Amazon: Guardians of EdenAmazon: Guardians of Eden

Game Details:  Adventure, 1992

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Walkthrough Updated:  5/15/2010

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Amazon is a 3rd person adventure game set in the Amazon, by Access Software, the makers of the Tex Murphy series of games. It has the style of a B-grade movie, complete with cliffhanger endings at the conclusion of each chapter.

Chapter 1: Terror in the Jungle

Enter the research building. Open the first door to find your laboratory. Look at the flashing intercom light, then press it to hear your message. Exit your lab and walk left to the far end of the corridor. Open the double doors to meet the boss. At your apartment, look at the trophies on top of the bookshelf to see they are dated 1952. Take the letter opener from the bench, then use this on the mail package. Pick up the key and letter.

Chapter 2: A Secret Code

Enter the research building and go into your laboratory. Open the cage and pick up the rat, then leave your lab and talk to Darlene. Keep talking until she says she is scared of rats. Use your rat on her and she will leave. Open the key cabinet on the wall behind her desk and pick up the bottom middle key. Head back outside and use the keys on the trunk of the green car, then take the bolt cutter and crowbar from inside. Close the trunk again and head back inside.

Go to the key cabinet again and pick up the bottom left key. Open the door just to the left and enter Allen's office. Open the red book and look at it, then use your display case key to unlock the display case and pick up the jungle potion from inside. Use your cabinet key to unlock the cabinet and pick up the audio tape from inside. Look at the movie above the cabinet. Pick up the darts from the wall and the blowgun from above the display case. Move the dartboard to find a safe, then exit.

Go back into your office. Open the cabinet beneath the intercom and pick up the alcohol bottle from the top shelf. Turn the knob on the front of the left cabinet to light the bunsen burner. In your inventory, combine the alcohol and jungle potion. Put your new red beaker on to the stand over the bunsen burner, then pick it up again when it turns green. Exit your laboratory.

Head left to the double doors just before the end of the corridor and open them. Climb the tree stump, then in your inventory combine the dart with the poison, and then with the blowgun. Save your game. When the guard is walking back to the guardhouse, shoot him with the blowgun. Quickly climb back down and walk over to the garbage can. Use the bolt cutter on the chain here, then pick up the vault key from the guard's coat. Walk through the guardhouse and use your vault key on the vault door.

Chapter 3: Heavy-Metal Monster

Walk straight back out of the vault. Pick up the garbage can, then head back into the vault again and BOB will leave. Move the lever, then use your crowbar to open the bottom right drawer. Pick up the map, compass and microfilm from the drawer, then leave the vault and go back inside the research building.

Go right and talk to the librarian through the window; she says she will only leave her post if called by security. Pick up a coat hanger from the rack on the far right, then go outside again. Use the coat hanger on the blue car on the right, then turn on the lights before closing the door. Go back inside and talk to the librarian again, saying her car lights are on. Now put the microfilm into the reader and scroll through the messages, then exit. Go back outside and use your car keys on your own car.

In your apartment, use your audio tape on the tape recorder and press the red button to learn a safe combination. Pick up the flashing decoder ring from the overturned chair, then exit and you will return to the research lab.

Enter Allen's office again and use the safe combination from your inventory on the safe. Pick up the money, then go outside and use your car keys on your car again.

Chapter 4: Hot Pursuit

Pick up the jerrycan from the truck, then open the truck's door and pick up the cigarettes that fall out. Take the pump from the bicycle, then enter the terminal building. Talk to the ticket agent and offer him money (through the talk interface). He will give you a card. Go through the door to the Green Monkey and talk to the bartender, offering him this card. Now talk to the pilots and you will end up on a plane. Save your game.

Chapter 5: Flight of Doom

Wait until the pilor threatens you and says "I'm waiting", then open the latch on the cage to get rid of him. Now quickly pick up the parachute on the floor, and use this on the handle to the cockpit. Now move the wheel, then move the throttle to reduce speed and finally pull the small lever below the flashing red light. After crashing, move the box on the right, open the gray box and pick up the raft from inside. In your inventory, use the bicycle pump on the raft, then use the raft on the water outside.

Chapter 6: El Loco

Pick up some peppers from the cart, then enter the Cantina at the lower left of the screen. Wait until the waitress is turned away, then pick up the knife from the counter. In your inventory, use the knife on the peppers, then use these chopped peppers on the plate on the counter (again when the waitress isn't looking). Head outside and wait, and El Loco will eat the hot peppers. Go back into the Cantina, and pick up the coins, lighter and cheese from the tables when the waitress isn't looking. Head outside again.

Open the door to the hotel and go inside. Pick up the empty rat trap and combine it with the cheese in your inventory, then put the loaded trap on the bottom step. After the rat is caught, pick up the wallet from the rathole. Now pick up the phone receiver. Put a coin in the coin slot and dial the number; after the phone rings 3 times hang up by touching the phone hook. Exit and return into the Cantina.

