Advent RisingAdvent Rising

Game Details:  Action/RPG, 2005

Links:  Moby Games, Steam

Walkthrough Updated:  4/9/2018

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

Advent Rising is a 3rd person science-fiction action game. You control Gideon Wyeth, a rookie space pilot, thrust into the action upon an invasion by a vicious alien race known as "The Seekers". You use a combination of guns, psychic powers and melee attacks, and can switch to a 1st person view.

Prologue: First Contact

Part A

Dock Shuttle at Luriam Space Station

After the opening cutscene, fly toward the colony ahead and to the right. Follow the trail of blue lights when you find them, and you will land in the station.

Part B

Meet Ethan in Hotel Lounge

Go through either of the 2 doors to the left, then continue through another door into a large open area. Go straight ahead and you will eventually find your brother standing by himself.

Part C

Knock Out Angry Marines

Fight the group of marines with the help of your brother; if your health starts getting low, run away and let it recover. It is easiest just to take on 1 enemy at a time.

Part D

Complete Training

Head along the corridor and through a door, then down some stairs. Go right as indicated, then around the top of the training room and down some stairs. Head through the 2 doors opened for you by guards, and enter the training room. For your first drills, practice targeting and shooting. When you are done, use the nearby elevator to get to the control room of the training simulator. After the introduction, go along either corridor and get some weapons from inside the arena. Fight against several groups of enemies, using the medical stations as needed.

When Ready, Proceed Back to Instructor

You can stay in the simulator and train for as long as you want. When you are done, return to the control room.

Stun all Marines

Grab 2 stunners before re-entering the arena. Stun the 4 enemies that appear to complete this round.

Defeat Bud!

Make sure you have a stunner and use this to take out Bud. If you stun him, the marines will help you more during the upcoming fights; if you kill him, they won't.

Follow Ethan to Hangar and Enter Ship

Use the elevator, then follow Ethan to the ship.

Chapter 1: Hostile Negotiation

Part A

Get Ethan Away from Crash Site

Head through the door straight ahead into the next room.

Proceed to Luriam Military Sector

Go through the door into the large open area. Climb down the rubble, then ahead and through the door on the left. Pick up a pistol in the next room and go through the door around the corner.

Evade Seekers and Get Ethan to Escape Pod

Just make your way forward through several rooms until you reach the escape pod; don't worry about shooting the Seekers, just let Ethan and the marines take care of them.

Part B

Find a Way Out of Luriam Military Sector

Get some assault rifles from the cabinet on the wall, then go through the small door on the right. Take out some Seekers and grab their weapons, then keep pressing forward and a marine will open a door ahead on the left. Use the medical station in the small room if you need, then go through the next door.

Defend Marines Until They Open Door

Take out several waves of Seekers coming through the back and right walls, until the door on the left is opened.

Find a Way Into Luriam Science Sector

Kill the Seeker, then run along a very long corridor and use the medical station at the end. Go through the door and help out the marines here, then continue and go around the edge of the large open area, killing 2 more enemies along the way. Make your way through the open doorway.

Part C

Find a Way to Upper Science Labs

Kill the few remaining Seekers that are hiding behind shelter in the room ahead. Continue through the door at the end into a lecture room. Make your way down, around the front, and up the other side of this room. Kill some more Seekers through the next doorway, then go up the ramp and around the ledge. Make it to the next room to see an explosion from the right, then enter the second room and jump through a hole blasted in its left side. Kill a Seeker attacking a scientist, then make you way through to a larger office room.

Defend Elite Soldiers While They Open Door

Just stay in this room and defend while multiple waves of Seekers come from all directions. The door ahead will eventually open.

Find Olivia

Go through the door and up the ramp, then use the elevator. Press forward up one of the ramps on the left side and you will discover Olivia. Go back down and use the medical station, then approach the door with the yellow indicator above it to meet your first enemy boss.

Defeat Seeker General

The easiest way to beat this boss is by shooting first, then when he pulls out his shield, throw grenades.

Escort Olivia Back to Escape Pod

After the boss is dead, Olivia will rejoin you. Head through the door towards the elevator.

