Beside MyselfBeside Myself

Game Details:  Horror, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  6/18/2023

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Beside Myself is a first-person psychological horror adventure game with jump scares. You play as a young reporter who receives a tip-off about a mystery involving a long-abandoned hospital. Armed with only a light source and camera you set off to investigate. There are 6 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Read the note on the laptop, and take the car keys from the desk. Go through to the next room and take the office key and lighter from the desk here. Pick up the camera from the shelves. Use the computer, then take the printout from the right and read it. Pick up another camera from the shelving near the doorway, and a third one from the desk in the previous room. You can now head to the door out of the office.


Pick up the lighter and 3 cameras from the floor. Go all the way to the far end of the hallway, where there is an elevator door, but no way to open it. Turn around and head back along the hallway, and you will see a brick fall out from the wall on the right. Look where it came from and take the lift call handle. Return to the elevator and attach the handle to the controls on the right, then pull it.

After the lights go out, head back along the corridor to the fuse box. Look inside to see that you need to find 3 fuses. Make your way forward along the corridor again. Find the first fuse within a wooden box, the second fuse within another wooden box, and the third fuse behind another brick that falls from the brick wall. Put all 3 of these into the fuse box, but there will just be sparks coming from the bottom.

Go to the wooden box where you found the first fuse and pick up the cable from inside, then take this back to the fuse box to complete the circuit AN ELECTRICIAN. Go through the opened elevator doors, then drop down to the level below.


Go to the far end of the first room and read the note in the opened drawer, which mentions cross symbols. Open the drawer immediately above this one and take the lighter fluid (1/7). Look at the drawers on the left wall, and open the middle drawer to the far left to find a fuse.

Continue left and read a note, then pick up 2 polaroids. Now open all of the other drawers, and the shower in the corner of the room will turn on. Turn this off using the taps. Return to the drawers and search them again - open a drawer that is already partially opened to find a key that you can pick up.

Turn around and press the button on the wall to open the elevator. Enter the elevator and open the fuse box inside, then insert your fuse. The lights will now come on in the morgue. Search the drawers to find some polaroid paper. Take a photo of the cross on the wall to reveal a picture on the wall. Get into the elevator again. You will be stuck in here for a short period with gas entering, then can eventually leave once the doors open.

Walk into the new room until you see HELP appear on the far wall, along with a cross. Take a photo here, then turn around and walk until a new door appears. Open this door and head through. Search the cabinet on the left to find a knife switch handle in the bottom. Search the opposite cabinet to get some lighter fluid (2/7) and some more polaroid paper. Read the note on the desk. Keep walking around the room seeing various visions. Eventually there will be another cross on the wall.

Take a photo of the cross, then get the matching picture from the floor and hang it on the wall. Repeat this another 3 times, always hanging the correct pictures where you saw the crosses.

Open the new door and go to the far end of the corridor. Turn around and start walking back towards the door. Take a photo of the new cross. Continue forward and take another photo of the next cross. Continue to the end of the corridor and read the note, then search the desk drawers to get some lighter fluid (3/7) and polaroid paper. Take a photo of the cross on the wall behind the desk.

Go back along the corridor and try to open each of the side doors. Turn around again and go towards the door at the end of the corridor. Head through the door and search all the cabinets again. Continue through the open doorway. Search the drawers here to find more lighter fluid (4/7). Look at the picture on the left wall, then open these drawers:

The elevator doors will now open MEGAMIND. Enter the elevator and climb up the ladder, getting out at the level above UPWARD MOVEMENT.

Ground Floor

Turn right and attach your switch to the wall, then use it to turn on the lights. Go around to the area on the right. Search the cabinets to find some polaroid paper. Search the desk drawers to find another handle. Turn on the TV, then wait for the alarm clock to stop ringing. Take a photo of the cross on the floor. Go and try to open the doors here, but they are locked.

Return to the previous area and go straight across to the opposite hallway. Find a fuse to the left, and explore until a set of shelving falls down. Return to the main area, and you will decide you need to place 2 video cameras to capture some footage. Place one camera on the pillar in the middle of the area. Go back to where you found the fuse and put the second camera on a pillar here. Return to the main area and go around to the left. Immediately after a cabinet here tilts to the side, focus on the doorway to the left to see some hands ATTENTIVE.

Go to the green door near the second camera and try to open it. Turn around and take a photo of the cross. Go through the new door into a bathroom. Turn around to the left and attach your switch to the wall, then use it to turn on some more lights. Go to the shower in the back right and pick up the valve from the floor. Next go to the large bath to the left and walk around it. Push the bath, then pick up the laboratory key.

Go back out of the bathroom to the main area. Find a new cross on the wall and take a photo of it. Turn right to see DEATH written on the wall, and take a photo of the cross beneath it. Take the nearby camera back from where you placed it, then go and get the other one.

Come back to the main area again and go to where DEATH is written. Open the new door to the left. Go through and up the stairs.

Top Floor

Head around to the right to find a tall cabinet where you can pick up some polaroid paper and lighter fluid (5/7). Pick up another 2 polaroids from 2 beds nearby. Continue to a closed door - you will realize you need to collect some diary pages. Go around to the elevator to get some polaroid paper. Follow around the wall to find a polaroid that you can take, as well as a diary page (1/5) on top of a radiator.

Walk around the area until you decide you need to place 2 video cameras again. Go near the closed door to find 2 places to set up the cameras. Take a photo of the closed door. Walk around the area and pick up 4 candles and 4 candlesticks, bringing them back to the large X on the ground, one at a time. Go around and light each of the candles.

Take back the 2 cameras. Get into the elevator, but it won't move. Go around to where you entered the room, then go to the open elevator shaft. Climb down the ladders to the very bottom.

Access Tunnels

Head along the tunnel. When you get trapped by steam, use your valve on the nearby spigot and turn it. Pick up the valve again and take it with you. Continue to the end of the tunnel. Open the fuse box and insert your fuse. Now climb up the next ladder. When you get stopped by steam, turn to the right and use your valve on the spigot, then turn it. Keep climbing up to the top.

Search the small cupboard to find some polaroid paper. Move the rolled bed mattress onto the floor, then pick up the next diary page (2/5). Take a photo of the cross on the wall. Flip the switch on the wall and approach the door, then open the door and go through.

Continue to the end of the hall and look through the door at the end. Go back along the hall and through the opened door on the left. Turn off the radio here, then look in the drawer beneath it to find a fuse. Look beneath this to find another lighter fluid (6/7). Search the drawers in the wall for more polaroid paper and another diary page (3/5).

Leave this room and enter the next one. Move the mattress on the floor so you can get the next diary page (4/5). Search the small cupboard to find the final lighter fluid (7/7) LORD OF FIRE. Walk over towards the clock, then leave the room. Go through the door at the end of the room. Follow the passage, then go upstairs and along the next passage. Go to the very end, then come back and use your key to unlock the massive padlock. Go through the doors.

Operating Room

Go to the fuse box in the right corner of the room. Open the fuse box and insert your fuse. Now go to the other end of the room and use the switch. Move one of the tall cabinets so you can pick up the final diary page (5/5).

Go to the other end of the room and the door will close. Leave via the other door, then go back downstairs again. You will end up back where you saw the TV earlier. There is a keypad on the wall here - you need to look at the back of the diary pages to work out the code to enter: 1897. Go to the other wall and turn the switch. Take the key, then use it on the massive padlock. Walk outside.


Walk forward into the office again.