Ace VenturaAce Ventura

Game Details:  Comedy, 1996

Links:  Moby Games, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/11/2022

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

Ace Ventura is a 3rd person comedy adventure with multiple minigames. You play as Ace Ventura, Pet Detective, as featured in several movies and a cartoon series, and travel the world saving animals in distress.


When you are on the ledge looking down at the nest, use your bungee cord on the rock behind you.

Apartment (1st Time)

Use your key on the door to enter your apartment. Wait until you hear a knock at the door, then pull down the projection screen and open the door. Talk to your landlord until he leaves. Now wait for the light on your portable computer to start flashing, then use it. Talk to Woodstock and you will head out.


Use the entrance hatch on the sub, and complete the Garbage Chute minigame - collect tanks of air and avoid the junk and sea creatures.

Inside the sub, head right until you get caught. Talk to Jacques until he leaves, then leave to the right. Pick up the fork from the floor, then use this on Jacques' door to the left.

Examine the loose papers on the desk to the left twice to take the map. Open the cabinet door here and take the key and wad of cash. Move the sail fish on the wall, then take note of the ID (Jacques) and password (Nemo) shown here. Take the blue conch shell on the bench, then examine the old book on the desk. Turn the pages until you see a code (Long-Short-Long).

Still in the room, pick up the oyster shell from the bed, then move the bed so you can take the pearl. Use your blue conch shell in the indentation in the wall. Now use the doorway three times to go inside.

Open the closet and pick up the cloak from the ground (which is a Captain Nemo disguise), then look at the wall chart. Click on the island on the middle of the chart. Now pick up the quill pen and click on these positions:

  • 50 degree longitude marker on map
  • space for longitude number on piece of paper

Pick up the quill pen again and click on these positions:

  • 50 degree latitude marker on map
  • space for latitude number on piece of paper

Now pick up the piece of paper. Go all the way back out to the hallway. Use the hatch cover to go down to the whale tank.

Jump to the control platform and use your key on the keyhole, then pull the lever. Click on the baby whale 3 times, then press the button on its back and the light will start flashing. Climb up the ladder to return to the hallway.

Climb up the next ladder to reach the bridge. Use your Captain Nemo disguise on yourself. After everyone leaves, examine the navigation table - to solve this puzzle, just rotate the pieces clockwise. Once the pieces are correct, insert the map from your inventory into the black space. Next use the Volcania coordinates from your inventory on the map. Open the overlay over the map, then use the quill to draw on the overlay.

Go over to the sonar station and press the whale release button. Now play the Sonar minigame - keep the whale near the middle of the display (if you fail, press the recall button and try again). Once you reach the island, back away from the sonar station.

Use the periscope, and you will stand on the platform beneath it. Press the button on the platform to lower the periscope. Now use the red button to send the periscope code (Long-Short-Long) to get the octopus to leave. Back at the bridge, climb up the spiral stairs on the left. Play a Whale Hop minigame - jump over the moving baby whales to cross the holding tank.

Apartment (2nd Time)

Use your key on the door to enter your apartment. Wait until you hear a knock at the door, then open the door. After your landlord leaves, enter your bathroom through the door on the right.

Use the tub faucets to fill the bathtub, then leave the bathroom again. Try to use the answering machine on the left to realize there is no power. Examine the note on the wall next to the fridge. Search the cabinets until you can take the yellow rubber gloves. Walk right and take the TV cable, then use this on the fusebox. Grab the other end of the TV cable and take it into the bathroom, then put it in the bathtub.

Go back out to the kitchen and remove the tank cover from the eel tank. Pick up the eel tank, then put it on the stool in the bathroom. Use the rubber gloves on yourself, then grab the electric eels and put them into the bathtub.

Leave the bathroom again and use your portable computer. Talk to Woodstock and you will head out again.


Click on the hole in the ice, then talk to the Eskimo.

At the village, look at the open to the Elder's igloo on the right. Talk to Oosik until you move to the fire, then talk to her again and choose the "maidens" option. In the Totem Pole minigame, you need to stack the pieces in order to create a maiden from bottom to top:

  1. Red/purple skirt
  2. Green waist
  3. Yellow chest
  4. Red frilled neck
  5. Yellow mouth
  6. Blue face

Once you reach the kennels, click on the yellow snow. Talk to Oosik, then examine the Arctic Avenger and you will receive a coat. Now use the Arctic Avenger and play the Snowmobile minigame - make your way to the deserted camp by going up, right, down, left, down, left, up, right.

Examine the left lump in the snow and pick up the old bone. Examine the middle lump in the snow and pick up the frozen Twinkie. Return left to start another Snowmobile minigame - this time head to the satellite dish by going up, right, down, right, up, right.

