The 39 StepsThe 39 Steps

Game Details:  Mystery, 2013

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  11/25/2018

Suggested Listening:  Caught Up in the Panic (Ash 25)

The 39 Steps is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by John Buchan. You play as Richard Hannay, a man accused of a murder he did not commit, who must clear his name and unravel a conspiracy with global ramifications. There are 20 Steam Achievements and 16 in-game awards, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Enter the apartment and read the letter on your desk. Leave the apartment (The Graduate).

The Wrong Ditch

Read all 6 facts about Richard Hannay's life (The Past Unearthed). Look around the Colonial Club, making sure to examine everything (check the diamonds at the bottom corner of the screen). Leave the club and go to your apartment. Examine your mailbox inside, then head upstairs. You will head out at night time - read about both entertainment options The Wrong Ditch.

An Unlikely Visit

During your talk with Scudder, read all 5 steps on how he staged his own death. Later on, examine the differences and similarities between the new and old Mr Scudder An Unlikely Visit.

Deeper into this Mess

Find out more about Paddock, then after going out and coming back home, head up to the 5th floor. Talking to Scudder later on, find out about everything you can. When you return home, head into the bedroom Deeper into this Mess.

In the Soup

Examine everything on the body (Second Life), then the book next to him. Next examine the desk to the left, and look at the box and the letter (No Stone Unturned). Go to your bedroom, then return to the smoking room and read the book on the desk. Later on in the bathroom, look in the mirror. Take the pocket book from the tobacco tin. Examine the body one last time before leaving In the Soup.

Third Class Citizen

Watch the events unfold and you will board a train at St Pancras Station (On the Run). Read the newspaper, then sit in the seat on the left. Consider all 3 facts about Scudder's notebook, then both features of the second train. After getting off the train, follow the path to find a cottage. After staying the night, approach the station again to continue your travels Third Class Citizen.

Sanctuary of the Inn

Read all 3 pages of the newspaper (Killer Stories) and examine the man and his dog, then leave the train when it stops. Progress through the hills, then approach the inn. Examine the bridge and the house, and the innkeeper will let you stay. Once you are alone, read the next newspaper. Search the cupboard on the right, then approach the desk. Here, look at the notes, Scudder's notebook and the papers in the open drawer. That night, you will automatically get a letter to the men chasing you, and then you will work out how to decode the notebook (Sudden Inspiration) before spending another night Sanctuary of the Inn.

A Pack of Lies

Write a note, then climb out the window. Crank the car to escape. At your next stop, examine all of Scudder's notes (Nothing but the Truth). After meeting Sir Harry, learn all 3 facts about him A Pack of Lies.

The Radical Candidate

Enter the Masonic Hall and read about Sir Harry's speech. Later on, take the hunting knife and read the letter that Sir Harry transcribes for you. Go to the tool shed to get a bicycle, then head into the hills The Radical Candidate.

Run to the Hills

Read about everything to do with being spotted, then ditch your bike. Meet the roadman, then take on his job Run to the Hills.

Roadside Deception

After the henchmen leave, Marmaduke Jopley will pull up next to you (Unbelievable Luck). Continue your journey with him for a while The Roadman.

The Game is Up

Choose to run when given the opportunity, then approach the house. Try to throttle the old man, then tell him a story The Game is Up.

Desperate Measures

Try to open the boxes, then pull the handle on the left to reveal a cupboard. Take all 4 items from inside, then open the box to find some Lentonite. Rig the device, then place it and set it off without making any mistakes (Demolition Man) and make your escape Desperate Measures.

Downward Spiral

Think about your predicament, then you will make your way forward and meet a herd's wife, followed by Mr Turnbull Downward Spiral.

Dry-Fly Fisherman

After you wake up, read the newspaper and sit in the chair, then you will eventually leave (Full Recovery). When you reach the Artinswell train station, proceed onwards to meet Sir Walter Dry-Fly Fisherman.

Grave News

You will recover some more with Sir Walter and tell him your story Grave News.

The Black Stone

Read all 3 pages of the wire, then you will act as Sir Walter's chauffeur to return to London. Consider your actions as a free man, but you will end up in trouble again, and back at Queen Anne's Gate. Go through the archway on the right and read the newspaper. You should how have been able to examine every optional location in the game (Ultimate Explorer). After Lord Alloa leaves, use the telephone The Black Stone.

The Thirty-Nine Steps

After your discussions at Queen Anne's Gate, enter the Admiralty and examine the tide tables, then consider all aspects of the riddle and you will eventually discover a location (The 39 Steps) and be on your way The Thirty-Nine Steps.

Masters of Disguise

Go to the Griffin Hotel and look out at both ships in the water. Go through Scaife's report, then you will set up with a telescope. Examine the Ariadne and you will go out to take a closer look (I Know Germans). You will spend the rest of the day scouting Masters of Disguise.

High Tides

Once recognition kicks in, consider all 3 of your adversaries (Know It All), then play out the final confrontation High Tides. Watch through the credits and the final scene (Final Word) Completed All Events.