Part D

Escort Olivia to Lower Science Labs

Make your way back down in the elevator, then through the previous rooms - don't worry you cannot hurt Olivia while you are escorting her.

Find a Way Out of Luriam Science Sector

Go through the door at the bottom of this area. Go through the 3rd door on the left, then down a ramp on the right. Use the medical station here, then go through either door and turn right. Find another elevator at the far end of the hallway and use it to go down. Kill a group of Seekers here, then follow the corridors to a door at the end.

Part E

Escort Olivia to Hangar Lift

Go through the red doors and help the sims in a battle, then take the corridor on the left and help out some marines. Go down and then up the opposite ramp, then use an elevator.

Escort Olivia Back to Escape Pod

Turn left at the top and follow the ramp to the top, then head through the door on the left and follow the passages. You now need to choose to take either Ethan or Olivia with you to the escape pod - this will affect multiple future cutscenes as well as the appearance of the final boss.

Carry Olivia/Ethan to Escape Pod

After selecting who you will save, take them to the escape pod.

Chapter 2: Surface Tension

Part A

Acquire Transportation

Run forward and slightly to the left to find a few building, killing a few enemies along the way. Turn left from the massive blue tunnel entrance and you will find the Scythe. Jump in.

Drive Scythe Back to Olivia/Ethan

Drive back towards your companion, trying to mow down the remaining enemies as you go.

Drive Scythe to Tunnel Entrance

Now turn around and drive back to the tunnel entrance, which will slowly open up as you approach.

Part B

Drive Scythe Through Western Canyon

Drive straight ahead until you see the broken bridge, then turn left and follow this canyon around slightly more to the left.

Make Your Way Towards Bahr Han City

Continue straight, then turn right when instructed. Just as you reach the edge of the canyon, use your turbo to successfully jump over the gap; if you don't make it, turn right at the base of the canyon and you will find a path back up to try again. Once over the other side, turn left when instructed and jump over another canyon. Now keep following the path for quite a long way - you can either crash into or ignore the enemies along here.

Enter Bahr Han City

Turn left when instructed, then find a large road and follow it into a tunnel.

Part C

Enter Bahr Han City

Continue along the tunnel until you reach a broken bridge - fall into the canal on the left side.

Find a Way Out of Canal

Follow the canal and turn right when it forks. When the bridges start collapsing, just keep driving over the rubble. Turn left when the canal forks again, then go up a small ramp and use your turbo to jump over the gap. Enter the opening up ahead and turn right at the sewer entrance.

Find a Way Out of Sewers

Drive straight ahead and you will end up in water again. Turn right and follow this path until a hole is blown in the left wall. Get out of the Scythe now and climb through the opening. Go up in the elevator.

Part D

Proceed to Platform Lift

Take either doorway ahead and continue to reach an outdoor area. When you reach the fork, explore the right to find a rocket launcher, then take the left path. Continue over the broken street and head right. Follow this area to find a large street that ramps upwards, then fall down the other side.

Defend the Area Until the Elevator Arrives

The easiest way to survive this section is just to run straight ahead for the elevator, as the enemies will otherwise keep re-spawning. Turn around and defend yourself here until elevator arrives.

Continue to Platform Lift

Turn around and step on the lift - it will automatically descend.

Chapter 3: Extinction Agenda

Part A

Defend Area Until Help Arrives

Run either left or right and hop into one of the turrets. Shoot down the missiles and 4 Seeker ships. When you are done, leave the turret and jump down to the Scythe waiting ahead.

Drive Scythe to Command Center

Drive along the tunnel and mow down the Seekers in your way. After coming out of the tunnel, turn right. Continue veering slightly right and following the path.

Part B

Defend Area Until Marine Unlocks Door

Hop in the nearby turret and use it to take out 3 Seeker ships as well as a group of Seekers on foot.

Find a Way Back to Upper Launch Deck

As soon as the door behind you is open, leave the turret and go through. Use the medical station, then use the elevator. You can just dodge the enemies in this area as you make your way to the far end of the platform. Go through the door on the left and descend in another elevator.

