside the cannister.

On the walls of the room you will see 3 equations, and you will be able to look through glass to highlight certain numbers. These numbers are as follows:

  • 6: Dark ring on the window looking in to small office
  • 9: Two medium rings on small sample fridge after opening door (1+8)
  • 4: Pale ring on sliding door of large sample area after sliding down

Go to the briefcase on the central table and enter the code 694 in the left lock, and 964 on the right lock (based on the darkness of the red markings around the numbers). Open the briefcase and take out the virus sample.

Examine the laptop just to the right. You need to rotate the rings so that the laser sensors all turn green. From the starting position, rotate these rings:

  1. Outer Ring: 11 times
  2. Second Ring: 11 times
  3. Third Ring: 10 times
  4. Inner Ring: 9 times

Examine the laptop again. Now you need to position the various components so they have matching numbers of bonds between them Pig Room: