A Night at the WatermillA Night at the Watermill

Game Details:  Mystery, 2024

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/19/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

A Night at the Watermill is an escape room game where you awaken in an old watermill in the middle of the night, with no memory of how you came to be here. You must explore your surroundings and find your way to safety. There are 15 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


In the Middle of the Night

Pick up the wooden box, wheels, lighter and iron rod. Look at the cigarettes, blood, wet phone, wet jacket and jug. Also examine the dusty edges on the floor to the left and the stack of boxes. In your inventory, combine the iron rod with the wooden box, then add the wheels to create a wheelbarrow. Use the wheelbarrow on the boxes to move them Escape Room Beginner.

In the new area, pick up the lantern. Look at the rope, blood, old books and threat on the ground. Examine the fire to see a flashback There Was Something .... Just to the right of the fire, you can pick up a page from a book. Just to the left of the fire, there is a large shard of glass to examine. Pick up the poker on the left side of the grinding mill Will to Survive. Go left again.

Try to use the lighter on the mirror, boxes and ladder Pyromaniac. Try to lift the door bar on the left, but it is too heavy. Look at the plastic container on the stairs, and the syringe on the floor. Pick up the scrap of cloth. Examine the boxes on the right to see a mouse What's Squeaking?. Take the saw from the back wall. Look at the ladder, mirror, stain and dark silhouette. In your inventory, use the lighter on the lantern, then use the lit lantern on the dark silhouette.

Examine the head, name tag, strange photos, wrist and leg. Back out from here, then use the scrap of cloth on the mirror. Look at your head, clothes, wrists and legs Mirror, Mirror ....

Return to the right and use the saw on the millstone to sharpen it. Use the sharpened saw on the grinder lever, then use the grinder lever part on the fire to create an improvised pen. Combine this with the page from a book. Go to the left and use the saw on the door bar Saw a Way Out. Look at the dark silhouette again and use the saw on the wrist Splatter Fan. Now use the pen and paper on the wrist to get a numeric combination. Back out and go right twice.

Examine the wet jacket and cigarettes again, then use the numeric combination on the wet phone Digital Native. Now use the numeric combination on the door with a padlock.


A Few Minutes Ago

Pick up the frame to get your glasses back so you can see clearly. Now examine the stretcher, straps, shards, bloody shards and license plate. Pick up the rock and phone, then look at the footprints and head left. Read the wooden signs. Look at the fence, broken barrier and name tag. Look at the footprints here, which go in both directions.

Go left first and pick up the glove from the stairs. Now look at the stairs, pills, locked door, railing and water wheel. Use your rock on the railing to break off a loose piece. Continue left and examine the shovel The Real Batman. Also examine the boards, tree stump, leaves, wheel and both windows. Go left once more. Try to open the door. Pick up the broken ladder. Examine the ivy, puddle, footprints, old bridge, mill pond and forest.

Head left again, then go back out to the wreck. Use your glove to pick up a glass shard. Also try using the gloves on the bloody shards, license plate, straps and stretcher Playing Doctor. Go left and use the shard to cut some tape from the broken barrier. Combine the piece of railing with the broken ladder, then add the tape to make a repaired ladder.

Go left and use your repaired ladder on the high window pane. Use your rock to smash the window pane.


The Meeting

Talk to Edgar until you get to the final choice, then save your game. Choose an option to see a different ending:

  • I believe him. He will help me. All's Well That Ends Well
  • No, I'm going to take this poker and ... fight back! Killer Instinct
  • I don't want to hurt anybody! I'll leave him there and just run! Gone With the Rain

There is a final achievement for seeing all 3 endings Completionist.