Age of EnigmaAge of Enigma

The Secret of the Sixth Ghost

Game Details:  Fantasy, 2011

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  5/25/2014

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Age of Enigma is a hybrid hidden-object adventure game set in a haunted house within a post-apocalyptic world.

Chapter 1: Yumanco

Real World

Click on the city skyline to see an extra video, then look in the car. Take the key from the ignition and use it to unlock the glove box, then take the house key and map from inside. Approach the front door of the house and use your key to unlock it. Take the diary page from behind the plaque on the left, then head inside.

Pick up the 3 pieces of the broken switch, then put it on the wall and use it to turn on the light. After your talk with Nathan, take the musical score from the cupboard, then head through the door on the left into the living room.

Take the diary page from over the fireplace on the right. Collect 6 torn pages from around the room, then use these on the torn book on the small table to complete it. Now pick up 4 pieces of statuette from around the room. Look at the chessboard on the floor, and look at the puzzle box. Solve the sliding piece puzzle and take another piece of statuette from inside the box. Next look at the piano. Put your musical score on the stand, then press the red keys in the correct order (numbered 1-4 from the left, press 1, 4, 3, 2, 4, 2). Take another piece of statuette from inside the piano. Go back out of the living room to the hall.

Walk forward to the corridor, and pick up the piece of statuette from the floor, and the diary page from the left wall. Move the picture on the left wall and take the rope from behind it. Open the bottom drawer and take the lighter from inside. Next go to the closet and take the lighter fluid and the light globe. Use the lighter fluid on your empty lighter. Head back out of the closet, then go through the far right door into the kitchen.

Pick up the knife, saucepan and rag. Turn on the faucet and fill your saucepan with water. Go back to the entrance hall and use your knife on the broken pot to get some twigs. Tie these twigs together with your rope. Return left to the living room, and look at the small table. Now put the statuette together (base, twigs, lighter, neck, jaw, 2 hair pieces, head, eye). Now use the statuette to generate the 4 effects:

  • Elevation: red and red symbols, press the eye
  • Illumination: blue and red symbols, press the eye
  • Quake: blue and blue symbols, press the eye
  • Eclipse: red and blue symbols, press the eye


Pick up 5 pieces of the spear. Look at the puzzle blocks on the right, and answer with 39. Pick up the final spear piece, then give the spear to the guide. Use your statuette on the door (red, red). Head inside and use your statuette on the darkness (blue, red). Now pick up 10 pieces of fresco from the ground. Use the yellow pieces on the first fresco, and click on the 2 pieces that are missing from the display. Repeat this with the green pieces on the second fresco. Take the two symbols from the frescos, then head upstairs.

Pick up the red cartridge and use it on the first fresco, then find the locations of the 5 pieces shown and take the 3rd symbol. Use your statuette on the unstable blocks in the ceiling (blue, blue) to fill in the gap in the floor. Now pick up the blue cartridge and use it on the second fresco; find the 5 pieces and get the 4th symbol. Head upstairs.

Use your statuette on the sun (red, blue). Look at the altar and insert the 4 symbols in the corners, then the statuette in the middle.

Chapter 2: Natsumi

Real World

Pick up the basement key, then go out to the entrance hall to see Nathan again. Go forward to the corridor and look at the basement door on the right, then look at the keyhole. Use your key in the keyhole, then head down the stairs. Use the rag on the broken light, then put your new light in its place and flip the switch on the right wall.

Knock over the tin of coal to scare Natsumi away. Take the broken shears from the right, then open the toolbox and pick up the hammer. Take a screwdriver from the box on the floor, and take another diary page from the trash can. Now look at the grate in the floor; to open it unscrew top left first, then top right, bottom left and finally bottom right (unscrew the next screw in the sequence if things get stuck). Take the charcoal from beneath the grate once you have it open, and the bolt from just left of the grate. Use this to fix the shears. Use the hammer on the vase on the floor, and take the paper from inside.

