Game Details:  Adventure, 2005

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/19/2005

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Ankh is the first in a series of comedy adventures set in Ancient Egypt. Playing as Assil, you accidentally knock over an ancient urn and release a curse on yourself. The series continues in Ankh 2.

Chapter 1: How to Annoy a Pharaoh


Pick up the dirty shirt from your bed, and you will find a silver coin. Now head into your father's bedroom and try to open the cupboard, but it is jammed. Pull the brush out from under the vase, then open the cupboard. Take the robe and you will also get the clothes hanger. Combine your shirt and your father's robe to make a rope. Now head upstairs. Look at the hanging basket, and look at the broken window. Use the rope on the hanging basket and you will escape the room.

Talk to the mercenaries outside, and give them your silver coin. Talk to them again until you agree to bring them back some lunch in exchange for the coin. Leave this area and enter the bazaar.

You will automatically talk to Volcano when you arrive in the Bazaar. Talk to Fatima in the first shop, and she will tell you about a treasure map that you can buy for a pile of gold. Pick up the empty medicine flask from the next stall, then continue on. Talk to the blind tailor and offer to sharpen his scissors for him. At the fruit stall just to the right, pick up the melon, lemon and orange. Head up the stairs and speak with the wine merchant, then continue up to the plaza.

Talk to the slave master and his slave, then follow the road back behind the Arabian Embassy. Take the fish-net stocking from the clothes line and enter the forecourt. Talk to the guards and you will eventually learn they are scared of crocodiles. Now return to where you found the slave master. Talk to Dinar, to his right, then continue down the road. After Dinar talks to you again, continue down the road and talk to Olga about her fish burgers. Pick up the metal bar from the left of her stand, and push the metal doors to allow the cats to enter. Now quickly grab the salad and bun from the right of her stall before Olga can see you.

Continue towards the nile, and you will see a sewer, with a blue fish floating in the water. Use the fish-net stocking to catch the fish. Now combine the fish, salad and bun to make a fish burger. Take the path here to quickly return home. Give the fish burger to the mercenaries and you will get your coin back. Go back along that path and go down to the river Nile. Talk to the prophet on the left, then talk to the ferry man, and give him your silver coin.

The Nile

Once you are on the bottom of the nile, look at the crocodile blocking your path. Now look at the pirate skeleton wearing the blue shirt. Pull off his arm, then pick up his hand. Open the hand in your inventory to discover a key. Walk down until you see the pirate chest. Open this with the key, then take all the pirate stuff.

Go back toward the blue-shirt pirate, and look at the plank to the left. Try to pick it up, but it is too heavy. Move the plank using your metal bar, then grab the stone statue arm. Combine the arm with the red shirt, then use this on the crocodile. You will automatically pick up the crocodile teeth before leaving the water.

Head under the stone archway, but it is too dangerous to proceed with no needle in your compass. Head back towards the water and talk to the ferry man. Give him the pirate flag, and he will give you a ride back to Cairo.


Look at the moist stone down near the water, and you will notice it has a whole lot of scratch marks. Sharpen the scissors on the stone. Now return to the tailor in the bazaar, and he will give you a possibly cursed needle in exchange for the sharpened scissors. Put the needle in the compass to repair it. Return to the ferry man, and hitch a ride across the water again.


Go under the stone archway to enter the desert. Continue right past the billboard to go further into the desert. On the next screen, pick up the strange branch from the dead tree, and the animal skull. Continue towards Giza and you will find some nomads. Talk to one of them and you will be given a camel snack and ordered to wash the camel. Put the snack in the bowl at the front of the camel wash - the camel will stand on the platform. Now try to use the mechanism, but there is no handle. Put the strange branch in the mechanism, and use it to activate the machine. You will now receive a bottle of wine as a reward.

Pick up the camel hair from the camel wash. Combine the hair with the brush, then use the brush on the dirty statue to end up with a gleaming idol. Return to the ferry man, and go back to Cairo.


Find Fatima again in the bazaar, and trade the gleaming idol for her treasure map. Note the old lady walking around this area. Try to take her green crocodile bag, and when you talk to her, pretend to be from an environmental protection agency - she will give you the bag. Now go to the ferry man once more, and travel over the water.


Go through the archway, then turn left at the billboard to approach a rock. Walk into the cave and you will see your Fata Morgana. Continue to the left into the desert, and then go down the stairs. Speak to the Israelites - you need to agree to sit down for a while to get anything useful out of them. Ask them to make you a crocodile costume, then give them the crocodile bag, the skull and the crocodile teeth. You will now have a costume.

Chapter 2: An Indecent Proposal


Talk to the hole in the wall, to meet Gemotep. Now look at the rat hole to find a rasp. Use this on the rusty chains to the left, and a captain will drop from the ceiling. Steal his wooden peg leg, and you will automatically take his flute as well. Now try to open the cell door, but it is locked. Give the bottle of wine to Gemotep, and he will drink it, returning the empty bottle. Next give him the coat hanger, and he will make you a key. Use this on the door to leave your cell. In the next passage, give the peg leg to the crocodile.


Give the empty bottle to the wine merchant and he will give you the refund of a silver coin. Next visit Dinar and talk to him - he knows about the secret passage but needs you to steal from the Arabian Embassy. Show your badge to the guard outside the Embassy, and you are allowed inside. Try to pick up the grail, but there is a snake inside. Pick up the rattle, and use this on the grail, then quickly throw the rattle out the window. Now pick up the grail and head back outside. Give the grail to Dinar and he will reveal the secret passage.

Go through to the table and try to read the note, but you will hear a girl call for help. After speaking to her through the little window, pick up the Hurricane Termites from the left of the stall. Now take the red hanging proclamation from in front of Pharaoh's statue. Head around the corner and down into the cellar. Look at the rotting pillar, and use the termites to eat through it.

Once you have spoken to Thara, give her the proclamation to wear. Meet her upstairs and she offers to help if you need it. Go and talk to the bouncer, who doesn't let you inside. He does end up saying that he would perform a dance if he had some music. Have a look at the trash pit next to him. Now give the flute to Thara and you will enter the palace.

Chapter 3: Calling Osiris

Palace Garden

Climb up the ladder to your left. Read the instruction manual, then pick up some grain. Walk over to the right, and you will see a gap you cannot cross. Go back down the ladder and put the grain on the millstone to make flour. Grab some flour and put it on the Grill-O-Magic. Push the huge water jug over to make dough. Now wait until the dough is dark brown (charcoal) and pick it up. Go up the ladder and place the bread across the gap. Use the bread to get across.

After Thara saves you, head through the middle door. Pull the lever to lower the water level, then head across the narrow bridge. Use the slim palm tree to get over the next water obstacle. Try to take the Captain Pharaoh from the water, but you cannot reach it. Pick up the lobster from the table. Head up on to the raised terrace. Look at the red banner in the corner, and use the lobster on it to free its bottom edge. Over to the right, pick up the washboard, the fork, and some curry powder.

Switch to Thara. Go through the right door and follow the corridor around. Pick up the red banner. Try to go out to the bridge, but you can't while the guard is there. Return to where you started, and take the middle door to head down to the lever. Try to use it, but it is broken. Instead, wrap the banner around the water wheel to stop it working.

Switch back to Assil. Pick up the Captain Pharaoh. Use it in your inventory, and you will notice it sounds like the Pharaoh. Head up into the Gallery, and follow the left corridor until you reach the bridge with the guard. Use the Captain Pharaoh, and the guard will follow you, use it again while you are on the steps, and he will come all the way outside.

Switch back to Thara. Head up to the bridge and go across. Hide in the dark corner of this room and the guard will come by. You will automatically go outside and reunite with Assil.

Go straight ahead and stand on one of the floor plates. Switch to Assil and stand on the other plate to open the door, then head through into the temple.

Temple of Osiris

Walk along the first corridor and look carefully at each section of the mural. Now head down the stairs (with both characters). Use the joss stick on the left, and the one on the right, to reveal two consoles. From now on, only walk on the symbols of 3 feathers, not on the Eye of Osiris.

Go to the console on the right, and pick up the green and yellow powders. Throw some yellow powder on the flame. Now go to the console on the left. Pick up the clapper from the ground, and use it to hit the triangle. Next, put green powder on the flame and hit the circle. Finally, put curry powder on the flame and hit the square.

Switch to Thara and have her stand in the stone console near the flame and powders. Play the flute. Switch to Assil and have him stand in the stone console near the gongs. Use the fork on the washboard. When Osiris appears, go to the central console. You will receive an emerald tiara.

With the guards chasing you, head through the doorway and pick up the broken plate to jam the mechanism. Continue along the corridor and head out the small window. Pick up the rope from the scaffolding to escape the palace.

Chapter 4: The Sun of Cairo


Look at the symbols on the wall - they are the same as the ones on your arm. Go to the banks of the Nile, and the prophet will tell you about the Ankh and the Pharaoh. Next, speak to the slave master, who really wants his favourite drink: Sun of Cairo. Speak to the wine merchant, who agrees to make you the drink if you can provide a banana. Visit the ferry man and travel over the water.


Go under the archway into the desert. Go left at the billboard and past the rock to reach the oasis. Speak to the Genie, who has lost his lamp. Go right down to the water and talk to Thara - you become a revolutionary. Try to pick up the genie's lamp from in the water, but you can't reach it. Go and speak to the revolutionaries, and you will be given "the plank". Walk past them and you will find you can go half way across a bridge. Use the plank to complete the bridge, and follow the path. Pick up the bucket at the base of the banana tree, and take a banana from the bunches on the table. Return to the ferry man and have him take you to Cairo.


Visit the wine merchant, and give him the banana (you want a potent drink when asked). Also give him the silver coin and you can take the Sun of Cairo. Give this to the slave master, but he won't accept it without a cocktail umbrella. Go through the hidden passage to enter the palace.

Palace Garden

Head through the right doorway and follow the passage until you can go downstairs to the garden. Fill your bucket with water, then throw water on the sleeping man (Red-Sea-Aquarium).


Return to the ferry man, and cross the water once more.


Go through the archway, and right at the billboard. Continue right to reach the Sphinx. Approach the front of the sphinx, and pick up the paper umbrella from the salesman's stand. Combine this with the Sun of Cairo. Return to Cairo.


Give the drink (complete with umbrella) to the slave master. Steal his keys, and use them to free the slave. As a reward, get the slave to dive for you.


You automatically arrive in the desert, and the slave will retrieve the genie's lamp for you. You will get a time machine from the slave as well. Go back to Cairo yet again.


Go to the palace entrance and talk to the guards, until you are allowed inside. Head all the way inside and talk to Pharaoh. You will receive the locksmith's hand. Go and see the ferry man again.


Return to the Sphinx. Use the locksmith's hand on the mechanism on the Sphinx's leg. Head inside (don't worry about the energy gauge) and pick up memo #1 from the crate. Read it, then go and pick up the hammer from over on the left. Head up the steep slope and pick up memo #1. Read this one too. Now go all the way along this path until it slopes down. Try to pick up memo #3, but you cannot reach it across the gap. Walk back slightly and use your hammer to knock the bag of cement off the top of the door below. Fill your bucket with water from the top of the path, then go all the way down and pick up the cement. Combine it with the water.

Now go to the base of the upward sloping path and look at the tracks in the ground. Pour the cement in the tracks. Pick up the cast and go back to the entrance door. Use the cast with the "dents" along the wall to make a ladder. Climb this ladder and the next one and pick up memo #3 (and a key). Read this last memo, then climb back down.

Climb up the slope and climb the central structure to reach the Sphinx's head. Pick up the jar of figs from the left, then look at the keyhole on the pillar with the symbol of a nose. Insert the key in the keyhole. Once back outside, return to the ferry man and get him to take you back to Cairo.


Go home and speak to the mercenaries at the front entrance - they will leave. Now speak to your father, but he doesn't know where the key is to be found. Go inside and head back to the bedrooms, then upstairs. Use the lever on the large central structure. Go back downstairs and look in the secret compartment to get the locksmith's eye. Now go back to the ferry man again.


Go to the Sphinx and head up to the head. Insert the eye in the mechanism above the pillar with the symbol of an eye. Pull the cord that is revealed to empty the water from the central section. Now throw your can of figs out the Sphinx's nostril and it will break open on the bed of nails. Go down and eat the figs to replenish your energy. Go back inside and climb up the slope, then slide down the yellow slope.

Pick up the electric eel and use it to power up your time machine. After the scene in the desert you will have a scale weight. Put this on the stone pedestal to the right of the door. Now head through the doorway and down the stairs. Pick up the baseball set and you will meet a mummy. While he presses the button, head over to the left and stand on the teleporter.

Chapter 5: Into the Dark

Kingdom of Death

Use your emerald tiara to cast some light around you. Start heading down the path and throw the ball at the hell jackal to get past. Continue down to the bridge. Talk to the door, but it doesn't remember you and won't let you pass. Head off to the right and move the lid to reveal a fuse box. One of the fuses is broken. Remove all of them and note the symbols: red for speech, blue for sight, green for hearing and yellow for thought. Put fuses in all but the yellow sections, then talk to the door and it will let you through.

Follow the path up to see Osiris. Refuse to give him the Ankh, and you will end up controlling Thara. Run over to the left and stand between the two pillars. When Assil comes close, run over to the left and he will be hit with a rock. When you need to activate the ankh, select the last option. Now when you regain control run down the stairs.

Push the merchant to knock Osiris into the hole and get rid of him. Speak to the Pharaoh back in Cairo to complete the game.