Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 1Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 1

A Dreadly Business

Game Details:  Comedy, 2015

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  9/2/2023

Suggested Listening:  Help Me Out (Ash 25)

Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 1: A Dreadly Business is a third person comedy adventure game with action elements. You play as Bertram Fiddle, self-proclaimed leading explorator, tracking down clues to hopefully capture a serial killer before he strikes again. The series continues with Adventures of Bertram Fiddle Episode 2: A Bleaker Predicklement.

Chapter 1

Curious Stirrings

Turn off the alarm clock, then open the curtains and use the clothes on the left to get dressed. Leave the bedroom through the doorway on the right. Take the rag from the railing, then use the chair at the top of the stairs to ride down.

Read the telegrams on the small desk to the left. Open the door beneath the stairs to meet Gavin, then go through the left doorway. Open the cabinet on the right and take out the dinosaur arm bone. Now head through the right doorway. Talk to your wife, then give her the rag. Try to pick up Foofy, then try to use the basket. Use your dinosaur arm on the basket, then pick it up and go through the middle doorway.

Use Gavin to move the cabinet, then pick up the key and use it on the door to the right. Now head outside and go down the steps. After the collision, pick up the case. During the action sequence, move up and down to avoid the crowd.

Chapter 2

A Visit to the Adventurers Club

You will automatically pick up the nose from the ground. Talk to the paperboy, then head right along the street behind him. Head over towards the statue and you will meet Emmelina Snoopsworth, who asks for your help. Head inside the building here.

Talk to the bartender to receive a cup of tea. Talk to the man guarding the double doors to the Gold Members Area, but he will not let you inside. Further to the right, examine the porcupine canapes to get a porcupine spine. Next talk to Guy Hardwood, who is standing in front of the fireplace. Examine the cage in the corner, then use your porcupine spine to pick the padlock. Now you can go through the double doors.

Go through the open door on the left. Take the bowl of leaves from the left, and combine them with your cup of tea. Leave this room and go through the door on the right. Talk to Holmes, then open the bag to find a severed head. Put the nose on the head. Try to talk to Holmes again, then give your tea to him. Now talk to Watson. Leave the building. After Emmelina leaves, continue further to the right.

Talk to the paperboy twice, then enter the house. Talk to Lord Arthwipe, and look at the blood on the floor. Return outside and enter the coach.

Chapter 3

Further Entanglings

Once you reach the alley, pick up the oar, then use Gavin to bend the bars of the gate. Head through the gate. Knock on the door to find that Count Fulchmuckle is out. Use your oar to knock down the pink pantaloons, then pick them up. Help the man up from the ground, then take his broken monocle. Head further to the right.

After going down the stairs, shoo away the pigeon and you will pick up a mouth - put this on the face. Head inside and pick up the footstool from the right, then go through the doorway and try to talk to Lady Ravisham. Open the small chest over the fireplace. Remove the horn from the gramophone, then give it to Lady Ravisham. Talk to her, then talk to the parrot. Open the small chest again and you will be allowed to take the diamond ring. Leave this room and go up the stairs. Look at the hole in the floor, which you cannot cross for now. Go back downstairs and outside.

Go left, then enter the tunnel. Combine your broken monocle and diamond ring, then use this in the beam of light. Now head left and talk to Count Fulchmuckle twice. Leave the tunnel and continue right past Lady Ravisham's house until you reach a fruit stand. Talk to the vendor, then use your pantaloons on the hole above him. Now take one of the green avocadodos.

Return up the stairs, then left and back into the tunnel. Give the avocadodo to Count Fulchmuckle, and you will receive a sword and some information. Leave the tunnel and head to the right. Just to the right of Lady Ravisham's house you will find a wooden door that is locked. Examine the top of the wall just to the left, which is too high. Use your footstool on the wall, then use Gavin on the crate to the left, and on the steam plinth to the right. Now climb up, then have Gavin use the steam plinth and you will both end up in the garden.

Take a vine from the white vase on the right. Unbolt the wooden door and head through, then enter Lady Ravisham's house and go upstairs. Use your vine on the chandelier, then use Gavin on yourself. Open the cabinet on the left to find a cracker. Now head further upstairs into the attic. Examine the chest to find you need a combination to unlock it. Grab the painting, then head downstairs and put the painting over the hole. Continue downstairs and through the door. Give the cracker to the parrot, then head back up to the attic. Talk to the parrot, then open the chest to get some photos.

Return downstairs and outside, then go through the wooden door into the garden. Walk left towards the large bush, then use your sword on it. Continue left until you meet Lord Arthwipe. Give him the photos, then head through the secret passage.

Chapter 4

A Ghastly Conclusion

Click on the manhole cover to climb up to the street. Put the eye that was stuck on Gavin's head onto the face. Talk to Norris (in the bathtub), then head to the right. Talk to the street sweeper, then continue right. Talk to the blue door, but you won't be let inside. Open the door to the outhouse. Try to take the toilet brush but a rat will stop you. Open the trash can and take the cork from inside. Return to the left.

Fix the automatic sweeping machine with your cork, then pick up the broom. Go just to the left and talk to the woman eating a muffin. After she leaves, pick up the muffin. Next talk to Pokey Mary. Now head right once more. Give the muffin to the rat, then take the toilet brush. Go left twice to find a bridge - as you arrive, it will be lifted so you cannot cross. Go down the steps and take a reed, then go back to the right. Use your reed on Pokey Mary to end up with a flute. Head up the street in the background.

Give the flute to Norris, then take his bathtub. Go right and then left to the bridge. Put the bathtub in the water, then use the broom on it. Now use Gavin on the bathtub and he will paddle across to the other side. Use Gavin on the bridge controls, then head left.

Use your toilet brush on the cobwebs in the tree. Talk to the kids playing marbles, but they won't let you play unless you have a marble of your own. Enter the house. Use your cobwebs on the makeup here to create some fake cotton candy. Talk to Sir Bruce. Examine the candy jar on the left, then open the cupboard on the right 3 times. Now use your fake cotton candy on the cupboard to learn a secret. Go and talk to Sir Bruce again, then pick up the card that he drops. Go right past the cupboard and take the Pearl of Minimoto. Now head back outside.

Use the pearl on the marble game, then pick up the eye - use this on the face. Go right 3 times, then use the card on the blue door to be allowed inside. Talk to Madame Blackheart twice, then give her the diamond ring. During the action sequence, move up and down to avoid the gravestones.

Go right until you meet Sherlock. Enter the house to the right. Read the note on the table, then open the oven door to the right. Have Gavin move the table, then open the trapdoor beneath it. Once you are reunited with Foofy, head back outside.