Alien VirusAlien Virus

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1995

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  2/5/2002

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Alien Virus is a first person sci-fi adventure set in an apparently abandoned space station. As starship pilot Joshua Stone, you must explore the station to try to determine what happened in your absence.


Open the cockpit to enter the shuttle, then take the toolbox. Return to the hangar and use your wire stripper with the broken cables next to the door. Use your tape on the broken cables to hold them together, then open the door to the storeroom.

Take the cloth and you will note that it is dry; use the cloth on the bottle, then pick it up again. Also pick up the cartridge and the battery before going back out to the hangar, then into the cockpit. In your inventory, combine the cable and the battery. Use the large white button to turn on the energy tap, then head back out of the shuttle and use your recharge block with the flashing energy tap on the side of the shuttle. Now open the battery box on the robot, then use the recharge block with the battery box.

Chat with the robot about everything. Try to open the door in the background, then chat with the robot again and it will get you through.

Open the next door, then take the red lamp from the wall, before heading through the door on the left. Examine the screen here, then open the second drawer and take a memory card from inside. Go through the door and then back twice to return to the hangar. Chat with the robot once more, and give it the memory card.

Return through the far door from the hangar and go forward to the room with 3 exit doors. Use your memory card on the key scanners next to the 2 doors you haven't yet opened, then open the door on the right. Examine the screen here, then take the left neon light and the jar. Use the neon with your lamp, then go back and open the middle door. Open the door on the right and examine the jetpack, then go right to the decompression room.

Open the door here, then open the left door in the next room, and open one more door to find a damp room. Open the cupboard and take the 2 containers and the socket wrench. Open the left box and take some dynamite from inside. Head back twice and now open the door on the right. Take the brush from in here, then go back and finally go through the middle door to reach a bridge. Use the socket wrench on the left door, then go through.

Human Contact

Talk to Quenivis Karde, who needs water. Use your wet cloth on your jar, then use the jar on Quenivis. Now talk to him again, and he will give you a keycard and a datapad. Go forward and then use your keycard on the scanner so you can open the next door.

Use your socket wrench on the glass so you can take the fireaxe. Pick up the flare from the bottom of the table on the right, then go through the door to an office. Use your keycard on the reader, then open the next door. Examine the safe, then use your dynamite on it and go back twice. Press the red button within the fire box on the wall, then return to the safe.

Take the 2 fire boxes from within the safe. Open one of them, and use the fireaxe to open the other one. Go back to the office and open the drawer on the far wall, then press the button just to the right of the monitor. Use your new key on the key reader on the far wall and you will end up in a control room. Chat with the human interface; give it the cartridge and you will receive a map printout.

Open the door here and you will find yourself back at the bridge. Go left and make your way back to the office, then use the hand reader on the right. Now go back to the bridge once more and use the hand scanner on the right. You can finally open the right door and head through.

Open the door on the left first. Use your resizer gun with both of the suits hanging here. Use your socket wrench on the cupboard, then take the dried food from behind it. Go back and head through the right door. Take the tin of paint from the shelving, then use your resizer gun on the box in the middle of the floor. Open the vent in the ceiling, then climb up into the tunnel.

Save your game here, as the fans can kill you. Use your printed map to navigate from the entrance to the exit. When you reach the tunnel down, you will automatically drop your flare down first.

Alien Contact

Talk to Angelo Parico, and you will end up in a cell. Use your lamp to get rid of the alien, then take the 3 cards from the floor just outside the cell before going forward. Examine the corpse and you will get more items. Use the RGB card with the right cell door's key reader, then open the cell door. Take the metal piece from the floor, then go forward twice through broken pieces of the walls.

Open the robot paunch and you will get some fast drying glue and 2 other items. Go back 3 times to the cell area and use the BRG card on the left cell door's key reader. Open the cell door and take the jacket and locator beacon. Go back once more and use your glue on the corpse's hand (just to the left of the body). Now use the left double-door scanner, then use the corpse's hand on the right double-door scanner. Open the double doors and go through.

