A Painter's TaleA Painter's Tale

Curon, 1950

Game Details:  Adventure, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/1/2021

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

A Painter's Tale: Curon, 1950 is a fantasy adventure game with a historical flair. You play as Tommaso, a painter who is visiting the old flooded town of Curon, to paint the only visible remnant of the town: the church steeple. After being suddenly dragged into the lake, you wake up to find yourself back in time before the town was flooded. There are 5 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


After the conversation, pick up your backpack, then look at your painting, and the Lake Reschen sign. Follow the path down to the jetty, then head out towards the lake.

Act 1

Talk to Ida, then go upstairs. Look at the paintings here. Examine the bed and the picture, then use the wardrobe to get changed. Go downstairs to briefly meet Father Alfred. Head right into the pantry and search each of the shelves to get some cheese and speck. Leave the pantry and you will automatically sit down and eat. After another conversation, head outside A new beginning.

Head away from the house, towards the town to the left. Follow the sign towards the Taverne, then enter the inn. Talk to the innkeeper and order a coffee. Go and examine the newspaper on the table nearby, then take the cheese from the counter before leaving.

Go back out to the main road. Go to the far end of the road, then up the stairs and into the hotel. Look at the painting in the lobby, then ring the bell at the reception desk to meet Heinrich and talk more about the painting. Return outside.

Continue along the road and enter the church. Head towards the altar and talk to Father Alfred, then leave the church again. After Ida finds you, she will ask you to translate a sign for the townspeople:

The authorities order the general eviction of the town by the end of next summer. It has been decided that the waters will no longer be raised, as previously communicated, by 5 metres but by 22 metres: therefore we inform the citizenry of the imminent flooding of the whole area of the town of Curon. You must abandon your houses and release pastures and stables.

Run after Ida, then try to enter her house, but she isn't there. Follow the path to the right to find her. Talk to Ida End of Act 1.


Run to the far right until you reach the cemetery.

Act 2

After the conversation, head outside and go to the main road, then approach the inn. Talk to the peasant here, then go inside. Talk to the innkeeper, then go around the corner and talk to the Carabinieri. Leave again, and you will automatically go back to Ida's house. Once Father Alfred leaves, go upstairs and talk to Ida again.

In the next scene, you will automatically return to the hotel. When Heinrich is distracted, go behind the reception desk and look at the hotel register, then search the pigeon holes. Go upstairs and enter room 8. Search the wardrobe, then turn on the lamp and search the desk. Search the night table. Turn on the switch on the wall, then search the bed pillow. Turn both lights off again, then head back downstairs End of Act 2.


Run to the far right, then continue further right.

Act 3

Talk to Ida, then follow her along the path. Continue past her house, and make your way to the church. Once you are inside, make your way up between the pews, then down the main path between them, across to the left and up between more pews so you can get close to Gorini at the front of the church. Once you get near him, you will all head outside.

When you have control of Ida, run back to your house and go inside. Pick up the painting.

As Tommaso again, run down the path to the left until you reach the water End of Act 3.


Run back along the jetty and up to the platform, then look at the painting Now I remember.