Anna's QuestAnna's Quest

Year:  2015

Genre:  Fantasy

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Anna's Quest is a traditional fantasy point-and-click adventure game. There are 39 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Chapter 1: A Little Experiment

High Tower

Walk over towards the door, then go and sit in the red chair on the right. When asked, look at the spoon in the bowl of soup, then pick it up. In your inventory, use telekinesis on the spoon to bend it. Now hold the spoon up in front of the camera. After the witches leave, talk to Ben (the teddy bear). Look at the bed and pillow. Pick up the art stuff to get a blue crayon and yellow paint, and also grab the scissors. Look at the soup, then use telekinesis on it Fussy eater. Try to take the unicorn's horn, then use the scissors on it. Look at the doll, then use the crayon and yellow paint on it Makeover.

Pick up the rubber ball, then use the scissors on it to cut it in half. Look at the large machine on the right, then open it with the unicorn horn. Pick up the electric device with the half rubber ball. Use telekinesis on the camera, then on the door, and now you can leave the room Escape artist. Go downstairs, then use telekinesis on the front door to keep the witch outside.

Chapter 2: The Great Escape

High Tower

Leave the room and look at the rat with the key, then head downstairs. Open both desk drawers to get string, a heart-shaped key and a paperweight. Look at the painting to notice it hides a lock, and look at the cat to notice it looks tired. Try to go upstairs, and you will meet Joringel's ghost. Lift up the left edge of the carpet, then take some mold from the drain. Combine this with your yellow paint to get some cheese, then go upstairs and give this to the rat so you end up with its key. Go back downstairs and use this on the painting to reveal a safe - Joringel will give you some more useful information.

Go back up to your room and take the pillow, then click on the candy (1/12). Look at the pillow in your inventory to see it is quite flat, then use the unicorn again to get some stuffing, and put it into the pillow. Use your scissors on the curtains, then use the curtain on the pillow to complete it. Go back down and give this to the cat, then take the diamond from around its neck. Use the diamond on the safe to partly unlock it.

Go back upstairs and look at the sink to see some witch's hair blocking it further down. Turn the tap to see that it works, and take the witch's hat. Go right into your bedroom and use the heart-shaped key on the box to get a broken recorder. Use telekinesis on the speaker over the door to get it, and use this to fix the recorder. Look at this in your inventory Singstar. Go back downstairs and use the recorder on the door, then on the safe to open it - you will get an amulet, blueprint, book and portrait, and will end up in the basement.

Talk to the mirror, then search the bookcase on the left and read all of the available books Book Worm. Look at the parchment by the stairs, and look at the book stand, then take the cork from the bottle. Also pick up the gold ring from the table in the foreground, and look at both the drain and the cauldron. Click on a candy (2/12) behind the jar to the right of the stairs. Go back upstairs to entrance and talk to the witch behind the door, making sure to ask about Hans Lind Little genius.

Examine the pipe to the right of the stairs, then take the loose segment off (you will put it on the floor). Use your cork on the pipe, then head upstairs. Turn on the tap and you will get the witch's hair. Return right to your room, and examine the blueprint in your inventory. Take the lens from the red chair. Look at the weak spot in the ceiling, then use telekinesis on it. Read the party tricks book in your inventory, then combine it with the witch's hat to get a handkerchief chain. Combine this with your paperweight, then use the weighted chain on the roof hole. Climb up into the attic and take the mirror, then open the cage and you will get a baby dragon. Look at the generator and the crack in the roof on the left, then climb up the chimney. Take the candy (3/12) from the right side of the roof. Use the lens on the moon, then use the amulet on the lens.

Try talking to the Raven, then look at the patching beneath it. Climb back down into the attic, then use telekinesis on the crack. Climb up to the roof again and use the mirror on the raven, then go down once more. Look out to the roof through the hole and you will take a raven's feather. Climb back down to the ground floor and talk to Joringel again, then give him your gold ring and he will leave. Go back down to the basement and use telekinesis on the drain, then look down there. Use telekinesis on the thumb, pointer finger and little finger. Combine the string and bent spoon in your inventory, then use this to get the handkerchief. Go all the way up to your bedroom and use the handkerchief on your bed.

