Beyond Good and EvilBeyond Good and Evil

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2003

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  10/9/2009

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Beyond Good and Evil is a hybrid action adventure game starring Jade and her 2 companions Pey'J and Double H. It is set on the planet Hillys, where the population is under constant attack from the alien DomZ. The gameplay entails exploration, puzzles and some action elements. There are 2 sets of collectibles in the game, pearls and mdisks; the locations of these are indicated in special sections at the end of the walkthrough.


After the initial cutscene, start attacking the DomZ. Once you defeat the first group, you will be taken down into a cave to fight a boss. Use your charged attack to break out of the cage, then kill the boss by hitting it in the eye. After the fight, pick up pearl 1 from where the boss was previously, and then head up in the elevator.

In the lighthouse, pick up your camera, as well as heaps of Starkos lying around the kitchen area (one on the counter, 3 in the fridge and 1 in the oven). Now you need to photograph all of the lifeforms within the lighthouse, including the insect near the camera, the dog upstairs, and all of the people - once you have taken enough photographs the power will be restored to the lighthouse. There is a wooden barrel downstairs that you can kick to make another flying insect appear - take its photograph. While you are still inside, find the bathroom and take the active principle (to increase your overall health). Try to take the object from the dog's mouth, and he will run outside - follow him and dive at him to catch him and collect the box of k-bups.

Now follow the hovering machine into the next cave, which is the hangar. Keep following to find Pey'j's workshop. Talk to Pey'j and take his photograph, then collect mdisk 2 and use it in the decoder to get your first mission. Go back outside and wait for night-time so you can take a photograph of the fireflies near the big tree. Also photo the seagulls and an armadillo. You should now have completed your first roll of film and get the zoom lens. Go up to the top of the lighthouse and out on to the ledge using the broken rail segment. Look up at the lighthouse and take a photograph of the otter walking around the top (the shield must be on to let you go out far enough to get the shot).

Head back into the hangar, and go down the ramps. Pick up the boosts and PODs for your hovercraft from the workbench, then take a photo of the fish in the water. Push the big battery towards the water and your hovercraft will activate. Get inside to travel to take control and explore more of Hillys.


  • Adalia Octopunctata (flying insect near the camera)
  • Canis Canis (fluffy white dog in the lighthouse)
  • Capra Sapiens (goat-like people)
  • Dipneustes Trilineatus (fish in the water of the hangar)
  • Homo Sapiens (most of the humanoids in and around the lighthouse)
  • Lampyris Campestris (fireflies around the tree outside at night-time)
  • Larus Albus (seagulls flying around outside the lighthouse)
  • Lutra Erecta (otter on top of the lighthouse)
  • Musca Saprophagia (flying insect revealed by kicking barrel in lighthouse)
  • Priodontes Campestris (field armadillo outside the lighthouse)
  • Sus Sapiens (Pey'j)


Drive your hovercraft out into the open waters and head for Mammago Garage. You won't quite make it, but then will get towed there automatically. Take a photo of any of the rhinoceros people at the garage. Head inside and buy the speedcraft motor for 1 pearl, and the Meca Impulser for 1500 credits (you should have more than enough from the photographs you have taken so far). Go back out to the hovercraft and return to the open waters.

You will now have a battle in your hovercraft (with a massive DomZ serpent) - after you win, you can collect pearl 2 for your troubles. Pey'j will comment on a school of rare fish - take a photograph for some extra credits. Now head north to the Main Canal (if you try to go through the other area you will be stopped by the alpha squadron. Go east at the junction to find the Pedestrian District, and explore on foot.

Take photographs of each of the people around here to find several Sapiens variants, and enter the Akuda bar to find some more. Talk to the guy at the air-hockey table and challenge him to a game. You can win credits off him by beating him, and also claim pearl 5 if you are willing to bet 1000 credits. Now head over to the shark guy sitting at the booth - look at the table in front of him to see a four-letter/number code. If you get too close he will cover it up, so look from a short distance away. Head upstairs and enter this code to get into room 2. Take the 3 boosts from the shelf, then kick open the cupboard to find pearl 6. Visit the guy in room 1 to get a ticket, then you can play a cup game out on the landing to earn some extra cash.

Return to your hovercraft, and head out into the open water. Use your compass to travel to Black Isle (north of the city).


  • Aquilus Sapiens (bird-like man selling newspapers in Pedestrian District)
  • Carcharodon Sapiens (shark-like men in the Akuda bar)
  • Rascax Caeruleus (blue jumping fish in the water after killing the large serpent)
  • Rhinoceros Sapiens (any of the rhinoceros people at the garage)
  • Taurus Sapiens (bartender in Akuda bar)

Black Isle Mines

Dock your hovercraft, then get out and talk to Mr De Castelac's representative, who tells you of the mission. Head down the path behind him and take the right passage. Climb up into a section of pipe and follow it to find some small animals to photograph. You can also collect a starkos and boost, before returning. Stand on one of the arrow platforms and get Pey'j to stand on the other, and you will enter an ancient mine.

In the next room, walk forward until Pey'j calls you over for a demonstration of his jet boots. Now stand on the left of the two slightly raised platforms and ask for another demonstration, to be thrown up to the ledge above. Follow the path around and use the yellow gear to lower the ramps and enter the next area. Take a photograph of the map and analyse it to have it transferred to your normal map system. Now head down and take a photo of the orange fungus on the floor, and the purple fungus on the wall (behind the explosives). Look at the explosives through your camera to see that you should avoid contact with the fungus; get Pey'j to jump with his boots and the fungus will lift up out of its shell. When it is in the air, attack it to send it at the explosives. Do this with both boxes - one will reveal a small cave with some supplies, and the other will let you approach the anemony. Attack it to liberate some Materia crystals. Keep attacking until it stops shedding them, then continue.

