1953 KGB Unleashed1953 KGB Unleashed

Year:  2012

Genre:  Mystery

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

1953 KGB Unleashed is a first-person adventure game set in a deserted Russian bunker. Playing as Gleb Ivanovich Nikolayev, you awaken within the bunker with no memory of the preceding events. You must explore and piece together information as you make your way out to freedom.

Power Unit

Look to the left and take the blowtorch from the shelves, then go through the doorway to leave the staff room. Examine the generator straight ahead of you, and look at its left side to see it requires 18V. Turn left and try to open another door, but it is blocked. Look down at the small tanks on the ground, then use your blowtorch on the iced cables 4 times.

Now you need to follow the cables - go back towards the first door, then turn around and look at the ground. Move the loose floor panel to see a series of controls. Flip the switches next to the numbers 2.5, 8.5 and 7 (to add up to 18). Go back to the generator and turn it on to restore the lights.

Look down and pick up the circular saw. Go back towards the first door and try to use the phone to the left - nobody answers. Read the Safety Instructions to the right of the door. Go back into the staff room and read the Job Description on the wall over the desk. You can also read the Radio Engineering Magazine on the desk. There is a locked box on the wall to the right of the door.

Head out to the generator and examine the large door, which is sealed shut. Plug in your circular saw in the red outlet to the right of the door. Now use the saw on the top and bottom parts of the vertical beam in the middle of the door. Head through the door.


Try to go forward up the stairs, and you will have a flashback. Walk ahead to the door you end up facing, but it is locked, so turn back around and go up the stairs. There is another door to the right here (Sector Head) that is also locked. Turn around and pick up the punch card and the invoice. Continue forward to the brick wall, and click on it to realize a previous passage here has been blocked.

Turn left to find a small door that needs a special key. Now turn around and look at the information board - note the radio frequency range 568-476 written at the bottom. Back out and head through the door here.

Conference Hall

Open the closet on the right and examine the Work Schedule. Back out and look at the Krokodil Magazine on the floor. Now head over to the large desk. Pick up the pencil, and look at the date marker to see the bunker was abandoned on the 8th of March. Examine the Mind Over Matter book, and the File of Documents. Look back at the work schedule to see that the 8th of March corresponds with the location of Novosibirsk.

Look at the smaller table with the projector, and pick up the key. Go back towards the door and turn right, then examine the large radio. Press the "Pick Up" button, then the "568-476" button. Now turn the dials until the marker is over the rectangle next to Novosibirsk. Listen to the whole broadcast, then back out.

Turn around and open the closet again, then head through the secret passage that is revealed. Go through to the office next door.


Open the bookcase and take the teal cigarette case. Turn left and look at the air duct through the window to see that it says "71-V". Back out and look at the small coffee table to find a book about Chemical Warfare Agents. Also pick up the blue cigarette case and the tape recorder. Walk over towards the door to have another flashback.

Look at the pneumatic tube dispatcher, which has a lack of pressure. Look at the safe on the wall here, and look down from it to see the wires leading to the safe have been cut. Back out and take the green cigarette case from the desk, then examine the desk more closely. Read the Report on Decryption Results, which mentions a frequency of 1400 Hz. Also read the Memorandum in the file folder.

Turn around and find the red cigarette case on the corner bookshelf. Examine the documents on the sofa - a File of Personal Dossiers, a Memorandum from Laboratory, and a Report on Room TX-2.

Leave the office and then return to the corridor.


You will hear a voice through the speaker in the corridor. Head back down the stairs and through the large door.

Power Unit

Go back into the Staff Room and use your key on the locked box on the wall. Take out the flashlight, pliers and adhesive tape. Head all the way back to the office.


Open the bookcase again and note the 4 colored and numbered books at the bottom left. Go over to the desk and insert your 4 cigarette cases on the device here in the same order: red, blue, green, teal. Next look at the cut wires below the safe. Use your pliers on them, then use the adhesive tape. Examine the safe, and enter the code written in red on one of the documents in the File of Documents you found in the Conference Room: 2790.

Read the Research Productivity Report and Letter of Gratitude in the safe, then turn the switch here. Return out to the corridor.


Go down the stairs and turn left, then continue through the door at the end. The air down here is contaminated, so you cannot stay for too long. Take the pick from the bottom shelf, then go back upstairs and open the door in the darkness to return to the safe corridor.

Venture through the door again, then go through the door on the left.


Find a locked crate and use the pick on the lock until it breaks. Now lift the two small latches and open the case. Take out the handle, then make your way back up to safety again.


Go up the stairs and along the corridor. After hearing the voice again, attach your handle to the small door and turn it.


Use the phone here to hear from another person inside the bunker. Look just to the right and turn the red valve - a light should come on. Head back through the low red door.


Go to the pneumatic tube dispatcher, and pick up the tube to get a slide.

Conference Room

Put the slide into the projector, then go up to have a close look at the screen. You will find 71-V written at the top right. Place your punch card over the top right layout, then use your pencil on it, and pick up the layout. Leave here and return through the small door.


