Game Details:  Adventure, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  10/30/2011

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Annabel is a hidden object puzzle adventure. You play as Annabel, an archaeologist who is visiting a museum and gets drawn through a magical portal into Ancient Egypt.


After meeting Ted, turn left to find the large stone tablet, then turn right to find the second artifact, standing on a pedestal.

Pharaoh's Palace

Annabel's Room

Click on the door, and you will decide to make a device to open the latch. Use the spear and scythe from the two guard statues by the door, and tie them together with the rope holding the curtains above your bed. Now click on the door again to open it.


Turn left and look down the hallway to see a sleeping guard. Turn left again and see some beams of light, then turn left and look at the picture of Horus - you need to create a puppet in his shape to scare the guard. Go back to your room and take the comb from your dressing table, then look in the chest to the right and take the bracelet. Pick up the green branch from the window above your bed, and a shoe from near the foot of the bed. Now go back to the beams of light and use the puppet to scare the guard.


Talk to the girl standing next to the fountain, who will instruct you to collect 10 beads from a lost necklace. There are 8 scattered on the floor in this area, and 1 in each of the tall cupboards against the walls. Once you have all 10, give the necklace to Isi, the girl who is sitting and crying - you now have to locate 5 missing keys. 2 of these are on the floor, 1 in a cupboard against the wall, and 2 downstairs in the previous area (on a chair and a ledge next to a pillar). Go back upstairs and use the keys to open the gate.


Click on the fireplace, and you will realize you need to find a container to hold some water. There are 3 on the floor near the fountain, and the other 7 are in the fireplace room. Next is a jigsaw minigame where you must put the pieces of the pitcher in their correct locations. Go back downstairs and get water from the fountain, then upstairs and use the water on the fire.

Secret Passage


Look at the large tiled wall, but a cobra will block your path. Go back to the fountain area and talk to the remaining girl, who will give you her flute if you find 15 red roses. Try to pick up a rose from the pot here, but you need scissors first. Go to the fireplace room and pick up the scissors, then return to the fountain area. Cut 6 roses from pots in this room, get 7 from the pillar room and 2 from your room. Give these to the girl in exchange for her flute. Go back to cobra and use the flute to charm it, then look at the tiled wall again. This jigsaw minigame presents you with another simple jigsaw puzzle (start with the edge pieces).

Gem Lights

Look at the doorway, but it is dark and you need a light. Now look at the pedestals around the room, and you realize you need to collect 8 gems. Pick them up from the floor (1 is in a chest) and put them in the pedestals to create a light. Now open the door to head downstairs.

Swinging Axes

Look at the axes that are swinging from the ceiling, then look at the fresco on the wall - you must find the 10 missing pieces. There are 4 on the floor here, and 6 in the previous room (on the floor and walls). Go back to the fresco and return the pieces to stop the axes.


Look at the sarcophagus, which is locked with 6 magical stamps. You need to collect 2 from this room (1 on the floor and 1 in a chest), 3 from the axe room and 1 from the gem room. Go back to the sarcophagus and open it to meet Thoth. Thoth needs some olive oil. Return to the axe room to find the olive oil in the corner of the room. Now head to the gem room and find the ladle on the bench and the jug on the floor. Collect the olive oil and give it to Thoth to learn about 3 magical amulets, the first of which is in this pyramid.

Amulet of Earth

The pieces are on top of the right of a collection of 4 jugs in this room, at the base of a pyramid pillar in the axe room, and above the doorway in the gem room. Show the completed amulet to Thoth, and the next doorway will be removed. This is a dominos minigame, where you just have to fit all the pieces in one long chain (many different solutions are possible).


Try to open the next door, but spikes will come out from the wall. Look at the button on the far wall, then turn right and look at the statue - you need to find a bow and arrow. Get the bow from the floor near the 4 jugs in the sarcophagus room, and the arrow from the floor of the axe room. Bring them back to the statue. Now you must complete a memory minigame, where you have to repeat a sequence of 9 colors.

Lava Bridge

Look at the bridge, which does not reach all the way across, then look at the mechanism next to you. You must find 5 keys to unlock the mechanism. There are 2 on the floor here, and 3 in the spikes room. Use them on the mechanism, then complete a gear minigame, where you must insert 6 different gears into their correct locations.