Click on Natsumi again and give her the paper and charcoal. Pick up her drawing, then use your shears on the bonsai tree. Trim 7 pieces of the tree to match the picture.

Bridal Suite

Pick up some petals from beneath the tree, then walk forward and click on the Zen garden to see a puzzle. After solving this, open the door and enter the bridal suite. Now you need to tidy the room; click on the bed to see how it is supposed to look. Pick up the following:

  • 4 table pieces
  • 3 kimono parts
  • 2 bowls
  • teapot and teapot stand
  • incense and incense holder
  • meal and empty bento
  • extinguished torch

Straighten up the clothes stand and move the bonsai tree. Put the 3 parts of the kimono over the stand. Replace the table, bowls, teapot stand and teapot. Put the meal in the empty bento and also put that on the table. Straighten up the stones on the drawers (another quick puzzle). Put the petals on the bed. Close the curtain over the open doorway. Put the incense in its holder and put this next to the table. Go back outside and light the torch with the lamp.

Go back out to the pathway and light the 3 lamps with your torch (right, left, then far). Click on the stone bench and solve the "Mastermind" puzzle. Pick up the lamp, then head back to the bridal suite. Put the lamp over the bed. Light the lamp and the incense, then put your torch on the far wall.

Chapter 3: Samuel Murray

Real World

Pick up the rope, then head back to the entrance hall. Go right into the dining room to meet Samuel Murray. Grab the diary page from the shelves on the left, then collect 6 pieces of the broken vase. Take the picture frame from the back shelf and put the vase in its place. When Samuel starts a fire, put it out with your water, then pick up the key that is revealed. Put your picture frame on the wall behind Samuel, then clean it to see the time on the clock. Use your key on the display cabinet, then copy the positions of the clock hands from the picture. Take the torn page from the drawer that opens. Now look at the bookshelf on the right, and use this torn page on the right book. Look at the book and solve a picture puzzle - note the appearance of the clock in this picture.

Go back to the clock and change the time to match this new picture, then take the ship's mast from the bottom drawer. Look at the ship model on the back shelf in the room. Attach the broken mast to the ship, then look at the windows that have opened in its back section. The correct combination to match the riddle is 8462. Take the treasure and give it to Samuel.

Treasure Island

Pick up the crab and the berry, then head right to the creek. Talk to the parrot to scare it off, then take the strap from the skeleton's head, and the reed from behind him. Put your crab in the hole near the middle of the screen, then pick up the treasure map. Walk to the pile of sticks and pick them up in the correct order; you will find a shovel handle. Head back to the beach.

Use the treasure map on the sand, and solve the puzzle following the pirate's movements. Now go the sea floor (you can only spend 30 seconds here before having to leave and come back again). Pick up the shovel head on the left, and the twig in the middle of the screen. Back on the beach, combine the shovel head with the shovel handle. Also combine the berry with the reed. Shoot the parrot with the berry, then pick up the pearl (solve a searching puzzle first). Go back into the water. Wait for the clam to open and prop it open with the twig, then swap your pearl for the key.

Back on the beach, try to use the shovel on the X mark, but it is too weak. Strengthen the shovel with your strap, then dig again. Use the key on the treasure chest. Look inside and take the other half of the locket.

Chapter 4: Neferes

Real World

After talking to Nathan, pick up the hook and combine it with your rope. Go out to the entrance hall and use your grapple on the balcony, then climb up. Take the diary page from under the carpet. Go through the first door on the right into the bathroom. Pick up 2 pieces of 4 different colored bottles around the room (search in the cupboard on the right and in the bath with the Pharaoh). Now look at the scroll in the Pharaoh's hands and note the positions of the colored bottles.

Back away from the Pharaoh and arrange the bottles on the correct spots on the floor. Now slide them around into the positions as marked to awaken Neferes.