You will find a closed gate and you need to find some tools before breaking through. Head right and send two more fungus balls flying at a large Materia crystal, and a crate of explosives. Pick up the shattered crystal pieces, then go over the ramp you just lowered. Get ready for a quick fight with a flying Crochax. Head towards a small mine car and push it forward with Pey'j's help. Now use the yellow gear on the wall to lower a ramp, then climb up using the mine car.

In the next area, the secondary shaft, take photographs of all the living creatures, then head in for a big fight. Use the two panels on the floor at the other end of this hallway as you did previously. In the next room, kick open all the cupboards to get some items including a tool for Pey'j to use on locked gates. Open the gate here and take a picture of the giant glowing sponge in the dark passage. Walk over the sponge and take a picture of the snail creature when it sticks its head out. Make your way back to the previously locked gate and have Pey'j clear the way through. Buy the PA-1 from the vending machine here, then continue along a narrow passage by yourself. Go up a ramp and push a mine car with explosives over to the left, then get Pey'j to help you send flying orange fungus at both the large Materia crystal and the mine car so he can follow you. He will be attacked by 3 flying Crochax, so deal with them quickly. Go up the passage they came from, and photograph an elusive amoeba.

Use Pey'j's boots to get you up onto the next ledge, and drop down the other side. Press the button to let him through, then get him to break through the gate. While you are still in this room, kick the power box along the wall (marked with a lightning symbol) and then take a photograph of the flying green creature on the ceiling. Now head through the new passage into the main shaft.

Walk and jump until you step on a spore that triggers an attack. Take a photo of these creatures before killing them all with Pey'j's help. Now take a photograph of the nautilus shells flying overhead. Use the gear to lower a platform, then climb up and continue. When you reach a large anemony on the ground, get Pey'j to use his boots to flatten it, then climb up and continue into the final cavern. Take a picture of the two creatures and send it to Mr De Castelac - this will trigger the appearance of a large DomZ worm. Quickly take its picture, then kill it and take pearl 10.

You will now have a chat with a member of IRIS. After this, go back towards the entrance to the mines, then go into that side passage you entered before. Have Pey'j open the gate, then go through and take a photo of a large pink worm. Now you can leave Black Isle.


  • Alicia Splendens (large waving tentacles on walls of secondary shaft)
  • Anemonia Mutabilis (purple anemonies on walls of mine)
  • Astacus Erectus (small animals in side passage before ancient mine)
  • Crochax Velox (flying monsters within ancient mine and secondary shaft)
  • Cyanea Urtica (jellyfish creature in secondary shaft)
  • Helix Rupestris (snail behind the giant glowing sponge)
  • Lycoperdon Fugiferus (orange bubble-like fungus)
  • Nautilus Fluoreus (flying shells in the main shaft)
  • Palinurus Rupestris (spore-loving shelled monsters in the main shaft)
  • Papilio Pilosus (pink slug on a ledge near the mines entrance)
  • Pelagia Pachydermis (jellyfish with protective shell in secondary shaft)
  • Planaria Rupestris (flying green creature on ceiling in darkened room)
  • Polypody Amoeba (in passage behind lowered ramp in mine)
  • Pterolimax Gigantea (giant DomZ boss at the end of the ancient mine)
  • Spongus Gluanteus (giant glowing sponge in dark passage in mine)


Head back to the city, and into the Pedestrian District again. Find a vendor in a booth and talk to them - subscribe to both newspapers since you now have some cash. Go through the doorway opposite (Alpha Sections Underground HQ) and you will be block by some red bars, but at least you can photograph a small green spider. A short distance away, you can also buy pearl 14 from Nouri, another street vendor, as well as a PA-1.

Go into the Akuda bar and head straight upstairs. Talk to Peepers and tell him the password, then play his game to get a ticket. Look at the code on this ticket, and enter this code to enter room 3. Go to the closet and use it to find the IRIS Den. Take a photograph of the cat-like woman, then talk to the people here. Pick up mdisk 3, then head back out of the den and outside. You can now get past the guards in the city, thanks to your city pass. Head left into Ming-Tzu's shop and buy everything that you can, including pearl 15. Also take a photograph of Ming-Tzu and the fish in its tank, then talk to Ming-Tzu and you will be allowed into a back room. Talk to Ming-Tzu again, then take mdisk 9 and mdisk 10. Now head back outside. Go through the small doorway to enter an area called "Transit".

Inside, kick the crate, then push the cabinet to reveal a small passage. Crawl through, then crawl beneath the high yellow lasers and dive over the low ones. Once you reach the large open cavern area, look directly across and you will see a pearl - this is the goal of this area. Follow the conveyor belts and dodge the lasers until you reach pearl 16. Head back outside and return to your hovercraft. Drive straight across town and into the hovercraft races. Win both races and you will receive pearl 8 and pearl 9. Now leave town to do some exploring.

Use your pearl detector to help find two caves in the near vicinity. The one to the north is Looter's Cavern 1, and requires you to quickly chase a looter to the end - you can then reclaim your credits, and earn pearl 3. The cave to the south is the Vorax's Lair. Board your hovercraft, then take a photo of the frogs. Head into the cave, and make your way through, using Pey'j's super attack to help you. Knock over the platforms as you have previously, and you will eventually claim pearl 12 by killing the final Crochax.