Defeat Seeker Shock Troops

Kill the Seekers and the 2 Shock Troops (safest to use grenades or rocket launchers).

Proceed to Launch Deck

The door at the far right should now be open. Head through and kill a whole lot of Seekers in a long hallway, then use the elevator at the end.

Part C

Proceed to Western Lift

Go forward into a massive open area. There are Seeker ships, Shock Troops and a whole lot of other enemies here, as well as some marine backup. Slowly make your way around in a clockwise fashion until you get to the far right where you will see a large elevator descending in the distance.

Take Lift to Control Tower

Head to the elevator and be prepared for a Shock Troop waiting for you there (throw a grenade in preparation if you have it). When he is dead, activate the lift to escape the incoming hordes of enemies.

Part D

Defend Control Tower

Run down the ramp and use the turret to take out the Seeker ship and associated ground crew. Leave the turret and use the elevator straight ahead once it becomes available. Go through the door at the top, taking out a whole lot more Seekers.

Proceed Across Bridge to Command Center

Go through the next door and run along the bridge until it collapses.

Part E

Find Way Into Command Center

Go straight ahead and use the elevator to descend. Help out the marines to the left, then enter the Command Center (don't wait for the enemies to stop spawning here).

Find Admiral Torn

Go straight through to the back of the building and up another elevator.

Find Transportation

Go back down in the elevator and outside the Command Center, then hop in the Scythe.

Proceed to Northern Medical Platform

Drive straight ahead up the ramp. Proceed over the narrow bridge to the left and down the other side.

Part F

Proceed to Upper Medical Deck

Continue driving straight ahead and turn right twice. Take either path ahead and follow it until you automatically pick up your companion.

Rush to Civilian Launch Deck

Drive through the middle of the area and up a long ramp and bridge. Turn right at the end, then left on to the next bridge - when this starts collapsing, use your turbo at the end to make it across the gap. Turn left, then right, and drive down a tunnel, then turn either way at the end to get outside. Go through the middle and down into the bottom section to a waiting ship.

Chapter 4: The Awakening

Part A

Proceed to Dojo to Complete Your Training

Go through the portal straight ahead. Turn left, then enter the first portal on the right, then the first on the right again to find the dojo. Approach the Aurelian behind the pool of water.

Use Lift Power to Levitate Column

Select Levitate as your active power, then use it on the column behind the Aurelian.

School Aurelians

Pick up each of the Aurelians that attacks you, and throw them around to take them out.

Report to Enorym on Bridge

Go back out through the portal to this room. Turn right and go up a ramp and through a portal, then turn right again. Go through the second door on the left to reach the bridge, then approach Enorym.

Part B

Proceed Across Seeker Destroyer Surface

Go forward and up the orange elevator, then turn around and take care of the Seekers, grabbing one of their weapons. Go up the next elevator, then continue forward and up a ramp. Ignore the tunnel and jump down to a lower platform to the left, then jump to a higher platform ahead. Follow this path around, killing more Seekers, then use the console at the end. Cross the bridge and go through the next door.

Part C

Find a Way Into Seeker Destroyer

Go through the doorway and clear the room of Seekers, then go around to the left. Use the large gun as a platform to jump across to the next walkway, then turn around to the right and go up the orange elevator. Use a console to extend a short bridge, then go through the newly accessible door. The door at the end of the hall is just hiding 2 Seekers, so kill them before going up the orange elevator on the left. Jump around the following path, use another console and cross the bridge. Go up one more orange elevator, then make your way around the corner to the right.

Part D

Defeat Seeker Elite

You will receive the Surge power just before this boss battle - make sure you equip it. Dodge the enemy's attacks and target it with a series of 3 Surge attacks to kill it.

Stave off Initial Seeker Assault

This is the largest battle yet, but your allies will come to assist you. You will need to use a combination of your powers and weapons.

Proceed to Destroyer Bridge

Go through the raised door, then follow a series of doors with green lights above them to make your way through the ship. When the path forks, head right and use the elevator. Kill a larger group of Seekers in the hall at the top.

