Alien IncidentAlien Incident

Game Details:  Sci-Fi, 1996

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/25/2006

Suggested Listening:  Where There's Smoke (Ash 25)

Alien Incident is a comedy sci-fi adventure where you play as a teenager who must save the world from aliens that have been brought to Earth through a wormhole created by your uncle.

The Mansion

Take the rope, then look at the trashcan to get a note - read it. Exit this room and go into the kitchen. Get the matches and some mouldy bread, then look at the note attached to the fridge. Open the fridge and take the growth potion. Also find a crowbar and a fuse. Return to the lab and use the crowbar on the loose plank. Open the fusebox and use the fuse in the empty slot. In the hall, search the lab coat for a stethoscope, then go upstairs and use the growth potion on the plant. Use the crowbar to get the pumpkin. Walk through the door to the right, and get the walkman and the hammer, and open a cabinet to get a video cassette. Now walk through the door to the left, and turn on the lamp. Move the pillow to find a small key. Open the drawer, read the note, and take the remote control. Now go into the library (middle door from upstairs landing) after unlocking it with the small key. Push the bookshelf to the right, then open the safe using the stethoscope. Get the key and floppy disks.

Return to the lab and use the 'Top Secret' floppy in the floppy toaster. Use the monitor to move the elevator up. Go upstairs to the room on the left. Open the closet and walk inside. Take the battery, and use it with the remote control. Use the rope with the ring and return to the closet. Go downstairs to the door without a handle, and use the remote control to open it. Walk through and get the scissors and radio. Use the scissors on the pumpkin, then use the video with the VCR and the remote on the TV. Get the video back and take the arrow. Take the fuse from where you placed it in the lab. Go back to where you tied the rope and enter the shaft.


Take the piece of paper (blueprints), then use the handle and push the button. Climb up the ladder and go to the cemetary. Look at the tombstones and talk to the statue. Go back to the crossroads and head south. Talk to the hippie and swap your walkman for his gameson. Go to the park and watch an alien teleporting. Go left and talk to Yodi, then give him the blueprints, radio and gameson. He tells you to wait and you go back to the mansion with the path to the left. Walk to the path to get closer to the mansion. Use matches on the mailbox, and then return after running away. Talk to Sluggs and get the keys. Go left and enter the antique shop. Swap the arrow for a diving suit, and go back to Yodi. Look at the note, runestone and parrot, then give the parrot your mouldy bread. Take the teleport engine and disassemble it. Go to the observatory.

Unlock the door and walk inside. Look at the painting, and put your fuse in the empty slot. Use the circuit breaker, then go upstairs. Pull the lever and use the telescope. Pull the switch near the computer, then use the gameson with the slot, and another floppy on the disk drive. Press the button and use the monitor. Save the coordinates of the spaceship onto a cartridge, then select exit. Get the gameson and put it back in the teleport engine. Pick up the floppy and go to the cemetary. Tell the password to the statue, "Look! A blueberry!", and enter the cave. Use the diving suit on the puddle, then swim down and pick the lock on the chest. Get the old key then swim to the surface.

Open the door with the old key and go down the ladder. Push the button, pull the switch, and head up. Look at the grating and pull the switch. Return to the puddle and swim through the hole. Find a pickaxe in the maze, then find a fence near the top-left corner of the maze and attack it with the axe. In the second part of the maze, you need to find a particular dead-end. On leaving the room, you will find out a telephone number for teleporting to the alien spaceship. Now exit the maze and return to the telephone booth you saw earlier. Use the teleport engine with the wires, and the telephone number with the phone.

Alien Ship

Use the pumpkin mask straight away, then walk through the door to the left. Walk all the way to the elevator and find that you need a card. Return to where you entered the ship and find the card. Now use the card to access the elevator (Level 1 is the left button, Level 5 is the right one). Go to Level 3 and try to use a console with your card. Head right and press the button to get a ticket. Look at the ticket, then press the button severe more times to get a heap of tickets.

Go to Level 4 and walk through the door. Talk to the guard and then the prisoners. Walk to the right and stseal the guard's card from the slot. Go back to the elevator and head to Level 1. Talk to the maintenance man and get a badge from him. Return to Level 3. You can now see the Boss, who will give you the right card. Go to Level 1 and use the card on the slot. Enter the door and use the card in the next slot as well. Now go to Level 4 and use your ring on the slot at the left of the cells. Look at the LCD to learn the correct password. Head back to Level 3 and use the guard's card on the console. Scroll the plans to cell 38 and select to unlock the cell. Now return to Level 4 and find the cell.