Go back out to your hovercraft and head to the Mammago Garage. Now you can buy the neutralising cannon, which you need to progress further. Head back outside and practice using this to kill some DomZ fighters (hold the mouse button down to target). With this weapon, you can now head for Looter's Cavern 2 - shoot the Alpha Squadron ship down, then enter the cavern and race to the end to claim pearl 18. Go through this pass and shoot down another Alpha Squadron ship, then head out towards the edge of the free water and you can take a photo of a giant whale behind Black Isle. Further around to the left, take a photograph of the skeleton of a DomZ sea serpent - the same one you fought when you first left Mammago garage. Use your map to head towards the Factory, and on the way look up to take a picture of a big flying manta.


  • Arachnis Viridis (small green spider in a doorway in the Pedestrian District)
  • Bufo Erectus (frogs in Vorax's Lair)
  • Felis Sapiens (cat-like girl in the IRIS Den)
  • Koi Kumonryu (fish in Ming-Tzu's shop)
  • Manta Cyanea (manta ray flying near the Factory)
  • Megaptera Purpurea (giant whale behind Black Isle)
  • Teratosaurus Imperator (skeleton of DomZ sea serpent)
  • Walrus Sapiens (Ming-Tzu)

Nutripills Factory

Dock your hovercraft, then climb up a few levels and take a picture of the blue flying Vorax here. Take a photo of the red barcode and send it to the Governor, then wait and you will receive a decoded message. Use this to open the door and reach the Elevator Room. Have Pey'j break through the gate, and photograph the giant rats before killing them. Head right and crouch and dive to get past the laser beams, then press the red button so Pey'j can join you. Now push the crate down into the groove, and along into the electricity gate to block it. Climb over to enter a large chamber, and use the mdisk player to save your game.

Look at the piston over to the left and try to get Pey'j to fix it - he needs a new fuse. Enter the door to the Laboratory, then push the button to open the service elevator and kill the robot spiders that attack (the red one is the one due to attack next). Now get in the service elevator and have Pey'j press the button to send you up. Go across the walkway and you will be attacked by a larger robot. You need to hit it into the electrical beam to kill both. Head through the next door and take a photograph of the man being tortured. Take a photo of the red barcode on the locker, and you will receive the code - use it to open the locker and get the gyrodisk launcher. Shoot the creature on top of the torture machine 3 times to kill it, and you will meet Double H. Take pearl 21, and get Double H to open the grate. Go through the passage and save your game again, then continue back out to a large chamber.

Take a photograph of the large creature after it picks up Pey'j, then attack. You need to keep shooting it with your gyrodisk launcher, then attacking directly while it is shielding its eye. It will eventually die and drop Pey'j. Head all the way back to your hovercraft and steer it to the right so you can pick up pearl 22. Return up to the elevator room, and turn right to enter the Electrical Room.

Time your runs past the swinging electricity into a room with a broken door. Look up and shoot the ceiling fan blade a couple of times with your gyrodisks to spin it around and power up the door. Go through into a large chamber with a central machine. Run around the back of the machine and try to take the triangular key, but you have to kill a guardian robot first. Pick up the key and head towards the front of the machine, then battle another large group of the guardian robots. Make sure you knock one of the guardians into the electricity - you can then get an extra PA-1. Once you are done, use the triangular key in the lock and take the fuses from the front and back of the machine. Return to the Elevator Room and use the fuse in the slot near the broken piston. Shoot the nearby cable (overhead) with your gyrodisks and it will drop, giving you a power supply. Press the button and head up in the elevator.

At the top, Pey'j will give you mdisk 4. Cross the walkway and press both buttons at once (get Pey'j to press one of them). Go through the doorway and quickly take a photograph before you are attacked by DomZ. After the fight, make sure you take away all of Pey'j's PA-1s. Climb up the crates and kick through the grate to reach the next area. Walk across the walkway and turn to the right. Photograph the human form that is x-rayed in the crate for your first piece of evidence. Continue through to the next room and drop down to the lower ramp. Go to the end and photograph the map if you haven't done this already, so it is analysed. Turn around and sneak back up the ramp, and photograph a white mouse, then return to where you left Pey'j - he is gone.

Push the large crate up to the close door and climb on top, then shoot a gyrodisk at the button to open the door. Go through and look at Pey'j's mdisk on the viewer, then kick the grate and crawl through. Crawl and sneak through a series of passages until you reach an open area with two Alpha Sections guards. The best way to kill them is to shoot their air tanks with your gyrodisks, then kick them while they are struggling. If you get spotted, just run back to the previous room and the alarm will stop. In the next area, use the same technique, and in the 3rd, there is only one guard to take care of. You will now see Double H blocked by some flames. Shoot at the three buttons beneath the flames in order, so he can run across. Get him to press the button and you can proceed through the laser gate.

Head down the next passage and climb up on to the ledge to the left. Drop down and hit the guard in the back, then hit him again to kill him. Go through another doorway and kill two more guards, then head into the back room to get a PA-1 and some k-bups. Run into the next area: X-Ray Verification. Sneak past the guard by hiding behind the large crate on the conveyor-belt. Once past him, run ahead and veer right between some boxes into a closet. In here, kill all the rats, then open the cabinet in the corner. Put a starkos in the cabinet and quickly take a photograph of the small insects that come out and take it. Go back to the previous room and climb the boxes to find the Nutripils Vat. Press the button in here to get the guard's attention, then kill him and go through the passage on the other side of the room.

Press the button to get mdisk 5. Open the cupboard to get Pey'j's boots, then look at them closely in your inventory to see two codes. Go into the next room and kill the two robots (hit one of them into each of the two sets of laser beams), then head into the Computer area (the first of the two new areas). Take mdisk 6 from the cabinet, then view both of the new disks and save your game. Leave this room and head through into the other new area: Routing.

