Year:  2001

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Anachronox is a genre-mixing adventure with role playing elements that sees you take on the role of Sly Boots, a private investigator who is in desperate need of money. Through the game, which has many comedic elements, you will build up a team of party members who get embroiled in a quest to save the universe.

The Bricks


Head upstairs to your office (right from the bar) and look at PAL-18 - he needs new batteries. Grab your camera from the desk. Pick the lock of the door to the storage room (use your pick lock world-skill), then go inside and get the money. There is a locked storage chest here, but your skill is not high enough to open it yet. Go back down and talk to Valesta (blonde) at the bar. She will give you a job lead, to see Deanamo at Frank's Flophouse. Now head left from the bar and click on the Timeminder (little white creature with wings).

Fountain Spiral

Talk to the Aewa and he will suggest you find his cousin K'Conrad Khk to get some information. You will be attacked once you go down the slope, and Fatima will suggest you go to Whackmaster Jack's. Go up the opposite ramp and get the healgrease. Continue through to the fountain spiral, then follow the path and go right to an area with blue neon signs.

Whackmaster Jack's

Head up the ramp and find Whackmaster Jack (wearing a red shirt). Pay him for all 3 available fighting lessons, and just follow his instructions. After the lessons, talk to the guy against the wall and after a while you will be given a glodent. There is also a big guy here who speaks in riddles about fives - talk to him and say "Um, yes, by fives" to receive a pentagonal prism (you may need to come back if this guy is not here now). Now leave the establishment.

Continue up the curved path to the right, and take the first right. After you are attacked, take the gravpath up to the casinox area.


Go to the elevator and take it down. Talk to Maria Black to learn that she is looking for Simon Langer. Continue and turn right to reach the Overlook. Talk to K'Conrad here, then go back through the door, and down at the elevator straight ahead. A Noxguard here will ask if you have seen Valesta - say no. Continue past the blocked entrance to Casinox and go down in the elevator.


Go through the door on the left (behind the timeminder) into Ghallas. In the creature repair area you can buy some healgrease and other items. Follow the corridor behind here to find a TACO. Return to where you entered the Junkyard area and touch the fruit if you want to fight some guards. After the fight, continue straight into the Tenements area.


Head straight through to the elevator and go down, then turn around and enter the Flophouse.

Frank's Flophouse

If you need healing, pay for a room. Go down the ramp into room 06 to find a TACO. Go back up and pick the locks of room D for some healgrease. Go to Room A and pick the lock to meet Deanamo, who will tell you about Grumpos Matavastros in Tenement Building 5. Pick up Valesta's bracelet on the way out. Exit Frank's and head right and down, through the door to Building 5.

Tenement Building 5

Look at the directory on the wall here to see that Grumpos is in room C19. You will also see that Langer is in C05. Browse the SenderNet terminal, then head up to the 4th floor using the Section C elevator. Go to room 19 and pick the lock - you will be given the task of finding a size 5 NoxGuard helmet. After the conversation, get the TACO from the right, then head back through Grumpos' apartment, grabbing the blue card. Leave and go down in the elevator to the 2nd floor. Knock on the door of apartment C05 - you will meet Simon Langer. Ask for $25 and tell him about Maria Black's plans. Now use the elevator to reach the 1st floor and head out of the building (you could also get some healgrease plus from apartments C11 and C14 if you need it).


Turn left and go straight past the food store, turning right and going down an alley. Talk to the NoxGuard at the end and mention a size 5 helmet to find out that one was issued to Platform Area. Turn around and go straight, following the passage until you reach a Doorlord. Talk to him once, then walk away. Talk to a guy standing nearby until he says that Eddie would know how to get past it. Return to the elevator and go up. Run straight past the guard, through to another elevator and go up again.


You can now head down the ramp here into the Casinox area (previously blocked). Run straight through here to reach another gravpath.


Turn left and follow the long corridor to an elevator. Go down to level 1 and head out to the platform. The NoxGuard here has a size 5 helmet. Talk to him and be as pleasant as you can - you will be given the helmet. Do not talk to the guard again, or he will fight you (and he is tough, so will probably kill you). Go back to the elevator and up to level 4 again. Go back to Grumpos' apartment.

Tenement Building 5

Once at Grumpos' (apartment C19), go through the back, up the ramp and into his workshop. He will now join you. Leave the apartment and Fatima will suggest you see K'Conrad again. Go up the elevator and into the Junkyard area.


You will be attacked by two thugs - dispose of them. Now talk to the 2 Brebulans, who will give you a quest to find a symmetrical crystal tree. Head down the gravpath to the Junkyard. Kill the goon, then follow the passage. Take the right path - a guy will say "Eddie knows" here. Enter the broken pipe and head right until you reach an open room and a Gorite to beat up. Find the symmetrical tree and take it. Return out of the junkyard and give the tree to the Brebulans for $175. Go to the Fountain overlook and talk to K'Conrad again - he will tell you to find and follow Lucko Coldwolf. Fatima will appear and tell you that he is to be found at the Barton Arms.


Go to the Tenements area (don't go down the elevator to Lower Tenements) and walk down the ramp to find the Barton Arms. Now you need to stay in front of Lucko for a while, then carefully follow him, not getting too close or too far away. He will lead you into a new area.

Anachronox Tours

You will eventually meet Charlie, who tells you that Eddie is in the Junkyard, and will want something chewy and stinky. Head out of the Tours area. On the way you will see an old friend, Detective Rukh - you owe him a favour. He will ask you to go to apartment C07 in Tenements Building 5. Also on the way out of this area, you will see a motorway with a speeding red motorbike. Continue on and talk to a NoxGuard around a few corners who wants a photo of this guy - return, take a photo and give it to the guard for $75. Behind him is a broken elevator. Try to fix it, connecting the blue and red wires and it will blow up. Remember this area, because you will come back later with PAL-18.

Go to Kewp's apartment C07 at the Tenements Building 5, and get the lifecursor. Fatima will give you the info from it. Return to Detective Rukh and give him the info in exchange for a PAX Flashpak.

