Game Details:  Fantasy, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  3/2/2021

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Arrog is a short enigmatic hand-drawn puzzle adventure. It tells the tale of a man who must learn to accept his death through a series of dream-like sequences. There are 12 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Click 3 times to reveal parts of the forest during a storm. When you see the constellation, line up the rings to complete the pattern fully Schema.

Click on the man to make him shine his torch. Drag the piece of the path up in line with the break in the path from the star. Repeat this with two more pieces of the path. Keep going and you will need to choose from different path options 4 times:

  • Select the middle path
  • Select the left path
  • Select the right path

Click on the star to light up the ground ahead, then make two more choices:

  • Select the right path
  • Select the middle path Guidance

Click on all of the clouds to make them disappear. After the title vanishes, click on the mountain.


Light all 4 of the candles. Click on the man lying down, then quickly and repeatedly click on the rocks to make them crumble. If you run out of time, just click on the man and then on the rocks again until they are all gone It's time.

Click on the star twice, and the scene will change to show a lighthouse at the top of the mountain. Click on the lighthouse to see inside it. Change the two dark shapes in the middle until they fit together and vanish, then turn the wheel so the capybara takes the light up to the top Gateway.

Touch each of the 4 stars, and they will appear in the dark room. Now click on them in the same order they appear (top-right, left, middle, bottom-right). Click on the capybara Remember, then take its bucket.

In this section you need to click on the men to perform their tasks in the correct order:

  1. The man with the axe, to chop down some trees
  2. The man with the spear, to hunt an animal
  3. The man with the wood, to build a bridge
  4. The man with the axe, to chop down some more trees
  5. The man with the spear, to hunt another animal
  6. The white man, to hunt the final animal
  7. The two men with staffs, to get rid of the storm

Drag the sun down towards the hole Focal.

Click on the open window in the tower, then on the capybara to reveal another puzzle. Here you just need to rotate the path pieces so they form 2 paths, each starting and ending with a star. Drag the tower down until you reach another open window. Click on the capybara and solve another puzzle, this time forming 3 paths. Drag the tower the other way and head inside again. Click on the capybara and solve another set of 3 paths Let Go.

Repeatedly click on the base of the tower until it lifts up, then click on the chains until they all break Freedom.

Click on the windows that reveal the same color (2 blue, 4 green, 3 red, 4 purple) Combination.


Click on the colored symbols above the musicians' heads in the order shown above. After you complete each line, it will be invisible but will still need to be played next time:

  • First Line: Blue, red, orange
  • Second Line: Orange, red, green, green, red
  • Third Line: Blue, yellow, orange, red, orange, purple, green Composition

Click on the green dot in the coffin, then watch the final scene Arrog.

To get the final achievement, start a new game Full circle.