Find a Way Back to Enorym

Go back down the elevator, then go over the narrow bridge through the middle door. Turn right and proceed through several more doors.

Part E

Find and Aid Enorym

Go through the next door and take out a wave of Seekers, then proceed into a much larger room with more Seekers and Shock Troops. Continue through a doorway in the back and around to a corner where there are 2 Seeker Elites waiting - take them out one at a time. Go into the next room which has a series of lasers - use your powers to throw the enemies into these as you snake your way through the room.

Part F

Escape from Crashing Destroyer

In this sequence, you just need to run and jump as the ship falls apart around you - several times you will need to jump or dodge forwards to make it over gaps as they appear.

Part G

Find Survivors in Sinking Wreckage

Start by finding a weapon and equipping a power. Go forward and drop down, then turn around and follow the passages. Kill the lone Seeker, then use a charge jump to reach the upside-down doorway. Once the door implodes, kill another Seeker, then look down over the edge to kill some more. Now drop down (you will only take a little damage), then climb up some wreckage and go through a door in the back.

Part H

Proceed Through Canyon Towards Arnyss

Try out your new Negate power to create a shield while you blast the Seekers. Head through the lake and kill a few more enemies before getting into the Seeker Tank. Take this through the canyon and up to a narrow land bridge, then get out and go on foot. Kill the Seekers in the cave, and follow it around to the left. Climb up, then jump down off the ledge to reach a beach.

Survive Until Help Arrives

Set up a negate shield and defend yourself until the chapter ends.

Chapter 5: Crossed Lines

Part A

Kill Kchell's Guards

Use your new Aeon Pulse power to kill a lot of Seekers, and eventually Kchell will run away through a door in the back of the area.

Pursue and Capture Kchell

Follow Kchell through the first doorway, having a Negate shield ready. Take care of a lot of Seekers, some of which have rocket launchers near the end. Eventually you will need to take down a ship outside using your Aeon Pulse, before following Kchell through another doorway to the outside.

Defeat Barrakka Bahma

Approach the enemy with your negate shield and try to push him off the edge with a Surge. When he looks to be charging up, get a charge jump ready and you will jump over a ring of fire; now immediately use Surge to knock him off the edge. He will return on top of his ship. Run back towards the door you came through, stopping on the platform just before it, then ready your Negate and Aeon Pulse powers. After he fires his weapons at your shield, run out and blast one side of his ship. Repeat this until it is destroyed, and he returns to the far platform on foot. Repeat both stages of the battle a second time, but targeting the other side of his ship. On the third cycle, aim directly for him on his ship and you will eventually defeat him.

Part B

Proceed to Tunnel Entrance

Run straight ahead, then go towards the waterfall once you can see it. Attack the Seekers, then go up to the path to the left of the waterfall.

Proceed Through Tunnels

Go through the first tunnel and you will reach an open area with a platform. Turn right to see another smaller path and follow this, then proceed through another tunnel to the outside again.

Proceed to Temple Entrance

Go up the path to the left and continue uphill. Battle a lot of Seekers as you run up to the temple entrance, then keep shooting and using grenades until they stop coming through. Now approach the doors.

Part C

Proceed to Lower Temple Annex

Follow the corridors until you reach a gap to jump over - make sure you kill all the enemies before jumping across. Continue down the next hall, then go through an opening to the right. Throw a couple of grenades down to the bottom to keep the enemies, then make your way down by going around the edges.

Stave Off Seeker Ambush

Jump forward across the gap, then turn around so your back is against the door. Now keep blasting to kill the onslaught of Seekers from across the gap.

Proceed Into Temple Shrine

Turn around and go through the doors into the shrine.

Find Entrance to Seeker Stronghold

Use your new Timeshift power to help kill the Seekers invading the temple. Go down either path in the back of the room, then turn left and continue around the corner. Take care of another group of Seekers including 3 larger enemies that break through the wall. Continue down the tunnel at the end.

Part D

Use Console on Lower Level to Open Door

Drop down and kill the Seekers, then use the flashing console.