Carpenter's House

Look to the right and you will see a high window, and you need to find 5 pieces of ladder. Once you have them (scattered around this room) look at the window again, to see you need a saw to cut the bars. Get the saw from a chest on the shelving, and use it on the window. Look at the board on the ground - you need a tool to remove the nails. Head back through the window and look down to your left to see a locked chest. Turn around and look under the doormat to find the key, then unlock the chest and take the pliers. Go back out the window and use the pliers on each of the 6 nails in the board to escape.


Turn right and talk to the fisherman, who has lost his 10 hooks. Pick up 6 from in here, then go back up the ladder and get the other 4. Go back down and give these to the fisherman. He will tell you about the amulet of fire. Go outside and in to the next building.

Amulet of Fire

Pick up 1 piece from behind the cauldron, 2 pieces from unlocked chests, and then look at the locked box on the floor. Solve the color sequence minigame, where you must copy a sequence of 10 colors, and you will complete the amulet.

Sleeping Potion

Return to the fisherman and you will offer to help with his nets. This takes you to a string minigame, where you must avoid crossing lines, in 5 sequential difficulty levels. After this, the fisherman will tell you to create a sleeping potion. Go across to the Sorceress' house again, and read the book to see you are missing 7 pages. Collect 5 from here (1 is in a chest), and 2 from just outside, then complete another jigsaw minigame to piece the recipe together. You now need 10 ingredients to make the recipe - 3 are outside (1 is on the fisherman's window ledge) and 7 are inside (1 is in a chest). Put the ingredients in the cauldron - now you need 8 pieces of firewood. There is 1 here, 1 outside by the door, 1 in the fisherman's house, 2 upstairs on the roof, and 3 in the carpenter's house. Put the firewood beneath the cauldron to complete the sleeping potion. Go outside the use the potion on the guards.


Setting Sail

Talk to the captain, then find the 10 pieces of his map (1 is in a box at the rear of the ship, 2 are downstairs). Solve the jigsaw minigame to put the map back together, then talk to the captain again. Now you need to find his navigational tools - 1 is in the box at the rear of the ship, 1 in the room downstairs, and the last in a small cupboard in your quarters. Give these to the captain, then find the 5 pieces of his telescope (1 in the box again, 1 on the main deck, 1 downstairs and 2 in your quarters. Give these to the captain, then go down to your quarters, get the stepladder, and bring it to the captain.

Amulet of Water

Go down to your quarters, and Thoth will tell you to get the amulet of water from the captain's quarters. Open the door to his quarters, but you are blocked by his crocodile. You need to get 10 bones - 4 from the room downstairs, 3 from your quarters, and 3 from the main deck. Give these to the crocodile, then find 3 pieces of the amulet (under the pillow, in a chest on the floor, on the floor under the desk). Now look at the safe on the other bed a solve the memory minigame to get the final piece of the amulet.

Lower Deck

Go back out to the stairs and look at the hatch on the floor - you need 4 star keys to open it. Go back into the captain's quarters and find all the keys here. Go down through the hatch and turn left to see the ship's controls. Now complete the circuit minigame with 3 difficulty levels (start by finding the end points that can only be connected in one possible way).

Priest's Palace

Pit and Flames

Look at the indentations in the wall, and you will realize you need to make a ladder. Pick up the 10 ladder rungs, then climb up. Turn left and look at the flames. Turn the 6 valves in this room, then go back to the pit and turn the remaining 4 valves. Look at the flames again and they will disappear, revealing a trial-and-error sequence minigame.


Look at the new locked door to find a sliding minigame with 3 difficulty levels. Go through the door and look at the main statue at the top of the stairs, then the other statues on the sides of the room - you now need to find 8 eyes to complete the statues. There are 3 in this room, 3 in the blades room (1 in a chest), and 2 in the flames room (1 in a pillar). Put the eyes in the statues, then look at where the beams of light are converging. Now collect the 5 broken pieces of mirror, 2 from this room and 3 from the blades room. Put the mirror in its place, then go back down to the blades room.


Talk to the Prince, then use the pillar just to the left of the altar. You need to collect the 7 keys for the pillar. There are 2 here (in a chest), 3 up in the statues room, and 2 in the flames room (1 in a pillar). Go and use these keys in the pillar, then solve the jigsaw minigame to create a sword from the amulets. Turn left and go down the new staircase. Go up to the last puzzle and solve the sliding minigame to complete the game.