Fountain Spiral

Make your way to the Fountain Spiral Area (follow the signs). On the way you will see Maria Black again - tell her where to find Simon Langer and she will give you $50. Very close by is a NoxGuard who offers you money to provide him with full-body photographs of 5 Brebulans. Here are some places to find them:

  • 2 in Whackmaster Jack's, near the ring
  • 2 in Junkyard Area, opposite Junkyard gravpath
  • 1 in Casinox Area, near Platform Area gravpath
  • 1 in Anachronox Tours Area, near restaurant
  • 1 in Upper Tenements, talking to NoxGuard
  • 1 in Lower Tenements, just right after going down ramps
  • 1 in Zordo's Gun Palace Area, playing a card game
  • 1 in Zordo's Gun Palace, lower level

Once you have 5 photos, return to this guard for your $500. Go down the gravpath and into the spiral. Head down, and follow the path leading to Zordo's. Look out for a guy who is limping, and ask him for his sock (to give to Eddie). Around here you should also find Pap Figgene, who gives you a quest to take pictures of 8 Red Bipidri. These are difficult to find, and are located in these places:

  • Anachronox - Tenements - Go to the bottom of the ramp outside the Barton Arms and look into the distance, and you will see one between the wall and the building.
  • Anachronox - MysTech Museum - On the upper walkway inside the museum, near 2 competing scientists, look down to see one occasionally walk from behind a pillar.
  • Democratus Ring - Republic Inn - Look left before climbing the staircase to see 2 orange bipidri; wait for a while and a red one will appear.
  • Democratus Ring - Warship Bay - Look out of a window into space at the base of a big elevator, and one should float past.
  • Sender Station - Sendormitory - On the third level of the sleeping slabs, in one of the beds.
  • Sender Station - Underworks - As you walk toward the MugMug village, just through the first door, you can see one walking in and out of a pipe down to your right.
  • Hephaestus - Platform Area - As you walk up a ramp near an entertainment district sign, stop and look down; you will see one walking along a low platform near a stationary man.
  • Hephaestus - Factory - One slides down a vertical pipe on the wall, in the area with 3 conveyor belts.

Obviously these are not all available at this early point in the game - just go and get photos of the 2 on Anachronox for the time being, and return to Pap when you have all 8 photographs.

MysTech Museum

At the bottom of a ramp in this area is a swipe-card machine that lets you into the museum. Go inside and talk to the man behind the desk. Ask him about MysTech, and when you leave he will offer you 2 jobs - get photographs of 5 Anachronox symbols, and retrieve the stolen symbol from Anachronox Tours. Here are the places to photograph the symbols:

  • Signpost leading to Casinox
  • Level 2 of the Platforms (in the elevator)
  • Archway leading from Ghallas to Tenements
  • Archway leading from Tenements to Ghallas
  • Fountain Spiral, over passage leading to Zordo's

Run around and take photographs of these symbols, then head to the Anachronox Tours Area. Run forward and go up all the ramps to find the door to the Anachronox Tours building. Go through and follow the corridors to the main foyer. Head to the maintenance area at the back, and through this area into the next. Head up the ramp to the right and go through another door to reach the roof. Follow the railing to find the stolen symbol - pick it up and leave the area. Return to the MysTech Museum and talk to the guy to receive $200 for the photos and $400 for the authentic symbol. Next, head back to Rowdy's.


Talk to Marina several times about the Resistance - she will tell you about Yerocan Worb. Go and find him, in the tunnels between here and Zordo's, and he will give you the blueprints to Detta's fortress. Go back to Rowdy's and give these to Marina, in exchange for $200. Talk to Mardoman and he will ask you to check up on Yerocan. Go there and he will ask you to photograph a potential spy for him. Go to the Fountain Spiral and take the path labelled Fountain. Along here is a guy named Fazz Burbleman, who will ask about a package if you talk to him. Take a photo, and return to give it to Yerocan. Now go back to Mardoman, who will give you a new task.

Go to the Platform Area and head to level 3. Talk to the Melt dealer 3 times, then kill him in battle. Return to Mardoman at the bar and he will reward you.


Now it's time to meet Eddie. Go down into the Junkyard and follow the left branch. Pick up the pre-owned shield cell, then battle your way through 4 fights with goons and gorites (don't forget to heal up between battles). At one point the path splits in two - take the lower path initially to find a TACO, then return to the upper path. Talk to Moop and you will have to go inside by yourself. Talk to all the people waiting in line to see Eddie, and you should find a nice weapon lying on the ground behind some crates. Walk up to the door and you will find out information about the Doorlord.

Alien Tunnels

Return out of the Junkyard, and head right into the Tenements Area. Go down the elevator, and down the two ramps to the left. Turn left and follow the path to the Doorlord, then talk to it to discover a secret path beneath the bridge. You will automatically jump down.

Go through the dark passage and up the ramps. Turn right and go down the elevator. Pick up the glodent that is right near here. Follow the caves and collect a batt after your second fight. Following your next battle with 6 skitters, search around to find a chest containing a TACO. Keep fighting your way through the tunnels and you will eventually reach a long narrow bridge, then a boat on your right. Get on the boat.

Controlling the boat with the mouse, the aim is to collect the supply crates and health crates, and avoid the explosive crates - the more supply crates you collect the larger your reward. After this arcade sequence, continue through the lower tunnels, fighting increasingly difficult battles. After you reach a second TimeMinder, turn left and enter a new room, which contains the Stone Sentinel. After you beat this enemy (you need to always keep ahead of the monster's attacks on the plates surrounding it), return to the corridor from which you entered. Turn right and go down the ramp and collect the mysterium rock. You will then see a cutscene where the rock is taken from you, and it is suggested you travel to Sunder.

Anachronox Tours

Starting off back in the Tenements, head into Frank's Flophouse and go into room A. As Grumpos, talk to Deanamo and pay her $200. Now go back outside and make your way to the Anachronox Tours Area. Head up the ramps and turn left to find a guy with a broken PAL. Talk to him and buy the battery for $200. Now go all the way back to Rowdy's and head up the ramp into your office. Use PAL to fit him with the battery.

Go to Whackmaster Jack's and use PAL to hack a computer panel beneath the ramp on the bottom level of the building, to reveal a TACO. Now go back to the Anachronox Tours Area. Turn left and go back to the lift you exploded earlier in the game. Use PAL to hack the computer panel here to reveal another TACO. Now head up and into the Anachronox Tours Building.

Use PAL to talk to the robot here to get a Cordicorps Shockclaw (a new weapon for PAL). Now as Boots, talk to the guy at the ticket kiosk. Switch to Grumpos and use your Yammer skill to get rid of the guy. Purchase 2 tickets to Sender Station, then head through the gates to the right and up in the elevator. Head right twice and go to the South Platform, boarding any shuttle from here.

Sender Station

Sender Station Station

Follow the corridors out to the waiting area. Turn left and talk to the man outside Gate 5 - he tells you that you will need appropriate credentials, laboratory coats, great intelligence, and tickets. Turn right and go through one of the two doors at the end of the hall.

Commons Area

Speak to Detective Rukh, who will give you another assignment to complete. Talk to the robot who is selling tickets, and try to purchase 2 tickets to Sunder - they are sold out. Turn left and go through the doors, then go down the ramps to the left and around until you come across a ramp going up. There is a green guy, Carlin Moy, near the bottom with a white "No Salt!" t-shirt. Talk to him to find out about his cousin Goat Knife who is selling tickets. Head right, back to the station and talk to Goat Knife who is in the shadows between 2 buildings. He tells you of a friend who is in to clowns.

