Harry at the End of the World

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2018

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/13/2019

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Apocalipsis: Harry at the End of the World is a dialog-free third person puzzle adventure. You play as Harry, a young man who has just lost his love and will do anything to get her back. After completing a level, you can use the map feature to return and play it again if you have missed anything. This walkthrough includes the One Night in the Woods DLC. There are 22 Steam Achievements, between the main game and DLC, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Home Land


Pick up the lever from the ground on the right. Use this on the gallows, then pull the lever to raise the body. Take the spear from the girl's hands and use it on the rat, then offer this to the black creature in the tree, and you will follow it to the right.


Take the hand and sphere from the left shelves. Pick up 4 candles from the floor, and the flower (1/7) from the basket on the right. Pick up the ladder from the left and use it on the back shelves, then climb up to get the knife. Open the closed cupboard here and take a book from inside. Use the knife on the hanging bat, then put the bat through the grinder to get bat dust.

Place the four candles around the edge of the pentagram on the floor. Place the hand in the middle, then add the sphere and finally the bat dust. Place the book on the pedestal in the back left of the room, then use the book Magic.

Castle Moat

Take the ladder and place it so you can climb down into the dry part of the moat. Go through the opening in the right wall. Pick up the long wooden plank and two gears, then place the gears in position. Now turn the gears so that the water drains from the moat down through the pipes to the bottom right. Return to the left. Use the ladder to climb up to the left, then place it over the first part of the moat and cross over. Pick up the ladder, then use the board to cross the second moat. Use the ladder to climb up to the castle.


Go up to the top level. Open the two closed iron maidens and take the daggers from the mouths, then also pick up the dagger from the floor of the left iron maiden. Go down and then further down through the left doorway to reach a lower level. Examine the crates on the right and you will see a puzzle involving the 3 daggers; simply select the symbol beneath each dagger that is not depicted on the dagger itself. Take the poison flask, then go back up to the top level. Switch your poison flask with the guards bottle. Wait for him to drink, then take the keys.

Go down to the lowest level and use the key on the padlock, then pick up the heavy weight. Return and hang this on the hook to open the grate. Go left and pick up the meat, then give this to the dog. Leave to the right.


Pick up the two pieces of paper from the ground and hang them on the wall to the left. Now look through the spyglass on the left to get a closer view of the buildings. Move the gun to the far left, set the angle to 15 degrees and pull the lever to fire. Move the gun once to the right, set the angle to 55 degrees and pull the lever to fire again. Move the gun once more to the right, set the angle to 35 degrees and pull the lever to fire one last time. There is an achievement if you don't miss any of the 3 shots Soldier.

Under Fire

Run to the right, avoiding the explosions. Go down the stairs at the end, then go left at the bottom to collect another flower (2/7). Leave via the passage to the right. There is an achievement if you don't get hit at all during this level Evasion.

Dead Fish

Pick up the ladder from the left. Knock the legs of the corpse above, and a key will fall down to the ground. Take the knife blade from the massive fish's eye. Use the ladder on the side of the fish so that you can climb down. Now pick up the knife handle (you will combine this with the blade automatically), the key and a flower (3/7) from over on the left. Use your knife on the small moving fish, then use the knife on it again until you have 8 pieces of fish. Give the 8 pieces of fish to the 8-headed bird, then use your key on its shackles. Use the key on the lock in close-up view, then arrange the gears on the bottom 4 pegs to free the creature.

At Sea

Boarding the Ship

Take the sword hilt from the captain at the rear of the ship. Remove the mask from the hooded figure near the front of the ship, then take the sword blade. Also pick up the hammer just to the left. Use the blade and hilt on the anvil, then hit it with the hammer and take the fixed sword. Use this sword on the arm of the corpse 3 times, then use the sword to scare away the bird that appears. Now go and poke the bird so that it spits out an insect; while this distracts the rat, take the bag of gold coins from behind it. Give the bag of coins to the captain.


Pick up the rope, mop and bucket. Use the bucket with the side of the ship to fill it with water, then use the mop on the bucket. Look at the constellation shown on the floor of the ship, and find it in the sky (just right of the mid-point of the mast). Look through the telescope and click on the correct constellation, noting the symbols displayed on the left. Go over to the panel on the right and select the correct 5 symbols across the top to match these, and select their mirror images across the bottom. There is an achievement if you get this right on the first try Astronomer.

Below Deck

Ring the bell at the top right, then immediately go and stand by the cannon. Once the guard heads towards the bell, go down one level and take the fuse from the chest on the right. Also grab the long ramming rod from the left. Go down another level and pick up a cannonball from the left, then use it in the dark resin barrel to cover it. Go back up and use the cannonball on the metal fragments to the left. Go up again and use the ramming rod on the cannon, then load your spiked cannonball. Pull the lever to move the cannon, then use your fuse on it Cannoneer.


Click left and right to dodge the tentacles from below, then the debris from above, then both at once. There is an achievement if you don't get hit at all during this level Diver.


