Bear With Me: Collector's EditionBear With Me: Collector's Edition

Year:  2018

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Bear With Me is a comedic noire adventure game that was originally released as 3 separate episodes, but is brought together here as a single game in this Collector's Edition. You play as Amber, who wakes up in the middle of the night to discover her brother Flint is missing. With the help of Ted E Bear, a grumpy retired detective, you set off to find him. There are 65 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below. The series continues with a prequel chapter, Bear With Me: The Lost Robots.

Episode 1


Open the drawer beneath your bed and take the battery from inside. Now open the drawer beneath the desk and you will automatically take out the broken magnifier. Take the glasses from on top of the box near the window. Talk to Millie, then enter the closet.

After talking to Ted, use the record player on the floor I'm Into Heavier Stuff, then use it a second time Play That Funky Thing. Look at the box in the cupboard on the right Product Placement. Now take the glue from the desk. Use your Swiss army knife on the glasses to get a lens. Use the glue on the broken magnifier, then add the lens to the broken magnifier to repair it Arts and Crafts. Give the magnifier to Ted and you will leave together.

In the west hallway, try to open Flint's door, then try entering the bathroom. Since neither is a viable option, head to the east hallway. Talk to Rusty and ask about the "red man" Laughing Stock. After finishing the conversation, go through the door on the right into the study. Examine the lamp on the left wall Protective Custody. Spin the globe on the desk Around The World. Search the cabinet on the left to get a flashlight. Now touch the Anubis statue on the desk, then look at it after it has fallen to see a number (107). Examine the hole in the wall on the right, then leave the study again. Talk to Rusty, but he won't give you a battery.

Return through Amber's room to Ted's closet. Open the file cabinet and you will automatically find the credentials and leave the closet. Go back to Rusty in the east hallway and give him the credentials in exchange for a battery. Put your batteries into the flashlight Fear Of The Dark.

Go back to the west hallway and enter the bathroom (now that you have the flashlight). Pick up the duster from beneath the sink then leave the bathroom again. Return to the east hallway and enter the study. Use the duster to clear the cobwebs from the hole in the wall, then go through.


Take the level 6 sword from the left, then talk to the Mugshot Brothers until you get the parents' room key. Use your Swiss army knife on the rope to the right, then take the red cloth. Return left to the study.


Go out to the hallway, then use your new key on your parents' room and go inside. Use the camera on the right to remove the film strip, then go left into the dark room. Pick up a latent image from the right, then some duct tape from a low shelf in the middle of the room. Use both your film strip and latent image on the film enlarger, then use the film enlarger. Now go over to the safe on the left and open it with the combination from the Anubis statue earlier (107). Use the developing liquid bottles on the containers on the bench. Finally, use the latent image on the containers Photo Development 101.

Red Man

Save your game if you are trying to collect all achievements. Go to Amber's room and attack Millie Murderer.


Go to your room and examine Millie's body Missed Opportunity. Now load your game.

Red Man

Go to Amber's room and escape out the window Red Has Left the Building.


Show your piece of red cloth to Millie Evidence. Pick up the nail from the floor near the window, and the wooden board that is holding the window open. Go out to the hallway and use the nail on the glass case of the grandfather clock. Take the hook thingy from inside the clock, then combine it with your wooden board and duct tape Higher Aspirations. Use your new attic hook on the attic door above you.

Pick up the candle, then talk to Brian. Return to the study and go through the hole in the wall.


Give your clearance to the Mugshot Brothers, then give them the Creator's tool and you will receive a signed clearance.


While you are still in the study, use your attic hook to retrieve the key on the left. Return to the attic and use your new key on the roll top desk. Take the vial of ink. In your inventory, use your Swiss army knife on the candle to get a stamp. Use this on the vial of ink, then on the signed clearance Forging Documents is Hard Work. Give your legit clearance to Brian, then go to the city in the background Excelsior.

