Year:  2015

Genre:  Action/RPG

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Run along the starting platform to attack the dragon, and you will be turned into a statue. As an infant, crawl left, then walk forwards following the bird. Try to catch the bird and it will fly away. Now as a girl, examine the statue, then you will plant a tree and head outside. Run around to the right and climb the ladder. Head around to the left and up a set of wooden steps to find the inside of a hollow tower (you will see a place to attach a spyglass just before entering the tower).

Chapter 1

Turn to your left on entering and pray at the shrine to start your first dream sequence.

Dream Sequence: Emotion

Walk around the edge of the symbol on the ground, covering it with salt. Now following the long path down and make your way forwards, avoiding all of the enemies. Keep going until you find a pool you can fall into. Underwater, keep following the path, falling down to deeper platforms as you go, and you will eventually reach an underwater flame, signalling the end of the dream.

Turn around and go down the spiral stairs to the base of the tower, then immediately turn right and climb up to a small ledge. Grab the chainmail and pull it free. Go back up to the ledge again and pick up the spyglass, then return up the spiral stairs and go outside again, putting the spyglass on its stand. Look through the spyglass and explore the entire scene until the dragon spots you. Go back inside and head down the spiral staircase again. Pick up the scroll from the ground. Now run around to the other side of the cover in the ground here and slide it open. Jump on the 2 vines holding it in place and it will fall over, revealing a massive tree and a sword. Go back up the spiral staircase, then walk on to the branch of the tree to cross over the void to the other side. Go up the long spiral staircase.

Head out through the low triangular opening to the outside. Go just to the right and push a barrel so that it falls down. Go back inside and find two nearby large logs to push towards the outside. Go outside again and now you can jump up on to these logs to reach a new area. Now you must hide behind pillars and statues while the dragon is breathing in your direction, gradually making your way to the right.

Chapter 2

You will automatically start this dream sequence upon beginning the second chapter.

Dream Sequence: Beauty

Walk around the edge of the octogon and cover it with salt. Run along the platform dodging the creatures to reach another shape, then cover this with salt as well. Keep going along a series of floating islands and a long passage until you see the dragon again. Wait until there is a long pause between breathing, then run to the far right and the dragon will leave. Continue along the pathway and grab the sword at the end.

Walk forward and inside, across another branch of the tree, until you fall and are turned into a statue by the dragon. Down at the base of the tree again, pick up the fallen sword. Run up the stairs and outside towards the dragon. Jump over a gap immediately to your right and continue along a stone path.

Wait for the dragon's breath, then charge and swing your sword - it will be knocked back out of your hands. Quickly run back and pick up your sword, and the dragon will retreat again. Continue up to a high area with grass and advance to see the dragon again. Make your way slowly forward, hiding behind statues. Attack the dragon and your sword will be knocked straight backwards out of your hands - go and collect it, hiding behind the statues on the way. Attack the dragon again and the same will happen. On your 3rd attack, the sword will be knocked up on to a platform on the right. On your 4th attack, you will defeat the dragon.

Chapter 3

You will automatically start this dream sequence upon beginning the third chapter.

Dream Sequence: Justice

Walk around the edge of the shape and cover it with salt. Now head to the far left to find a stag. Lure it towards the sword altar to the far right, and when it reaches the blood at the base of the altar you will draw your sword. Kill the stag, then head around behind the altar. Throughout this section, wait for the gusts of wind to pass before making any major moves. Jump right, then forward, right and forward again. Continue forward up to a higher level. Run along this passage, then jump up to the right. Follow this path and you will eventually reach some stairs to climb.

Jump over the broken path and head inside, walking along a tree branch and jumping to a level above. Jump across towards the large shaking doors, then head up the spiral staircase to the left. Run up here, jumping across 2 gaps. When you reach the next gap, jump instead to the chandelier swinging in the middle, then from there to the opposite ledge. Go outside and kill a group of enemies, then use your sword on the mechanism strraight ahead to release some chains and open those large doors. Go back inside and down the spiral staircase, then out through the doors.

Make your way up towards the dragon, hiding behind the statues as you approach. Push the last statue forward, then dash towards the dragon and kill it.

Chapter 4

Run down the slope following the water, heading back towards the tower, then head up around the right side. Jump over some platforms to the right and hide behind a nearby statue. Quickly run to the next statue to the right, then jump to the far left behind some buildings and follow the path here. Hide behind a statue on the other side, then quickly run to the next statue to the left and hide there as well. Now quickly run to the nearby fallen tree and cross over. Turn right and follow the path, jumping across the gap. Pray at the shrine here to start your next dream sequence.

Dream Sequence: Mercy

Walk around the edge of the shape and cover it with salt. Go forward over what is initially an invisible platform to find a large square shape to cover with salt. Follow the platforms and you will find a smaller square shape to cover with salt. This platform will rise - go back down and pray at a shrine, then a door will open beneath the risen platform. Run straight forward over another invisible platform, then use trial and error to make your way over a more complicated invisible platform, gradually heading towards to the left. Run up the stairs at the end.

Turn right and double-jump to make it over a gap, then turn left and enter the tower again.

Chapter 5

You will automatically start this dream sequence upon beginning the fifth chapter.

Dream Sequence: The Abyss

Walk around the spiral shape, covering it with salt. Now you must navigate a maze by waiting for lightning flashes to guide your way. There are 3 triangle shapes to cover with salt, scattered throughout the maze; if you want an overview, hold down your "Look" key and wait for a lightning flash to see the entire maze. Once you have covered the 3 triangles, go straight forward from your starting position and cover a straight line symbol with salt. Continue straight ahead, avoiding the enemies, and go down the spiral staircaes to the bottom.

Jump off the chandelier or you will freeze to death. Walk around the platform to the end and you will light your contract on fire. Run back and jump to the chandelier and it will rise upwards. Jump off again and light your contract from the only lit sconce on this level, then use it to light all of the others (including one at the top of the stairs over a few broken segments). Jump back to the chandelier, and it will rise again. At the next level, jump off and light your contract, then light another sconce just to the left, before running around outside and up the stairs and jumping back on to the chandelier. Jump straight across to the other side to light your contract, then back to the chandelier to rise again.

On the next level, light your contract using the swinging sconce, then run around the outside of the tower and back in so you can light it from the other side of the same swinging sconce. Now run up the stairs to the left and jump over the gap, then jump to the chandelier again. After you rise again, jump off the chandelier and light your contract from one of the fires, then use it to light 2 more fires on this level, before heading to the outside. Quickly run around the stairs upwards and rush to jump back to the chandelier as it ascends.

Run along the path, then jump into the darkness.


Walk to the dragon and pull out your sword, then your final battle will begin, where you will be assisted by Solidor. You need to advance towards the dragon slowly, by first using Solidor as a shield, then by protecting him with your sword. Alternate between these two, then attack the dragon and a nearby column will fall, pushing the dragon back.

In the second round, continue to help Solidor to move forward, but this time you must also pull a block into position to create a complete path. Once you can attack, Solidor will charge with his shield; instead of attacking the dragon again, hit the column to the left, which will again fall and push the dragon back further. The third round plays out the same as the second, and at the conclusion, you must jump on to Solidor's shield, then strike the dragon a final time.

After beating the dragon, simply walk up the stairs to the conclusion.