Pick up the axe from the left, and also take the board and leaf to create a paddle. Now notice the shape of the next missing piece from your raft and grab it with your axe as it floats past. Repeat this until the shape of the raft is complete, then also grab the floating toolbox with your axe. Use the axe on the toolbox to get a hammer, then use the hammer on the raft to complete it.

Paddle over and take the knife from the chest at the top right. Use this on the barrel below, and a fish will push you to safety.

New Shores

The Beach

Pick up the board and knife. Go left and use the board to knock down the basket. Pick up the basket and rope, and you will automatically create a backpack and wear it. Pick up 2 blunt bones from the dead animals and one sharpened bone from the rock on the right. Put each of the blunt bones into the rock on the right and use the knife to sharpen them, so you should now have 3 sharpened bones. Use these in the holes in the cliff to climb up.

Bridges & Gates

Pick up the 2 weights from the ground and attach them both to the right chain. Take the weight from the left chain and attach it to the middle chain. Now climb up the ladder and proceed left.

Pick up the smoker and use it on the insects. Climb back down the ladder and go left again. Examine one of the insects to break off a piece. Pick up another flower (4/7). Use the piece of insect on the puzzle in the wall to the left. You need to now solve the puzzle by moving the rings from the left to the right. The optimal solution is as follows:

  1. Move left to middle
  2. Move left to right
  3. Move middle to right
  4. Move left to the middle
  5. Move right to left
  6. Move right to middle
  7. Move left to middle
  8. Move left to right
  9. Move middle to right
  10. Move middle to left
  11. Move right to left
  12. Move middle to right
  13. Move left to middle
  14. Move left to right
  15. Move middle to right

There is an achievement for completing this within 15 moves Tower of Hanoi.


Pick up the twigs from the ground, then turn the handle on the well and take the bucket. Also pick up the flint from the ground on the left, and the shovel from inside the hut. Head to the far left and take the Y-shaped branch from the dead tree. Use this branch and walk slowly to the right until you find where it vibrates the strongest. Use your shovel here 4 times to find water, then fill up your bucket. Use the bucket of water on the dried wheat to the left, then take the new wheat. Also pick up another flower (5/7) from beneath the dead tree.

Return right and use the wheat on the stone just behind the woman to make dough. Put the dough in the oven here. Put your twigs in the bottom of the oven and light them with your flint. Take the bread from the oven and give it to the woman - you will automatically follow her to the left.

Raised Bull

Go to the right and take the stem from the plant. Climb up to the bull and take the knife, then use it to cut the bull free. Now tickle the back of the bull with the stem and it will run to the left. Head left as well and pick up the post with the chain, as well as the chopped wood. Pick up the flint further to the left. Put the wood into the fire pit, then light it with your flint. Put the stem into the hanging pot. Once it has turned to black ink, take it out again and use it on the bull.

Watch the creature further to the left; when it walks away from you, use your post and chain on the chain just in front of the bull and you will trap it. Pick up the key further to the left and use it to free the woman.

Stone & Grain

Climb down the ladder and move the 3 baskets to lie beneath the others; they should be trident, circle and incomplete trident (from left to right). Now climb back up and take the lever from the stone mouth. Climb down both ladders and use the lever in the gate, then open it. Pick up the piles of leaves and use them on the few leaves just to the right, so the woman will jump down to meet you.

Click on the woman until she retrieves a long bone for you. Take this and throw it at the birds in the tree - now the woman will pick up the fallen feather and use it to reveal some faces in the cave to the left. Follow her around the cave. Pick up the 4 pieces of a puzzle and place them into the broken fresco to the left - there is an achievement for doing this without any mistakes Stonemason. Now click on the 3 faces on the fresco that match the ones inside the cave.

Realm of the Dead

The River

Pick up the poison flask from the boat, then go right and give it to the woman Angel of Death. Close the lid on her coffin, then use the chains to lift it up. Go up to the top level and grab the 5 coins from the left. Walk over to the spiral pattern at the top right and click to look more closely. Starting at the eye symbol in the middle, look at the first 5 symbols spiraling outwards and insert the only one missing into the 3rd place from your inventory (looks like an infinity symbol with a vertical line in the middle). Now look at the next 5 symbols spiraling outwards, and again insert the only one missing (looks like a circle with a cross to the left side).

You can now take 2 coins from the spiral pattern. Go to the top left and use both coins in the pipes to pay the toll to the boat man. Go back to the right and spin the 3 wheels in order to lower the mechanism (middle, right, right and then left). Pull the lever just to the left and the coffin will move over to the boat. Climb back down and pull the other lever here.

Spider Door

Pick up a hand from the body parts on the right and put it on the pile beneath the spider. Walk over and pick a mushroom from the left, and the spider will eat the hand. Pick up another hand from the right. Put it on the middle pile again, then quickly use the mushroom on it. Walk to the left and the spider will eat the new hand and get poisoned.