Royal Tomb

Talk to the dealer on the left, then click on his mat. You need to match your cards with his cards as follows:

  • grain - animal
  • moon - sun
  • river - desert
  • fire - boat/water
  • woman - man

You will receive a maze key. Go to the tomb entrance. Pick up the Hathor disc on the right, then enter the key room on the left. Look at the floor here and use your key on the empty square, then complete the cube pattern (left is heron; middle is Pharaoh, sun and man; right is eye and reed). Now press the cube, then return to the previous room and look at the markings on the right for a map (starting from the bottom). Go through the entrance. In each room pick up a figurine from the floor, then go through the doors as indicated by the map (left, middle, middle, left, left, right, right, left, middle). In the ninth room you also need to take the Amon coin from the floor on the left.

Look at the small boat and place your nine figurines on it according to the murals (the left picture is looking from the other side of the boat). Take the ankh key, then look at the depression on the left and insert the key here. Enter the tomb on the left.

Pick up the Isis disc from the floor, then look at the mechanism and take the rest of the discs. Now enter the discs in this order from left to right: Isis, Thot, Horus, Hathor, Osiris, Anubis, Amon. Click on the top of the mechanism, then connect the red and blue circuits.

Chapter 5: Guillem

Real World

Pick up the ochre chalk then go back to the upper hallway to see Nathan again. Enter the bedroom and open the drawer on the right to meet Guillem. Talk to Isaac and he will get the bible for you. Give the bible to the priest and he will give you a mirror fragment. Find the other fragments around the room and use them to repair the mirror on the left wall. Solve the number reflection puzzle, then click on the poltergeist until it disappears.


Pick up the piece of wood, then head forward to the cloister. Pick up the plate and 4 pieces of a broken green bottle, then go downstairs. Pick up the sickle from the stairs, then go forward again to meet a witch. Talk to her, then show her the plate and put it on the stones in front of her. Now she wants a plant, so head back out to the countryside.

Use your scythe to get samples of all of the plants (some of them require you to solve a memory puzzle first). You can collect 2 yellow flowers, 2 green plants, a red flower, a strong smelling plant, a pleasant smelling green plant, some cork and a branch. Return to the witch and put the red flower in the plate. Use your sickle on your piece of wood to make a pestle, then use this on the plate. Solve the maths puzzle. Now put the branch in the plate and use your pestle again, then solve another puzzle. Next provide the strong smelling plant, use your pestle and solve another puzzle. Finally use one of your yellow flowers, use your pestle and solve a puzzle.

Pick up the remedy and give it to the witch, then give her your bottle. Use the sickle on your piece of cork and give that to her as well. Now head outside and give the cure to the sick Abbot.

Chapter 6: The Sixth Ghost

Real World

Pick up the flask of holy water, then go forward to the attic door. Take the final diary page from the right wall. Use your chalk on the door and count 30 triangles. Use the holy water on the door, then go up to the attic. Look at the pentagram on the floor, then use your pendant on it. Drag the symbols around on to the pentagram so none of the lines intersect.


After talking to the man, pick up the knife, crow, hourglass, beetle and a piece of a walking stick. Walk forward to Soul Valley. Here, take the heart, butterfly wing, a forked stick and another piece of a walking stick. Use your knife to get the eye out from the rock pillar on the right. Walk forward again to the River Styx. Pick up the last piece of walking stick, clover, string and a rock. Also pick up some sand from on the ground. Put the sand in the hourglass. Combine the string and forked stick, then add the rock to make a slingshot. Talk to Charon, who won't let you cross the river until you pay.

Go back to the first screen and use your slingshot on the lemon up in the tree, then pick it up. Head to Soul Valley again and click on the souls at the bottom. Give the first lost soul your clover, heart and beetle. Click to find another soul and give this one your crow, eye and hourglass. Click to get another soul and give this one your butterfly wing and walking stick. Hold the lemon over the gas on the right and give it to the soul now that it is rotten. Look for one more soul to find Richard, then go back to the first screen and tell the man there you found him - you will receive a coin.

Head to the River Styx again and pay Charon the coin. Click on the gate on the other side and solve the puzzle to complete the game.