Go along the shaft and open the FVU-6 box on the wall. Use your layout on the top section. The man on the phone earlier mentioned pipe 13. With this knowledge, and a target of 71-V, use these settings:

  • Turn the left dial to ID-3
  • Turn the right dial to 71-V
  • Turn the middle dial to ID-4
  • Flip the ED-1 switch down
  • Flip the ED-2 switch up
  • Flip the ED-3 switch down

Back out and turn around. Pull the big lever down, and the light for Section 71-V should be illuminated. Go back along the shaft and use the phone to talk to the other person again. Now leave through the small door.


Go to the pneumatic tube dispatcher, and pick up the tube to get a Pneumatic Tube Message. Return out to the corridor and make your way downstairs again. You will hear the voice through the speaker here. Go through the door into the laboratory.


Go around behind the central desk, then look at the desk. Pick up the syringe, and read the Acoustic Signal Generator document. Turn around and examine the small green box. Take the 5 colored indicators from inside the box, and the batteries from behind it (you will automatically put these into your flashlight).

Look at a side desk and read the Medical Report and Report on Experiments. On the floor to the right are some Autopsy Reports. Go back towards the entrance door and look on the bench to find an Accident Scene Report. Next look on the ground to see an opened gas cylinder. Use each of the 5 colored indicators on it, and the Sarin one will start glowing. Check the Chemical Warfare Agents document to see that the antidote is Atropine. Check the Invoice from the corridor to see that Atropine comes in 110 ml containers.

Look at the side desk again, and use your syringe on the 110 ml container. Turn around and look at the ground to find an Interrogation Report (Dec 10). Leave the room and use your flashlight on the dark passage.

Shooting Gallery

Go through the door straight ahead. Look at the desk on the left and go through the File of Documents to the end, so you can pick up the bunch of keys. Turn around and approach the box on the wall. Open it and turn the switch inside. Turn around again and head down through the trapdoor in the floor.

Put the tape recorder on the box, then climb back up the ladder. Head back towards the door you came through. Look down at the floor to the left and examine the Weapon/Ammo Inventory Log. Now you can leave.


Go over to the side desk. Use your bunch of keys on the locked door, then go through to the Treatment Room. Approach the closet and look down at the floor, then read the Legal Medical Report. Turn to the right and grab the microphone from inside the low open cupboard. Read the Laboratory Worker's Leaflet and Appendix to Medical Report, both on the bench here. Further along the bench, read the Interrogation Report (Feb 5). Find a Table Game in the open cupboard beneath here. Now you can leave here.


Go over to the pneumatic tube dispatcher. Unlock the cabinet beneath it using your bunch of keys. Inside, take the clean cassette, and read all the documents (Report on Sound Experiments, Meeting Plan, Secret Report).


Head through to the Treatment Room again (you will hear the voice through the speaker again along the way). Examine the radio on the bench. Set the tuning knob to 1400 Hz, based on the Report on Decryption Results, then set the range knob to 3, since the 1400 Hz is in the third band above. Turn the transmission knob to On, the output knob to 2 (since the cable is plugged into output 2), and turn the signal knob to the right setting of noise, based on the Report on Sound Experiments. Finally, flip the network switch to On.

Leave the laboratory and use the flashlight to go down the dark stairs again.

Shooting Gallery

Go down the trapdoor and look at the tape recorder. Use the microphone and clean cassette on it. Flip the switch, and you will end up with a recorded cassette. Leave this area.


You will hear the voice again in the laboratory. Go through to the Treatment Room and examine the tape machine next to the radio. Put the recorded cassette on the left spindle, then turn the main switch.


Go over towards the broken wall and pick up the gas mask from the crate. Read the File of Autopsy Reports on the chair here, and the extra Report on the ground. Go back to the other end of the room and look down to find a document regarding Work with Cernogoryev. Also look at the Postcard in the tallest set of shelves. Now open the door and go through.

Step forward and take the pick from the ground - you will automatically run back to the previous room. Go to the broken wall and use the pick on it several times, then go through.

Lower Level

Look down at the ground and read the Report and the Facility-Wide Order. Go forward and look at the door on the right - there is light coming through a hole at the bottom, and the symbol of an eye. Return along the corridor and look at the other door, which shows signs of a mercury leak. Use your gas mask on the door to go through.

Look left when you enter to see AB written on the wall. Go to the other end of the room to find 2 taps. Look back at the Postcard from earlier, and work out that 1953-1917 = 36, so A = 3 and B = 6. Turn the left tap 3 times, and the right tap 6 times. Look down at the ground here and pick up the glass eye.

Leave this room and go back to the other door with the light beneath it. Roll the eye through the hole. Click on the hole again, then open the door to get inside. Approach the desk and pick up the subway token, then read the Dossier and Last Order. Use the switch on the tape machine to listen to a message.

Leave this room and go to the previous door, using the gas mask to get inside again. Go forward towards the subway tunnel.