Big Brain WolfBig Brain Wolf

Game Details:  Comedy, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/29/2010

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Big Brain Wolf is a puzzle-based comedy adventure game. As the protagonist Wolf, you need to save your grandmother, who has been framed for murder. To progress through the game you need to solve a series of puzzles. There is a built-in hint system, although using it more than 10 times precludes you from one of the achievements. There are 10 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: Genie or not Genie...


Click on the open drawer then the bookshelf, and head right. Click on the glowing scroll for Shining Star. Click on the laptop, then try to open the door on the right, then click on the laptop again for Ace Shuffle. Go through the open door to complete the tutorial Promising student.

Use the lamp and complete all 6 training exercises Training day.

Return left twice to the bedroom and click on the chemistry set for Smart Drink. Walk right twice into the kitchen and open the fridge for The Fridge Note. Go right to leave your house.


Talk to the bartender, then go right and talk to the leprechaun. Return left and talk to the bartender again for Upside Down. Walk right twice to reach the gate, and click on the microphone to see The Broken Pyramid. Head through the gate.


Talk to the fox and solve Toggle Puzzle Stripe. Look down at the path on the ground and click on the stones on the right to trigger Magic Square. Walk right twice and click on the door to the courthouse for Switching Places.


Click on the elves in the front row of the witness stand for Pull my Finger. Now click on Pinocchio to listen to the arguments, before heading right and clicking on the right tapestry up on the wall to see Pixel Swivel. Click on the lamp just left of Little Red Riding Hood for the Lamp Challenge. Walk right and talk to your mama, then head left twice and leave the courthouse Mission bound.

Chapter 2: Stop or my Mom Will Bite...


Talk to the pigs to see The Greater Maze, then talk to the wolves. Walk left and talk to the sheep, then continue left and talk to another sheep. Walk right to the fountain and talk to the first sheep again, then continue right and talk to the female sheep for Four Queens. Talk to Sara the sheep again. Next talk to the wolves, then head left twice and talk to the sheep to see Safe Travel. Now go right twice and up.


Head through the open doorway to enter your mom's cell. Talk to your mom, then click on the torture machine for Painless, and the wall above it for Tetraminos. Head back out of the cell, and talk to the black sheep who is there to rescue Sara. Click on the red glowing lock, but it is wet and dangerous. Click on the puddle of water on the floor to see Hanoi Stack. Now click on the red glowing lock for One, Two, Three. Head right into Sara's cell. Talk to Sara, then click on the darkened cell in the background to play Genie Sets. Now press the green button for Magic Wand Squares. Talk to the new sheep, head left and talk to the first sheep, then go right and up to leave.

Police HQ

Talk to Sara to see Directmate 101. Talk to the black sheep, then click on the horse for Knight Stroll. Try to go through the metal detector and Captain Hook will talk to you. Talk to him again about the demagnetizer. Go left. Look in the top right locker for Toggle Puzzle X, then you will have the demagnetizer. Talk to the black sheep, then Captain Hook, then try to go through the metal detector again. Walk up. Jailbreak and Love is in the air

Chapter 3: The Informer

Forest Hideout

Try to talk to the lumberjack, then click on the logs behind him for Swapping Places. Walk left and talk to Sara for Thirst Quencher. Talk to Sara again, then return right and talk to the lumberjack for Lumber Letters. Talk to the lumberjack, then go left and talk to Sara again. Return right and continue right again.

Elf Lounge

Talk to the cat, then click on the disco ball for The Disco Threat. Next click on the giant's shoes for Giant Prank. Go right and click on the elf dancer in the background to see 5 Queens. Return left and go through the door to leave.


Talk to the leprechaun, then head right to the gate and click on the bush for Fresh Flowers. Walk left twice into the pub and talk to the short wolf, then the tall wolf, then the far right wolf, then the short wolf again - this will start Drag-a-Letter. Talk to the waiter and click on the red bottle on the right end of the bar to see Latin Square. Talk to each of the wolves again, then leave to the right and enter the door.

Elf Lounge

Walk right and talk to Tom Thumb for Enclosed. Finish talking to Tom, then click on his elf companion for Magic Wand Pyramids. Click on the ogre twice to see Charming Patrol. Talk to Tom again, then exit to the right King of the hood.

Chapter 4: Undercover

Gepetto's Workshop

Talk to Pinocchio, then head left and talk to Gepetto to see For the Record, and finish talking to Gepetto. Click on the laptop on the right to play The Two-Mover. Return right and talk to Pinocchio again for Fairy Enough. Click on the Fairy Godmother - you will be transported automatically.

Police HQ Closet

Talk to Pinocchio, then read the bulletin board. Click on a uniform, then click on the schedule again on the bulletin board to see Three Queens. Talk to Pinocchio again to find out he is hungry, then click on the pocket of the right uniform for Hanoi Temple. Talk to Pinocchio again, then walk right.

Police HQ

Click on the tools on the back wall to see Shifting Places. Head left and talk to Peter Pan, then talk to the guard for The Tricky Tie. Continue left and click on the left door, then click on the dragon for Toggle Puzzle. Talk to Pinocchio until he drops the magic bean, then go up in the elevator.


Click on the popcorn in the microwave to see Magic Triangle, then click on the crates behind Pinocchio for Rectangle Lock, and on the elevator door in the background for Elevator Hoist. Talk to Pinocchio, who will tell you to start looking for mirror pieces. Click on these locations in this order:

  • Crate in middle of room
  • Small silver safe on right wall
  • Crate in middle of room
  • Chest in middle of room
  • "Boring" black and silver safe on left wall
  • Chest in middle of room

Look in the new smaller chest, then click on the broken mirror pieces for Go Round. Click on Pinocchio Charming infiltrator.

Chapter 5: The Truth


Click on the crates behind Pinocchio for Hanoi Tower. Talk to Pinocchio, then the two Charmings, then Pinocchio, then the right Charming to see Magic Wand Triangles. Once you have completed 50 puzzles, you will get Mastermind. If you completed 50 puzzles without using hints, you will also get Genius!.


Click on the Casino sign for Carbon Copy. Talk to Bratney until you see Knight Tour. Click on the Casino sign again for Try Your Luck. Click on Merlin (police commissioner), then go left and talk to Sara. Click on the mirror, then when you are zoomed in on it, click it again to zoom back out. Talk to the nearest sheep on the left, then click the portrait next to him to play Eight Queens. Walk left and talk to the blond charming for Shepherd's Maze. Click on the nearest sheep again for Peaceful Solution. Return right and click on the mirror to see Secret Code, then click again to zoom out. Talk to Sara, then go right and talk to Merlin and then to Pinocchio.


Talk to Sara and the other two sheep. Walk right and talk to the Charmings for Serial Letters. Go right and talk to the lumberjack for The Three-Mover. Now click on these characters in this order:

  • Ma
  • Real Wolf
  • Tom Thumb
  • Pinocchio
  • Blonde Charming
  • Black Sheep
  • Sara

This will trigger Good Offices and the end of the game Sleuth.