The Big Red AdventureThe Big Red Adventure

Game Details:  Mystery, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/28/2014

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

The Big Red Adventure is an adventure set in Russia after the fall of communism. This is the sequel to the earlier game, Nippon Safes, Inc. You again take the role of Doug Nuts, Dino Fagioli and Donna Fatale, and become embroiled in a plot to restore communism.

Doug Nuts

Ritz Hotel

Start by opening the envelope in your inventory and examining each of the 5 pictures. Pick up the suitcase, computer, camera, aerial and remote control. Use the remote control on the TV to see a commercial. Look inside your suitcase to find a tape recorder and a tape measure. Now go out to the foyer. Take the rope from the wall, then give your key to the porter before heading outside.

Go over to the left and use the scales. Use your aerial on the scales 3 times and you will get some coins each time. Now go and look at one of the magazines at the newsagent, then talk to him and buy the magazine. Repeat this until you have found 5 different magazines, then read each of them in your inventory; you will end up finding a ticket, a stamp and a cassette. Examine the ticket and you will see 3 questions you must answer to enter the competition. Head to the right, then go south.

Red Square

Talk to the man at the front of the queue outside the gum store; he will get you a tin of caviar in exchange for some toilet paper. Go right and then north to find McRomanov. Look at the camera in the red car to the right, then pick it up. Examine it to find some new film. Now talk to the cashier and buy a can of vodkacola, then a sandwich (gigantic, great bear). Take the bread and salt from the counter, then return south.

Talk to the Japanese tourist, then give him your camera. Examine the photograph, which will be no good. Repeat this 2 more times, and the camera will be out of film. Put the new film in the camera, then give it to the tourist again. Examine the 4th photo, which will be perfect. Use your tape measure on the can of vodkacola and you will work out the answer to question 2.

Go back to the scales next to the newsagent. Eat the burger, then use the scales again to get the answer to question 3.

Gorky Park

From McRomanov, go north over the bridge and into the park, then continue east to find a kid near a fountain. Talk to the kid, then give him your computer in exchange for his games console. Examine this in your inventory to get a game cartridge. From here go east and over the bridge, then talk to the street peddler, who wants to sell you a watch; ask about toilet paper instead, and you will receive a business card. Leave the park by going south 4 times.

Moscow Central Station

Go back to the newsagent and head north, then enter the station. Use your game cartridge on the bank machine to the left and you will get 100 roubledollars. Now return to the park and talk to the street peddler, buying the toilet paper with your new money. Leave the park and go to the man outside the gum store; give him the toilet paper and you will get some caviar. Examine this in your inventory to get the answer to question 1.

Now return to the hotel lobby and talk to the Porter; ask for a pen, then use this on your ticket to complete it. Next use the pen on the envelope to write the address. Put the ticket in the envelope, then put the stamp on it. Go outside and head towards the station again, then put the envelope in the red mailbox outside. Go to the hotel lobby and talk to the Porter again; this time ask about mail and you will get some. Examine this in your inventory to find an invitation.

KGB Studios

Head back outside and towards the station again, but this time enter KGB Studios on the left. Show your invitation to the secretary, then go through the door on the left. Now you take part in a quiz show, with the following correct answers:

  • The Pink Panther
  • Robin Hood
  • The Thieving Magpie

Now select envelope number 1 and you will win the show and receive a hot air balloon. Pick up the studio lights and head back to your hotel room (you need to talk to the porter to get your room key on the way in). Go into the toilet and you will automatically enter the balloon. Fly south and land at the museum. Go through the doorway to enter the crown hall.

If you end up losing the quiz show you will get a keyring as a consolation prize. Pick up the studio lights, then use the keyring on the large doll's head to find a secret passage. Follow this to the right, through the tunnel, and up a tall ladder to reach the crown hall in the museum.


Use the studio lights on the photo cells around the base of the crown, then use the switch at the base of the lights to switch them on. Go to the other room and combine the cassette and recorder in your inventory, then play the cassette and 2 of the cases will break. Pick up the ring and computer from these cases, then return to the crown hall. Use the ring on the crown's case to cut a hole, and you will end up back in your hotel room.