Proceed with Aurelians Across Upper Hangar

Use the elevator to get back up to the Aurelians, then go through the door near them with the green light. Kill some Seekers as you walk over the raised platforms, and take out an enemy ship before the door ahead will open. Keep going through another corridor with lots of breakable windows, then use the elevator at the end to go further up. Head around the corner to the right and kill another group of Seekers and another enemy ship.

Use Cargo Lift to Access Lower Hangar

A large platform will rise up through the middle of this area. Kill the few remaining Seekers, then use the console on this platform.

Part E

Defend Aurelians While They Open Door

Keep killing the waves of Seekers until they stop coming, then head through the door at the bottom of the area - it won't open until all the Seekers are dead.

Proceed Across Hangar

Run across the hangar and get into the Seeker tank. Use this to destroy everything in sight. Jump out of the tank again and run up the walkway to go through the open door.

Proceed to Orbital Relay Generator

Continue through the tunnel and another glass corridor, then use the elevator at the end.

Part F

Use Four Consoles to Reverse Beam Polarity

Go out to the large open area and kill everything in sight. Now go up a ramp at either end of the room. Use the 4 consoles in any order, changing the large beams of link from pink to blue in the process.

Proceed to Orbital Control Center

Go through the middle door at the top, then clear out a Shock Troop and some turrets in the next room before going through either of the opposite doors. Get through the next hall to reach the outside.

Use Console to Focus Beam Relay

Make your way over the grassy bridge into the next building and go up in the orange elevator. Use either of the consoles.

Survive Until the Fleet Arrives

Go back outside and take out any ships and Seekers, then wait for the fleet to arrive.

Part G

Destroy Rebel Guards

Walk around the platform and take out the evil Aurelians.

Proceed Into Senate Halls

Go through the doors now that their lights have turned blue. Kill the next round of Aurelians, then wait for the next doors to turn blue.

Proceed Into Senate Chamber

Just go forward through the blue doors.

Kill the Traitor Banath

Use any of your powers to take out Banath and the other Aurelians.

Survive Until Help Arrives

Fight off any other attacking Aurelians.

Chapter 6: Turning Tides

Part A

Storm Beaches of Treikkar

Use Negate and the cover provided by the existing shields to slowly move forward towards the enemy structure. Once you get there, hug the walls to avoid any more fire.

Use Elevator to Enter Defensive Rampart

Make your way to the elevator in the middle of the structure and kill the Seekers guarding it, then use the elevator.

Use Console to Unlock Rampart Gates

Enter the building and kill the Seeker guards, then use the console in the first room.

Proceed Through Rampart Gates

Go back outside and take the elevator down to the ground. Kill the Shock Troops to the right, then continue around to the right and through the large gates.

Part B

Proceed Through Tide Pools

Make your way through the canyons and pools here, dealing with Seekers as they appear. Take your time with the turrets, using either Negate or Surge to deflect their fire. Eventually you will approach a building with double doors.

Breach Forward Seeker Defenses

The doors won't open when your each them, so go either left or right. There are a lot more turrets and Seekers through this area. Again proceed slowly and carefully. At the end there is a much larger set of doors that will open when you approach. Go through to a new area.

Part C

Proceed Across Volcano Rim

Follow the Aurelians straight ahead and then to the left, and take out a group of Seekers. Go down the ramp and through the door at the bottom. Go through the next door and kill 2 more Seekers, being careful to avoid the lava. Find an elevator to the right and take it up. Go through the green door, then jump over the gap outside and kill the Seekers and another turret. Go down the broken bridge, then find a safe path down the mountain to where 3 Aurelians are waiting for you. Follow them through the door and join their fight. Use the massive elevator in the back corner, then get into a battle with 3 Shock Troops on the level above.

Go outside and take out the enemy ship, then use the console on the left. Walk over the new bridge next to you and take out the group of Seekers. Go up the winding bridge and over the next platform to meet up with some more Aurelians. Drop off the end of the platform and go right, then duck around into a hangar to the left. Go through the opening on the right.