Head towards the blue lasers, and crawl then jump past them. Press the button to open a doorway up ahead, then quickly crawl and jump past the red lasers to make it through before the door closes. In the next room, crawl under the blue laser, then wait for the guard to turn away and shoot him in the back with a gyrodisk. Crawl under the walkway and climb up the other side to kill him, then get into the blue gravity shaft. Kill the two guards in the next room, then go through a couple of doorways into a crate area. This is quite difficult - you need to drop down into the side passage and head around and up again, while trying to shoot gyrodisks into the back of the 3 guards in the room. After they are immobilised, jump on to the side of a crate just before it is picked up by the crane, and you will be lifted over to a conveyor belt. Let go of the crate, and let the conveyor take you through to the Control Room.

In this area, jump and duck to avoid the blue lasers, then save your game at the terminal. Go past the window and you will see the next target for you to photograph. You will next reach a ledge with a distant platform - look up and shoot the button bring the platform across. Get on and shoot the button again, and quickly duck to avoid the lasers. Crawl through a duct and shoot the tank on the back of a guard, then kill him. In the next area, there are blue lasers that move up and down - just jump or duck to get past each of the 4 sets. Turn the corner and take a photograph of the mutated Alpha Section guard and send it through. Go down the passage to the left and kill the 2 guards, then along another passage to kill one more. Head down a long ramp into another area with 2 guards to kill. In this room, take the keycard from a cabinet in the corner, and use it to open the doorway so you can return to Routing. Use the keycard to open the remaining door in this area and head through.

Disable the lasers and kill the remaining alpha guard, then take a photograph of the lock and you will be sent the code to unlock it. Do so, then head through to a large area for a battle with a DomZ Robot. To kill it, attack the foot with the alien material wrapping around it, and have Double H use his super attack on the other foot at the same time. This will make the robot crash to the ground, so you can attack its brain centre with a gyrodisk. Do this several times and it will eventually collapse. Take pearl 20, then go through the barrier that has been destroyed, and take a PA-1 from the cabinet. Go down in the elevator.

Jump off the ledge to the bottom of the service elevator area, and press the button to allow entry to the Laboratory. Push the two cannisters into the slots on either side of the laser barrier to disable it. Take a photograph of the mosquito sitting on the larger dead creature, then kill all the rats. Open the cabinet along the back wall to find pearl 21. Now leave the Laboratory and follow the other passage to return to the Elevator Room. Save your game here, then climb over the box and head back to your hovercraft. When you get in and try to leave the complex, you will diskover your path is blocked. Climb back up and Double H will break through some iron bars so you can replace the missing fuse.

You now have 4:30 to get Double H back to IRIS headquarters. Run down to your hovercraft and leave the factory. Head straight to the city and into the Pedeestrian District. Run around to the Akuda bar, head upstairs, and go through the last door on the left, then use the bookcase to enter the headquarters and save Double H. After the cutscene, take pearls 23-27 from the back room.


  • Aedes Raymanis (mosquito in the Laboratory)
  • Blabera Gregaria (greedy insects that take a starkos from you in a cabinet)
  • Cyclopeus Palustris (large monster that grabs Pey'j)
  • Rattus Albus (white mouse in X-ray Facility)
  • Rattus Giganteus (big rats in Elevator Room)
  • Sarcophagus Domzii (DomZ in the Upper Hall)
  • Vorax Nocturnus (blue flying monster with fangs at the Factory Entrance)


Save your game while you are in the HQ, then head outside and leave the Akuda bar. Straight across from here, enter the doorway with the blue keycard lock. Push the large box with help from Double H, then crawl through the opening. Drop down past a series of timed red lasers until you are on a green platform, then crawl through the vertical blue laser section, and you will reach an area with patrolling guards and floating turrets. If you are seen by a guard while these floating turrets are nearby, you will be instantly killed. Crawl behind the first box, then crawl behind one of the guards as he passes through the lasers, until you can quickly climb up a ladder. Crawl along the shaft and kill the rats, and shoot both the buttons with your disks (the second is at the end of the shaft, seen through broken green glass. Drop down and grab pearls 67-69.

Get the materia from the box in the next room, then crouch and hide behind a box. Crawl behind another patrolling guard, then press the button and quickly roll through the door you just opened before it closes again. The next section is an elevator that you need to crawl on. It will then gradually ascend, and you need to crawl behind boxes to avoid being spotted at each level. When a guard is going to come on from the far side, make sure you are at the very front of the elevator. Follow this last guard off the platform, then climb up into the side passage on the left. You will meet up with Double H again - press the button and leave this area.

Go and find Nouri and buy pearl 46. Now head up and around behind Nouri's stall and enter the door with the purple keycard lock. There is a cabinet in here that is unlocked with the code on the ticket you got from the Akuda bar. Open the cabinet and take pearl 13. Leave this shed and enter Ming-Tzu's shop to buy pearl 47. Also talk to him, then head out the back to get mdisk 11.

Head back down towards the hovercraft and you will find a set of heavy iron bars blocking a path. Get Double H to knock them down, and you can head through to an Alpha Sections Warehouse. Enter the elevator and get Double H to press the button so you can go down. Follow the path until you reach a room with a single guard - take him out as you normally would. Go through to another area with a single guard and 3 floating sensors. Shoot the guard with a gyrodisk and dodge the sensors so you can take him out. In the next room there is a pressure pad that opens a door temporarily. Run from the pressure plate until the red laser is about to hit you, then duck, then run again and dive over the blue lasers before the door closes. Now you can get a whole lot of materia and pearl 42. In the next room is another pressure pad, and this time two red lasers - get past them the same way. In the following area is a lot more materia and pearls 43-44.