Episode 2

Shell's Bay Diner

After the conversation with Betty, take the popcorn and empty mug from the counter before going outside. Talk to Clark and you will receive a pamphlet. Head down towards the bridge. Take the oil can from the right, then enter the bridge control room. Search the coat on the right to get some coins, then search the briefcase to find a screwdriver. Take the specific magnet shaped like a horseshoe from the fridge. Examine the control panel and press the button thingy at the bottom left DeeDee Don't Touch The Button. Read the manuscript on the desk at the bottom right of the room Oh Captain My Captain.

Go back outside and return to the outside of the diner. Use your screwdriver on the car to get a fuse, then head into the diner again. Use your coins on the jukebox. Look down into the shaft next to Pete to see that he dropped his keys down there. Go outside and talk to Clark, who needs coffee. Return to the diner and talk to Betty, asking for coffee for Clark. In your inventory, use the coffee pot on your empty mug, then go outside and give the spiked coffee to Clark Soaking The Stalker. Pick up the fishing rod. In your inventory, use the Swiss army knife on the fishing rod, then combine the fishing line and magnet to create the MCD 3000 Metal Attraction.

Enter the diner again and use the MCD 3000 on the floor shaft to retrieve the control keys. Return to the bridge control room and examine the control panel again. Now use your control keys on the key hole, and the fuse in the missing fuse slot Bridge Over Troubled Water. Go outside and head to the next area.

Container Terminal

Use your popcorn on the No Seagulls sign on the ground; CBG will show up and give you a voodoo charm. Go to the bridge, then back to the terminal, then to the bridge again Eye of the Seagull. Now use your map to travel to your next destination.

Tigren's Lair

Pick up the chalk from the left, and take the ritual note from the garage door on the right.

Steel Mill

Talk to Stevie, then offer him your coin Attempt on Bribery. Give him your pamphlet, then take the pipe before entering the mill. Pick up the wrench and combine it with your pipe to make a crank. Return outside and use the crank and oil can on the cog. Now use the cog itself and a bucket will lower in the background. Return into the mill and search the bucket to get some matches. Go back outside and leave the mill.

Shell's Bay Diner

Save your game if you are trying to collect all achievements. Enter the diner Seek And Destroy, then load your game. Attack CBG The Dark Knight Falls.

Mayor's Mansion

Leave to the right to visit an incomplete area Ooops! Missed A Spot. Use the intercom on the left and say that it is "Ted and Amber" to be allowed inside. Enter the mansion and take the stickers from the cabinet on the right.

Save your game if you are trying to collect all achievements. Go upstairs and select the option to tell Mills that Brian let you in Dead Officer Mitch. Load your game, then go upstairs again and select the other option I'm A Bear Not A Rat. Leave the mansion after quite a long conversation.

Westpaw Casino

Talk to The Tim Breaking The Wall. Go left to the back alley and talk to the entrance door. Look at the rider on the inside of the truck Performance Criteria. Use the Mayor's stickers on the marked boxes to the left, then use the chalk on the empty boxes to the right. Use the empty boxes and you will end up inside the casino.

Grab some nuts from the nearby table I'm Nuts. Go left to the main floor and examine everyone here:

  • Kraken
  • Doris
  • Theodore Turtle
  • Fiona Fox
  • Wally Whale
  • Fiora Fox
  • Sebastian Sloth
  • Winston Wolf
  • Fernando Frog
  • Percival Pig

Once you have looked at everyone you will get an achievement Social Butterfly. Now use your coin on the slot machine next to Fiora Fox, and you will win a token. Examine the slot machine again Crippling Addiction. Go to the far right and give the token to Doris - you will receive Tigren's locket and some ice cream. Pick up the banana from the nearby table and use your Swiss army knife on it. Add the peeled banana and nuts to the ice cream to make a banana split. Exit down to the elevator lobby. Give your banana split to Grodd Feed the Monkey.