Go back to Carlin's ramps and go up 2 of them, then head left, right and left to find a small park with a dancing clown (outside the Vend-O-Mart). Talk to the kid (Naudie) who will refer you to a guy outside the Lounge of Commerce. Turn left and walk ahead to speak to Divadopher, who wears a red shirt. He will refer you on to Slick Janomin, in the Routubes under Pumping Station 7. Turn around and enter the Lounge of Commerce.

Lounge of Commerce

Talk to everyone in here. Zicky Zoom will buy TACOs from you, so whenever you come around this area, stop in to sell them to him for some nice rewards. Order the cheapest drink from the bar, and Mulfey will sympathise with you, telling you to visit Contessa Shrivenstein at the Royal Penthouse Suites to get a job. Go back outside and down the ramps, then head into the gold building.

Royal Penthouse Suites

Once inside, go down the ramp and talk to the lady on the far right sofa. Once she gives you your instructions, turn around and leave the building. Go left around the central structure until you reach the Science Museum, and head inside. Go left, right and straight down the stairs and through the door. Turn right and speak to Hermano, who will refer you to his assistant. Go back to the Station and head to Gate 2. Speak to the robot here several times, and you will receive a dry-cleaning bill and then the Certificate of Authenticity. Return to the Penthouse Suites and give this to Contessa Shrivenstein for $50.

Now return to the Lounge of Commerce. Turn left from the bar and talk to the guy around the corner, Salsa, who asks you to seek out a drug dealer.


Exit the lounge and go left to find the Vend-O-Mart. Head inside and go to the machine on the left. Walk up to the panel and press the 6 button. Note that the lab coats require credentials to purchase. Buy the Megalocephalic Wendy doll here. Now use PAL to hack the databank below the panel and you will get two lab coats. While you are here, get Grumpos into the holy room and if you got the pentagonal prism from Whackmaster Jack's you can get the Staff Sweep battle skill. Back outside, find the ramp to go up to the top level and open the door on the left.

Upper Routubes

Head down the ramp, through a door and down another ramp. Turn left and enter the open area for a quick battle. Use PAL to hack the computer panel and open a door to go through. In the next area get the glodent from behind the second pillar, then go down the ramp. Fight the 4 pipe mimics in the next area, then go along the path to meet Janomin. Purchase the ticket to Sunder, and the sleeping potion. Take the other exit from this platform and follow it to find another glodent, and a dead body - take a photo of this. Leave the Routubes the same way you came in.

Go back into the Lounge and talk to Salsa again. Walk up to the clone at the bar and buy him a drink. When he falls, you will find a note in his pocket. Go back to Salsa and you will be told about a contact by the name of Xiuwen on Sunder.


Leave the Lounge and head around on this level to the left. Enter the Sendormitory. Go through the left door, then down in the elevator. Go up to the second platform and talk to Doctor Nynx, who has a ticket to Sunder. Get Grumpos to use his Yammer skill, then take the ticket from the good doctor. While you are here, turn around and get a photo of a red bipidri in the bed opposite and above the doctor's. Now leave the establishment. Go down and into the museum again. Turn left when you enter to see an access terminal. Hack the computer with PAL, and download the information to get the appropriate credentials for your trip to Sunder. Leave the museum.

Royal Penthouse Suites

Now head around and into the Penthouse Suites again. Go down the ramp and turn left, then talk to Doctor Brywelle, and take the rose from his table. Go back up to the park with the clown, and speak to the lady there - she will want to meet the doctor. Follow her down to the Suites and after the two meet, speak to the doctor to get a third ticket (even though you don't need it). Return to the station.

Sender Station Station

Talk to Rukh again and you will get a reward for your photo. Now head to gate 5 and get PAL to hack the panel. Go through the corridors and you can select any of the speech options to get through and board the Brain Train to Sunder.

Sender Shuttle

Talk to everyone on board the shuttle and you will be given the Labbe Linguinator Adaptor from Dr Labbe. You need to talk to everyone, or the shuttle will not reach its destination.


Callosum Starport

Follow the narrow corridors until Fatima tells you to look for Dr Bowman in the Rainbow Sanctuary. Open the door and enter the station. Talk to everyone here as you walk around to the left. Go down to the right into the baggage claim area, then out the other side and left through the door. Talk to the scientists in this area as well, then talk to the PAX Guard blocking the gate - he will tell you about the 3 sets of lasers, and the need for 3 frequencies, and something thin to block them.

Walk back through baggage and turn right to enter the lounge. Talk to the PAX Guard at the table, then pick the lock on his briefcase to get the blue frequency. Talk to a robot in the middle of the lounge to get a free pack of playing cards. Exit the lounge and start walking around the outside of the station. Hack the panel at Gates 1/2 and enter the blue frequency of 493, then insert a playing card into the slot on the left.

Continue climbing the stairs until you see a PAX Guard beating a newspaper vendor. Hack the panel with PAL to get him a paper, and he will give you the green frequency. Go right to the top of the station and find a third PAX Guard talking to some scientists at Gates 9/10. Use Grumpos' yammer skill on him to learn the red frequency. Going back down the station, enter the green frequency of 691 and use a card again. Finally, find the panel at Gates 5/6 and enter the red frequency of 507, then insert a playing card into the slot. Return down to the rainbow gate and walk through, using the moving platform to go left.

Rainbow Sanctuary

Follow the moving platform until a sign says the next bit is broken. Talk to the two beings here, then walk along the broken section to the next open area. Get the True View Torque from the grass, then go through the door. Follow the corridors and go up the stairs into the Rainbow Sanctuary lounge. Over to the right is a chest you can open to get some sunder moss. Now talk to the secretary and start to follow her. She will stop several times - talk to her to get her moving again. After the second security door you will be in a commons area. You can find a TACO in the area, and also a Brebulan by the name of Xiuwen, who will give you a package (Salsa told you about this earlier). Now continue to follow the secretary and you will meet Dr Bowman. After the cutscene, grab the keycard from behind the glowing MysTech and you have 8 minutes to escape the system.

Head towards the exit, but take a detour down the ramp to the right and open the chest to get a Scuttle Shield Unit. Now exit the lab and follow the corridors. The first combination is RBYG, then GYGY, then RGBY and finally RRGG (just in case you didn't note them down as you were coming in. Grab PAL and head out of the lounge, and to the base of the stairs. Use the swipe card machine to open the door.

Service Tunnels

Open the gate and turn left. Run over and grab some healgrease plus from in front of the closed gate, then follow the passage. At the next junction, head left to get more healgrease plus, then go back and take the right path. Take either branch at the next junction, and at the final one go right. Get the 3rd healgrease plus at a door on your right, then continue following the passage. You will eventually reach an exit door with a TimeMinder beside it. Go through the door and up the stairs into the Starport.

