Beyond the WallBeyond the Wall

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/24/2024

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Beyond the Wall is a traditional third person point-and-click adventure game. After ringing the doorbell of your friend's house, you get no answer and go looking for him, ending up involved in a fantastic night-time adventure. There are 3 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Pull the handle off the door, then pick up a rock from just right of the path. Kick the panel at the base of the light pole, then grab the panel cover. Attach the door handle to the exposed bricks in the wall. Hit the door handle with the rock to knock it in firmly. Lean the panel cover against the base of the wall here, then climb over the wall.

Yard Part 1

Worm Holes

There are a series of holes in the ground here, and when you step next to them, a worm appears. You need to bring the worm over to the left, by standing next to the holes in this order:


With the worm staying up at the left hole, throw your rock at the bird house. Now you can continue to the right.

Miniature Castle

Break off the stick next to the lantern, and pick up the rake head from the bottom of the pond. Combine these two items in your inventory to create a rake. Use this to retrieve the bird's beak that is floating in the pond. Next use your rake on the leaves to the right, then pull the stick here to end up with a bird's body. Stand the bird's body to the right of the pond, then attach the bird's beak - this will scare away the frogs.

Pick up the screwdriver from the ground on the left. Use this on the bench seat to remove a wooden plank. Use this to repair the bridge to the castle, then use your rake to remove the blockage from the castle entrance Lady of the Castle. Go through the new opening on the left.

Hedge Maze

Go into the second area from the left, then around the far entrance so you are standing in front of the large eyeball. Go through the opening on the left, then continue to the far left, and the eyeball will follow you. Poke the eyeball, then put the rake just behind it, so it becomes stuck. Now you can go around through the opening to the far right.


Push over the large pillar on the left, then pick up the trident that falls to the ground. Use your screwdriver to remove the stone fish from the near right corner of the fountain. Attach the fish to the near left corner. Throw your rock at the acorns in the tree on the right, then pick them up. Put the 2 acorns in the 2 fish on the far corners of the fountain to block them.

Use your trident to knock the valve in the middle of the fountain over to the right. Pick up the valve, then attach it to the front of the fountain. Put your hand over the near right fountain jet, and the water will spray on the fox, scaring it away. Continue through the opening to the right.


Fox Lair

Pick up the cheese from the left shelves, and some herbs from the right shelves. Head into the right side of the room and read the recipe book on the shelves. Use your trident on the clothesline. Now pick up the socks and the teacup (while the fox is distracted). Use your trident to get some mushrooms from the right. Head back to the left room.

Use your cheese on the hole in the ground, and a rat will eat it and leave. Use your socks to pick up the bowl of hot water and pour it down into the hole. Now you can pick up the berries that float up to the surface. Use the valve next to the bowl to fill it with water again. As per the recipe book, add the berries, herbs and mushrooms to the bowl of water. Fill the teacup from the bowl Master Alchemist. Go to the right again. Use your trident on the clothesline. Return the teacup to the table (while the fox is distracted). Wait for the fox to fall asleep, then go to the right.


Put the coin in the slot, then pull the cord.

Yard Part 2

Large Tree

Try to wake the old man, but he is fast asleep. Adjust the radio antenna so it points to the left. Flip the switch up to turn off the power. Break the gutter off the roof of the building on the right, then pull on the wheel so that it falls down and rolls over to the left. Climb up the wheel to reach the tree, then examine the power box. You can only provide power to 2 items, so set the switches as follows:

Climb back down over the wheel and flip the switch down to turn the power back on. Now you can take the key from the table and use it on the gate. Head through.

Pumpkin Patch

Pick up the small handsaw from the left. Use this on the base of the pumpkin scarecrow. Pick up the pole and the sheet. Place the sheet on the ground near the ladder. Use the handsaw on the pole to cut it in half, then use the two halves on the base of the ladder to fix it. Climb the ladder and use your trident to get the nearest fruit. On the way back down the ladder, shake the sunflower and seeds will drop onto the sheet. Climb back down and pick up the sunflower seeds.

Use your handsaw on the tree blocking the birdhouse. Put the sunflower seeds in the birdhouse, then climb down - the bird will fly over to the birdhouse. Put the fruit into the fallen pumpkin head. Once the caterpillar ventures inside, kick the pumpkin head to get it stuck. Now you can walk through the gap in the fence to the left.

Garden Gnome

Pick up all 3 lengths of string from the right garden bed. Pick up the tap head near the left garden bed, and attach it to the spigot on the right. Grab the jeans from the doorway of the greenhouse. Throw your rock at the greenhouse, then pick up the pane of glass. Use the pane of glass on the garden gnome, and he will retreat to the base of the steps.

Pick up the bucket and the shoe now that you can reach them. Use the bucket on the tap that you repaired earlier, and you will fill it with water. Use the jeans on the 2 upright poles to the left of the greenhouse. Combine the string with the shoe in your inventory, then use this on the jeans. Use the bucket of water on the garden gnome, and he will retreat further up the steps. Pull the upright poles, and you will destroy the garden gnome. Go upstairs and through the door.

Apartment Block


Use your screwdriver on the panel to remove it, then press the button to turn on the light. Try to go upstairs, but it is too scary. Pick up the security fob from just left of the stairs, and use this on the reader next to the elevator. Press the elevator button to call it, then use the elevator.


Place the bucket on the floor to the left, then stand on it and use your screwdriver on the light fitting. Climb back down and pick up the bucket. Place the bucket on the floor to the right, then stand on it and open the ceiling panel. Use your pane of glass on the monster in the darkness above. Now you can press the elevator button to go up.


Search the jacket on the left to find a key. Enter the room and take the skateboard. Try to rouse your friend, but he is transfixed by the television screen. Search the drawers on the right to find some fireworks. Try playing the guitar leaning on the wall. Open the stove in the corner of the room and put the fireworks inside. Return to the elevator.


Put the skateboard on the floor in front of the mailboxes. Put the bucket on top of the skateboard. Now you can climb up and take the cigarette lighter from on top of the mailboxes. Climb back down again and use the key on the bottom right mailbox. Take out the cable. Use the elevator once more.


Plug the cable into the guitar, then play the guitar. Pick up the key from the ground, then repeatedly play the guitar again Guitar Hero. Out near the ladder, use the key on the padlock, then climb the ladder.


Pick up the bird's nest from the edge of the roof, then climb back inside.


Put the bird's nest into the stove with the fireworks, then light it using the cigarette lighter. Climb up the ladder.


Break the TV antenna.