Go down to the lobby and give your key to the porter, then head outside and return to McRomanov. Talk to Alex and Kos, then return to the hotel, get your key from the porter, and head back up to your room. In your inventory, combine the TV remote with the tape recorder to make an impedance adapter, then use this with the ZX81, and plug the device into the telephone. Go out to the lobby and give your key to the porter again, then head outside and go to KGB Studios. Examine the desk to get a scrap of paper, then return to the hotel, get your key and go back to your room. Use the scrap of paper on the phone and you will end up with a cassette tape. Go outside and hea to McRomanov, then give the cassette to Alex and Kos. Finally, you can now go to the Moscow Central Station and talk to one of the guards.

Dino Fagioli


From the wharf, go east to find Circus Square.

Circus Square

Enter the drug store at the bottom of the screen. Pick up a can of beans from the shelves on the right, then show them to the shopkeeper and buy them. Use the beans on yourself to eat them. Now head back outside and straight across into the bigtop; when stopped by the ringmaster, agree to pay to enter, and you will automatically win a challenge once inside.

Go back to the drug store and now pick up the headache pills and barrel of rum; show them both to the shopkeeper and buy them. Leave the store and head west to return to the wharf. Enter the inn.

Drunken Whale Inn

Pick up the tankard from the table and give it to the landlord to have it filled with water.

Go back outside again and head east to return to Circus Square. Now talk to Zelda and agree to pay for her services. Once inside, ask her about your future; after hearing her prediction she will leave you alone. Talk to the parrot, who will ask you for sunflower seeds. Return outside and west to the wharf. Combine your headache pills and tankard of water, then give this to the drunkard. Talk to the drunkard, then give him your rum and take his box of sunflower seeds.

Return east and enter Zelda's caravan. Open the box in your inventory, then give the sunflowers seeds to the parrot. While you are here, pick up the skull and the potion, then go outside. Go west and enter the inn once again. Show the parrot to the old sea dog near the door. Listen to his full story, then go and talk to the landlord, asking how to get to Stokafisburg. Leave the inn and go east twice.


Continue east into the wood, then east into the dark wood and take the right path to reach another sign. Show your lollipop on the wasps here, then show it to them again and you will reach the entrance to a cave. Throw your lollipop into the cave, and the wasps will chase away the wolves inside. Go through the cave and continue east and north.


Pick up the poster from the wall, then go inside. Enter the luggage office and show the poster to the gorilla. Pick up the banana, then go back out to the platform. Talk to Miss Molotova's gorilla, then eat the banana before talking directly to Miss Molotova. Talk to her a second time to escort her on the train.

Orient Express

Donna Fatale

Go right and along the corridor, then go right and along the corridor again to find the bar. Talk to Alex and Kos here, then leave the bar again. Go back along the corridors until you find room number 3, then knock on the door.

Doug Nuts

Go along the corridors to the right and knock on door number 10.

Dino Fagioli

Go to the bar and talk to the barman to get a cup of coffee. Leave the bar again and return to room 10. Talk to Miss Molotova and you will spill the coffee on her. Leave the room, then go straight back in, and the room will be empty. Enter the toilet and you will automatically pick up a ring. Go right into the bedroom and take the bottle, then go back out to the corridor and give both of these items to Doug.

Doug Nuts

Go back to room 3 and give both the ring and bottle to Donna. Talk to her and convince her to keep searching on her own.

Donna Fatale

Examine the ring to find the microfilm. Leave the room and go back to the bar, giving the microfilm to Alex and Kos, in exchange for the photos and negatives. Go back to room 3 and talk to Doug to swtich back again.

Doug Nuts

Go to the bar and you will automatically recognise the man who stole the crown from you earlier. Return to room 3 and ask Donna to seduce this man.

Donna Fatale

Go to the bar once more and talk to the thief. When you reach his room, use the bottle of sleeping pills on his bottle of champagne, and he will pass out. Open the wardrobe and examine the shirt inside to see the number 653. Pick up the sheets from the bed, then leave the room and return to room 3. Give the sheets to Doug, tell him about the code you found, and switch back to him.

