Almost My FloorAlmost My Floor

Game Details:  Horror, 2021

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  12/1/2021

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Almost My Floor is a third-person point and click adventure game. It has a psychological horror vibe but cartoon/comic-book inspired graphics. The game tells the story of a haunted apartment block from the perspective of one of its residents, and a detective investigating the strange events. There are simple quick-time events throughout the game. There are 19 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.

Prologue: One of These Days

Before starting the game, click on the Creators menu option to view the credits See ya next time!. Now start a new game and watch the introduction It's a long story....

Inside, look at mailbox 7. Grab the empty cup from on top of the mailboxes (this will require 2 attempts). Look at Masha, then talk to her about everything. Read the note on the elevator. Use the elevator button, then try to force the doors open. Go right and turn on the light switch, then approach the electrical panel to notice the spider - trap this in your cup. Try your neighbor's door, but he won't hear you over the drilling inside. Try to open the electrical panel, but you don't think it is safe. Go back and talk to Masha to receive and electrical outline. Now open the electrical panel. You need to activate all 6 lights across the top of the panel:

  • Green: Plug blue and yellow leads into the green panel
  • Yellow: Plug a yellow lead into the yellow panel
  • Red: Plug a red lead into the red panel
  • Blue: Plug a blue lead into the blue panel
  • Orange: Plug red and yellow leads into the orange panel
  • Purple: Plug a blue and red leads into the purple panel

There is an achievement for solving this without using the hint function Genius. Now ring the neighbor's bell and take the crowbar that is offered. Use this on the elevator, then get inside.

Chapter 1: The Edge of Reality

Pick up the shield from the ground, then wait until you are zapped by one of the eyes First blood. Pick up the shield again and use it on yourself, then click on each eye as it turns red. You will automatically get back in the elevator.

Once you get out on Floor 7, answer your phone. Look at the Missing fliers on the wall to the left and you will make a phone call Nika. Search the open box on the floor to the right to get some electrical tape. Further to the right, try to take a spoke from the bicycle wheel. Use the electrical tape on the peephole to the right, then take a spoke. Use this on the sealed box to the right of the elevator doors, then take the spray can from inside.

Go left and talk to Masha - do not agree to a massage. You have 2 choices for how to deal with Masha:

  • Angel: Talk until Masha goes inside and you wait outside. Quickly use the keys and the spray can on the door.
  • Devil: Stab Masha with the spoke.

Now go through the door. Look out the window, and everything will change. Look at the poster, then leave to the right. After the elevator disappears, go through the door to the far right, Return straight back through the door on the left. Go left and look at the poster, then use your phone to dial 666. Answer "No" to the question, then enter the elevator.

Chapter 2: Farther Away From Home

Pick up the wire cutters and use them on the bomb, then press the red button Red button. Pick up the wire cutters again and use them on the bomb. This time, cut 5 wires (the green, pink and blue ones, matching the wires to the red cylinders. In the second stage, click groups of 3 buttons at a time (green, pink and blue). In the third stage, drag the top slider to the far right, turn the pink pipes to allow the liquid to flow right, and flip all 3 switches.

Use your phone on yourself to generate some light. Try to talk to the cleaning lady, then quickly click on the spectral mops before they reach you What was even that?. Now talk to the cleaning lady, but she won't let you pass. Open the small cabinet on the wall and take out the solvent. Also pick up the stone on the floor beneath the cabinet. Take the small note from the wall to the left of the elevator doors. Try to pick up the sticky plank, but it is stuck. Use your solvent on it, then pick it up.

Try to get the flower to the far left, but you are blocked by the fly-traps. Throw your stone at the large pulsating plant above them. Pick up the stone again, then pick up the flower. Knock on the door, then try to open it with your keys. Slide your note under the door, then read it when you get it back again.

You have 2 choices for how to deal with the cleaning lady:

  • Angel: Give her the flower
  • Devil: Hit her with the sticky plank

Pick up the orange rag. Move the neighbor's rug and you will find a key. Go and use this on the left door, then select the option to prepare yourself. Put the sticky plank on the trap spot on the floor near the door. Now use the key on the door and open it. When the monster gets stuck, throw your stone at the pulsating plant again. Pick up the stone and the monster's heart. Go through the door to the left.

Go behind the crates to the left side of the room. Pick up the medallion. Look at the diary, then look at the symbols to the right of the window. Examine the medallion, then rotate its discs according to the symbols - the top segment from outer to inner should be triangle, circle, square, square, circle. There is an achievement for solving this without using the hint function Smart.

Return out to the right and look at the mini-portal next to the elevator. Put your monster's heart into the mini-portal. Try to enter the elevator, but the sign bothers you. Put the rag over the sign, then use the elevator buttons. You need to set these buttons according to the top and bottom segments of the medallion. The left should be triangle, circle, square, square, circle. The right should be yellow, blue, cyan, red, green.

Chapter 3: On the Trail

You will start this chapter playing as Adam Here comes a new challenger!. Talk to the guys kicking the football. Search the trash on the left to find a statuette. Now you can head inside.

Look at the bicycle on the right, then knock on the door to the far right. Next look at the for sale sign on the apartment door, then look at the door with the bloody hand print on it - head inside. Look at the crime scene, then talk to Masha. Leave this room and go through the open door on the left.

