13:ORIGIN Chapter 113:ORIGIN Chapter 1

Game Details:  Puzzle, 2023

Links:  Moby Games, Steam, Adventure Gamers

Walkthrough Updated:  6/7/2024

Suggested Listening:  Give Up Now (Ash 25)

13:ORIGIN Chapter 1 is a first-person puzzle game with horror elements. You play as Edmond Lavier, on a mission to track down your missing father, and uncovering a larger mystery along the way. This walkthrough includes the Halloween Event update. There are 21 Steam Achievements, all documented in the walkthrough below.


Follow the footprints on the floor as they go around the corner. Open the door where the footprints lead, then go inside. Pick up Michael's note and read it, then pick up the cassette player. Turn around and open the top drawer. Take the flashlight and the audio recording (1/8) First of many.

Leave the room and turn left, following the footprints down the hall. Open the doors at the end, then continue through and around to the left. Go down the stairs and examine the photograph on the lectern. Now find 3 busts (2 downstairs, 1 upstairs) and rotate them all to face away from the lectern. The doctors beneath the stairs will open, so head through into the office.

There are 2 large sets of drawers along the back wall. Next to each is a smaller set of drawers with symbols on them, and a framed picture on the wall with similar pictures. You must open the drawers with symbols that match the framed pictures; open the lighter drawers marked on the diagram below:

Now a drawer in the middle will open Hidden in plain sight. Take the lever handle from this drawer. Insert this on the wall above the middle drawers, then pull it up. Go back out to the main room and turn right, then approach the grandfather clock against the wall. Take the key from the clock face. Now head out towards the main doors and you will be trapped Congratulations! You've been kidnapped!.



After you awaken, take the next audio recording (2/8) from the shelves. Go out through the gate to a large area (a shadow will run past as you go through the gate). Explore this area to see a large clock on the wall that reads 00:00, and 3 colored valves attached to pipes running around the ceiling, which are yellow, red and blue.

Find the electrical box on the wall and open it, then flip the switch. This will release poison gas through three pipes beneath the clock, and the timer will start counting down from 02:00. You need to turn combinations of the valves in the ceiling to stop the poison gas. Turn these valves in the following order:

  • Round 1: Blue then Yellow (this disables the green gas)
  • Round 2: Yellow then Red (this disables the purple gas)
  • Round 3: Blue then Yellow (this disables the orange gas)

There is an achievement for disabling the poison gas Foggy with a possibility of death, and another for doing it without using any hints Conqueror of death!. Head up the stairs and go through the door.

Ground Floor

Pick up another audio recording (3/8) from the small table. Turn left and go through the kitchen to the dining room. Examine the piano - there is some sheet music on it, and there are 2 keys missing. Open the double glass doors to the left and enter the sitting room.

Find the next audio recording (4/8) on the coffee table in front of the fireplace. Examine the wooden globe in the corner of the room - you need to spin the various parts to create a cohesive map. Once the globe opens, take the piano key. Examine the green box, which has a symbol of a wine bottle on the bottom. Examine the padlock on the box, and open it with a code based on the number of wine bottles in each segment of the globe: 143. Take the second piano key.

Return to the piano in the dining room. Insert the piano keys and examine the sheet music again - this is Spring from The Four Seasons by Vivaldi. Look at the numbers along the line under the writing Antonio Vivaldi - 20, 22, 22, 22, 21, 20, 24. If you count the keys from the left of the piano (there are red marks on each 5th key), play the notes in the order of the numbers. There is an achievement for doing this correctly Lost Notes, and another for doing it without using any hints Conqueror of soul!.

Go upstairs using either the stairs from the sitting room or the stairs from near where you came up from the basement.

First Floor

Explore all the rooms here. You will find an office with some glass doors on the left side. Open these to find the encryption machine, then turn it on with the big red switch. Now you must find the Moon combination. There are 5 sets of bookshelves on the walls. Each has a glowing moon symbol on the side, contains a picture of a hand showing a number of fingers, and the shelves themselves are in the shape of a number:

  • 1 Finger: Number 5 (upstairs in the master bedroom)
  • 2 Fingers: Number 9 (upstairs outside the bathroom)
  • 3 Fingers: Number 2 (upstairs in the office)
  • 4 Fingers: Number 6 (upstairs in the laundry)
  • 5 Fingers: Number 8 (downstairs over the piano)

On the encryption machine, press the Moon button on the left, then the numbers 59268 Moon of Life. Take the compass, then head back downstairs.