Get into the elevator and press the button to start a massive chase. Just keep running and following the path, diving over the blue lasers, and you will eventually be able to climb on to some crates and exit the area. Get into your hovercraft and leave the city.

Head to Mammago's and buy the jump kit, then go back into the main canals. Find a small canal off to the left with a red laser guarding the entrance, and jump over it. Navigate the narrow canals here to find a crate and shoot it to get pearl 65. Leave the city and enter the water passage to the right of the map (where you found Looter's Cavern 2 earlier). Continue along this large canal and enter the open gate on the left to find the Alpha Sections Underground HQ.

Dock your hovercraft and photograph the worms here, then save your game at the terminal. Climb up and kill all the worms, then go through the door. You will see a crochax flying past with a pearl. Chase after it, and destroy the robot by using Double H's power attack, then hitting it into a set of lasers. Press the button to call another robot and do the same with each of the laser fields to destroy them. Clear each of the rooms here the same way until you find the crochax. Kill it and the other 2 that appear to get pearls 39-41. Leave this area and head back out towards the lighthouse.

Dock at the lighthouse and use the panel in the hangar - enter the code from one of Pey'j's boots. Now head up and into the lighthouse to find a second similar panel, and enter the second code from the boots. Head back down to the hangar and press the big red button on the first panel to reveal the Beluga. Enter its area and pick up mdisk 7 and a flight stabiliser. Watch the mdisk in Pey'j's workshop to see that you still need to purchase another flight stabiliser to get it operational.

Leave the hanger in your hovercraft and jump over the main barriers to head out to open waters. You should be able to photograph a large red flying manta and another type of whale out here. Just around behind the lighthouse is Looter's Cavern 3, which allows you to claim pearl 49. You can also find a small distant island with an opening to Looter's Cavern 4 - complete this chase sequence to earn pearl 51.

Now use your compass to find the entrance to the Slaughterhouse Races. Win both races 3 and 4 to get pearls 71-72. Now enter race 3 another time and look for some red lasers on the left side of the track - you need to jump over these to find the secret entrance to the Slaughterhouse.


  • Macropodia Omnivora (worms in Underground HQ)
  • Manta Magnificens (red flying manta in open waters)
  • Megaptera Borealis (large whale in open waters)


As soon as you arrive, start driving along the road, jumping the gaps. A huge spider-robot will start attacking you as you drive, so just dodge its attacks as you can, and you will eventually reach a more sedate area. Photograph the snake in the water here, then head into the light beneath a hovering spaceship - it will send a torpedo in your direction. Lure the torpedo through the cave entrance, and the torpedo will destroy the mines, clearing a path for you. Dock your hovercraft and buy some repair kit for your craft, then save your game. Head up the ramp and go towards the large doors, and kill the DomZ that appear. Now push open the doors before returning to your hovercraft. Head up the ramp and through the open doors into the next area.

Now you need to dodge a room full of red spinning lasers, and then multiple consecutive areas of mines - at least you can destroy the mines temporarily with your cannon. You will eventually drop down into an area with some of the large mines that you cannot easily destroy. Push a steel crate into the first one, then start exploring this area. You will find one path that leads back to the races - shoot the grate at the end of this path so that you can quickly return to this part of the Slaughterhouse if you need to. Now keep exploring and you will find another steel crate to push into the first area. Knock this into the second large mine and proceed to the Slaughterhouse Entrance.

Dock your hovercraft and take a photograph of the trilobite across the water on another small piece of land. Shoot a gyrodisk at the button up in the control room, then get back in your craft and drive through the gate. It will close behind you - take a photograph of the barcode and send it through, but you will not receive help until you complete the mission. Drive into the next region and dock your craft. Climb up the narrow passage (Double H cannot follow you) and kill the flying DomZ robot. Shoot a gyrodisk at the button behind the spinning cog to open the gate, and return down to your craft. Dock on the other side and now both of you can climb up. Save your game here. Run down through the two spinning lasers (you can get Double H to use his power attack to disable them) into a small side room and take a photograph of the map on the wall - analyse it to update your map. Go back out to the lasers and climb the pipes up the side wall. When you are on top of the large grate, have Double H push the button, so you can ride it up.

Head away from where Double H is standing and climb up into Ventilation. Kill all the rats, then shoot a gyrodisk at the button. Take a photograph of the elusive flame creature here, then return out of this area. Have Double H press the button again, then run right across the top of the gate and across to the other side. Keep climbing and you will eventually be able to jump through a hole in the wall into a new area. Drop down and hit the robot into the laser field to disable it. Run ahead and open the cabinet to get some items, then climb through to return to the previous area to collect Double H. Push the crate so you can both climb up through the hole you just came through, and have Double H knock down the metal bars.

Kill the single Alpha Section guard, then get out your camera and look at the bubbles. Shoot a gyrodisk at them and quickly snap a photo for your collection. Use the square keycard to access the trolley and take it to Central Hall. In this area, get some stuff from the vending machine, then go down the ramp and kill 3 robots, smashing them into the laser fields. If you need more of them, use the square keycard on the wall. Pick up the green triangle keycard from the floor and give it to Double H (since you already have one). Grab pearl 52 from the side room and save your game. Back in the main room, you need to use one triangle keypad while Double H uses the other, and the door will open. You now face three corridors where Double H needs to press a button on the far wall, then you need to quickly dodge the blue lasers before the red ones come back. Just dive and roll as needed and you will get past safely.

The next room contains 2 guards - disable one and kill them both with Double H's help. Loot the room, then take a photograph of the large structure through the window and send it to HQ. Now head back to the vending machine and note the button next to it. Press the button and quickly take a photo of the amoeba as it flies past in front of you. Return to your hovercraft and continue - initially turn right at the T intersection and shoot the grate so you can come back through that way later. Take the other path and you will reach the Interior Moats.