Callosum Starport

Turn right and open the door, then go up and to the left. At the top, head to the far right corner of the room, then open the door. Go left over the bridge, and turn left again until you reach a door. Back in the main section of the starport, go all the way up to Gate 12. Use the swipe machine to open the door, then run out and climb into the ship. Next follows a short arcade sequence where you have to dodge all the debris in your ship.

Democratus Ring

Council Chamber Area

After the cutscenes you will fight 3 robodes and discover the wonders of MysTech. You can only choose 2 people to travel with you - select PAL and Dr Bowman. Go through the door here and talk to Keeber about the Council. Continue along the path, then up a ramp to fight 3 more robodes. Continue and Fatima will provide you with some information. Head through the next door, then take the door on your right. In this corridor you will meet Sergeant Cuff - be polite to him and he will tell you that you need to vote like the High Council in order to meet them. Go through the next set of doors into Votowne.


Walk down the ramps and talk to Atrimus Heath (the guy on the right, standing near an orange poster). Be nice to this guy and pay him 1 loonie for a voting card. You now need to find out which way to vote on each of the 8 propositions.

The Proposition 2 response is indicated on the poster behind Atrimus Heath - click on the poster to learn the correct answer.

Next turn around and go past the ramp, talking to Buckley White standing behind it. Walk away from him now, and go right and left to see some people listening to a speaker (remember this, you will be coming back here). Turn left and follow the ramp up, then turn left and talk to Zewpie, the guy on the right. He wants a Quack-Quack Juice, so go up the ramp, and through the doors to the left (into the second half of Votowne). Go down to your left , and through a door to the right into Jejune Juices. Talk to the man at the counter on your left and buy a Quack-Quack Juice, then return and give it to Zewpie, who will tell you about Proposition 3.

Go back through to the second half of Votowne, down the ramps to the left, across the courtyard and up a narrow ramp to the left. Talk to Waiia here and he will tell you how to vote on Proposition 5.

Go back down the ramp, then head left into another open area. Find two guys with a robot, and talk to Brady Day, the guy on the left. Get PAL to hack his robot and read the Proposition 1 memo. Turn left and enter The Republic Inn.

Republic Inn

Talk to the guy on the sofa to your left (Dward) who will tell you that Dass Daskin is in room 401, and Merle Joid is also here. Walk up to the main desk and talk to M Emmy. He will tell you which room Merle Joid is in for $100, but you are better off getting PAL to hack a panel on the side of his desk to get the info yourself - he is in room 201. Go around to the rooms, up the stairs to the right, and through to room 201. Pick the lock and enter the room, then read the note on the bed about Proposition 4. You can also get a healgrease complete in the cupboard in the bathroom. Leave the room.

Head up the stairs and into room 304. In here you can find an irate Becky Heen, as well as a DoubleUp Bracer and a healgrease plus. Go up the stairs again and find room 401. Enter the room and get the TACO and healgrease complete, then get Rho to analyse the map on the wall - she will suggest getting to a higher vantage point. While you are here, go into room 402 and have Rho analyse the book in here, then collect a healgrease plus from the bathroom. Now leave the inn.


Head straight across the open area and up the ramp to the left. Note a computer at the top of the ramp - get Rho to use the map here and it will show you the location of the next meeting point. Walk here and talk to Dass Daskin to learn about Proposition 7. It doesn't matter what you say about his wife.

Descend the ramp and wander around this area looking for another Ally of the Council, named Chrissy. Speak to her about Proposition 8 and she will give you information in exchange for a kiss from Sly or Grumpos. Head all the way back to where you left Grumpos, and exchange Rho for him (ie. keep PAL with you).

Now return to where you saw 2 people listening to a speaker. Yammer the speaker to get the info on Proposition 6. Now go up the ramp behind the speaker, through the double doors and down to the left. There is a machine here near a guard - use the machine to vote (you can press F1 to review the correct votes as you have collected them). If you get all the votes correct you will be given a Gold Council Ally Card.

Council Chamber Area

Return to this area and speak to Sergeant Cuff again - he will now let you into the lobby, where you will meet up with Rho. Head through the door to the right and you will interrupt the council and volunteer your services.

Warship Bay

Go through the door to the right labelled Cargo Bay 14. Head down in the lift to the right and fight the robodes, then search to find some healgrease complete and a vistin blader staffhead for Grumpos. Return through the Cargo Bay door and head right down a ramp. Here you can find a bag of glodents before progressing to the ground floor and going through another door. Continue to find another fight with 2 robodes followed by some more healgrease complete. Through another door you will find 3 robodes. Descend in the lift (and don't forget to take a photo of the red bipidri outside in space here), then go through to a final 2 robodes. There is an old ducalion shieldcell and a healgrease plus to be found here, then you can go through to find the warship and exit this area.

Verilent Hive

Hivebay mini-game

In this arcade seuqnece you need to shoot all attacking droids and collect health packs to survive until you reach the boss. When you run out of ammo, click on the lower left corner to reload. In each large room, you are given the option to fly through various exits (shoot at a green exit symbol to fly through the selected tunnel). The fastest way through this maze is as follows:

  • Go through the blue exit
  • Go through the red exit
  • Destroy the red forcefield (shoot it repeatedly)
  • Go through the yellow exit
  • Destroy the yellow forcefield
  • Go through the blue exit
  • Go through the first purple exit
  • Go through the yellow exit

You now face the boss - shoot its helmet repeatedly to destroy it, being careful to also destroy the extra droids and missiles that it shoots in your direction. Grumpos will now automatically land the fighter.

Outer Hive

Collect some FireSpire MysTech from behind your ship. Run up the ramp and note the door with the insects - you will not be able to go through here yet, so head through the other doorway and talk to Navigator HB Cronyn (stuck in the wall). Now follow the passage through another door and into a fight with 3 verilents and a hive fighter. After the fight pick the lock on the chest resting on the boxes to find some NutsWalker MysTech.

Get Rho to study the computer terminal in this room and you will learn about the components you need to find to activate the computer. Kill the 2 verilents that attack, then go up the stairs and through the door. Touch the two gems on either side of this room to let some MysTech fall to the floor below. Go through the opposite exit and meet a Science Officer before continuing. There is a Static Pulse Injector in the next room for Rho. Get her to analyse the panel here and the door with the insects from earlier will clear. Return here and go through.

Collect the SlowStrike MysTech, then continue through the door and fight 3 verilents. Collect the PoisonSpin MysTech that dropped here earlier, and continue through the opposite door. Touch the blue crystal here twice and fight 5 enemies each time - you will collect 2 blue hive shards.