Ground Floor

Go to the sitting room and head through the fireplace. Go down using the manhole.


Go forward and ignore the first ladder up on the right. Keep going forward and up the stairs on the right. Follow this path around to the right and climb up the ladder on the right at the end.

Ground Floor

You will find yourself in a small bathroom. Open the door into the living room. You can open the doors leading out from this room now (they were locked from the other side). Within the living room, there is another audio recording (5/8) on a small table. Place your compass on the round rug on the floor.

Repeatedly click on the compass and watch the number marked on the compass when the compass is over each of the yellow numbers on the rug (only start when it reaches the number 1):

  • Number 1: Compass points at 2
  • Number 2: Compass points at 7
  • Number 3: Compass points at 8
  • Number 4: Compass points at 3
  • Number 5: Compass points at 6

Head back upstairs again.

First Floor

Enter the office and examine the encryption machine. Press the Sun button on the left, then the numbers 27836 Sun of Life. Go downstairs again.

Ground Floor

Enter the sitting room, go through the fireplace, and head down using the manhole.


Go through the opened gate here and head around to the left. Go past the mannequin, then continue up the stairs at the end of the tunnel. Listen to the audio recording (6/8) on the table, and pick up the key. Turn around to see the mannequin again. Go back down the stairs, around the tunnel, past the first ladder on the right, and up the second ladder.

First Floor

Use your new key to enter the game room. Find another audio recording (7/8) on a small table here. There is a small storage room through a glass door, and a solid door leads back out to the rest of the first floor. Go into the small storage room and rotate the blocks on the wall to the right to spell EINSTEIN. Now rotate the blocks on the other wall to spell WAS HERE TONGUE!.

Now you should examine the 16 clues (15 out in the main game room and the last one in the storage room). Also search all 5 silver crates in the shelves of the storage room to collect the toys. Go back out to the game room and solve the puzzle by placing objects as follows (from left to right):

  • Yellow House: USA, pineapple, sheep, jeep
  • Blue House: Turkey, carrot, horse, truck
  • Red House: Great Britain, eggplant, chicken, bicycle
  • Green House: China, banana, fish, sedan
  • White House: Russia, apple, dog, motorcycle

Wait for the train to arrive, pulling a series of numbers (6, 4, 7, 2, 6). Go over to the office and examine the encryption machine once more. Press the Star button on the left, then the numbers 64726 Star of Life. You will get an achievement for completing all of the encryption machine puzzles Secret of universe, and another for doing it without using any hints Conqueror of Machine Age!.

Head around to the new opened door near the top of the stairs and go through to find the nursery. Find the final audio recording (8/8) on the desk. Look in the mirror to see 3 runes on the floor and 3 groups of runes on the wall. You need to rotate the light fittings on the walls so they highlight runes that match the ones on the floor:

  • Right Wall: Light pointing down to right
  • Left Near Mirror: Light pointing left
  • Left Away From Mirror: Light pointing down

You will get an achievement for completing the Door of Truth puzzle Open the door of truth, and another for doing it without using any hints Conqueror of the truth!. There is another achievement for solve all of the game's puzzles without using any hints The Conqueror of Everything!. You will also get a final achievement now if you listened to all 8 audio recordings during the game Face the truth!.

Back away from the mirror so you are standing where you see the column of light, Once the flames appear in the mirror, use the portal.


Click on the pumpkin in the mirror from the Main Menu to start this special game mode. Go out to the front door of the house, which is in the sitting room with the fireplace. There is a large cauldron on the floor here. Answer the door, and the game will begin with a countdown timer of 13:00. You now have to run around the house, collect candies worth a total of 1000 points, and come back to place them in the cauldron before the timer runs out. You can save some time by going up and prearranging most of the HAPPY HALLOWEEN block puzzle before answering the door.

The following shows where to find large candies (worth at least 5 points each). There are also smaller candies worth 1 point scattered everywhere, and you will need to find at least 15 of these to get maximum points.