Take a candy (4/12) from the art supplies on the small table. Try to take a book from here then from high above the fireplace. Now head down to the basement My lost nightingale.

Put the raven's feather and witch's hair in the cauldron. Combine the crayon and baby dragon in your inventory, then use your fiery dragon on the cauldron. Now use your charged amulet in the cauldron to get a magical amulet. If this is also called "shiny", look at it in your inventory Ooh, it's shiny. You can earn this achievement at several places in the game if an item is called "shiny". Go up to your bedroom and talk to the witch, then use telekinesis on her wand. You will end up in the woods Through the woods.

Dark Woods

Talk to Reynard the fox, then use telekinesis on the red fruit, the center branch, top branch, and bottom branch.

Chapter 3: The Trials of Wunderhorn


Talk to the musicians, then use the fountain to see the water has been turned off. Try to enter the Blacksmith's on the left, and click on the candy (5/12) on the roof here. Look at the wanted posters around the square, then go right and talk to Ben outside the tavern. Talk to the bartender inside and look at the sleeping man, then go back outside again and enter the alley to the left of the church. You will end up in the magic shop, talking to the Sorceress. After leaving, use telekinesis on the bedsheet hanging outside, and you will end up with a torn bedsheet and a clothesline. Return to the square and search the haystack to get a needle. Search it again and a man will fall from the sky Far away from home.

Head right to the mill and try to go into the woods, but you won't go without a map or guide. Try to enter the mill, but nobody is home. Return to the tavern and talk to the bartender, then to Gil and Gottfried. Talk to the bartender and then Gottfried again and agree to help find Hansel. Go back to the mill and head inside. Look at the spellbook, lever, birdcage and keys. Try to go downstairs, then sit on the stool. After talking to Hansel, use telekinesis on the hammer, then use this on the support beam. Use telekinesis on the trapdoor mechanism twice, and you will get the key and open the cage. Finally, use telekinesis on the hatch door and you and Hansel will escape. Return to the mill basement and close the cage door. Use your clothesline on the trapdoor mechanism to set a trap. Climb back outside and enter the mill through the front door. Sit on the stool, then pull the rope at the top of the stairs. Try to take the spell book Pain in the hands.

Go downstairs and talk to the Mill Witch with these options:

  • I'm on your side...
  • *sigh* You're right...
  • I've dabbled in protection spells a little bit...
  • Do you remember the spell you used to protect the book?

Go back into the village square, then the alley and into the wizard's shop. Ask the sorceress about protection spells, mention the part of the spell you learned, and then return to the mill. Take the spell book Kekekeke.... Return to the tavern and look at the taps and the pipes. Use telekinesis on the pipes, then talk to the bartender and get him to give Gil another drink. Try using telekinesis on the pipes again, then head outside and use the fountain lever - you will end up in the woods. Talk to the blacksmith about everything, then return to town.

Talk to the girl at the blacksmith's, then head to the forest path (to the left). Search the bushes where the red fruit dropped earlier, and talk to Reynard again. Return to town and the blacksmith should have returned Back to the anvil.

Next enter the antique store to the left of the haystack. Ring the bell on the desk 6 times Ring-a-ding-ding. After talking to the shopkeeper, look at the gramophone, rabbit doll, clown hat, mannequin and top hat Cameodalic. Also examine the magical violin, then click on the candy (6/12) behind the lantern. Give the diamond to the shopkeeper in exchange for the broken lantern. Go to the blacksmith's and ask Ashley to fix your lantern.

Return to the dark woods and go along the path with the skull sign. Knock on the door and listen to the thieves inside the house. Return to the tree stump where you saw the blacksmith and examine the stringy vines on the rock to the right. Use your scissors to get these, then combine them with your needle. Use the needle and thread on your torn bedsheet to repair it, then use the scissors on it. Combine the lantern with the bedsheet to make a fake ghost. Return to the theives' house and use your fake ghost on it. When the door opens, use telekinesis on the fake ghost to scare away the thieves. Go back to town and talk to the musicians, and you will escort them to their new house Roostwig has entered the building.