Pick another flower (6/7) from above the mushrooms. Try to open the door. Now you need to click on the bolts around the door in the right order to open the door:

  1. Middle right
  2. Lower right
  3. Top left
  4. Top right
  5. Lower left

Open the door and you will go through.

Bone Organ

Pick up the bag from the ground, the horn from near the skeleton on the left, and the skull from the organ keys. Now go through the door on the right of the organ. Pick up another skull, some bone from next to the organ keys, and the final flower (7/7) Absinthium. Use your bag on the handle to the left, and insert the horn into the hole above it. Place your two skulls on top of the tuning forks, in line with their matching skulls above.

Use the bag, and pay attention to which keys generate the melody. Go back out the front and insert your piece of bone into the broken pipe. Now play the melody you just heard (press the white keys only, and if numbered from the right press keys 7, 2, 4 and 9). There is an achievement for getting this correct on the first try Chopin.

There is another achievement if you come back to this level again and play a different melody quite quickly (press keys 10, 6, 7, 10) Behemoth.

Giant Snake

Take the 2 bowls from the snake's ears, and pick up all 3 eggs. Now examine the snake's fangs. You need to press pairs of consecutive numbers, and in a specific order. One solution is: I, 2, XI, 12, III, 4, IX, 10, V, 6, VII, 8. There is an achievement for getting this correct on the first try God of Snakes. Now solve the sliding puzzle on the left - from the starting position, move these pieces:

  1. Bottom middle
  2. Middle
  3. Top middle
  4. Top left
  5. Middle left
  6. Middle
  7. Middle right
  8. Bottom left

Insert your key into the lock that is revealed.

Time Chamber

Go over and collect the body parts of the flying creature, then put them back in their correct positions to bring the creature to life. After it takes an hourglass from the left and puts it into the small alcove on the right, take the half-spent hourglass from the right and place it into the small alcove on the left. Now examine the pipes and turn them to connect the top left with the bottom left.


Pick up the insect from the large right dial. Also take the 5 broken pieces of the right star pattern, then put them back in their correct positions. Now spin the circles on the left until you can read the writing; make sure you keep spinning the middle part until the skull disappears. Examine the central pillar and enter the word MEDICAMEN, then take the chalice. Put the chalice beneath the table, and put the insect on top of the table. Pay attention to the 2 symbols inside the large dials, then head out to the left.

Pick the 2 flowers that match the symbols, then go back inside and use them on the insect. Now you have 2 possible endings to the main game:

  • Drink from the chalice The End?.
  • If you have collected all 7 flowers, put a flower on the insect. Now drink from the chalice. Use the empty chalice to smash the mirror True Ending.

One Night in the Woods


Take the shovel head from the side of the house. Move the shovel handle on the bench next to the house and use the shovel head on the handle.. Open the window and the door, then go inside.

Pick up the jar of glue and the pot plant, then also pick up the flint from the ground here. Open the chest and look at the papers inside to get a hint on what to do for Harry. Use the flint on the fireplace to start a fire. Go and collect the clippers from the hook on the wall near Harry. Place the pot plant on the bench to the left of the pot and it will grow. Take the leaves from it and put them into the pot. Head back outside.

Use the jar of glue on the broken shovel, then pick it up. Go left and use this on the pile of rocks, then take the arm. Return inside and put this into the pot on the stove. Take the pot and give it to Harry, then use the clippers to cut his hair Goodnight.


Ignore the bridge for now and go to the left. Take the shepherd's crook while he is looking away. Go right to find a wolf stuck in a trap; use the crook to free it, then use your candle and it will run away to the left Bark and Bite. Head left and take the shepherd's flute. Go back down to the bridge and use the flute on the bird in the tree. If you number the fingers from left to right, press these fingers: 4, 2, 3. There is an achievement for getting this right on the first attempt Perfect Pitch.

Pick up the handle and use it on the left side of the bridge, then examine the puzzle below. You need to get the white slider from the left side to the right side. The fastest method is as follows:

  • Press the red button, then click the white slider
  • Press the green button, then click the white slider
  • Press the blue button, then click the white slider

There is another achievement for doing this perfectly on the first attempt Slide and Unlock. Cross over the bridge and go to the right.


Use the fire and you will pick up a flaming torch. Pick up the large bucket, then go to the right. Use your candle on the moon to collect the moonlight. Now climb up the stairs to the top of the waterfall. Pick up the two stones blocking the flow of water, and place them on either side of the flow out the bottom - this will divert all water to the side passage. There is an achievement for doing this perfectly on the first attempt Italian Sidejob.

Use your flaming torch on the vines. Look at the symbols beneath each of the demons here. Pick up the dagger and collect water in your bucket, then return to the left. Put fire in the left chalice and water in the second chalice. Use the dagger on the third chalice, and the moonlight on the final chalice Demonology.

Place Harry's hair into the waiting hands of the final demon, then use your candle on the portal A Deal with the Devil.