Beneath a Steel SkyBeneath a Steel Sky

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1994

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/7/2002

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Beneath a Steel Sky is a game set in futuristic Australia, where the world is run by giant corporations rather than governments. You play as Robert Foster, with your initial goal to get out of the city, but during the game you uncover a dark conspiracy about the inner workings of the computer in charge of everything. The story continues in the sequel, Beyond a Steel Sky.


Get the metal rod on the left of the screen. Use the crow bar to open the door on the right, then go through the door. After losing the cop, go back downstairs and exit to the right. Put the circuit board in the robot shell, then look at the transporter robot. Step on the lift and quickly enter the room on the right. Open the cabinet and get the spanner before the man comes back. Talk to the man and to Joey. Go back to the left. Talk to Joey and have him give the transporter robot a jump start. When the transport robot brings a barrel and activates the lift, go down the hole. Look at the lock next to the door. Talk to Joey and have him open the door. Search the body and get the ID.

Top Floor

Go through the door, then down the walkway to the right, and enter the door on the right. Talk to the Anita. If Lamb kicks you out, just go back in. Go to the right and put the spanner in the cogs. After the commotion, retrieve the spanner. Go back to the left and use the spanner to loosen the welder shell. Talk to Joey to give him a new shell. Go right again and try to enter the room on the upper left. Talk to Joey and send him in the store room, then look through the window. Talk to Joey and have him weld the fuse box. When he comes back, go into the storeroom and open the gangway. The WD-40 and key are not needed. Get the putty from the floor where the gangway was, then leave the storeroom. Go to the electric plant (left, left, left, left, left door), and use the spanner to loosen both buttons on the right control panel. Have Joey help you push both buttons at once. Shut the switch off on the left section of control panel. Take the light bulb and put the putty (plastic explosive) in the socket and turn the power back on. As long as both switches are down, you'll make a big bang. Go back to the lift. Look at the red cable and have Joey weld it. Use the ID in the slot on the lift to go down a level.

Free to Roam

Pick up the cut cable, then enter Reich's room using your ID and get the magazine under his pillow. Go to the travel agency and trade your magazine for a ticket. Find and talk to Lamb, and give him the ticket, so you get a tour of the factory. Go to the factory for your tour. Go right and talk to Anita. Give her your ID card and she will give you the jammer. You can now get more information from the terminals. You must also get Anita to tell you about the Schriebmann port.

Implant Office

Have Joey follow you to the implant office, then talk to the projector. Have Joey talk to the hologram so you can get in. Go left and see the doctor, and barter for your port implant. Talk to the doctor until he tells you to see his friend. Go and see this friend (all the way to the right), and when you ask for the special insurance tell him the doctor sent you. When he goes to the back room, have Joey weld off the anchor. Combine the anchor and the cable to make a grappling hook. Go back up to the fire escape and attach the grappling hook to the Security sign. Forget the lockers and go right to the interface in the next room. Put your ID through the slot and use the interface.

Pick up the ball, then exit right. Open the carpet bag (use the doorknob in your inventory). Pick up the magnifying glass and the birthday surprise. Use the decompress program on the compressed data in your inventory, then exit right again. Use the passwords you obtained on the floor spots. Eventually exit upwards. Get the bust and the book. Use the magnifying glass on the three documents. Now disconnect and use the terminal.

Discredit Lamb

Activate Phoenix so you have unlimited access and take away Lamb's credit and access. Also be sure to read the first two documents in the security services. Find Lamb again at the elevator and talk to him to get access to his apartment. Go down to the next level and go to Lamb's apartment. Feed his cat, and get the video tape off the bookshelf. Now go down to the next level and talk to the doorman (to the left). Find Mrs Pierdman and talk to her. When she goes back to her apartment, buzz her (far right screen) and ask her about sponsorship again, so she goes to use the phone.

Play the videotape to distract the dog, then take the dog biscuits and leave. Go back to the elevator and go to the bricks (left). When Miss Pierdman and her mutt come around again put the dog biscuits on the plank and pull the rope. Now enter the cathedral and find that Anita is dead. Go back to the reactor. Open the middle locker and put on the radiation suit. Go to the right and use the control panel to open the reactor. Quickly get Anita's card from the reactor, and leave again. Put your clothes back on.

Security Building

Go back to the Security building, and use Anita's card in the interface. Slow the game down (this part is time-dependent). Blind the first eye, go right, blind the second eye and go up. Go up and right, then take the tuning fork. Go left again, and use the playback on the well. Disconnect. Go down to the park and talk to the gardener, then the boy, then the gardener again. Head to the courthouse next to the club and defend Hobbins.


Go to the club and play the first song on the jukebox. When the owner gets up, take his glass from the table and head over to the implant doctor. Give him the glass to get the fingerprints. Go to the shed and look at the door. Use an ID card on the lock, and take the clippers from inside. Head back to the club and put your thumb on the metal plate next to the door in the upper right. Use the crow bar to pry open the lid of the packing case, and place it on the smaller box. Climb on the box and use the crow bar on the grill. Use the clippers to enter the small hole. Go through the narrow passage, then head right and follow the diagonal track. Head right again, and put the light bulb in the socket on the left side of the hide. Go right twice, then run down the tunnel. Use the crowbar on the plaster above the swelling in the vein, then on the bricks. Pick up the brick. Put the crowbar on the swelling and hit it with the brick. Take the crowbar again.

Inner Circuits

Go through the door when the repair robot enters, and then go through the door in the middle of the screen. Use the control unit to decrease the temperature. Pull the metal bar in the ceiling before the cover opens again. Go back upstairs, then head right and go through the door. Put Joey's circuit board in the medical robot and talk to him. Exit through the lower left door and head left. Look through the grill on the wall and get Joey to check out the tank room. Wait for him to come back (watch through the grill) and get him to go back and open the tap on the nutrient tank. Once it is open, go to the right, through the door and through the upper left door. The android will fall through the grate.

Exit to the upper right, and use your ID in the terminal to open the access door. Leave the room, then search the corpse and take Joey's board. Go back to the upper right, and use the red link card to access the interface. Head right, blind the eye and go up. Use the devine wrath to knock out the crusader, then disconnect. Use Anita's card on the interface, then go back to the crusader and head right. Use the oscillator to break the crystal, then pick up the helix and disconnect. Exit the room and head through the lower right door, before using Anita's card on the console.

Use the tongs to get a piece of tissue out of the rectangular tank. Quickly, use the tongs on the frozen tank to get a piece of frozen tissue. Exit to the right, then open the cabinet under the console for the middle android. Put Joey's board in the cabinet. Use the console to download the character data, then run the startup program. Have a complete conversation with Joey, then head right. Tell Ken to put his hand on the sensor. Put your hand on the other sensor at the same time. Joey will get stuck. Go through the door to the right and tie the cable to the pipe support. Go down and use the tongs on the orifice. Grab the cable. When your father falls out of the chair you will regain control for a short time. Tell Ken to sit in the chair.