Go back along the path in the woods and head right to find a lake, where you will talk to an old man and then Hans. Return to the house in the woods and knock on the door to receive an old violin. Go to the lake again and use the old violin on the Weisse Frauen Kill it! KILL IT!.

Return to the antique shop and use telekinesis on the toy monkey on the top right, then quickly use your old violin with the magical violin to swap them. Go to the lake again and use the magical violin with the Weisse Frauen to get the amber orb So soothing.... After automatically talking to the Sorceress, go back outside and enter the church. Look at the glass windows, and all 4 of the paintings on the walls. Talk to Theodor about everything, then examine the heavy door on the left and the windows again.

Leave the church and enter the tavern. Use your baby dragon on the coals to the right. Go back outside and into the alley next to the church. Look at the lamp post, then use telekinesis on it. Use your fiery dragon on the lamp post to light the left lamp. Enter the woods and examine the tree stump to see a series of symbols. Go back to the church and use the church organ. Play the series of notes indicated on the tree stump (noting both the symbols and which of the 3 keyboards to use) Mystery solved.

Up in the bell tower, use telekinesis on the large bell. Give your baby dragon to the red dragon and you will get a lift to your next destination.

Glass Mountain

Knock on the door and talk to Rinkrank. Examine the window to see it is locked, then go right behind the rocks. Use telekinesis on the window, then talk to Rinkrank again Guilty conscience. Use telekinesis on the window to open it again, then on it one more time to slam it shut on Rinkrank NOW GO AWAY!.


Try to open the cupboard, but it is locked. Examine the fireplace and you will get the key. Now open the cupboard to get Grandpa's medicine Sorry Grandpa.

Chapter 4: A Damsel's Wager with the Devil


Use the mattress, then take a spring from inside. Look at the high grate, the hole in the right wall, and the cell door. Now talk to the prison guard about everything. Talk to Reynard when he appears, and he will get rid of the guard. Use telekinesis on the spring in your inventory to make a lock-pick, then use this on the cell door and you will exit. Talk to the sick troll here, and take the blender, chillies and watermelon.

Go left towards the dungeon gates, where you will talk to the admin troll. Look at the paperwork and the file cabinet, before heading right twice to find the gallows. Talk to Wilfred, the executioner and the kid troll. Pick up the napkin and the can from the stands on the left, then click on the candy (7/12) behind the banana peel. Go through middle archway to the mansion gates, where you will meet the big troll. Return to the gallows, then continue right to the utility closet. Talk to the short troll, but he won't help you. Put the chillies into the goat's bowl. Pick up a torch from the crate and a whetstone from the box on the floor. Take the candy (8/12) from the toilet paper roll on the high shelf.

Return left to the gallows and use your watermelon on the guillotine, then use the guillotine but it is too blunt. Use your whetstone on the guillotine, then use it again to cut the melon. Head right to the utility closet again. Feed the watermelon to the goat. Use your broken blender on the human blender, then use the watermelon on it. Use the human blender a few times, then go back out to the left and use the guillotine a few times Mischief maker. Head left to the cages. Using the controls on the left, move the right lever up twice, left lever down once, and then right lever down once. Talk to the baby bear, then take its honey jar Honey, honey, honey.... Go back to the gallows and then right to the utility closet. Try feeding the napkin, can and honey jar to the goat Bahahahaha.... Use the honey pot on the human blender. Head to the hallway and give your napkin to the sick troll to get a snotty napkin. Return to the utility closet and use the snotty napkin on the human blender, then pick up your blender. Return left to the gallows.

Look at the red sign at the top of the screen. Use telekinesis on the axe. Talk to the executioner, then go down to the hallway and left to the dungeon gates. Talk to the admin troll, then return to the gallows and you will automatically head down through the trapdoor. Climb back up and use your torch on one of the torches on the wall to light it. Climb back down and use your lit torch on the wall bracket. Climb back up and go to the hallway again. Use your can on the water cooler to fill it, then go back to the gallows and down into the pit. Give the water to the old prisoner Game Over!. Talk to Wilfred to get a flower drawing. Return to your cell and use the high grate to call Reynard again. Ask him to get you a flower, and he will provide it to you and then fall asleep. Add the flower to the blender in your inventory.

