Alpha Polaris

Alpha Polaris

Year:  2011

Genre:  Sci-Fi

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers, Steam


Day 1


Select any conversation options, and you will automatically get out of bed. Look at your computer and use the TextViewer, then leave your room. Look at the bulletin board, and specifically look at the birthday card for Nova. There are station keys on the board here, but you can't take them. Continue down the corridor to the right to meet Nova, then return to the corridor and go through the double doors to the garage.

Look at the tent here, then continue left and collect the tranquiliser rifle, a rope and an EPGE flag. Try to use the drying closet and you will comment that you will take a coat when you need it. Head through the left door into the laboratory. Look at the blueprint on the left wall, then pick up the sedating equipment from the desk on the right. Return right to the lobby, then go out through the double doors.

Polar Bear

Talk to Tully, then climb up the ladder behind him. Use one of your tranquiliser darts in the rifle, then use the rifle to shoot the bear. You will automatically go over to the sedated animal. Look at the mouth, then use the oximeter on the mouth. Put the tracking collar around the bear's neck, then take out the tranquiliser dart.

Open the door of the cage, then walk to the right. Look at the snowmobile, then return left and talk to Tully - suggest using the snowmobile and he will bring it over. Take the ratchet strap from the back of the snowmobile and use it on the bear. Now use the rope on the ratchet strap, then on the pillar in the cage, and finally on the snowmobile. Use your reversal agent on the polar bear now that she is in the cage. Leave the screen to the right and come back again to see the bear is now awake.

Continue left and around to the front of the station, then head back inside and go left into the laboratory. Open the medicine cabinet and take the antibiotic from inside.

Hide and Bones

After everyone leaves, look at the hide and bones. Look at each component of the hide, and take the humerus and femur. Next open the fume hood at the top right and take the container from inside, placing it on the desk at the bottom right. Put the bones in the container. Put some distilled water in the container, then add some acetic acid. Take the container back to the fume hood and you will comment that you should leave it there overnight.

Head right and pick up the packing tape from the crate, then continue right again. Use your EPGE flag on the table saw to make pole. Use the antibiotic on your syringe, then use the syringe on the pole, and the tape on them to hold them together. Now return left and outside again. Go around to the polar bear and use the "pole syringe" on it. Head back around to the left and inside the station again.

Walk right and talk to Tully, then continue right twice and into the kitchen to talk to Al. Leave the kitchen and head back to the corridor so you can talk to Nova through her door. Return to your room and use your bed.


After you wake up, leave your room and check on Nova and Al. Head into the living room and try to fix the radio, then Tully will arrive. Talk to him, then go to the lab and talk to Al. Return to your room and use the bed again.

Day 2

Polar Bear

Pick up the absinthe from the floor, before leaving your room and heading outside. Go around to the cage, then head back inside. Talk to Al at the laboratory, then talk to Nova in the kitchen. Return to your room and take the computer and triangulation device from your desk, then combine the two in your inventory. Go to the lobby and take the TACS-12 rifle, then head outside again.

Look in your notebook to see the collar ID of your bear is ALO339. Walk around to the cage area and face somewhere so you can walk 15 steps forwards. Look at your compass/multitool to see your current heading. Use the computer and start the Triangulator program, then enter ALO339 and your current heading. Press the Plot 1 button. Now close the computer and walk forward 15 steps. Use the computer again and press the Plot 2 button - if you have done it right you will pick up a reading from the bear. Go over and use the snowmobile. After you return, go back into the station and head to your room.

In your inventory, use the bloody tracking collar on your laptop, then use the laptop. Start the ProxyTrack program and select "East Ketek plateau/EPGE" under the Map menu. Next select "USB ALO339" under the Import menu. Under the Datapoints menu, go through each item until you comment that the bear went back after walking 20km.

Hide and Bones

Go to the laboratory and use the fume hood to remove the bones and put them on the table. Use your multitool on the remaining calcium on the femur, then look at the symbols carved here. Also look at the deep cut in the end of this bone. Talk to Al here, then go to the kitchen and talk to Nova. Look in your notebook and read the article, noting in particular the symbols at the bottom of the page.

Return to the laboratory again and this time look at the hide. Click on each of the 3 symbols in the cartouche and suggest they mean "east", "island" and "tribe".

Nova's Birthday

Talk to Al again, then read the recipe in your notebook. Leave the lab and go down the stairs into the basement. Look in the icecream box on the left, which is empty. Pick up the meringue powder, sponge cake and maple syrup from the shelves. Also take the fire extinguisher from the ground. Head up to the kitchen, and you will automatically place a bowl on the table. Take the sugar from the bench and the cream from inside the fridge.

Place the maple syrup, sugar and cream into the bowl. Use your fire extinguisher on the mixture, then put the sponge cake on top. Use the meringue powder on the tap (in the sink). Click on the bowl to flip it over, then put the mixed meringue on top of it. Add your absinthe to the cake, then light it with your lighter. Click on the cake and select "It's ready".