In this same room, touch the yellow crystal twice to fight 3 verilents twice and collect 2 yellow hive shards. Continue left into the next tunnel and repeat this process with the purple crystal (fight 2 battles, get 2 purple hive shards). Go straight ahead and talk to Warrant Officer DT Skeritt, then follow the path to find some Bane MysTech and a green crystal (2 fights, 2 shards). Turn left and meet the Captain, who hints that MysTech is the only way to destroy the Queen. Continue into a room with 2 more shards, red and cyan - you again need to fight twice to collect two of each of these hive shards. Note that this is the best area of the game in which to build up these characters and earn a lot of money, so spend extra time touching the crystals and fighting a bit.

Now you have all 6 hive shards, so return to the main computer terminal that Rho studied earlier (the fastest way is left and through a new door, then past a large battle with 6 enemies and through the following passages). Place a hive shard in each of the receptacles here and you will see several doors opening.

Go back up the staircase and through the passages, past the control panel. Through the next door you will reach a junction - go left here. Pick up the hive moss and go through another door. Place each of your remaining shards (one of each color) on the panel here to receive some PsyChain MysTech. Now return to the junction and take the other path, going through the blue doorway.

Inner Sanctum

Fatima will appear and remind you to equip your MysTech and save your game. Do this, then walk through to battle the queen. She will summon verilents when the two crystals are active - use normal attacks to kill them. Use MysTech attacks only on the queen and she will eventually go down. You will then return to Democratus for a cutscene before heading back to Sender Station.

Sender Station

Lounge of Commerce

Democratus will appear and offer to join you. Talk to all of your companions, then agree to help Rho on her search for 2 items. While you are in the area, it's not a bad idea to take each of your companions into the Vend-O-Mart and get them some good battle items. With Rho and Democratus, head down into the Routubes.

Upper Routubes

Head down the ramps all the way to where the guy was dead on the ground (there are 2 fairly simple battles on the way). Get Rho to analyse the schematic and fix the panel. The door will now open and you can go through.

Lower Routubes

Follow the passage to a large fight, then continue on to find a Batt in a cage. Go down around the ramps to fight 2 more enemies and collect another Batt. Keep walking to reach a fork - head left to start with and get Boots to pick the lock on the door.

Sender Station Underworks

Go through and meet a Gorian who will give you a recipe. Go through the doorway behind him and follow the passages to reach another fight with some pipes. After going down a little bit more you will meet the MugMugs. Give some moss to the Elder MugMug and he will give you an item of value (eg. a resonance crystal or a circlet of safety - it depends on which moss you provide). Next use Democratus' world skill to get the toy that has fallen down to the right. Give this toy to the other MugMug in exchange for a TACO. Now run back through the Underworks and take the other passage at the fork to enter the Red Light District.

Red Light District

Speak to the pool god in the downstairs area to find out that Sam Schlung, who is in Mistress Mavina's, may know where to find Kevester. Head up the stairs and into the Palm Reader's to find that Kevester is most likely at Slutopia. Go back outside and into Slutopia. You will find Kevester sitting by himself on the right. Talk to him and find out that he lost his wedding ring at the Orange Navel - this is your next destination. Head downstairs and pick up a girl, then follow her up to a room. Leave her there and pick the lock of room 2, then go inside and grab the TACO before clicking on the bipidri to retrieve the wedding ring. Leave the Navel and go back to Slutopia. Talk to Kevester and he will tell you to pick up your Field Transduction Module at Cold Sweat Sex Machine. Enter this bar and talk to Brozek (by himself on the other side of the room, to give him your recipe (for $275). Next talk to the bartender, who will give you the FTM after Stiletto Anyway performs her routine. Return to the Lounge of Commerce, and PAL will head off to retrieve the prototype TDD alone. Head to the Science Museum.

Science Museum

Hack the dataport near the front door and go inside. Turn right and enter the small storage room, then go through the ventilation shaft to enter a small maze-like area. Find and hack the 3 dataports in this area, each time toggling the towers, and you will eventually make it through to find the room with the TDD. As you drop down into the room, someone will steal the device. Now you are apparently stuck. Roll up over the boxes and hack the dataport around the back of the stands. Go up the other boxes, then cross over the top of the inactive robot and exit. Once outside, Stiletto Anyway will join you. Head back up toward the Lounge and she will demonstrate her world skill. Enter the Lounge.

Lounge of Commerce

After the discussions, grab Democratus and take him down to the Penthouse Suites. Go down and to the right, and speak to the Democratus guy. Return to the lounge and get Rho and Grumpos, then return to the Sender Station Station.

Sender Station Station

Run all the way back to Gate 6. Head down the corridors to your private transport, and travel to Hephaestus.


Platform Area

Talk to Rho and Grumpos, who will suggest splitting up to find the entrance to the library. Go through the exit and down the elevator, then talk to Brother Notri. There is a healgrease behind the arrivals/departures sign. The HephTram is broken at this stage, so head to the far end of the lounge and up the stairs. Now follow the signs that point to the Entertainment District. You can talk to people on the way, and visit Ed's House of Crap (look for the neon sign) if you want.

Entertainment District

Speak to everyone in this area, walking through and following the signs to the Tower. You will find a retro arcade as you go through the area, and there is a TACO in the bar up a ramp to the left. Take the opportunity to buy and sell MysTech while you are in the district. Enter the lobby of El Sommeil on your right. There is a guy sleeping on the couch here - steal his delivery slip. You can also go up to the 4th floor in the elevator to find a healgrease complete. Go back outside, and continue through the district and go up a ramp at the end. Talk to the robot, then give it the slip. Go down the ramp and use the keypad to lower the lift with the robot on it. Go back up and enter the cargo container.


The Abbot will give you 2 quests to perform - locate the Keys of Cavatum, and get some replacement analyzer fluid from the Sluice Gates. Talk to the Abbot again, then go to the Weeping Shrine and look at the ground - collect the Crime Scene Grit and go back to show it to the Abbot. He will then lead you to an elevator, where you should go down into the lavatic processing plant. Go down the walkways talking to everyone, until you find Norman Malloy. He will suggest Sister Angela as an alternate suspect for the crime. Before returning up to the Abbot, head further down, following the doors and passageways to find the Sluice Gates. Talk to Peter Brown, who will give you 4 filters and direct you down the nearby ladder. In this gas-filled area, run through the corridors to 4 separate areas and install the filters. Keep pressing F11 when you can to use your aspirator so that you don't choke on the noxious fumes, and you won't take any damage. Once you have placed the filters, return up via the ladder. You will be given the Sluice Gates code (49665). Type this in to the keypad and the gates will open. Climb down.