Walk forward down the hall, then open the door to the right. Use the security key on the scanner to the left, then open the left door. Chat with Randell Carillion and give him the dried food. Try to take the grease from the bench at the back near Renza Boro, then go back to the hall and open the middle door to find a kitchen. Use your wire stripper with the blue cable on the left, then go back and through the left door again. Use the socket on the left to unplug this end of the blue cable. Now plug your charge block into the solar accelerator on the left and it will be fully charged. Go back and then through the middle door into the kitchen again, and use your charge block with the charge tap in the vending machine. Now pick up the food pack that appears.

Go back twice, then open the left door. Open the left door in this new room and you will find some stairs heading down. Back out, then use the scanner before opening the middle door. Open the red cupboard in here and take the oxygen tank. Also pick up the chain and the neon light. Use this neon with your lamp. Use the middle button on the left, then open the hatch in the ceiling and climb up into the elevator shaft. Open the door into a slimy area. Use your metal piece with the foam, then open the door. Climb down the ladder on the left into the shaft and open the door here. Take the small jar of acid. Go back, then climb down. Go left twice, then flip all of the levers into the down position (3 of them work, the last is broken). Return to the tunnel, then go left twice, straight, left and right twice to find some grease to collect. Now head back twice, then go left, right, straight, right and straight - you should now be back to where you entered the tunnels.

Use your resizer gun on the grease you just collected, then use this on the floor here. Use your chain with the handle, then use your lamp - the alien that appears will end up jamming the final spinning fan, and you will automatically go to that room. From here, go forward, left and forward again. You will be on a platform with a lift just above you. Use your acid on the lift's brake, then climb down the shaft. Examine the spindle, then try to use it and it will break. Use your metal piece on the spindle, then try to use the shard. Use your jacket on the shard, then use the jacket and you will head through the doors.

Use the scanner on the right, then open the right door. Use your wrench on the panel to the left of the door, then use your fireaxe on the weight inside and you will go back through the door. Now use the scanner on the left and open the left door. In this next room open the right door, then take the infra-red bulb, bonsai and key. Open the door straight ahead. Use your tape on the broken cables. Take the replica space station from the left end of the desk. Chat with the terminal on the desk; it needs you to scan your hand. Use the hand scanner on the wall, then chat with the terminal again. Use the window control over on the left, then look at the figure outside. Use your infra-red bulb on your torch, then go back and through the left door. Open the door to head outside, and go forward towards Cara. Use your fire-axe on her belt, then go back and through the door to return inside. Go back once more and Cara will sit down.

Chat with Cara, and give her your oxygen tank. After your talk, go through the right door, then take some of the plastic from the floor. Use the button to the right of the door, then open it and go through to a large hangar. Go through the door on the right and take the machinery and chain from here, then head back and go through the left door. Take the synthetic liquor from the table. Open the cupboard on the right and take the card from inside. Go back to the hangar once more and use this card on the control device. Next use your resizer gun on the hook, then climb down through the hole in the floor.

Examine the arm on the robot, then use your fire-axe on it. Use your machinery where the arm used to be and you will realize it is a winch. Use your chain on the winch (still called "machinery"), then use the free end of the chain on the bulky machinery blocking the door. Use the red switch on the side of the robot to move the bulky machinery, then open the door. Go between the boxes and chat to Shorts, giving him your synthetic liquor. Go forward again and open the door, then chat with Captain.

Go back 3 times, then forward through the open doorway. Continue forward, then use your fire-axe on the foam to the left of the doorway. Use the scanner, then open the door. Use your key in the lock on the left, then use the lever to shut down the power. Take the left and right crystals and put them back in reversed positions. Use your glue on the plastic in your inventory, and use this on the broken tube on the floor. Now use your torch on the plastic, then use the lever again to start up the power.

Head back 4 times, then climb up. Continue back, right and forward, then chat with the terminal again. You will end up communicating with a remote terminal and arranging the rescue of the other crew members. Keep talking to the remote computer, then disconnect. Talk to the local terminal once more and give it the destruct card. Go back, then through the left door and straight ahead so you are outside once more. Go up, then into the hangar and finally into the cockpit to escape.