Go past the gallows to the mansion gates and give the tainted drink to the big troll A very special drink. After meeting the devil, take the mail from the mailbox. Talk to the sleeping big troll twice, then go to the gallows and talk to Wilfred. Give him the notice of termination and he will modify it. Next go to the dungeon gates and use telekinesis on the file cabinet to get some more information. Show the notice of termination to the admin troll. Go to the hallway and open the cell door, then go inside to meet the Wizard of Wunderhorn.

After your conversation, go back into the cell and take the meat from the corner. Go back to the dungeon gates and ask the admin troll about the group release form. Use telekinesis on the inkpot. Go directly across to the cages from here and use the levers again: move the left lever up once, then the right lever up once. Go back to the dungeon gates and use telekinesis on the inkpot once more. Go to the cages again and you will automatically use the levers. Swap your honey jar for the papers being held by the baby bear.

Go back to the mansion gates and knock on the doors. Talk to the devil and you will offer him the meat. Look at the doors and you will see his true self Show me your true self. Now talk about the meal riddle and answer the 3 questions:

  • A dead dogfish from the Great North Sea...
  • The rib of a whale...
  • An old horse's hoof...

Keep talking to the devil about everything Close the deal.

Chapter 5: The Judgment of Queen Voigt


Use telekinesis on the broken spike, then pick it up. Go left and talk to the Royal Guards, then continue left and click on the posters on the castle wall until they repeat No posters allowed. Continue further left and use your spike on the hay, then climb up over the wall. Look at the fruit on the left of the tree, then try to take it Clever reference #451. Use telekinesis on the fruit, then climb down and go back to the castle gates. Use telekinesis on the guard's spear and you will go through the gates. Go to the castle doors, where the butler will deduce you are the flower girl and let you inside the castle.

Go to the cellar at the bottom right and talk to Cindy. Click on the candy (9/12) on the near left clothes rack. Look at the Royal Army poster on the wall, then talk to Cindy again. Search the sewing box to get some yarn.

Leave the cellar and go across to the kitchen at the bottom left. Look at the food and try to take some, then also try to take the knife from the left. Try to touch the nightingale on the right, then talk to the cook.

Leave the kitchen and talk to the butler. Try to enter the room behind him, then try to enter the storage room at the top left. Enter the princess' bedroom at the top left. Look at the magazine at the entrance and read it. Click on the candy (10/12) in the box in front of the princess. Talk to the princess, then leave again.

Go to the pigeon tower at the top right. Take the ladder and try talking to the pigeon. Look at the note on the wall, then ring the bell above it. Go back out to the hall and talk to the jester who has appeared. Get her to entertain the chef in the kitchen, then follow her there and use telekinesis on her. After she restarts with tomatoes, use telekinesis on her again. Talk to the jester and get her to entertain Cindy in the cellar, then follow her there and use telekinesis on her. Talk to the jester and get her to entertain the pigeons in the tower, then follow her there and use telekinesis on her. Talk to the jester and get her to entertain the butler in the castle hall, then follow her there and use telekinesis on her. Talk to the jester and get her to entertain the Princess in her bedroom, then follow her there and use telekinesis on her What a mess.

Take the glass slipper and try to take the large red flowers. Leave the room and go out to the castle entrance through the bottom right. Talk to the Swan Prince:

  • I would like to be amazed and enthralled at sword skills!
  • But you've won already! You got him!
  • They have their guard down! Now's your chance!
  • Then... they attack you suddenly!
  • Oh, but he... he strikes your sword hand!
  • Then.. they attack you suddenly!
  • But you've won already! You got him! GG

Pick up the second glass slipper. Go left and talk to the tree to get an oversized dress. Return to the kitchen in the castle and use your dress on the knife to remove the gold brooch. In your inventory, combine the gold brooch and the thimble coupon, then add your yarn. Return to the pigeon tower and use the balloons on the pigeon to get a close-up view of the mail slots:


Start by opening the mail slots in grey above. Next place balloons in specific slots to move the pigeon around. Use the order indicated by the numbers above, and the pigeon will end up in its correct position (shown in green). Use your thimble mail order on the pigeon, and you will receive a gold thimble in the mail You've got mail!. Go down to the cellar and give the gold thimble to Cindy; you will also give her the oversized dress.

