A Case of the Crabs: RehashA Case of the Crabs: Rehash

Game Details:  Comedy, 2020

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  7/13/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

A Case of the Crabs: Rehash is a remake of an earlier freeware game from 2004. You play as detective Nick Bounty, on the hunt for the ringleader of a counterfeit crab operation. The exploits of Nick Bounty continue with The Goat in the Grey Fedora.

Nick's Office

Look at Arthur and take the knife from his back. Pick up the live crab from the floor, the library card from your desk, and the very large book in your shelves. Use the knife on the book to end up with a fingerprinting leaflet. Examine Arthur's hand and the crate on the ground, then leave the office.

Shiny Barnacle

Look at the crates on the left. Talk to Bill, but he isn't helpful. Use your knife on the crates and you will end up with a fake crab and 2 new locations to visit. Stay here for now, and take a sea sponge from the crate on the far right. Use your live crab with the live squid on the middle crate, and it will squirt ink onto the dock. Use your sea sponge on the squid ink to create an ink pad.

Put your live crab in the bucket, then talk to Bill about everything. Leave by heading left.

Nick's Office

Use your ink pad on Arthur's hand, then use your blank card on Arthur's inky hand. Leave the office again and head to a new location.

Blue Crab Cafe

Look at the flyer on the wall, then use your knife on it to get a small photo. Combine this with your card with fingerprint to make a fake ID. Try to go through the gate, but it is locked. Look at the big ass neon sign over the cafe entrance, then approach the entrance. Use your fake ID on the ID scanner to get inside.

Talk to Sandy about everything. Go right to the kitchen and talk to Gutman about everything. Pick up the cheese from the counter. Try to take the Victrola, but Gutman won't let you. Try to go through the door on the right, and you will automatically be taken to see The Boss.

The Boss

Once you are outside, talk to the thug, but he won't let you past. Search the trash on the right to get some can halves. Exit by going left.

Blue Crab Cafe

Go through where there was a locked gate previously, and you will be in the alley behind the cafe. Move the crate on the left and pick up the business card. Next examine the fuse box to the right of the door. Use your live crab on the fuse box. Take the wires from the fuse box, then combine them with your can halves to make a listening device.

Go through the door here into the kitchen and take the Victrola. Continue left through the dining room to the street, and head left to exit.

Jim's Shack O' Crabs

Try to talk to Jim, but he is distracted by the rat on the ground. In your inventory, combine the cheese with the toy crab to make a mouse trap, then use this on the rat. Talk to Jim about everything, then give him the business card. Leave here again.

The Boss

Examine the window to the right, then use your listening device on it. Combine the Victrola with the listening device, then use your highly advanced spy equipment on the window. Go through the door to confront The Boss. Try to threaten The Boss with your gun, then use your live crab on him.