Head left and drive up the side of a green waterfall so you can dock your craft. Go through the doorway and save your game. Ignore the red laser fields at the bottom and instead take the left path, squeezing past the pipes. Go along the passage and you will see a guard at the end. Shoot a gyrodisk at the button next to him, and he will be taken out by the laser fields. Jump on to the platform, then shoot the button again, getting ready to dive and duck as needed to get past the lasers. Go through the doorway on the other side. In the next room there is a lot of fog along the ground and you need to crouch the whole way. There are some raised sections in the fog, and you just need to time crossing these when the guards are all looking away from you.

Once past the fog, kick the fuse box, then run along the blue laser passage and grab the extra fuse. Run back and put it in the box near the elevator, then use the elevator. Up the top, knock the two robots into the two laser fields to disable them. Grab the goodies from the cabinet, then get materia from the crate. Opposite the crate is a doorway - crawl through and disable one of the guards, then run through and attack the other. Shoot gyrodisks at the mines on the ground, then run to the other end of the corridor to get some nice loot. Return to where you killed the two robots and follow the other available path. If you go left you will see a pearl guarded by red lasers - instead go right. The next room contains 4 guards as well as floating lasers. You need to crawl behind the first crate, then crawl after the first patrolling guard. When he reaches the end, quickly crawl right behind the other patrolling guy, then back behind the first guard and into the hole at the end. Now claim pearl 70. You have 2 options here - leave via the laser gate and go back and save your game at a terminal, or keep going if you feel lucky. Crawl back through the hole and wait for the first patrolling guard to turn away from you. Crawl after him and immediately left, then roll once and keep crawling through the doorway to the left before the second guard turns around. Go through the doorway and turn left - save your game!

Push the crate to reveal a small hole and crawl through. Shoot the mines with your gyrodisks, then return to the room with the save terminal. Kick the fusebox, then quickly crawl through the hole and take the fuse. Go back through the terminal room and turn left - you can now reach the triangular keypad that activates the lift going down. Take out the single guard in this room, then go through the doorway he was guarding for some loot. Ignore the guard down the end of the hallway here for now, and return to the previous room. Take the other exit, and crawl through a tunnel to the right. In this room, watch for the guard to step on to the moving platform, then activate the button to kill him with the laser. Get on the platform and duck, then shoot the button again to move the platform back. The next room has 3 guards - take them out any way you can, then head through the next door and use the fuse the partially lift a heavy door - crawl through before it closes and you will be reunited with Double H. Go through the next doorway and you will see 3 guards. Ignore the first two and sneak up on the third for a quick kill, then dispatch the other two with Double H's help. Take a photograph of the scene, then return to your hovercraft.

Head right once you hit the bottom of the waterfall and dodge the torpedo-firing robots. Push a steel crate into one of the large mines, then use your cannon to clear a path through the smaller mines, and dock at the end. Buy some more supplies, then head through the entrance to the East Wing. Have Double H use his special powers several times to take out the bars and a guard behind them. Now run around and kick the fuse box so you can save your game. Have Double H kick it again so you can come back out. Climb up the ladder and kick the small grate so you can crawl through. Kick out the next grate and drop down, then kill the Alpha Section guard around the corner. Press the button he was guarding and go through the corridor. Take the speed boosts from the cabinet, then catch up with Double H at the end (he is down beneath the blue laser grid). Come back along the catwalk where a ladder hangs down on the near side. Drop down when the first guard is looking away from you, then gradually crawl around to the right when you can. Your goal is to eventually sneak past the other stationary guard. Once through, turn right to see an elevator. Push the wooden box on to the elevator, then take it down. Kick the fuse box and take the fuse, then climb back up to the top of the elevator using that box.

Use the blue gravity shaft to reach the second level, and kill the 3 guards here in any way you choose. Go around the back and take pearl 48 then save your game. Go ahead and use the triangular keycard to disable some red lasers, then put the fuse in the box and press the button to raise a small door. Crawl through and climb on to the side of a crate to be lifted over. Drop down and crawl beneath the crates to get some loot, then crawl back again. Use your keycard to disable more lasers, then follow the tunnel. Take the only path not blocked by blue lasers, and kick the fuse box then jump down and save your game.

Shoot the mines with gyrodisks then prepare for a long fight in the next room. After it is over, climb the crates and get Double H to hit the fuse box so you can head past the barrier. Kill 3 guards in the next room and continue to once again reach the Central Hall. Follow the path and take out a total of 4 guards in easy situations. Dive over the blue lasers and take the fuse. Take the final picture for this mission and send them through to the Governor - she will give you the code to leave this area. Dive back over the lasers and put the fuse in its box, then press the button and crawl through the tunnel. Use the keycard to disable the red lasers and follow the passages back to your hovercraft. Drive back to the locked gate and use the code from the Governor. Continue to where you can take the shortcut to the races and leave the Slaughterhouse.


  • Amoeba Saltans (flying green amoeba summoned by button near vending machine)
  • Anguilla Bifida (snake swimming in the water as you first enter the area)
  • Ignis Ignifera (red flame creature in the ventilation shafts)
  • Timorea Saponifera (small, shy blue creature emitting bubbles)
  • Trilobites Saltans (small creature crawling on sand in the Slaughterhouse Entrance)


As you leave the races area, another attack is imminent. Defeat the DomZ sea serpent to earn pearl 50. Now head back to the main canal and go to the Ming-Tzu's. Talk to him and get mdisk 12, then buy pearl 66. Next go to the Akuda Bar and challenge Francis to another game - when you win you earn pearl 45. Go into IRIS Headquarters and you will meet the Governor. You also get your next mission, a star keycard and pearls 53-64. Leave the bar and go around the back of the fountain, where you can use your new keycard. Enter Alpha Sections HQ and press the button for the lift. Head inside and get Double H to press the button to send you up.