After eating, go to the lab. Look at the glacier map on the wall, and look closely at position "Schaumann 3". Return to your room and use your bed.


After you wake up, leave your room and talk to Nova. Go through the garage to the lobby and take the tranquiliser gun, then head outside. Talk to Tully to calm him down.

Day 3

Nova's Article

Go to the kitchen to talk to everyone, then head to the garage. Talk to Tully here (he will give you a blank key), then return to the hallway. Look at the bulletin board to see some keys. Look closely at them to see there is only one part that is common to all. Use your multitool on your blank key, and remove all but the middle segment sticking out to the right. Knock on Nova's door, then use your cut key to get into her room. Look at her suitcase and open the padlock with combination 0209 (her birthday, indicated by the bulletin board). Take the article from inside, then close it again. Read the article in your notebook.

Another Sample

In your room, take the crampons from the wall next to the calendar. Head through the garage to the lobby, and take the tranquiliser gun, a rope from the ground, and the oil probe next to the closet. Return to the right and use the truck to leave.

Use the oil probe on the winch, then use the crampons on yourself. Use the rope on the oil probe and on yourself, then use the winch remote in your inventory. Once you reach the platform, use the remote a second time to lower the probe, and then a third time to bring it back up. Use your multitool on the probe to detach the oil container. Look at the footprints on the ground here, then enter the cave.

Use your oil container on the ceramic bowl, then use the lighter on it. Walk right and use your oil container on the second bowl, then light it as well. Now look at the mural on the wall here and look at the mummy on the ground. Continue through the cave. Use your oil container on another bowl and light it to see inside the deeper cave. Look at the icy seat, the curved walls and the bones on the ground. Return to the previous cave and look at the mural again. Click on each of the 4 symbols from bottom to top and suggest they mean "shaman", "throne", "Boreas" and "Wendigo".

Day 4

Defeating the Wendigo

After waking up in the lab, take the hide and bones from the table. Go to the kitchen to see Nova and Alisteir, then return to the lab and talk to Nova twice. Head to the garage and pick up the red gasoline container, then go left to the lobby and head outside. Put the hide and bones in the barrel here, then add some gasoline and set it on fire with your lighter.

After Alisteir tells you about making a hotter fire, head back inside and go down to the basement. Look at the anode of the furnace, then use your multitool on it to get it. Walk back upstairs and right to the garage. Use your sacrificial anode on the grinding machine, then use the broom to collect the magnesium dust from the floor. Use your multitool on the rusty barrels here to get some rust. Next head to the living room and talk to Alisteir again; continue to the kitchen and take the frying pan from the stove. Return to the garage and use the frying pan on the grinding machine, then use the broom to collect the aluminum dust from the floor. Return to the lobby and go outside. Put the rust and the 2 types of dust into the barrel and set it on fire with your lighter.

Walk down and left to find Tully; the body will automatically get taken to the basement. Go up to the lab and talk to Nova again. Head next to the corridor and knock on Al's door, then use your cut key on the door to get inside. Read the crumpled note on the desk. Head to the living and talk to Alisteir again, then head to the lab and talk to Nova. Go back and try to enter your room, then agree to stay with Nova.

Go to the lobby and head outside. Walk down and right to the generator. Look at the valve on the right to see it is closed, then open it. Next open the generator cabinet and use these steps to get the power running:

  • Pull the main lever down to the 0 position
  • Pull the choke out (below the lever)
  • Turn the red starter switch and quickly push the choke in
  • Push the main lever back up to the I position

After your confrontation with Alisteir, go left and pick up the crampons from next to the snowmobile. Return to the front of the station and climb the ladder to reach the roof. Use the crampons on yourself, then climb further up the icy slope. Try to open the hatch, but the lock is frozen. Climb back down again and go right around to the generator again. Look at the tube at the top right to see it is for antifreeze. Continue right to the animal cage and take the pole-syringe, then click on it to separate the two items. Return to the generator cabinet and use the syringe on the antifreeze to get some. Climb back up to the roof and use this on the lock, then open the hatch and climb inside the station.

Take a wrench from the set of tools on the garage wall. Climb the ladder here, then throw the wrench at the glass windows to get Alisteir to come in. Pick up the revolver from the floor, then head to the lab. Pick up the crumpled piece of paper from the floor and look at it in your inventory. Click on the bottom two symbols and suggest they mean "cave" and "heart". Look at the blueprints on the wall - the only place you haven't been is B2. Look at the crumpled piece of paper again; this time click on "Where is Nova" and suggest "water pump".

Go down to the basement and look at Tully's body. Try to lift the pump lid on the right, then use the meat hook on it to lift it up. Climb down into the water pump.