Save your game if you are trying to collect all achievements. Use the elevator button and enter the elevator. While talking to King, select to tell King about the Mugshots Rabbit Season, then later select to shoot at King Do You Feel Lucky? Well Do Ya Shark?. Load your game, then use the elevator button and enter the elevator again. This time, select to not tell King about the Mugshots Duck Season, then later select to not shoot at King We're Gonna Need A Bigger Gun.

In the basement, try clicking on the carnivorous plant Oh Snap. Pick up the rag from the floor on the right, then use it on the small vent on the right side of the boiler. Go through the hole on the left into the control room. When you eventually get asked 7 questions, use these answers:

  1. 1
  2. Left
  3. 38
  4. CBG
  5. 140
  6. Howard
  7. Your mom?

If you get all 7 questions correct you will get an achievement Slumbear Millionaire (and now to find Latica). Retrieve your previous inventory items from the box on the left, and also pick up the plant Return to the boiler room and use your Swiss army knife on the locker on the left - you will take a handle from inside. Go to the control room again and use this handle on the secret door in the floor. Climb down to return to the alley, then use your map to travel.

Tigren's Lair

Examine the ritual altar and use these items on the different elements:

  • Fire: Matches
  • Air: Feather
  • Water: Fish skeleton
  • Earth: Plant
  • Love: Tigren's locket

You will receive an achievement for getting this correct The Fifth Element. Go through the door and speak to Tigren about everything Voodoo Charmed I'm Sure. Now leave using the map once more and go to Westpaw Casino to finish this episode.

Episode 3

Tigren's Lair

Do not touch the umbrella. Remove the loose door panel, then save your game if you are trying to collect all achievements. Examine the door mechanism, then click on southeast, west, east, a random direction other than north, then finally north; if you managed to get this correct the first time you will get an achievement Voodoo People Puzzle People, otherwise load your game and try again. For not touching the umbrella, you will get another achievement It's Not Gonna Rain.

Now playing as Ted, go to Tigren's Lair. Pick up the matches from the ground, then head inside. Pick up the glass slide and the candle, then go through the door to the back room. Pick up 2 more glass slides. Now examine the voodoo deer, voodoo hat, voodoo poster, voodoo incense, voodoo dolls, voodoo stuff, little voodoo chair and Pazazu Call Me Voodoo Jones. Pick up the laterna magicka on the right and use it on the table. Light your candle with the matches, then use the lit candle on the laterna magicka. Now use all 3 glass slides on the laterna magicka She Knew.

Westpaw Casino

Talk to Blabbermouth, then the PCPD officers. Talk to Blabbermouth again, then the officers again, selecting "I work over at the Paper City General". Talk to Blabbermouth again, then to the officers one last time, selecting "Cardboard Ville" Place Your Bets.

Playing as Amber again, pick up the boat hook and sailing rope, then combine them before heading left to the backside. Collect the bucket and zen rocks here. Use the bucket on the well, then put your zen rocks in the bucket. Use the hooked rope on the wine cellar entrance. Tie the ropes on the ground together, then push the bucket. Now you can go through the wine cellar entrance.

Back as Ted, inspect the ducky 10 times I'm a Quacker. Now talk to Sharky and give him the carrot juice - you will end up at the island. Go to the backside on the left. Search the broken vase to get the earth key. Return to the pier and go up the stairs to the main entrance. Examine the fireplace to find a loose brick, then examine the loose brick and take the fire key. Pick up the fireplace tongs, then walk to the right and use them on the fish bowl to get the water key. While you are here, examine the sofa No Rest For The Wicked. Go right into the study. Break the zeppelin, then take the air key. Move King's portrait and 4 books will protrude from the shelves on the right. Press the books in this order:

  1. Right middle
  2. Left middle
  3. Top
  4. Bottom

A secret door will open Bookworm. Go through the door to a secret voodoo room. After the conversation, search Reef King to get the love key. You may want to save your game here to make sure you get the next achievement. Use the vault handle. Insert 4 of your keys in the locks on the right - from top to bottom insert the air key, water key, earth key and fire key. Now if they are numbered 1-4 from top to bottom, turn the keys in this order: 1, 4, 2, 3, 2, 3, 1, 4, 3, 1, 2, 4 The Mechanist. If you make a mistake, load your game and try again.