Doug Nuts

Leave the room and talk to the ticket inspector over to the left - he wants a cigarette. Go to the bar and talk to Alex and Kos, who will sell you a cigarette, but you don't have enough money. Go back to room 3 and talk to Donna about money, and you will automatically switch to her.

Donna Fatale

Go into room 6 and ask Riri for some money. Return to room 3 and talk to Doug to give him the money, then switch to him once more.

Doug Nuts

Head to the bar and talk to Alex and Kos to buy their cigarette. Go to the ticket inspector and give him the cigarette - now he needs a lighter. Go to the bar once more and head down to the end of the carriage. Talk to Maurizio here and ask him for a lighter, then return to the ticket inspector and give him the lighter. Take his keys and return to the bar.

Go down again and now you can open the door to get to the roof of the train. Head all the way to the right, then use the sheet and let yourself down. Use your keys to get in through the doors. Open the trunk (you will automatically use the combination found by Donna).

Finding Donna

Doug Nuts

Start by walking east, then continue east twice more and go south to find a path. Try to pick up the boulders, then you will switch to Dino and you can try again.

Dino Fagioli

Lift the 3 large boulders in order from bottom to top and you will make a bridge over the water.

Doug Nuts

Cross the bridge, then go north to the village. Take the lantern and the two icicles hanging from the roof. Enter Zelda's caravan and you will be given a list of ingredients to collect. Examine the list, then head back outside.

Go east into a graveyard and pick up the bottle and the bones. Combine the bottle and lantern in your inventory, then give this to the gravedigger and ask him about Doctor Virago. Go back to the village and head right until you see a gutter on the side of a building. Talk to Dino to switch to him.

Dino Fagioli

Take the gutter from the side of the building, then enter the little square here. Pick up the tarpaulin. Use your music box with the old man sitting here, then take his spectacles once he falls asleep. Combine the spectacles with the gutter pipe. Talk to Doug to switch back.

Doug Nuts

Pick up the small stone at the base of the church. Use the icicles on the side of the church, then click on one of them to use them to climb up. At the top, use the rock on the church bell, and you will automatically switch to Dino.

Dino Fagioli

Use the tarpaulin on the bat to capture it. Use the binoculars while you are up here to locate the doctor's villa. Try to climb down and you will switch back to Doug.

Doug Nuts

Climb down the church tower again, then go back to the main village, and exit to the northeast into the wood. Walk east and north, then look in the hole in the tree and take the sunflower seeds from inside. Return south, then continue south and east twice to reach the villa. Take the tooth from the left lion, then return through the wood to the village. Enter Zelda's caravan and give her the sunflower seeds, lion's tooth and bones. Get Doug to give the bat to Zelda as well. Walk back to the villa once more and Doug will automatically drink the potion.



Say anything to Doctor Virago and he will leave. Grab the perfume bottle, then open the pillow and pick up a feather. Now look up at the ceiling to notice a trapdoor, then climb up into the attic. Pick up the record, magpie and bottle of chloroform. Combine the chloroform and perfume bottle, then climb back down again. Use the bottle on the guard behind the door, then leave the room.

Go down the stairs and into the dark room beneath the balcony. Pick up the fruit from the bowl and the vase. Try to take the bust on the right, then pick up a piece from the ground. Head back out to the lounge, then go right and into Dr Virago's study.

Examine the clock on the left and take the iron filings from inside. Use the iron filings on your record to break it. Examine the skeleton's eye, then take the key from inside. Use this key on the locked cabinet to the right and take the jar from inside. Also pick up one book from the shelves and one from the desk, and read both of them. Pick up the fountain pen from the desk. Put the jar of bats wings, feather and fruit into the skull ashtray on the desk. Use the fountain pen on the potion to stir it.

Head back out to the lounge, upstairs, into the bedroom and up into the attic. Use the plaster on the floor to draw a symbol on the ground. Use the fountain pen on the bird in your inventory, then put it on the symbol. Use the broken record on the gramophone and the magpie will come back to life. Head back downstairs and out of the bedroom, then go right and into Dr Virago's bedroom. Talk to the magpie, and it will fly across the room and get the keys for you. Return to your bedroom and open the window, then throw the vase outside to take out the guard. Go downstairs and use the keys on the front door, then head outside.