Game Details:  Fantasy, 2009

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  1/15/2011

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Alchemia is a relatively short third person puzzle adventure from Springtail Studio. It stars Noses, a character from the studio's earlier Haluz web-based offerings, in a surreal fantasy setting.


Get in the tractor, then start the engine by turning the key. Press the clutch (left pedal), change to 1st gear, then press the accelerator (right pedal) to drive forward. Get out of the tractor and pick up the brick from the ground. Press the clutch and put the tractor in reverse. Press the accelerator to go back. Now press the clutch and put the tractor in 1st gear, then use the brick on the accelerator. Pull the cord just to your left.


Get in the bin to your right to go down. Now click on the nose on the right face. Head into the cave on the right.


Turn to the wheel on the right to defrost the man, then pick up the metal object he gives you. Look at the small machine on the platform to the left, then look at the metal object. Turn the dials on the machine to match the object, and you will see 4 symbols on the right. Click those 4 symbols on the keypad below and a large cupboard will open. Pick up a sausage, and you will leave.


Throw the sausage into the bin on the right. Press the nose on the left face, then when the new bin arrives, quickly jump in to avoid the dog.


Look at the mechanism on the right of the windmill. Click on the red light to activate the sundial. Turn the gear at the bottom right so the shadow indicates each of the 3 times at the bottom - note which symbol is in shadow at each of these times, and change the symbol displayed next to the time at the bottom. When all 3 are done, the lute players will start playing. Take the key from the right lute and put it in the lock, then turn it and the top panels will open. You now need to create a 4th soldier to complete the pattern - blue helmet, red shirt, orange pants.


Click on the button of the elevator above you, then do the same again to reach the 3rd floor. When the man disturbs the bees, he will close his window; quickly go down to the bottom elevator and you will walk around the corner and look at a small machine. Press the red flashing button, then use the arrows on either side to scroll through face and hair details to match the face shown. Turn the new control that appears, and you will cross the bridge.


Press the button on the wall, then press it again when the earth reaches October. Pick up an apple from the ground and throw it into the basket on the right - you will then automatically do this with 2 more apples, and the door will open.


Press the red button to go down in the elevator. Turn the wheel on the right of the click to fill the container with water, then turn the left knob to boil it - while the creature in the clock is wiping its little window, click on the hour hand twice to change the time to 10 o'clock.

Philosophers Egg

Use the crane controls to pick up the bits of metal and put them in the back of the train. After your train ride stops, click on the small panel in front of the train. Move the machine down, then right twice. Keep clicking the red button to light the furnace.


Use the up and down buttons to rotate the discs - you need to line up the holes with the slots in the bar in the middle. Start by lining up the small disc, then move outwards. When all are lined up, slide the bar across to open the door, then go through the opening.


Use the arrows to move the stars around - you need to line up the constellations. From loading the level, you can do this by clicking the upper right arrow 11 times and the lower left 33 times. Now a telescope will appear and you will look through it. Exit this view and instead go through the right door. Pick up the piece of paper from the desk. Go back to the telescope and use it to look up the 3 sets of coordinates from the piece of paper, and note the 3 symbols that you see (moon, triangle, target). Go through the door again and now look at the chest on the table. Enter the 3 symbols to open the lock and get a recipe for the elixir of life. Leave this room and you will cross the next few screens.


Look at the information panel to the right of the display, and click on the picture of the bird in the bottom right to remove it. Now look at the mechanism next to the door. Click on the button to the right to hear a melody, then recreate that melody by adjusting the timing of the notes with the arrows at the top. From loading the level, you can do this by turn the first disc left 3 times, the second disc left 5 times, and the third disc left 9 times. Pull the lever on the right to test the melody and eventually open the door.


Pick up the remote control from the table and you will look at the television screen. Check the recipe from your inventory - click moon, then fire twice and triangle twice to move the fire and container to the far right. Now click the top tree; when the purple liquid starts heading right, click the bottom tree. When the top container holds some green liquid, click the triangle 3 times to move it back to the middle, then click the small button. Press the 4 buttons on the next screen to make a dragon, which will breath fire on the elixir to complete it. Click on the paper in your inventory.