Look in the drawers to find a dog collar that says "Jack 13.09". Search the coat pockets to find a key. Examine the photo on the wall to see "I'll always love you 12.04". Examine the diary on the box to the left. Use the key on it, then enter the numbers 1309, 1204. You will read through the diary and call Dr Freudgele.

Chapter 4: Nika

Talk to Masha, then search the trash can to find some rubber gloves. Go right and pick up the large wooden plank. Examine the electrical wire here. Go left and place the plank over the green ooze to the left. Examine the bulletin board to get some adhesive tape. Take the coffee cup from the bucket here, and take the firecracker from the bottom hand. Search the ashtray on top of the mailboxes to get a lighter. Search mailbox 2 Good boy. Search mailbox 11 to get some nails. Walk right and pick up the plank again - you will automatically assemble a weapon (board with nails).

You have 2 choices for how to deal with the monster:

  • Angel: If you didn't stab Masha, you can talk to her about the wire. Give her the coffee and she will restore electricity. Now use your gloves on the wire to zap the monster.
  • Devil: Attack the monster with your weapon.

Knock on the door but you won't be heard. Use your firecracker on the door, then light it with your lighter. Open the door Hello there!.

When you reach the next floor, look at the fliers to the left. Look at both badges on the right. Use your phone to dial the number from the cleaner's badge, 678876. While the cleaner is distracted, pick up the cleaning supplies. Go left and use these on the dirt around the left door Cleaner assistant. Open the door.

On the next floor, go left and grab the bone and the dry stick. To the right, use your dry stick on the hole with teeth to get its eye. Go left again and use the dry stick to get the bone from the high vines. Put the eye in the hole with teeth here, then pick up a third bone. Head right and give the 3 bones to the biting plants. Now you can talk to the stranger. Grab the key from the right, then head through the doorway to the left.

Look at the first postcard on the desk, which mentions a red triangle, blue circle, yellow square and green circle. Read the second postcard in the right cabinet, which mentions a red circle, and green, red and blue stamps. Examine the left cabinet and pull out these books:

  1. Red triangle
  2. Blue circle
  3. Yellow square
  4. Green circle

Examine the right cabinet and pull out these books:

  1. Red circle
  2. Green square
  3. Red square
  4. Blue square

The drawer at the base of the left cabinet will open Wise. Take the key from here, then use both of your keys on the large locks to the left. Grab the large green book and return right. Give the book to the stranger. Keep walking to the right and you will eventually make it through an open doorway Finally. Examine the diary on the left, then examine the laptop.

Chapter 5: Crimes and Criminals

You will automatically find Nika's body in the elevator No body - no crime. Examine the body, and all relevant parts of the crime scene - when you have seen everything, a whole series of people will arrive. You will then have the opportunity to either call Dr Freudgele or choose to arrive without warning.

In Kate's apartment, look at the pills, the photo, the board and the PC. Go to the window and jump out.

Chapter 6: Freudgele

Talk to Dr Freudgele until he leaves. Search the briefcase to get a keycard, then examine the desk. Search both drawers, noting that the watch is stuck at 14:08. Examine the notebook and enter the password 1408. Pull back the curtain on the right to reveal a door. If you warned Freudgele you were coming, use the keycard on the door, otherwise it will already be unlocked.

Examine the beads on the ground, matching the ones you already have. Examine the pillow to get a blood sample. Look at the device and the bottles, then pick up the patient records from the floor. You will automatically leave when Freudgele returns. Talk to him until you leave.

Climb in through the left window. Look at the laptop to the left, then open the safe with code 6897. Take the chainsaw and bolt cutters, and you will automatically go back outside. Now head around the building to the far right. Use your bolt cutters on the chain so you can enter the storeroom.

Pick up the fuse from the floor, and read the note on the small bench. Open the locker to the right and look at the uniform to see the name of the company. Now use your phone to dial 999, giving the correct company name. Reach into the space under the locker, but you can't find the key. Use your phone on the space under the locker and you will get the key. Use this on the cabinet, then take the hose. Head back outside.

Go further to the right and enter the control room. Open the electrical panel and use your fuse to replace the broken one. Climb down the ladder into the basement. Use the light switch to reveal a huge monster. Take the stone, lighter and paper from the shelving. Throw the stone at the monster May the force be with you, then pick it up again. Put the paper on the empty space on the floor near you, then light it with your lighter - this will make the monster wet. Now throw the stone to the lever on the far right Well done. Pick up the gas canister, and return up the ladder.

You have 2 choices for how to deal with your neighbors:

  • Angel: Push the red button to sound the alarm.
  • Devil: Don't push the red button.

Go outside and return to the far left twice. Use your gas canister with hose on the gas tank of the bus.

Chapter 7: Face to Face

A scene will now play out Finish him.

Epilogue: The Truth

Get a change of clothes from the cabinet. Try to reach the boxes on top of the cabinet. Move the stool, then search the boxes to find a tablecloth. Leave the room.

In Lilia's apartment, examine the shelf. Look at the dust, pills, articles and photo. Back out and examine the pillows and desk, then the beads on the floor. Look at the dog beds, then examine the window. Lilia will return and you will go to the police station.

Examine the blood sample report. Talk to Lilia Killer story.