Game Details:  Horror, 2012

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/3/2014

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Anna is a first-person psychological horror game set in an abandoned sawmill that has been in your dreams. There are multiple different endings to discover as you uncover the dark secrets of your past. The game has been updated and re-released as Anna: Extended Edition.


Walk over to the rivulet and fill your empty canteen with the water. Now head over to the large tree behind the house and pick up the wooden branch from the ground next to it. Follow the fence around a bit further and search the ground to find some dried pine cones - pick one up. Return to the rivulet and use your wooden branch to push the two big rocks out of the way to clear the mud. Look into the deeper water where the mud used to be and pick up the mirror shard.

Head over to the small doors under the stairs. Crouch down to see better (press C) then use your knife to cut the string and open the doors by pulling them towards you. Use your cigarette lighter on the dry branch in here to make some light, then pick up a second mirror shard.

Go to the main door now and you will see an eye shaped notch above the door. Put your 2 mirror shards and pine cone in the notch, then use your cigarette lighter on it, followed by your canteen of water. Now use the door to head inside.


Turn right and examine the handkerchief on the table. Now pull open the broken door and go through to the next room. Fill your canteen from the pool of water, then return to the first room. Pull open the door on the lit stove and use the water from your canteen on the fire to put it out. After the shaking finishes, pick up the key from in the stove. Also take some sawdust from the wooden cart on the left. Turn around and go over near the lit candle on the floor. Move the decrepit boards on the floor around until you find and can pick up the sharp fragment from beneath them.

Go over to the broken door again and look at the large broken table next to it. Use your wooden branch on the bone hilt stuck in the table, then pick up the hilt. Examine the drawer in the table and use your key to unlock it, then pull it open. Pick up the tied leaves and wooden box from the drawer. Go through the broken door and over to the opposite wall, then use the wooden box on the rectangular niche in the wall, then examine the box to see a picture of 2 mountains. Go to the puddle of water and stand next to the feeble light in the water; use your sawdust on it, then step forward onto the path. Use your cigarette lighter on your ritual dagger, then use this on the circle of limpid water.

Go back out to the front room. Go over to the black figure when he appears, and you will be stuck in place for a while; don't worry you can just spin around a few times and you will be free to move again.

Save your game at this point. If you want to reach the first ending, just continue through the walkthrough, otherwise walk around and examine things, wasting time until the walls turn red.

Use your hunting knife on the bundle of leaves to get 5 separate leaves. Examine the middle niche on the side wall here, then use it and glowing red eyes will appear in the 5 niches around the room. Now read the message on the wall:

  • The death was black
  • The hatred bronzed
  • The happiness golden
  • The solitude silvery
  • Yet the sole lie was white

You need to place one of your leaves in each niche. From the nearest to the message on the wall, place the bronzed leaf, then the golden leaf and on the left the white leaf. Now go to the other room and on the left wall use the black leaf, then go around to the last niche and use the silvery leaf. Go back to the main room and pull open the door with the eye symbols (this was unlocked when you put the leaves in their correct positions). Go into the dark stockroom and pick up the bottle of oil from the ground on the left, then use this on the lamp hanging in the middle of the room. Light the lamp with your cigarette lighter.

First Ending

If the walls didn't turn red, you can go to the back wall of the stockroom and use the lever on the wall. Now go back out to the main room and use the front door to leave the house.

Search the floor in the back section of the stockroom and pick up the plant food and iron bar. Use your cigarette lighter on your ritual dagger again, and use it on the painting here, then get the pulsating heart. Go back out to the main room and search the floor to find a padlocked trap door. Use the iron bar to break the padlock, then take the needles and spare parts from down inside. Go over to the stove and use the spare parts on it to fix it, then put some needles inside, followed by the heart. Use your cigarette lighter on the stove. Turn around and use the ladder to reach the attic.


Go to the wall and pick up the 3 masks (Mask of the Assassin, Mask of the Divine, Face of the Truth. Now go around the edge of the room looking for roots. Use plant food on each of them and then pick them up when they turn green (you will need 6 of these). Open the trunk with your iron bar and take the seed bag from within. Open the wardrobe and take both the black dress and the black veil. Now use the trapdoor in the middle of the room to return downstairs.

Go to the stove and pick up the ashes of the heart. Use the Mask of the Assassin in your inventory. Each of the niches where you saw eye pictures before will now have a black burn mark in its place. On each of these, use one of your roots, then the ashes of the heart, then your cigarette lighter. After the 6th one is done, pick up the mask from the floor. Go to the niche where you got the pulsating heart and put the Mask of the Assassin and then the black veil in the carved silhouette in the niche.

Go back out to the main room and go over to the burning niche. Pick up the basin from within the niche. Now head to the room with the big puddle. Use your seed bag in the puddle and a tree will quickly grow up through the ceiling. Go back to the main room and climb up to the attic again.

Walk over to the chair that is now near the middle of the room. Combine the Mask of the Divine and black dress in your inventory, then use this combination on the chair. Use it when it is on the chair, and the room will turn red again. Go around to the area with the wardrobe to find a deformed sapling. Pick the leaves from it. Use your cigarette lighter on the ritual dagger, then use this on the sapling. Use your basin to collect some of the blood. Go over to the far part of the room and use the blood on the "Gleaming Goddess" red symbols on the wall. After the room stops shaking, use the red symbols on the wall again to get Anna's key.

Save your game at this point. You can now decide if you want to see the second ending or keep going with the main game.

Second Ending

Go to the corner of the room and use Anna's key on the barred door to leave the house.

Go over to near the middle of the room to see a glowing door in the floor, and use Anna's key to open it and go through.


Turn the 4 mirrors in the corner of this area so they all point at the central mirror. Now keep trying to use your Mask of the Divine and Face of the Truth on each of the 4 corner mirrors until they show the colors red, dark blue, bright yellow and green. Finally use the Face of Truth on the central mirror to create a white bridge of light. Walk across this to the other side.

Walk along the tunnel, taking the left branch at each opportunity. You will see a vision involving the stove; keep going to the end of this path and use your hunting knife on the eye of stone to get it. Turn back and keep going left to find a stony visage. Use the eye of stone on this, then pick up the alive eye. Turn around and take the right path to return to where you got the eye of stone, and use the alive eye in its place.

Go back to the main corridor and follow the left wall. Go down the candle-lined corridor to the end.