Part D

Proceed Into Seeker Compound

You are immediately under attack, so kill the group of Seekers quickly. Jump up the ledges to the left to find a massive battle with an enemy ship and a horde of Seekers. Follow the path around to the right and over a bridge; kill everything (including a Shock Troop) then go through the doors.

Part E

Proceed Through Seeker Compound

Go around to the left and clear the room, being careful to watch for more Seekers coming from behind you. Run and jump into one of the Seeker tanks and use it to destroy everything. Head out through the doors to reach the outside.

Make Your Way Across Volcano Valley

After the left path collapses, turn to the right. Take this trip slowly and methodically, taking out the Shock Troops and Seeker tanks from a safe distance. Remember you can go back to the hangar and take the other Seeker tank if this one becomes too damaged. Once you eventually reach the next building, stay in your tank until the doors open, as there is an enemy one just inside. Once it is destroyed, head inside on foot.

Part F

Infiltrate Seeker Detention Center

Go through the doors and kill the Seekers at the consoles. Turn right and go through the doors, then over a bridge that will collapse. Climb up what is left of the bridge and go through 2 more doors. Kill the Seekers inside, then use the elevator to go down and kill some more. Go through the doors and kill the Seekers immediately to your left. Make your way through to the other half of the room and go up using 2 elevators, killing enemies on each floor. Go through the doors at the top.

Proceed Across Volcano Core

Go outside and be careful of the lava. Use the console and cross over the new bridge. Kill everything on the other side, including Seeker Elites and Shock Troops.

Navigate Fallen Rocks to Cell Block Entrance

There will be a partial collapse of the volcano, with rocks falling into the lava. Wait until the Seekers stop coming over them, then carefully jump across. Make your way up to a raised platform and towards some more doors in the back.

Part G

Find Marin in Detention Cell Block

Go through either door, then battle a large group of Seekers. Continue through the back and across a glass tunnel over lava; be careful not to fall here. Continue through the opposite doors into a room with several consoles.

Defeat Cell Guards

Go through either door and kill the cell guards on the level below.

Pursue Skinwalker

Chase the huge creature through its tunnel to the outside.

Defeat Skinwalker

Dodge the attacks, and jump whenever the Skinwalker punches the ground to avoid losing your balance. When he picks a boulder up and has it above his head, charge up your Surge and fire it at him - he will drop the boulder on his head. Quickly attack him with your strongest power while he is stunned. Repeat this sequence until he is defeated.

Part H

Find Transportation

Run over the broken bridge ahead and kill the Shock Troop and Seekers. Approach the Seeker tank on the left.

Escape from Volcano

Get in the Seeker tank and head down the tunnels, destroying all enemies along the way.

Proceed to Sub-Station Generators

Keep following the tunnels and destroying enemies until you reach a doorway. Get out of the tank and go through the door on foot. Kill the Seekers, Seeker Elites and Shock Troops inside, then go through the opposite door.

Find Transportation

Kill the 6 Seeker snipers in this area. Go up the elevator on the left, and then down the other on the right. Get into the Seeker tank and follow the path ahead. Make sure you go up the grassy slope on the right when you can. Once you reach a lava area, swap into the new Seeker tank, as yours is probably quite damaged. There are lots more enemies through this tunnel, but eventually you can go up a ramp at the other end. Clear the enemies here (they will keep slowly re-spawning), then get out of your tank and go to the right. Keep shooting as you run through the final exit.

Epilogue: Pulling Strings

Part A

Defeat the Koroem

Quickly run to the left and stand next to Marin. Set up 2 Negate shields, one to the left, one to the right, and one straight ahead. Stand in this spot whenever the Koroem is sending in blasts from the sides, or attacking with its red attack from the front.

When the Koroem forms black energy ball and throws it at you, run out from cover and use your Surge power to knock it back 3 times. While the Koroem is stunned from this, use Lift to pick up the smaller rocks and throw them at it. Repeat this cycle until it is defeated.

After the short interlude, quickly run at the Koroem and use your Lift power before it can attack.

Part B


Just wander around until you are almost dead and you will be saved.