Ben Jordan Case 8Ben Jordan Case 8

Relics of the Past

Game Details:  Mystery, 2012

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/2/2020

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Ben Jordan Case 8: Relics of the Past is the eighth in a long-running series of point-and-click adventures starring Ben Jordan, and created by Grundislav Games. This follows after Ben Jordan Case 7: The Cardinal Sins. In this game, you must tie together events from previous investigations.

Day 1

Percy's Flat

Ask Percy about everything, then leave the flat and walk down the street.

British Museum Reading Room

Ask the librarian about everything, then use one of the computers on the left. Search for "Genovese", then read the article called "London clergyman makes good". Now search for "St Thomas", and read the article called "Saint Thomas Seminary, London, England" to get an address. Log out and leave the reading room.

St. Thomas Seminary

Ask the old priest about everything.

Percy's Flat

Open the door, then answer the question any way you want. Quickly yell at Percy, then use the statuette on the table.

British Museum Reading Room

Use a computer again and search for "Coach and Horses". Read the article called "Coach and Horses, Hay's Mews, London", then log out and leave.

Coach & Horses

Look at the open upstairs window, then go inside and through the doorway on the left. Knock on the door at the top of the stairs, then go back out to the bar. Talk to the bartender about everything, and place a food order of blood sausage and jaffa cakes with no dessert (the initials of your selections are BJ for Ben Jordan). Use your plate of food on the dumb waiter to the left, and you will receive a silver key. Go left and up the stairs, and use your silver key on the door. Open the door to go inside. Look at the decorative plate above the door, then ask Percy about everything.

Romania 1926

Grab some dried brambles from the door on the left, then walk to the right between the buildings. Read the plaque beneath the bust, then enter the hotel. Ask the innkeeper about everything, then talk to both of the other men here as well. Return outside and to the left, then go up between the buildings.

Enter the clock tower and try to move the beam on the left. Ask Percy to help you with the beam, then collect a stick from the ground. Combine this with the dried brambles in your inventory. Return down the stairs and make your way back to the hotel. Talk to both Dragomir and Florian again. Leave the hotel and go left twice. Look at the tree and examine the carvings, then look at each of them individually. Talk to Percy, who suggests visiting the town record keeper.

Return to the right and enter the largest building, which is the Town Hall. Talk to the record keeper about everything. Return outside, then walk up between the buildings and out through the archway. Look at each of the gravestones. Return to the record keeper and talk to him again to get some more information. Back outside, head to the right, then up the stairs and along the path into the distance.

Use the stick to knock on the door. After the old woman answers the door, hold the door open with your hand, and you will go inside. Ask her about everything, then go back outside. Return to the graveyard, then quickly attack the vampire with the stick when it attacks Percy.

Coach & Horses

Head downstairs and out to the bar. Talk to the man sitting at the bar about everything, then head outside - you will receive a magazine.

Percy's Flat

Pick up the soggy paper from the base of the street lamp, then examine it in your inventory.

Coach & Horses

Go inside and try to give the soggy brochure to the man sitting at the bar. Head upstairs to Percy's room and use the soggy brochure on the lamp to dry it out. Go back down to the bar and give the travel brochure to the man. He will give you a business card. Examine this in your inventory to find an address.

The Third Eye

Talk to the man at the entrance, then go inside. Talk to Madame Rosenquist and then Simon. Outside, you will end up involved in a car chase. Search Otto's car to find some motor oil. Use the magazine on the Knight's car, then use the motor oil on the road.

Waterloo Station

You will automatically meet up with Percy. Go inside, then board the train.

Romania 1926

Try to open the door, but there is no handle. Pick up the brick from the ground and use it on the side window. Now pick up some broken glass before climbing through the window. Try to use the helmet on the wall, but you can't use your fingers to activate the latch inside. Pick up the poker and use this on the helmet. Now go through the opening.

Use the poker on the barrel top, then examine the contents. Put the glass shards on the severed neck. After Zortherus appears and you start fighting, use the poker on him.

The Train

After leaving your cabin, walk left and use the left bathroom door. Return to your cabin and talk to Percy about everything.

Rue Commines

Head inside and enter the office to get your room key.

Day 2

Rue Commines

Open the dresser door and you will automatically take the hanger from inside. Leave your room and enter the office, then ask the hostel owner about everything. Leave the office and head outside. Bend the hanger in your inventory into a hook, then use this on the drain in the street to find a key. Continue down the street to leave.

Sacre Coeur

Look at the sign, then ask the priest about everything. Head left to reach the crypt. Look at all of the statues, include the bases of the statues on the ground, and the chest of the statue above the doorway. The 3 statues on the ground are of Amette, St Denis and Guibert. Look at the 4 bricks on the left wall, which each have 3 lines of Latin text starting with the letters A, D and G. You need to press the bases of the statues in orders matching these lines of Latin text:

  • Left, middle, right: this opens the first brick
  • Right, middle, left: this opens the second brick
  • Left, right, middle: this opens the third brick
  • Middle, left, right: this opens the fourth brick

Next search each of the 4 holes to find some tiles. Use these tiles on the recess in the floor, and rearrange them to create an image of a heart. Now use your hook to retrieve the sacred heart from the statue above the doorway. Head back out of the crypt, and you will leave automatically.

Rue Commines

Go inside and take the note from your door. Return outside and leave.

Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise

Ask the shady man about everything, then give him some money for a map. Enter the cemetery. Save your game if you want to see all of the possible endings. Now either choose to enter the crypt, talk to Alice and then leave, or just leave the cemetery straight away.

Rue Commines

Go inside and enter your room to talk to Percy. Go back outside and leave once more.


Try to open the large doors here, but they are locked. Ask the young man about the catacombs, and say you are an urban explorer. Ask about everything else, then give him some money for a sewer key and a lighter.

Cimetiere du Pere Lachaise

Enter the cemetery and use the sewer key on the manhole cover. Enter the crypt and pick up the bone, then come back outside. In your inventory, use the motor oil on the cemetery map, then wrap it around the bone and light it with the lighter. Climb down the hole. Use your bone torch on the darkness, then look at the drawing on the wall to the left, which says NOOSES. Go through the left doorway, then follow the directions indicated by this word (north, west, west, south, east, south).

Pick up some pebbles from the ground here, then look at the drawing on the wall to the right, which says NOSE SOON. Save your game, then go through the left doorway and follow the directions indicated by the carving on the tree earlier (north, east, south, west). Use your dog key on the door to see a secret ending.

Load your game, then go through the left door and follow the directions indicated on the wall (north, west, south, east, south, west, west, north).

Throw your pebbles through the top doorway, then while the man goes to investigate, quickly look at the drawing on the wall to the left, which says NO ONE SEES, and head through the left doorway. Follow the directions indicated by these words (north, west, west, north, east, south, east, east, south). Climb the ladder.

Notre Dame Cathedral

Head up the stairs and walk over to Max. Select the options "Reason", "The Cardinal is Insane" and "Walk Away from Everything". Go through the doors into the cathedral. Save your game, then go up the stairs to meet the Cardinal. Now you can choose to either kill him or walk away. There are 4 different endings based on this choice and whether you entered the crypt when you first went to the cemetery.