Crawl under the bridge and hug the wall right around the corner. Climb up when the patrolling guard is walking away, and hug the wall here. Once he has come your way and turned again, follow him by hugging the wall, all the way to the wall that will be obscured when he comes back. Sneak past him as he passes you and climb up to the next level. Jump and hang to the ledge above, and time your passage across both this level (with 2 guards) and the next (with 2 more). Finally jump on to the bin, then the ledge, and head past the window when the guard isn't looking. You will eventually reach a room with a single patrolling guard and no floating turrets - you can safely kick this guy, then save your game. Take pearls 29-38, then enjoy another nice chase scene.

Take your hovercraft to Mammago's and buy a second flight stabiliser, then go to the lighthouse and head to the very top level for a stirring cutscene. Head back down and fight a group of DomZ robots, then go down to the hangar. Press the red button to reveal the Beluga again, and insert both flight stabilisers. Climb inside and you will take off automatically. Join the hovercraft with the Beluga, then fight off the Domz sea serpent and get pearl 73.

Now fly over Black Isle and drop the hovercraft in the water near its summit. Drive down through the passage into an area called Volcano's Treasure. Dock and take the loot from the cabinet, then take a photo of the jelly-like slime creature on the wall. Save your game, then continue along the passage. Shimmy along the wall and have Double H hit the ground so you can send an orange spore back towards the bridge and knock it down. Keep going and take out all the crochax, collecting pearls 74-88. You should now have all the pearls in the game and be sent mdisk 14 from Mammago Garage.

Head to Mammago now and buy the space engine for your final mission. Leave the garage and head straight up. When you have enough altitude, use the space engine to leave the planet.


  • Aurelia Magnificens (jelly-like slime on wall in volcano)


Once you are in space, small chunks of ice will start heading towards the ship. Fire at the large chunk and eventually a whale will be set free. Take its picture to complete your collection and receive mdisk 8. Now just aim for the moon, and eventually for the transmitter itself to land safely.

Once inside, get all the materia and buy everything from the vending machines. Photograph the map on the wall and analyse it. Now press the button that is within reach, then climb up the machinery nearby and jump on to the side of the crate. Get Double H to press the button again, then drop down on top of the Beluga. Shoot a gyrodisk at the button on the far side of the room, then wait for the next crate to come nearby. Get in a position to jump to it, then shoot off another gyrodisk at the button, and quickly jump on to the crate. Drop off at the other end and you will see 3 pressure pads. Ignore this for now, and instead use the gears over to the right to lower the bridge. Go right across the room and have Double H stand with you on the 2 pressure plates to active a lift, taking you down into the DomZ Base.

Head towards the light source at the end of the corridor. Pick up the mirror from the left, and put it on the pedestal over to the right. Rotate the light source so that it shines at the new mirror on its pedestal. Now rotate that 2nd mirror back towards where you started and you can light another crystal and pick up another mirror. Rotate the 2nd mirror again so that it shines straight across the hall and opens a doorway, then run through the doorway out towards the Cloister. You will see an imprisoned Pey'j - run around behind him and save your game. Go through the narrow slit between the doors, and kill the two guards on the platform over to the right, then head down the grav shaft. Run around the edge of the Great Crypt, then go through the only entrance.

You now need to navigate this maze, finding a green grav shaft that will take you to where you need to obtain your last photograph. Take the photo, then retrace your steps to leave the Great Crypt. Go all the way back to the beam of light - this needs to be redirected towards Pey'j. Put the mirror you are holding on the pedestal where the beam currently ends, and rotate it in Pey'j's direction. Now use gyrodisks to adjust each of the mirrors in the next room so they send the beam outside. Head back to the room where Pey'j is imprisoned. Rotate each of the external mirrors so they form a complete circuit around the outside of the prison - this will trigger lowering of the outer walls. Now rotate just the first mirror that is being hit by the beam and it will lower the middle walls. Rotate it once more to lower the inner walls, and get Double H to smash Pey'j free.

Return to the DomZ Base, and after you receive a message from Mei, return to the Beluga. With your 3rd companion, stand on the 3 pressure plates you found earlier. Now run down the corridor, ducking off to the sides when the turret starts firing. Hop into the train to head towards the transmitter. Take a photograph of the barcode at the transmitter itself, then enter the code provided by the Governor. After the message has been broadcast, you have only 90 seconds to run back to the ship and take off.

In space, you are caught in the tractor beam of the Alpha Sections Leader. You are dragged along behind his ship and must shoot it down by aiming for the red targets while dodging his attacks. This requires perserverence rather than a great deal of skill. Once the ship has been shot down, release the hovercraft into the water. Shoot a steel barrel so that it destroys the large mines, then dock your craft at the base of the ship. Save your game, then go through and kill the 3 Alpha Sections guards. Go up in the grav shaft to see the death of their leader, then go press the button to release the tractor beam. Get back in your hovercraft and rejoin the Beluga.

Out in free space again, you will suddenly be attacked by a large number of enemies - keep alive and take out as many as you can until reinforcements arrive. Once you have support, land the Beluga and save your game again. Run to the triple elevator and head down to begin the final battle, which occurs in stages:

Stage 1

Kill a large number of sarcophagi, all attacking in a huge swarm. Each enemy is easy to kill, there are just a large number.

Stage 2

Double H provides a shield, and you must use your super-attack to damage the DomZ boss - it is safe to charge up behind the shield only.