Sluice Gates

In this next area, head left at the junction, and keep following pathways to the left, timing runs over the holes so you don't get burned. You will eventually find an elevator. Step on to it, and use it to get straight across to collect a red lever handle. Take it to the platform opposite and insert it into the power panel. Now go to the low central platform and collect a sample, then back up to where you got the handle and deposit the sample (press the red button). Go through the open door.

Using the stairs, go right to the bottom and collect the Mysfac card from the table. Now enter the central room and start a timed sequence. Press the button, then head right, up the stairs to the next level. Run through the central room to press another button and go up another level. Press a third button, then go through the door and head left this time. Use your security card to open a clear door, then run up the steps. Go through a few doors, then use the machine to collect some fluid. You can now return through the lava walkways area (there are three card-protected areas with healgrease here), up to the Tower, then up to the Cathedral.


Talk to the robot at the top of the lift, then to the guy he indicates (Restlin Brewster). Get some Tunnel Transport Grit from the ground near him. Next find and talk to the Abbot twice - he will tell you to find Sister Angela, and will thank you for the replacement fluid. Talk to Sister Angela at the Pool of Radiance (use the tower guides to help find any of these people), then Brother Liseria in his private room with a candle out the front, then Thomas Litton near the Tower's entrance. Next find Brother Flammarian up in the library. Finally go back to Restlin Brewster and he will tell you Brother Liseria stole the keys. Now you need proof.

Leave the tower and find Rho outside. Talk to her and she will join you. Go back to Brother Liseria's room and Boots will start talking to distract him. As Rho, head to the right and open the large window. Climb out to the balcony and left through Brother Liseria's wnidow. Go into the front room and look at the shelf on your right. Pick up the papers here (not the books) and you will automatically leave the room. As Sly again, go and talk to Rho near the large window. Now go outside into the Eco Bar. Talk to the monk at the bar and buy him a drink - he will mention Room 3. Go to Le Sommeil and enter the lift. Head up to level 2, then pick the lock on room 3. Inside, look at the keys on the bed. Now return to the Tower and talk to the Abbot, who will give you access to the library. Grumpos will make a breakthrough at the library. Go and find Rho and bring her back there to learn about MysTech. Now go and find the Abbot again, and he will take you down to the Levant for another quest.

Levant Entrance

From the entrance there are 3 tunnels - left, straight and right. Take the straight passage, ignoring the first computer terminal. Continue straight, ignoring the left passage, and fight 3 lava frogs, then take a petal from the lifeflower. Return to the entrance and this time take the left tunnel. When you get the chance, go down a spiralling passage to the right, and use the terminal to learn about the workings of the Levant. Return up the spiral and continue along the passage to find another terminal - use this one to extend the Gen Bridge. Return to the entrance again.

Go down the central tunnel and take the left fork. Get an amulet from the chest up the spiral staircase, then continue on to a fork in the tunnel. Head right first and kill the Stalac Titan, then take the left path for a fight with 4 enemies. After you win, go down the opposite staircase and get Sly to pick the lock on the grating. Now use the terminal to activate the Aux Generator. Return to where you activated the Gen Bridge, and continue through the tunnel here to find another terminal. Use this to turn on the Distributor. Return to the first terminal you saw near the entrance and use this to open the Access Door. Finally, go around the right passage from the entrance and into the next section.

Lower Levant

Go through and fight 3 lava frogs, then note 2 exits from this first room. Go right, then right at the fork and fight 4 fire crawlers. Use the terminal to activate the Power Bridge. Return to the fork and take the other path, using Boots to lockpick the gate on the storage area. Collect the Mysfac circuit breaker from the chest, then return to the first room.

Take the left passage now, and follow it up to the right at the fork, to find a shed with a terminal that you cannot use yet. Continue past the shed and activate the Pump Power. Return to the fork and take the other passage. Fight past a Stalac Titan and 2 fire salamanders, then activate the Primer Pump. You can continue on a bit further here to find 4 lava frogs and a timeminder tear if you want. Return to the shed and activate the Conveyance system. Go and collect the Banewave MysTech if you want, then go through the new passage near the shed.

Lavatic Pump

Follow the passages to get through a series of 3 simple fights, then meet the boss at the end. Keep killing his minions, then kill him. Once you are done, go and find the Abbot, who will take you to see the Grand Mysterium. After the meeting, you will be back on Sender Station.

Sender Station

Lounge of Commerce

Talk to each of the characters, and take Stiletto and Democratus with you. Head outside, and over to the Station.

Sender Station Station

Run down the end to Gate 6 (on the left). Head down the corridors to your private transport, and travel to Limbus. On the way there, you will be swallowed by a very large starship.

Villain Ship

Villain Bay

Head up either set of stairs and talk to the two guys at the top. They will tell you to press the blinking button then go through the door downstairs to start the game. Do as they suggest.

Main Section

There is really only one linear path through this ship although it will seem like you are travelling all over the place. Each of the 5 types of monsters has their own lair which you will pass through. Each lair contains a computer that displays a hologram when you access it. Note down which hologram corresponds to which monster. You will eventually reach a room where you battle one of each type of monster. Go and access the computer here, and click the button with the 5 dots. You have to then rotate through the holograms to match up the correct image with the correct monster. From the initial hologram, you need to rotate the first hologram right 3 times, then second 1 time, third 2 times, fourth 4 times and leave the last one alone. The red doors throughout the complex are now unlocked. Get the TACO here before exiting. Go through the red door, and follow the passages through another 2 red doors. You will now find another console and a green door. Use the console here and rotate the images to the right 4, 1, 2, 0 and 3 times respectively (from left to right) to unlock the green doors. Go through several doors and one more fight to find Rictus. After you kill him, he will regenerate and imprison you.

Villain Brig

Talk to each of the superheroes here, ending with Headwork. Agree to share his mind-reading abilities, and go around to read everyone's mind. Specifically, read the mind of Dr Hush-Hush to get the first part of a combination - he only seems to remember the first 2 digits consistently. You will also note that Krapto the dog is thirsty. Take his water bowl. Return to Headwork to lose your ability. Now go and talk to Creepfood, in his cell. You will milk some sweat from him into the dog's bowl. Get your mind-reading ability back from Headwork, then go and listen to Krapto. You will give him the bowl, and he will tell you Invisolad is over near the entrance. Go over there and listen in the corner to get the last 2 digits of the combination. Now go to Paco's cell and type in the correct number to free him.

Democratus Surface


Turn slightly to the right and enter the large house. Enter the first room on the left to find the Burgomaster. Talk to him and he will ask you to help solve a mystery for him. You need to take 3 photographs. Head out of the house and turn left. Go up the ramp and follow the path around, looking at the ground until you notice some drag marks. Follow them to where they stop at a tree, and take a photo. Return to the house. Now take the lower path to the left and follow it until you reach a break in the external fence. Take a photograph of this break. Return to the house and head right this time, through an archway and up stairs to the right. Take a photo of some scratch-marks on the roof of a house. Now return to the Burgomaster with your photos. He will suggest you rest at the inn before setting out tomorrow. Leave the house and turn left. Go to where the fence was broken and enter the inn. Talk to the innkeeper behind the counter, then go up to your room and sleep.

