Bargon AttackBargon Attack

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1992

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  4/23/2004

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Bargon Attack is a sci-fi adventure from Coktel Vision, set in a dystopian future where an alien race known as the Bargon have taken over the Earth. You play the role of a programmer who has decided to fight back against the aliens.


Examine the umbrella and pick up the rusty key that falls to the ground. Use the rusty key on the trunk, then take everything out of the trunk and it will land on the ground. Take a button from the grey coat. Use the button on the piggybank. Take "leaflet 1" from the guy here, then board the escalator.

Open the red bike's saddle and take the 3 tools from inside. Open the door and enter the computer room, then pick up the coin from between the computers. Climb up to the top floor and use your coin in the telescope. Look at the poster on the side of the building in the distance, and write down the symbols you see here. Now use your screwdriver on the manhole so you can pick up the Shoot program. Go back downstairs and lock the door with your key micro, then go right.

Enter the apartment and take the compressed air pump and Nono's key. Go to the building site and pick up the jackhammer, then use this on the badge in the ground to get it. Use Nono's key with the scooter. Use your pump to fix the tyre puncture and you will drive away.


Enter the bar and talk to the men here, then go through the back door. Pick up a billiard cue and use the table 3 times, then pick up the small key. Use this on the display case. Pick up the top left trophy and you will shake it. Pick up the twisted key from the ground and use this on the private door. Flip the switch in the private room, then flip the switch on the wall in the main room and pick up leaflet 2 (which falls to the floor from the ceiling fan). Go back out to the bar and pay for your drink to get some coins. Head back outside.

Enter the bakery and buy some liquorice. Go back outside and over to the garage. Use your 2 leaflets beneath the door, then use the liquorice on the lock to push out the key and you will get into the garage.

Examine the top left spanner on the bottom right board to see a hollow behind it. Now examine the console to the right to see On and Off buttons. Put your badge in the small hollow to the right of the On button. Now go up the stairs and look at the wall closet. Take the spanner and use this on the hollow you found earlier. Examine the console again and press the Off button to go down.

Pick up the remote control from the table and use it on the trunk to open it. Take the hood from the trunk, then use the remote control to close it again. Use the remote control to open the rear door, then put the remote back on the table. Get in the car and close the door.


Walk over to the cave entrance (avoid the grey lake) and pick up the arm unit from next to the skeleton; you will automatically put it on and insert the Shoot program. Use the arm unit (shoot) on the grey guard on the steps twice, then climb the stairs and take the Mutate program. Go left through the cave to arrive at the bottom again, then go over to the right and use the arm unit (mutate) on the sand. Dive in to the water.

At the arcade sequence, click on the credits, then shoot the small crabs. Once you reach the fountain, mutate both fountain heads and the right fountain's paw, then quickly shoot the paw. Pick up the gloves, then leave to the right.


Take the book from the top right corner and open it to find the Translate program. Continue right and translate the OZO graffiti. Mutate the 1st, 3rd and 6th statue heads to open the secret passage, then try to walk through but bars will come down and block you. Press the button in the second O of OZO, then go through the secret passage.

Pull the first ring to reveal a dry fountain, then shoot the skull and take the phial from behind it. Go right and play the harp to get a message from the statue. Press the left button on the panel to the right. Return left and pull the right ring when the boulder is near to make it fall down. Pull the ring again to close the hole, then use the empty phial on the fountain to fill it up. Go right again. Mutate each of the 9 points on the panel to match the poster from the start of the game (from top to bottom: Square-Cross-Triangle, Triangle-Square-Cross, Cross-Triangle-Square). Now press the second button on the panel and go through the passage.

Use your phial of water on the plant. Walk over and examine the locked drawers on the right, then walk to the stone slabs in the middle of the floor and Amenophis will talk to you. When you walk on each of the 6 slabs the arm-band will change color. Turn it black and mutate the arm-band. Turn it white and mutate the arm-band again, and finally turn it red and mutate the arm-band. Take the disk from the drawer that opens. Go to the door on the right, which is locked. Go back to the slabs and turn the arm-band yellow then mutate it, then turn it blue and mutate it again. Exit to the right.

Examine the eye of the statue and take the token you find. Mutate the flywheel on the back wall, then use the panel in the elevator (Top-Left, Middle, Bottom-Right). Translate the graffiti here, then use the panel (Top-Middle, Middle, Bottom-Middle). Press the button that appears. Now walk to the pillar with graffiti and use the blue token on the imprint next to it - you will automatically head right.


Quickly wear the hood after the cutscene. Shoot the flowers and take the new one that appears. Go up the stairs on the left and through the door to reach the balcony. Hold the flower in the light on the right wall to be teleported. Walk right and shoot the Bargonian soldier, then use the keyboard on the right to trap the crab. Now mutate the right milestone and walk on to the tiles to cross over the red gravel. Enter the gate and you will reach the planet Bargon.

Walk forward and shoot the creatures (one will escape to the right). Head right to leave the cave. Translate the writing on the stela. Walk one step to the right and then walk down until you sink into the water, but you will be saved. Wait on the turtle creature until it carries you off to the right.

Walk right slowly until you can just see your reflection in the milestone. Mutate the milestone to transform into a Bargonian. Continue right and you will transform back into your normal form. Walk to the 3rd section of the footbridge and mutate it to travel down. Press the right red button here, then get back on the footbridge and mutate it again. In the next room, shoot the seat to kill the Bargonian sitting there, then sit down. After the cutscene, shoot the Bargonian that appears on the right. Enter the elevator on the right and use it to go up. Quickly go to the middle control panel. Press the button beneath the disk drives, then use your save program in disk unit 3. Get back in the elevator and go down again, then head right.