Use the love key on the new lock. Take the evidence suitcase from the left King's Evidence. Also pick up Sharky's sins suitcase from the right. Go all the way back outside to the pier and give Sharky's sins suitcase to Sharky A Bear Always Pays His Debts. After returning to the harbor, use your map to travel.

Police Station

Enter the police station and talk to Betty. While she is distracting Stevie, enter the Interrogation Room. During this conversation say "He got you!", "Oh snap!" and then "Get me a Nerve-wreck double special" to get two achievements Chestburster and You Got Served, Lawrence. Go back outside and talk to Blabbermouth and Brian to get the evidence room key. Head inside and use this to enter the Evidence Room.

Do not touch the utility belt. Examine the sorting hat on the top shelf Drinkindor. Now examine all named items except the utility belt (abstract painting, assault knife, bowling ball, boxing gloves, buster sword, flour bags, gas mask, handgun, knight armor, leather hat, master sword, mushroom, nitro crate, old clock, pokeball, red shell, rifle and telescope). Finally examine the utility belt Enjoying The Crime Scene, then take it.

Paper City Tunnel

Enter the tunnel to find Flint's room. Examine the Mugshot Brothers True Colors.


After the fight, search the unconscious cops to get 2 walkie-talkies. Pick up a newspaper from the right, then continue further to the right. Wait until the cop's back is turned, then use your newspaper on the canal. Wait until his back is turned again, then use one of the walkie-talkies on the newspaper. Now you can use the nearby construction elevator.

Paper City Sign

Use your Swiss army knife on the fence, then enter the endless forest. Read the notice, then go through the forest by heading forward, left, right, forward and left Girl Scout. Now enter the strange building ahead. Take the syringe from the small cabinet on the left. Take a needle and vial from the shelves on the right. Combine the needle and syringe in your inventory. Use your Swiss army knife on the vial, then combine this with your syringe/needle to get an injection. Give this to the doctor. Head through the new door, and you will automatically go up in another elevator.

Talk to "Other Me", then pick up the 3 keys. Use one of the keys on the toy Mugshots, then take them and put them in the trade mechanism Two For One. Use the keys to unlock and take any other two toys, and also put them in the trade mechanism. Touch the figure that is given in return. Go back to the elevator and you will end up in a corridor with 6 doors. Answer the first question any way you want, then save your game. Now follow these instructions:

  • Enter the middle room on the right. Speak to "Other Me" and select any option, then return.
  • Enter the near room on the right. Speak to "Other Me" and select "15D?", then return.
  • Enter the near room on the left. Speak to "Other Me" and select "He had the cutest cat named Dinah", then return.
  • Speak to "Other Me" in the main corridor and say "Mr Morgan?".
  • Enter the middle room on the right. Speak to "Other Me" and select "Cinnamon!", then return.
  • Enter the far room on the right. Speak to "Other Me" and select "Umm... She passed away", then return.
  • Enter the middle room on the left. Speak to "Other Me" and select "The Long Done Day?", then return.
  • Enter the far room on the left. Speak to "Other Me" and select "He had a bit of a drinking problem...", then return.
  • Speak to "Other Me" in the main corridor Permit A39, Please.

Enter the elevator at the end of the corridor Home At Last.

Save your game because there are two different endings available. When you reach the scene with Amber and Red, click on Amber and watch Red approach for a while, then click on Red and select to use the sword. Now just wait until Amber reaches Red Groundhog Day. Load your game, then repeat this scene but select the red cloth instead of the sword He's Gone.

If you have found all other achievements you will now receive the final one True Detective.