The scenes that you perform next will depend on the characters who you selected to accompany you back at Sender Station.


Talk to the first soldier on your right as you enter the compound. Next head around to find Sgt Maj Sargent, using the field code SCOWL. He will send you to another officer with another code, and you will continue this way until you meet Cmd Sgt Maj Heten, who will mention the generator failing. Go and find the generator near the entrance and use your RageMight worldskill to destroy it. Quickly run back to where Heten was standing and look at the map. In the lower left is the codeword CAGE. Use the small device next to the map and enter this code, to get the front gate's code (65712). Go to the front gate and enter this code to exit the compound. Run through the Dessicati Canyon, fighting several groups of monsters on the way. You will eventually reach another base.

Dodge the lasers and mines as you enter the base. Head through the area until you can climb a large ramp and go through several doors to find a control room. When you access the panel, a map will be displayed, and you are given the option of activating the elevator. Note the path you will take to reach the elevator, then activate it. You then have 45 seconds to reach the elevator before the doors close. You can always try again if you don't make it. Note that you can use your world skill to destroy the generators powering guns throughout this area. Once down in the lift, go through a few doors to find a little girl who is being held prisoner. You will automatically escape with her.

Ballotine (PAL)

Start by heading into town through the hole in the fence. Talk to the woman here, then go inside and talk to the 2 guys, who will give you the quest to turn off the emergency valve in Pool 3. Leave town and follow the path around to an elevator. Take this down into the processing plant.

In this area, dodge the mutant people to avoid damage. Follow the main passages to reach a console with three passages leading away from it. Hack the console with your world skill, then move the fuse so that it connects to Pool 3 (this is to decrease radiation levels before entering the area). Head down the right passage to reach Pool 3. Use the wheel to move the waste from Pool 3 to Pool 1. Go back to the console and change the fuse to point to Pool 2. Go straight ahead to the Pool 2 area and find the wheel here to move the waste from Pool 2 to Pool 1. Now head down the ramps to the base of the pool and through the doors into the base of Pool 3. Use the wheel here (turn it to the right). Head back into town and find Claude again, and you will have completed PAL's quest.

Doren (Stiletto)

Talk to the soldiers here, following the path until you can head right at a fork. Go up the stairs and talk to General Walton, who will give you your quest. Go back to the fork and take the left branch. Talk to Quartermaster Richard outside the building and he will tell you to go inside. Get the Stargent Bladerangs from the chest here first. Now go inside and down the ramps, and click on the second bunk on the right to go to sleep. Make sure you equip the Stargent Bladerangs, then progress through the forest, battling the Waugees and wasps. You will eventually go through an archway, over a long suspended walkway and meet the Waugee Queen. After you kill her, return to General Walton, who will tell you to board the spaceship. Head back to the start of this area to complete it.

Tensil (Rho)

Talk to the first guy here and he will tell you to find Chieftainess Hedela. Run through town until you reach an old temple, and head to the right side - she is standing here. Hedela will ask you to locate 4 gold leaves. Go back towards town and turn right to see a bird on a planter box. Click on the bird 3 times and a shopkeeper will go to get rid of it. While he is distracted, steal a gold leaf from his bag, hanging on a post. Now go right back to the entrance to town to find a man standing next to a wheelbarrow. Talk to him and he will offer you a gold leaf. Take it. Back into town a bit, talk to a merchant who asks you to find 12 ziffinberries. Collect them from the 3 bushes (near the entrance next to the water, near the child next to the bird from before, and just before the bridge to the Temple of Gorr - turn left and go through the door at the old temple). Some of them are unripe, so go and soak them in the water near the village entrance. Now give them to the merchant in exchange for a 3rd gold leaf. To get the 4th gold leaf, find a merchant close to the Chieftainess who will exchange a gold leaf for 4 silver leaves. You can find one on the other side of the bridge to the Temple of Gorr, one from threatening a kid who says he has a gold leaf, one in a corner near a couple talking about berries, and the 4th on top of the well. Give these to the merchant for your 4th gold leaf. Now return to the Chieftainess and she will read your fortune and tell you to enter the Temple of Gorr. Go across the bridge and inside.

Use your Analyze WorldSkill on the sign to get a clue about what to do. Now notice that the central column does not have an eye symbol. Find the corridor that has an eye button and press it. Now turn around and see which symbol is directly facing you. Press the star button next, then claw, sun, wheel and moon. Now go down to the next level.

Use your Analyze again, then look at the 6 pillars. Find the block with the inverted pattern (ie. swap black for white), and place it in the opposite hole. Do this for all 6 holes and continue on. Analyze to get a new clue, then step on to the bridge. You need to keep watching for which large symbol is displayed above the exit doorway - do not stand on this "giant" symbol. Also do not stand on the exclamation symbol. Click on the safe symbol for each step and you will survive the bridge. If not, just climb back up the stairs and try again. In the next room, just walk across the floor avoiding the sun's rays. Keep going, and search for a safe secret path before you reach the giant blades. Continue here and climb down the ladder. In the next area just step on the light sections, then complete the quest by approaching the throne from the side. Back in town, return to the Chieftainess to give her the artifact. Now leave town the way you entered.

White Caves

Run through the caves and fight several small battles, then battle the Big Wimpa and you will automatically take the child back to town.


Go to the Burgomaster and tell him you have rescued the child.

Democratus Ring

Leave the Council Chambers and go to the Republic Inn. Spend the night here by talking to the guy behind the desk, then return to your shuttle and head back to Sender Station. I suggest you go to the Lounge of Commerce and get Rho to join you, then go to Gate 6 and head to Limbus.


Wilds of Limbus

This section is very straightforward. Just run along the paths and battle groups of creatures, healing up between each fight.

Sagetane Crevice

Continue running and fighting through this larger area. The battles will get progressively harder, and you will meet the Sagen-Kra here. You will eventually have to fight 6 of these bosses at once, in a large cave. After this fight, go forward into the city.

City of Sesotris

You will meet Santa, who will ask you to defend 3 key positions in the city. Turn around and find a doorway to go through to reach the Bridge of Betrayal - leave one of your characters here. Next go straight past where you met Santa and find a doorway with some spears. Talk to the guard to leave one party member at the Cliffs of Casting. Finally, run along the passage and take the left turn at the fork, until you find another doorway with spears. Go through and up some stairs to find the Lance of the Vigil, where your last character will remain.