Use your frozen Twinkie on the storage cover at the base of the satellite dish. Take the screwdriver, then look in the opened storage panel and take note of the 4 colored symbols:

  • red opened circuit
  • green closed circuit
  • yellow lightning
  • blue boot

Back out and return left for another Snowmobile minigame - now head to the spy camp by going down, second left, up, left.

Talk to the soldiers in the distance twice, then use your disguise on yourself and you will slide down the ice towards them. Examine the empty gas can to the right, then talk to the soldiers 3 times so they start doing push-ups. Now remove the tarp on the left to find a monster snowmobile. Use this to start another Snowmobile minigame - this time head to a cabin by going down, right, up, right.

Pick up the hatchet, then go inside. Grab the piece of paper from the trash can. Move the small green rug to reveal a button, then press it. Head through the elevator.

You now must survive the Fire Jets minigame - just move up past the flames when it is safe to do so. Use the red handle to disable the flames, then go through the doorway. Head around the catwalk to the left until you can climb the ladder, then go through the top-left door.

Give your old bone to the unfriendly dog. Press the green button to open the door. Use the computer and enter the password from the piece of paper you found in the trash (PRESS). Now select the following menu items:

  • Security - Disable Extraction Security
  • Security - Disable Control Box Security
  • System Maintenance - Enable Elevator Backup Power
  • Logout

Open the metal cabinet, then move the cans inside so you can take the crowbar. Return to the right part of the room and use the crowbar on the fuse box. Examine the fuse box, then use the information you got from the satellite dish outside: press the red and blue buttons, then pull the lever (this will disable the prods). Now press the green and red buttons, then pull the lever (this will open the doors). Go left and click on the huskies to free them.

Leave the room again to return to the catwalk. Climb down the ladder and go through the first door. Open the gate, then use the lever to stop the extraction machine. Click on the gate holding the seals in place, then return to the catwalk again.

Continue around to the right and go through the next door. Examine the hot tub and the barrels, then use your crowbar on the barrels. Now use the hot tub.

After leaving the room again, go right, then head down along the walkway where you avoided the flames earlier. Go back outside again.

Apartment (3rd Time)

If the bouncer is here, give him your wad of money. Use your key on the door to enter your apartment. Wait until you hear a knock at the door, then open the door. Pay the landlord his money. After he leaves, use the portable computer to see the Xotica web page.

Select the first icon along the bottom (Lotions & Perfumes), then scroll down and select "Sea Spray". Drag this onto the big X at the bottom right and it will transform.

After your conversation with Woodstock, find 3 more items that you can drag onto the big X at the bottom right to complete the transformation:

  • Jewelry & Fine Gifts: Necklace of Thetys
  • Leisure Goods & Entertainment: Eagle Eye Binoculars
  • Leisure Goods & Entertainment: Pearl Handled Pool Cues

Now enter the ID and password you found back on the Nautilus (ID: Jacques, Password: Nemo). Next go to the Product Order Form page and type "Order" in the Genuine Seal Oil Polish box. Next type "Order" in the Baby Whale Blubber Hair Gel box. Now click on the Special Offer. Press the Place Order button until you back away from the computer.

Answer the door when you hear knocking again, then talk to Vanella until you leave again.


Pick up the white access card from the floor. Open the window latch, then listen to Phatteus after he enters. In the next area, go through the open doorway on the right. Follow Phatteus down to the next area. In the cage area, examine the animals if you want, then continue walking right after Phatteus until you reach the stage. You will end up in a guest room.

Try to leave through the door, then open the window and go out through the window. Head around to the left side of the ledge and climb up the vines to the satellite dish at the top of the roof. Use the satellite coordinates from your inventory on the satellite dish.

Climb back down the vines on the left until you reach the ledge. Go around to the right and down another vine to the ledge below. Open the window around to the left and you will go inside.

Examine some of the products in the room if you want, then go out through the doorway. Head down the stairway towards the bookshelf. Pull the axe on the suit of armor, then go through the secret passage.

Examine the second panel from the top to see a close up. Solve the Patch Puzzle minigame - you need to start from the left and make your way across to the right, making sure that the colors of each semicircle match the adjacent lines:

Walk right and use your access card on the entry panel, then go through the doorway - you will be captured by Vanella. Look at the mirror, and Spike will save you. Walk down, then head right past the cages and look out towards the stage. Grab the costume, then head to the stage. After the fight with Vanella, pull the lever to the right to open the cages. Now play the Laser Dodge minigame - you need to hide behind each of the columns and jump down on to them, then taunt Phatteus by pressing Enter.