Ground Floor

  • Sitting Room (35 here)
    In the fireplace ladle (10)
    On top of the fireplace (5)
    Just to the right of the fireplace (5)
    Behind the stack of crates (5)
    I in a bucket to the right of the stack of crates (5)
    Next to the cauldron filled with pumpkins (5)

  • Dining Room (30 here, 65 so far)
    Beneath the coffin lid (5)
    Next to the doll on the floor in the corner (5)
    In the large pumpkin's mouth (5)
    Behind the large pumpkin (5)
    Under a piece of pumpkin in front of the large pumpkin (10)

  • Kitchen (35 here, 100 so far)
    Behind the chopping board (5)
    Inside a mug on the kitchen bench (10)
    Inside a jar on the kitchen bench (5)
    In the rubbish bin next to the fridge (5)
    Inside a pumpkin on the side bench (5)
    Inside the right door of the fridge (5)

  • Outside Kitchen (25 here, 125 so far)
    Beneath the cauldron filled with pumpkins (10)
    In a bucket in the glass door closet (5)
    On a shelf in the glass door closet (10)

  • Entrance Hall (5 here, 130 so far)
    Inside a small open set of wooden shelves (5)

  • Living Room (45 here, 175 so far)
    In the small coffin (5)
    Behind a crate on the floor (5)
    In the right bookshelf with hanging lights (10)
    Between the stacked pumpkins (10)
    Inside the bucket next to the stacked pumpkins (5)
    Next to the doll on the wooden bench (5)
    Behind the bucket in the corner near the door (5)

  • Downstairs Bathroom (15 here, 190 so far)
    Inside the toilet (10)
    Behind the jar on the shelf right of the toilet (5)

Now use the manhole cover to enter the tunnels.


Head around the tunnel and down the stairs. Go up the stairs immediately to the right, then down the next ones. Look on top of a closed coffin (10). Go back up the stairs and look inside the open coffin on the right (100). Go down the next stairs and turn right. Look to the left of the stack pumpkins and crates (10). Make your way up to the left and up the first ladder.

First Floor

Go through the doors straight ahead.

  • Game Room (20 here, 330 so far)
    To the right of the very large doll (5)
    On the floor tot he right of the chest of drawers (5)
    In the pink box to the right of the coffin (10)

  • Storage Room (20 here, 350 so far)
    On the truck on the floor (10)
    In the open box on the floor (5)
    On the stacked rings toy in the shelves (5)
    Spell HAPPY HALLOWEEN on the rotating blocks

  • Game Room (450 here, 800 so far)
    In the middle of the floor (450)

Now make your way back through the tunnels and up to the bathroom, then go up the stairs in the sitting room.

First Floor

  • Upstairs Landing (5 here, 805 so far)
    On the armchair (5)

  • Nursery (35 here, 840 so far)
    Beneath the witch's hat on the crate (5)
    Behind the coffin (5)
    In the pumpkin inside the coffin (5)
    Inside a bucket near the desk (5)
    Inside a fallen bucket near the desk (10)
    Between books in the shelves on the desk (5)

  • Laundry (30 here, 870 so far)
    Behind a basket on the floor (5)
    Behind the box on the top wire rack (5)
    Inside the basket on the bottom wire rack (5)
    Inside the hanging basket (10)
    Inside a bucket in the bottom left open shelves (5)

  • Reading Area (15 here, 885 so far)
    Between the magazines in the table next to the sofa (5)
    On the floor to the right of the large set of shelves (10)

  • Upstairs Bathroom (15 here, 900 so far)
    To the right of the bathroom cupboards (10)
    In the shelves over the bathtub (5)

  • Bedroom Hallway (15 here, 915 so far)
    Next to the pumpkin on the wide chest of drawers (5)
    Between the leaves on the wide chest of drawers (10)

  • Master Bedroom (30 here, 945 so far)
    Inside the lamp to the right of the bed (10)
    Between the pillows on the right side of the bed (5)
    Under the right side of the foot of the bed (5)
    On the right side of the dressing table (5)
    On the floor to the right of the wardrobe (5)

  • Office (40 here, 985 so far)
    On the small cupboard to the left as you enter from the bedroom (5)
    Inside this small cupboard after opening its doors (10)
    On the floor in the corner of the room near the encryption machine (5)
    Between boxes on the left side of the desk (5)
    On boxes beneath the middle of the desk (10)
    Next to a box in the bottom of the shelves to the right (5)

Make sure you have gathered at least 15 small candies so your total is over 1000, then run downstairs and place them in the cauldron by the front door. You will get achievements based on how many points you accumulate within the 13:00 allowed:

  • Collect at least 250 points 250!
  • Collect at least 500 points 500!
  • Collect at least 750 points 750!
  • Collect at least 1000 points MIGHTY 1000!