Once all three characters are in place, the fighting will begin. The character at the Lance will have an arcade sequence where you must shoot down as many invading ships as possible. The more you get, the easier the upcoming fights will be. Once this is completed, the other two characters will have one or more fights to win. After the battles, go to the 3 locations to collect your characters again. Go to find Santa at the far end of the city, in the throne room. He will tell you that Roweidekhalicon, at Anachronox, knows where to find the key to the Echo Gate. To collect a nice Vigil Shieldcell, visit the Armorer in the City, who is near the Cliffs of Casting doorway. He has had some armor stolen from him - to find it, go back into the Sagetane Crevice and look for a narrow path off the main walkway. Talk to the soldier here to get the armor, then return it to the Armorer for your reward. Now head back to your ship and set out for Anachronox.



Go to Rowdy's Bar and you will learn that he is Roweidekhalicon, and the key was the stone that Detta took from you earlier in the game. You need to collect your team together and make an assault on his fortress.

Sender Station

Lounge of Commerce

Go back to Sender Station and talk to all of your characters in the Lounge. Take Rho and Democratus with you, and the others will meet you at Detta's fortress. Now head to Sender Station Station and fly back to Anachronox.


Anachronox Tours

Go to Anachronox Tours and get Rho to purchase 3 tickets to One Gate from the vending machine. Go through the ticketing area and down in the lift, then follow the signs to the One Gate shuttle.

One Gate Station

Exit the station and head down to the street. Note there is a TACO just past the 3 stationary vehicles when you reach the street level. Follow the streets to find Detta's Fortress, marked with a large D. At this point you will be able to control 3 different teams - Boots, Stiletto and PAL, switching between them with Shift-Tab.


As Boots, head down the main path and through an opening in the fence to the right. Go down the stairs and through the door into the fortress. Now switch to PAL and roll through the obvious hole into the fortress. Finally select Stiletto and take the path to the right, following it to find a door on the left just past a Time Minder. Go through.


Start with Boots. After a brief fight, go forward and pick the lock on the door. Follow the corridors, and note a Cordicom Keynote on your right - you do not know the code yet. Continue on and fight again, going until you reach a large chasm with no apparent way to cross. Switch to PAL, and go forward down a ramp and into the next room with 2 computer terminals. Use your WorldSkill to Hack the computer port on the left. Select Bridge, then Move Chasm Bridge, so that Boots' team will be able to cross. Hack the port on the right to get some useful information for later on.

Now use Stiletto for a while. Walk forward along the gangway and stop at room 03. Look up for a bright blue box on the wall and use your WorldSkill to activate it. Continue around the gangway, past the last room and through a door. Kill the guys at the bottom and keep going to find a drunken guard. Search him to get the codes FACE, and 1 2 3 6 8 11 13 22. Go back up the stairs and look for a Keynote on a chair. Enter the code FACE, but there is no message to read. Note the door here near the chairs - you need to come back here later. Return to the starting gangway and find a ramp down to room 04. Use the Keynote here (the code is the same) to get the codes for the rooms (which are 4212 and 6776). Use these codes to open each of the rooms, and fight the guys inside. When you are done, return to that door near the chairs. Go through into a wine cellar and wait by a door near a Time Minder.

Go back to Boots and cross that bridge, then head up to the right to reach a dead-end. Get PAL to move the bridge again, so you can cross over. Go over and repeat the exercise with PAL one more time so you can reach a computer area. Enter each of the 4 doors to access a computer with part of a message. When you access the master computer, you will be able to put together the rule "Use only odd numbered entries today". Go over to the door near the Time Minder and wait. Switch back to PAL and use the left computer. You need to enter a code representing the odd numbers from the sequence Stiletto found - this gives 1 3 11 13, or A C K M (Astro, Cordica, Kepler, Mojo). After entering this code, an elevator will lower nearby, and 2 doors will open. Move PAL onto the elevator, and Boots and Stiletto through their doors.

Ground Level

Get Boots up the stairs and into a room with a fight. Go down the corridor, through another door and into another fight. Note the door with the number 1 on it, and go through the other door. After a third fight, use the Keynote (code FACE) to get the Medium Security Door access code of 4 17 1 2 5 6. Return to the 1 door. PAL should now head to the large computer terminal and hack into it. Login, go to Security, and open all level 1 security doors. Exit the computer, turn left and head down to the level 2 door. With Stiletto, head up the stairs and into a fight, then continue through the next door, and through the level 1 door. You can use the Keynote here to get the same info as Boots found.

Take Boots through the level 1 door, and access the computer terminal. Enter the code 17 1 5 (Quasar Astro Eternal) to turn off the generators (and hence the security beams). Head over the bridge, through the door and into the lab. Use the terminal to your right, and open all level 2 security doors. While you are here, check out the Glodent colony. PAL can now go through the level 2 door and hack into the next terminal. Select Security, then Activate Elevator, and you can go down to another room. Follow the ramp to the right of the airlock and you will find yet another terminal. Use this to select MA Lab, Activate Fluid Plates. Get Stiletto to investigate the Glodent colony here, then leave via the door left of the entrance. Head down the stairs and get some healgrease. Use the fluid plates to reach the Incubation Chamber, where you can find a computer and use it. Select CI Holding, Activate Transport Pods.

Boots should now use the pods to reach the upper fortress.

Upper Level

Starting with Boots, use the terminal to access Security, Unlock CI Chamber Door. Next use Security, Activate Airlock. Finally, select AC Chamber, Activate Platform. Control PAL now, and head into the airlock. Press the button inside it so you can get through to the other side. You can use the terminal here in the AC Chamber to get some more background information. Go through the second airlock, again pressing a button in the middle. The Workshop Door on the other side is locked at this stage. Stiletto can go through the first doorway and look for a terminal on the left. At this computer, select AC Chamber, Unlock Workshop Door. Now continue down the corridor to find a locked security door. PAL should now head into the Workshop, and use the terminal to open security level 4 doors. Before Boots heads away from the terminal, select Security, Activate Airlock again. Now head down the corridor and into Detta's bedroom. After the fight, talk to the floater. Go through the door on the other side of the stairs, through the first airlock and the AC Chamber, and to the second airlock. PAL needs to go back into the second airlock and use it to let Boots through into the Workshop. Switch to Stiletto and get her to head down the corridor and use the button to open the grate. Follow the corridor, go down some stairs and head to the airlock. Get PAL to open it again, then get Stiletto and finally PAL to enter the Workshop. Get everyone ready for a big fight, then open the door.

Final Battles

Killing Detta is not very difficult, just aim for each of his legs, then follow him into the second room and target the crates until you can kill him. After a cutscene, you need to destroy each of the spheres around a Dark Servant. When each sphere is destroyed, you need to move one of your characters in to take its space. After the battle, the game is over.