Year:  2018

Genre:  Comedy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

AntVentor is a humorous adventure set in the world of ants. You play as yourself, interfering in the life of Florantin, an ant with a flair for inventions and a desire to see the world. There is no speech during the main part of the game, with Florantin interacting with you via gestures and facial expressions. There are 13 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Ant Nest

Click on Florantin to wake him up, then pull down the left postage stamp from the wall. Open the door to the invention, then click on the gears inside to break it. Now you can control Florantin.

Examine all 3 postage stamps, then take a smaller rolled up stamp from a hole behind the one on the left. Close the door on the invention and climb up the ladder to the top, taking some spare parts. Climb down the ladder and you will automatically fart while you are straining to lift up the corner of the collapsed invention. Take the ladder now that it serves no purpose here. Also take the chair, the needle and thread, and the red button. Use the chair to prop up the corner of the invention, then put your ladder in the hole and look down - it is too far. Combine your thread and spare parts in your inventory, then use this on the ladder and climb down.

After cowering from the sentry on the left, take the firefly from the wall to the right and start walking to the left. Click on the roots hanging from the tunnel ceiling to the left of the sentry, then quickly head left while he is distracted. Pull open the trapdoor above where the sentry was standing, and he will return. Click on the roots to distract the sentry again, then climb up through the trapdoor to find a young worker. Take the brown button from here, then climb back down. Distract the sentry once more, then run back to the right.

Continue right past the ladder to find a new area. Pull a bent spoon out of the dirt to the right of the old worker here. Go back to the left, distract the sentry, and climb up to the young worker. Put your bent spoon down in front of him and he will straighten it out for you Exploiter. Pick up the straight spoon. Climb down and distract the sentry, then hide behind the pillar to the left. Now hang your firefly at the far left end of the tunnel, and stick your postage stamp beneath it. Distract the sentry again, and he will go over to look at the stamp. While he is there, use your spoon to collect the pile of dirt from beneath the young worker. The sentry will slip over on the wet floor and come back again Roly-Poly. Distract the sentry again, then head right. Collect another pile of dirt from beneath your room, then continue right to the old worker. Wait until he falls asleep, then immediately steal his pile of dirt Sneaky Thief.

Go left, distract the sentry and hide behind the pillar to the left. Combine your 3 piles of dirt, then put them in front of the postage stamp on the left. Distract the sentry one last time, and he will sit there comfortably Distractor. Now head through the hole.


Walk right beneath the spider and pick up a small round stone, before heading through the hole. Head left along the moss-covered branch and continue along and up until you can pick up a small curved twig. Keep going until you see the group of crows with the iPod. Backtrack to the right, then take another branch down to the left. The first time you go right down here you will see a crow in its nest, guarding a substitute piece of machinery that you need. Go down towards that crow 3 times, each time returning automatically because you are scared Coward.

Head back to the right now, and up the steps to continue further right. Use your curved twig to knock down the acorn cup. Climb up the tree to the left and out on to a smaller branch. Try to pull the 2 acorns free, but you will need a knife to cut them off. Climb back down to the previous level, and climb down some more along a narrow leafy twig until you fall out of the tree.

Unscrew the lid on the toothpaste. Pick the pink flower just over to the right, and take the Y-shaped twig from the right side of the same plant. Enter the bottle of sleeping tablets to the right. Use your Y-shaped twig to collect the larva, and also pick up the light globe from the left. Use your stone on the round bowl on the right 5 times Bully. Go back outside, then go left and climb back into the tree.

Head right along the woody branch and take a crow feather. Return to the left, then go through the hole to return back to the spider. Take the loose web thread from the right of the web. Now try holding your larva in front of the spider 5 times Delegator. Shoot the larva up to the leaf above the right side of the web, and a dew drop will fall on to the spider's head. Go back through the hole to the right.

Head to the far left, where you saw the crows with the iPod earlier. Combine the web and your curved twig to make a bow. Combine the needle and crow feather to make an arrow, then combine both to make a complete bow and arrow. Use this to shoot the iPod, and the crow will end up dropping it. Go back to the right and through the hole to the spider.

The headphone will now be near the spider, so follow the cable down to find the iPod and click the play button DJ. Head back to the spider, which is now calmly listening to classical music. Go back to the iPod and click the next button. While you are here, take the small leafy branch. Go back to the spider, which is still relatively calm. Return to the iPod and click the next button, then go up to the spider and it will shake vigorously enough for the dew drop to fall to the leaf below. Place your toothpaste lid on the ground near the tip of the leaf, then touch the leaf and pick up the toothpaste lid containing dew. Combine your new leafy branch with your pick flower, then use this on the larva and collect it again.

Head left from here to return inside.

Ant Nest

Climb up to the young worker and get him to crush your light bulb. Climb down and leave the ant nest again.


Head right past the spider and through the hole. Continue right, then climb down to the ground. Head over to the fallen acorn cup. Combine the two buttons with your stick, then use this on the acorn cup.

Enter the bottle of sleeping tablets and give the toothpaste lid to the old lady Sycophant. Examine the framed pictures and you will automatically go back and talk to her. Head right and try to lift the stack of pills. Some time around now you should have farted 5 times Stinky. Give the larva to the old lady, then take her discarded knitting (and knitting needle). Combine the knitting needle with your thread, then add this to your long stick. Go outside and push the acorn cup on wheels to get it inside, then push the stack of pills over so they fall into it. Push the acorn cup back outside.

Climb up the tree on the left, then climb higher and out on to the smaller branch with the two acorns. Attach the knitting to the branch just above the acorns, then put your round stone into the knitting. Climb back down to the larger branch below. Some time around now you should have fallen over 10 times - if not, just go up and down the ledges here until you do Clumsy.

Climb back down to the ground and use your hook on a stick to grab the knitting, then tie it around the acorn cup. Climb up to the top again and use the broken light bulb to cut the knitting - this will propel the acorn cup upwards. If you managed to complete the game without using a hint, you will get another achievement Smart Pants. To get the final achievement, just keep playing the game for a total of 300 minutes Sluggish.