Below the RootBelow the Root

Game Details:  Fantasy, 1984

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Walkthrough Updated:  7/10/2007

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Below the Root is a combination platform, RPG and adventure game based on the book series "The Green-Sky Trilogy". You play as one of 5 different characters, and must navigate the game world and speak to characters to progress the story. Some of the puzzles and paths vary based on your character selection.

Getting Started

Broad Grund

This walkthrough is written using Herd as your character. Your house is on the Broad Grund. Start by collecting the shuba, roast lapan, and 3 tokens from your house. Go outside and head left 2 screens, then climb down the vines and you will have actually changed to the next tree.

Spirit Teachers

Garden Grunds

Continue left and climb up the vines, then enter the house here. Walk over to The Wise Child and talk to her to get the Pense skill. Use Pense on her. Head outside and glide down to the left. Skip this building and continue down a ladder and to the left, entering the main hall called "The Garden". Talk to the 2 people here and use your Pense skill on them to learn that the Wise One lives nearby. Head back outside and go far left along this branch and pick up the vine rope right at the end. Glide down to the left.

Sky Grund

Avoid the spider and continue left. Go past the first house and climb up two ladders, then enter the house here and talk to the woman. She will offer you a token, so take one. You can come back here to get another token each day if you need it. Go back outside and climb up 3 more ladders, then head left along the branch. Use your vine rope on the gap, then crawl over it and continue upwards. Watch out for the spider and keep climbing. Dodge the snake and keep going along the path and you will eventually reach a small hut at the top. Have a rest here until night, then go outside again.

Jump up the clouds to the right and talk to D'Ol Neshom to get the Heal skill. Go up to the end and take the spirit bell. Go back down to the hut and go inside, then go back outside to return to the tree. Go right to the end, left almost to the end, and drop down through a gap to find a strange purple elixir. Drink this to make yourself stronger. Glide down to the left and take this branch to the far right to find another vine rope. Glide far right from the end of this branch.

Garden Grunds

Go past the first house, down a ladder, over to the right and up 2 more ladders. You can get some food from the lady in the first house here. Glide off the right of this branch.

Broad Grund

Climb up the vine here and take the 2 tokens, then climb down 4 ladders just over to the right to find the Broad Grund Shops. Go into the left door and buy 2 trencher beaks. Go back outside and far right, climbing down the vine to the next tree.

Grand Grund

Climb gradually up this tree checking each of the houses, where you will be offered more tokens and food. All the way at the top you will find a small hut guarded by bushes. Use a trencher beak to clear this away, then head inside. Talk to The Hermit to get the Grunspreke skill. Float to the far right.

Silk Grund

Search the houses in this tree for more supplies, then keep going right.

Star Grund

Search more houses, and you can buy supplies at the Star Grund Shops. From here, go right and up the steps to find the entrance to the Temple Grunds. Talk to the man here, who says the key has been lost. Go back to the left and up to the top of Star Grund, then to the right of the top branch. Use your Grunspreke skill here, then crawl on to the new part of the branch and use it again. Keep extending the branch at least 7 times, then jump right from the end and float right - you should end up sailing over the entrance and entering the Temple Grunds.

Temple Grunds

Climb up the first 2 ladders you find and enter the Vine Palace. Talk to the first man, then climb up and head left to talk to D'Ol Falla so you have permission to get his key later on. Now climb up to the top left of the Temple Grunds and you will see another elixir that you cannot reach. Drop down, floating to a hole in the tree. Head inside, talk to the girl here, then take the temple key. Now go back down, past the Vine Palace and to the right into the left door of the Temple.

Use the key to open the door. Go up the ladder, several screens to the left, up another ladder, then to the right. Talk to Raamo's Mother to get the Kiniport skill. Go back up to that elixir at the top and use Kiniport to bring it closer so you can take it and drink it. Head back down to the temple, go right and jump over the low barrier. Float down and land next to a monkey and use Pense on it to raise your spirit. Float over to the left and jump up to the vines. Climb up, head to the right and jump off, floating right to find a small ledge. Follow it right and head into the hole to find D'ol Falla's key.

Now drop down to the ground and get captured by the Nekom and put in a prison. Use your temple key to open the gate on the left and take the Wand of Befal. Climb back out and use this to cut through the bushes, then climb up into Star Grund and head right to the Temple Grunds. Go to the small house just up and right from the Vine Palace and head inside. Climb up the ladder and use D'ol Falla's key to open the gate here (twice), entering the Chamber of the Forgotten. Inside, take the spirit lamp. Use D'ol Falla's key to get back out, and head outside.

You need to make sure you have berries and a token. Once you have them, head down to ground level to the left of Sky Grund. Talk to the guard, then offer him wissenberries and you can go inside. Go down and talk to the next guard, offer him a token, and go through.

Below the Root

Follow the passage right. Use the wand to break through the brown bushes, crawl through the low passage and climb down the 2 ladders. Go right, over the bridge, then up 2 more ladders. Head right until you fall, then follow the passage until you find a green doorway to go through. Talk to Vatar to be able to Kiniport people. Go back out and continue right, then up the ladder. Dodge the spider, go past the bottomless lake and down 2 ladders. Head right until the spirit bell rings, then go through the invisible door. Climb up the ladder and use Kiniport to transport yourself up to Raamo. Talk to him and offer him a rope or shuba.