Go out to the castle entrance and use your ladder on the high window to the left. Go inside to the kitchen and talk to the cook - tell her about the swan, and you will be able to steal her nightingale. Head down to the cellar and you will retrieve an altered dress. Use the nightingale on the coal to turn it black. Return outside and climb the ladder again, and swap the nightingale for the owl. Head back to the kitchen and put the owl in the birdcage. Go outside and climb the ladder once more, and finish talking to Ben.

Uncover the painting on the right and take the painting from the frame. Try talking to the mirror. Take the painting scrap from the mirror, then combine this with the portrait in your inventory. Look at the blackboard, plans and certificate, then search the desk drawers - there is some glass in the left drawer but you won't take it. Head back out the window and into the kitchen, and use the painting on the knife to cut holes in the eyes. Go back outside and up the ladder, and use the adjusted painting on the frame. After Winfriede comes and goes, you can open the cage door. Use telekinesis on Ben. Head outside the castle and out through the gates, then head right and talk to Reynard.

Glass Mountain

Knock on the door to talk to Rinkrank and you will end up inside. Look at the shards of glass on the ground and try to take them. Combine the blackboard message and portrait message in your inventory, then use Winfriede's message on the shards of glass. Use telekinesis on them to see that one piece is missing. Return outside and use the red dragon to return to the castle.


Climb up the ladder to the storage room. Open the desk drawer, then use telekinesis on the shard piece so you can take it. Head back out to the red dragon to fly again.

Glass Mountain

Enter the house and add your shard piece to the glass shards Shattered. Continue talking to Jannike. Take the blue flowers from the right. Go outside and you will automatically fly back to the castle.


You will automatically touch Winfriede to access her memories Memories.

Voigt School

Take the bellows from the blackboard. Look at the spellbook and try to take it. Look at the family portrait and the key beneath it, and try to take the key. Open the desk in the foreground and look at the stuff inside, then talk to Dorothea.

Chapter 6: Two Sisters in a Far Away School

Voigt School

Start by talking to everyone in the courtyard. Try to open the shed, but it is locked. Head into the classroom and click on the candy (11/12) at the bottom left shelf. Look at the items in your open desk to see a code. Go back outside and take the path to the treehouse.

Look at the rocks on the ground, then click on them in the order from the coded message (left, right, right, middle, left, right, left). Continue talking to Hans after you automatically enter the treehouse. Click on the candy (12/12) on the shelf above Hans Posterboy!. Take the green book from the right of the lab table and read it in your inventory. Look at the baby dragon and try to pick it up. Use your bellows on the dry ice, then look out the high window on the right. Use your bellows on the beehive Beekeeper. Head back inside, then leave the treehouse and pick up the beehive. Go back inside and give this to Hans, and he will return the husk. Leave and return to the courtyard.

Talk to Jannike about candle making. Talk to Wilhelm about needing a helmet, then give him the beehive husk and you will get his yoyo. Talk to Jacob about his blue flowers. Enter the classroom and take some chalk from the blackboard (for the white dye). Also open the heater and take some coal from inside. Open Jannike's desk on the right and search the stuff inside to get a crumpled letter. Head back outside and show the crumpled letter to Jacob to get the cornflowers (for the blue dye). Talk to Joringel, then give him one of your blue flowers. Return to the courtyard and take the berries from the lunchbox (for the purple dye).

Go to the treehouse again and head inside. Give the yoyo, chalk, blue flowers and berries to Hans. Give the coal to the baby dragon, then pick it up. Leave the treehouse and return to the classroom. Open the heater again and use the dragon on the coal inside - you will end up back with Hans. Talk to him and get him to do a trial test with you standing outside. When this starts, quickly grab the shed key, and Hans will fail his test.

Leave the treehouse and return to the courtyard. Open the shed and take the gloves from inside. Go back to the treehouse and use the gloves on the dry ice to pick some up. Talk to Hans again and get him to do another test. Back at the classroom, throw your dry ice into the tea. Go back to the courtyard and talk to Jorinde about the Amber Orb Turn the last page.