Stage 3

Clones of Pey'j appear to attack you. Just get Double H to use his super attack, and send the clones flying into the huge materia crystals (each time this happens the crystal slightly disappears and a new enemy appears). To end this stage you must send a Pey'j clone flying into the boss itself.

Stage 4

Now you must hit the boss as he appears suddenly around you in different locations. He always follows the same pattern: left, ahead, right, left, ahead, right, above (dodge), behind, right, ahead. If you manage to do all of this in one complete run, the stage is completed; if not, you take damage and the sequence starts again.

Stage 5

Clones of Double H now appear. You must kill them all, and the enemies that appear to replace them.

Stage 6

You now become disorientated, and all of your controls are sluggish and reversed. To introduce you to this concept, you must simply kill a handful of sarcophagi.

Stage 7

In the final stage, there is a further pattern of sudden attacks from the boss, but your controls are still reversed. The pattern is now: right, left, right, left, above (dodge), left, behind, ahead. Again, if you do this straight away, the stage is completed instantly.


  • Megaptera Anaerobia (space whale, initially encased in ice)

Pearl Locations

These 88 pearls are scattered throughout the game. Their positions have been described in the walkthrough, but following is a comprehensive list in case you are missing one to complete your set:

1. Lighthouse After killing the DomZ monster at the lighthouse
2. Hillys Water After killing the DomZ worm outside Mammago garage
3. Looter's Cavern 1 After completing the chase sequence
4. Science Center For completing 2nd roll of film
5. Pedestrian District For winning the first air-hockey game at the Akuda bar
6. Pedestrian District Inside a closet in room 2 at the Akuda bar
7. Science Center For completing 3rd roll of film
8. Hillys Water For winning race 1
9. Hillys Water For winning race 2
10. Black Isle After killing the DomZ worm in the mines
11. Science Center For completing 4th roll of film
12. Vorax's Lair After killing the Pearl Crochax in the cave
13. Pedestrian District In purple keycard protected Alpha section
14. Pedestrian District Buy from Nouri
15. Pedestrian District Buy from Ming-Tzu
16. Pedestrian District Reclaim from "Transit" area
17. Science Center For completing 5th roll of film
18. Looter's Cavern 2 After completing the chase sequence
19. Factory From a cabinet in the laboratory
20. Factory After killing the DomZ robot in the factory
21. Factory From the machine torturing Double H
22. Factory After killing the reaper in the factory
23. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Nutripils Factory mission
24. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Nutripils Factory mission
25. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Nutripils Factory mission
26. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Nutripils Factory mission
27. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Nutripils Factory mission
28. Science Center For completing 6th roll of film
29. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
30. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
31. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
32. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
33. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
34. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
35. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
36. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
37. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
38. Alpha Sections HQ After a lot of sneaking around
39. Alpha Sections Underground HQ After killing a crochax
40. Alpha Sections Underground HQ After killing a crochax
41. Alpha Sections Underground HQ After killing a crochax
42. Pedestrian District In Alpha Sections Warehouse (behind iron bars)
43. Pedestrian District In Alpha Sections Warehouse (behind iron bars)
44. Pedestrian District In Alpha Sections Warehouse (behind iron bars)
45. Pedestrian District For winning the second air-hockey game at the Akuda bar
46. Pedestrian District Buy from Nouri, after Nutripils Factory
47. Pedestrian District Buy from Ming-Tzu, after Nutripils Factory
48. Slaughterhouse In the East Wing
49. Looter's Cavern 3 After completing the chase sequence
50. Hillys Water After killing the DomZ sea serpent near the races
51. Looter's Cavern 4 After completing the chase sequence
52. Slaughterhouse In the Central Hall
53. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
54. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
55. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
56. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
57. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
58. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
59. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
60. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
61. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
62. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
63. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
64. IRIS Headquarters For completing the Slaughterhouse mission
65. Hillys Water In red laser-guarded area of main canals
66. Pedestrian District Buy from Ming-Tzu, after Slaughterhouse
67. Pedestrian District In blue keycard protected Alpha section
68. Pedestrian District In blue keycard protected Alpha section
69. Pedestrian District In blue keycard protected Alpha section
70. Slaughterhouse Protected by 4 Alpha Squadron guards
71. Hillys Water For winning race 3
72. Hillys Water For winning race 4
73. Hillys Water After killing the DomZ sea serpent with the Beluga
74. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
75. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
76. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
77. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
78. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
79. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
80. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
81. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
82. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
83. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
84. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
85. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
86. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
87. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax
88. Volcano's Treasure After killing crochax

MDisk Locations

There are 14 mdisks in total. Again, the method of obtaining each of these is described in the walkthrough, but this list details the complete set:

1. Game Save You start with this mdisk
2. Mr De Castellac At the lighthouse, after restoring power
3. The Pearl and The Currents Given by IRIS, detailing first mission
4. For Jade Given by Pey'j, in the Nutripils Factory
5. Surveillance Camera Found in Nutripils Factory
6. Hillyan Army Databank Found in Nutripils Factory
7. Beluga Check-Up In the hangar, on finding the Beluga
8. Animal Species Sent from Science Center for photographing all animals in the game
9. IRIS 511 Given by Ming-Tzu
10. IRIS 512 Given by Ming-Tzu, after Black Isle Mines
11. IRIS 513 Given by Ming-Tzu, after Nutripils Factory
12. IRIS 514 Given by Ming-Tzu, after Slaughterhouse
13. Disk Game Visit (link no longer works) and enter your internet code (displayed on the load/save screen in the game)
14. Pearl Game Sent from Mammago for collecting all pearls in the game