Wait until Maya arrives, then answer her questions with "1952", "3 sisters and 1 brother" and "Wild Women of Wongo". Go back outside again. Pick up the ladder from the left, then the pole from near the water. Go to the left side of the hotel and use the ladder against the wall, then climb the ladder. Use the pole on the sign over the hotel doorway, then climb back down the ladder and the peasant boy will give you a gold nugget. Walk to the trading post at the bottom right and pick up the fishing net, paddle, poison root, ammunition and machete. Climb into the boat with Maya to leave.

Chapter 7: The Bridge of Death

Save your game, then move the sheet of metal and move the log. Give your ammunition to Allen, then pick up the vine hanging next to him. Switch to Maya and walk half way along the bridge, then use the vine on the bridge to fix it. Switch back to Jason and walk over the bridge. Talk to the captain and offer him the cigarettes and gold nugget.

Chapter 8: Slave Traders

Wait for Sam the guard to leave, then walk over the right and use your poison in the water. Pick up a reed and walk into the water from near the right side. Wait for Sam to walk past again, then climb the ladder to get on to the boat. Save your game, then make your way to the left and pick up the fishing pole. Now keep out of sight of Sam as you walk to the large crate between the cabins; open the crate and take a harpoon from inside. Continue to the front of the boat and turn the harpoon gun around. Now wait here until Sam is close and use the gun to shoot him. Head to the back of the boat and look through the porthole of the captain's cabin. Use the fishing pole to get the keys. Head to the cabin in front of this one and save your game again.

Use your keys on the cabin to get inside. Quickly use the wooden bar in the corner to block the door. Now when walking around make sure you don't walk past the door while he is shooting. Use your knife on Maya's ropes to free her. Next open the cabinet and pick up the rum. Pick up the rag from the table, then in your inventory put the rag in the bottle. Go over and open the porthole, then use your lighter on the rag and through the bomb out the porthole. Wait for the captain to shout "Fire on deck!", then remove the bar from the door and open the door to escape.

Save again as this whole section is timed. Switch to Maya and use the fishing net to catch the crate of fireworks floating down the river. Use the fireworks on the fire. Switch to Jason and move the rock near the river, then quickly pick up the worm. In your inventory put the worm on the fishing line, then use this in the river to catch a fish. Walk over to the hut on the left and pick up the ladle in the doorway. Walk over to the fire and move the pot on to the fire, then pour in the water from your jerrycan and add the fish. Switch back to Maya and walk behind the chief, over the bridge to the right and pick up the plant. Go back and put the plant in the pot, then use your ladle in the pot to get some of the brew. Use your filled ladle on the sick boy.

Chapter 9: Ancient Secrets

Head along the river and make sure you take the correct branches (bottom, top, top, bottom). Offer Stroheim the map and compass when you talk to him. When you reach the camp, pick up the wooden plank and use it on the boulder. Switch to Maya and walk to the lower end of the plank. Switch back to Jason and climb the stump on the right. Switch to Maya and climb up, then walk just to the right and use the vine to swing across to the next platform. Use the rope here to drop it to the ground. Switch back to the Jason and climb up the rope. Switch to Maya and walk into the basket on the right, then switch back to Jason and use the rope to pull her up. Switch to Maya and walk left to the doorway.

Chapter 10: The Hall of Death

Pick up the key from around the skeleton's neck and use it on the chest. Pick up the scroll from inside and you will read it. Now use your machete on the vines on the right, then again on the breastplate of the skeleton you reveal. Pick up the emerald and exit. Back on the river again now take the opposite branches (top, bottom, bottom, top).

Chapter 11: The Spectre of Evil

Switch to Jason. Use the winch on the front of the jeep, then go and pick up the chain from next to the body outside the main tent, and tie this to the log on the right. Open the main tent and pick up the jerry can from inside. Go and use this on the back of the jeep, then use the petrol cap on the ground. Pick up the jeep key from the hand of one of the other bodies, then use it on the jeep. Now pull the red lever on the front of the jeep to move the log.

Go over and lift up the tarpaulin, then open the box and pick up the explosives from inside. Walk to the bottom of the screen and open the brown box, taking the geiger counter from inside. Use this around the screen to focus on the area behind the jeep. Go over and use the geiger counter on the bush behind the jeep, then move the bush and take the arrow. Now exit this area. Back on the river for the last time, take 5 branches (top, top, top, bottom, top).

Chapter 12: A Secret Passage

Save your game, then move the branch and use your arrowhead on the secret door to open it. Walk half way along the corridor, standing behind the right middle pillar. Now wait for Sanchez to enter and shoot the guards, then quickly go to your inventory and use your lighter on the explosives. Use these on the bridge next to where you are standing, then quickly head over the bridge towards the temple before the explosion.

Chapter 13: The Thing in the Pit

Save your game, then quickly pick up the bootlaces from next to the skeleton and the broken spear against the wall. Move the turtle shell and climb on it before the creature reaches you. Take the burning torch from above you and the creature will back away. Walk slightly forward and use your knife on the flower hanging down, then walk back to the shell. In your inventory, combine the bootlaces and spear, then add the knife. Use your spear, then when the torch runs out you will arm yourself. Wait for the creature to approach and get distracted, then attack by pressing UP on your keyboard.

Chapter 14: The Guardians of Eden

Just watch the final sequence of the game.