Game Details:  Puzzle, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  12/9/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Believe is a short puzzle adventure game set in a mysterious multi-faith temple. You play as an archaeologist, exploring the temple to unlock its secrets.


Walk forward and examine the seashell horn on the pedestal - turn it around and use the mouthpiece to bring light to the rest of the temple. Read the picture book "Ganesha and the Moon" on the low pedestal here. Now examine the Ganesha statue. Move its arms so that the arms on the larger statue above completely block out the moonlight. From the starting position:

  • Move the back right arm 1 time
  • Move the front right arm 2 times
  • Move the front left arm 3 times

Head towards the central sigil, but it is guarded by a force field. Go around in a clockwise manner. Ignore the lotus flower segment for now and go along the next passage.


Approach the Wheel of Dharma, and rotate it slowly clockwise until you see a complete glowing symbol in the air above. Go around behind the wheel and pick up the meditation pillow from the ground. Place this near the candles on the floor to the right, then sit on the pillow to meditate.

Head back towards the central sigil, and continue around in a clockwise manner. Ignore the gold segment, and continue to the next one.


Examine the empty Quran holder. Go and look at the drawing on the ground between the 5 bowls - it outlines the Five Pillars of Islam. Look in any of the bowls, and you now get to swap the positions of the items in the bowls. From the starting position:

  • Move the prayer beads to the top left
  • Move the stone wrapped in black fabric to the bottom right
  • Move the coins to the bottom left
  • (Leave the Hand of Fatima at the very bottom)

Examine the pillars once they have raised, and take the Quran from one, and the prayer carpet from another. Place the Quran on the empty Quran holder, then examine it and pick up the Torah pointer half. Place the carpet near the candles on the left, then kneel on the carpet to pray.

Return to the central sigil and continue clockwise around it. Ignore the Star of David segment, and continue to the next.


Approach the altar and read the note on its right side, which details Mass Preparations. Pick up the chalice from the altar. Look in the benches to the left and take the bible. Grab the incense resin from the chest of drawers to the far left. Now examine the baptismal font to the far right. You must rotate the various sections to create a continuous pattern with a cross in the middle. Use the chalice in the baptismal font to fill it with wine.

Go back to the altar and place the chalice on its pedestal. Use the incense resin to light the thurible. Place the bible on its pedestal. Now ring the altar bells. Pick up the other half of the Torah pointer and they will join together.


Now that you have completed all 4 religious sections, you can go around the sigil again to the various symbols. Each of these symbols will start darkened, and will light up when the associated section is complete.

Lotus Flower

Go to the lotus flower and use the glowing console. Adjust the gates until water can flow all the way to the large pink flower.


Approach the floor plates and rotate them to show 4 complete symbols.

Star of David

Go forward to the Torah. Insert your Torah pointer in the lock, then open the Torah. There are 7 passages, each representing a day in creation, and 7 associated symbols. You must drag the symbols up over the planet in the correct order:

  • The First Day: Light
  • The Second Day: Heavens
  • The Third Day: Land
  • The Fourth Day: Stars
  • The Fifth Day: Fish
  • The Sixth Day: Human
  • The Seventh Day: Sabbath


Walk up to the Triptych. Turn the dial on the left to rotate the middle cube so that the tiny pink ball moves around. You need to get it to the very bottom, then rotate the cube clockwise. Now turn the figure on the right. Turn the dial on the left to move the ball around again, aiming for the left passage. Rotate the cube clockwise again, then turn the figure on the right once more. Now keep turning the dial until the ball reaches the green section.


Walk towards the central sigil and the force field will disappear. Now you can choose to either enter the sigil or leave.