Asfalia: AngerAsfalia: Anger

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  1/10/2024

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Asfalia: Anger is a third-person point and click adventure. You play as Charlie, a boy is overcome with anger and then sucked through a vortex into the fantastic world of Asfalia. You must now save Asfalia from an imminent disaster in order to return to your normal life.


13 Stickers

Pick up the ball (1/51). Look in the mailbox (2/51) and the dog house (3/51), and examine the boat in the stream (4/51). Now head into the house.

Examine the cactus on top of the fridge. Look at Baya's food bowl (5/51), then wash your hands in the sink (6/51). Click on the kettle to make it boil (7/51), then examine Baya the dog on the right (8/51). Pick up the stool, then return to the left and take the leash from near the door (9/51). Try using both the ball and the leash on Baya. Go upstairs to the right.

Examine the green snake on the floor to the left (10/51), then the green costume hanging on the wall to the right (11/51). Open the chest to get Baya's favorite toy (12/51). Click on the alarm clock by your bed until it rings (13/51). Return downstairs and give the toy to Baya.


8 Stickers

Examine the star on the ground just to the north (14/51), then continue north until you can see far into the distance. Look at the red volcano in the background (15/51). Click on the cactus on top of the machine to the left (16/51), then on the machine itself - it is a printer with nothing to print. Go through the archway on the right.

Look at the musical symbols (17/51). Go to the right and grab the cable that is hanging down, then plug this into the screen further to the right. After the conversation with the 3 desserts finishes (18/51), click on the cactus to the far bottom right of the area (19/51). Click on the large hole just to the left to see a paper boat floating up into the air (20/51).

Draw anything you want on the monitor. Talk to the 3 desserts again, then return west. Use the printer to get a printout (21/51), then return down through the archway again. Give the printout to the 3 desserts. Go through the opening in the central dessert.

Achy Forest

5 Stickers

Examine the ball, who is stuck in the ground. Head right until you path is blocked by an aggressive plant. Pick up the stick from the left, which turns out to be a magic wand. Use this on the aggressive plant to the right (22/51).

Pick up the magic wand again and use this on the ball to free it from the ground. While you are here, click on the black lizard as it runs around a rock in the background (23/51).

Go right and use the ball on the aggressive plant (24/51). Click on each of the 3 holes in the tall rock behind where the plant use to be standing (25/51). Continue right and examine the snake (26/51), then use the elevator.

Mr Cactus

2 Stickers

Ring the bell to call the postman (27/51). Ring the bell again (28/51). Go back down in the elevator.

Salmon Party

5 Stickers

Go right to enter the party. Talk to the nearby salmon wearing sunglasses. Examine the electrical box to the southwest of the room - drag the 4 colored wires from the left to the matching symbols on the right (29/51). Click on all of the dark blue crystals to light them up and make a disco ball appear (30/51).

Examine the 2 salmon having a drink together (31/51). Talk to the DJ on the right (32/51) and (33/51), then continue through the opening in the back right.

Musical Bridge

3 Stickers

Change the channel on the large TV screen 4 times (34/51). Click on the colored buttons beneath the TV in this order to raise the bridge: red, blue, yellow, green. Click on each of the colored buttons one more time (35/51). Talk to the barrel on the far right (36/51). Continue to the far right past the windmill.

Lava Lake

9 Stickers

Go right and examine the bone that is half stuck into the ground (37/51). Continue up and look through the viewfinder. Read each of the signs near the lake (38/51). Examine the blue snake to the right (39/51), then click on the salmon statue to the far right 3 times (40/51). Go down the steps and collect the flag, then go back up the steps again.

Talk to each of the teacups in the lake, and the right one will take you to the other side. Pick up the coil of rope. Go left and talk to the knife and fork - click on the fallen post just to the right to tie the other end of the rope here.

Talk to the large toad on the right (41/51). Go back and talk to the fork again (42/51). Use the flag on the pole. Talk to the large toad again (43/51). After returning back to the other side, talk to the large teapot that was previously blocking the lava (44/51). Go and look through the viewfinder again (45/51). Exit to the left.

The Dam

2 Stickers

Talk to the barrel on the right, then talk to the fork (46/51). Head left into the cave and talk to the DJ, then continue left and use the elevator. Ring the bell and you will end up with a needle. Go back down in the elevator and give the needle to the DJ. Continue out to the bridge again.

Talk to the barrel once more. Now examine the tree to the left and you will end up with a hammer (47/51).

Flower Blooming

0 Stickers

Back up with Mr Cactus, ring the bell.


4 Stickers

Talk to the professor. Just to the right, click on the small star to the left of the radio (48/51). Continue right and talk to the professor again (49/51). Head over the floating bridge to the right. Insert your wooden spoon into the wooden box on the ground beneath the red arrow. Click on the floating blue sprites in the air (50/51).

Use the radio, and more of the blue sprites will appear. Enter the machine where the blue sprites disappear. Use your hammer to hit all the blue sprites, until you have hit the king 3 times (51/51).


0 Stickers

Just watch as you leave Asfalia and return back home.


0 Stickers

Click on the glowing star near your window, then follow it outside to the left.