Spot The Liar

Year:  2015

Genre:  Mystery

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After 5pm

Head to Edentown Village Hall and investigate twice to find a key and read a poster. Next go to Eden Lodge and investigate to find a screwdriver. Head towards the forest and go out to the jetty. Investigate to see a piece of jewelery, then use your screwdriver to retrieve a broken pendant. Return to Eden Lodge and knock on the door to go inside. Ask Simon about everything, then ask Emma about everything. Switch back to Simon and ask him about the freedom necklace.

Simon Contradiction 1

  • Kate Vine's Death: Only known Kate for three months
  • Freedom Necklace Card: Kate wore the necklace at college

After 6pm

Enter the woods and go to the southern part of the lake to meet a man in black who doesn't give you his name. Next head to Abbey Farm, and go up the steps to the side first. Enter the greenhouse here and investigate to see some black photo frames. Now go back to the front of the farm house and ring the bell to go inside. Ask James about everything, and you will receive a scrying mirror.

Head towards the pub, then go around the back to see a broken window. Go towards the out building to see that it is padlocked, then use your key to unlock it. Investigate here to find a cardboard mask; it is too dark to see behind the shelving in the back. Now enter the pub itself and press the bell. Ask Rebecca about everything;

Rebecca Contraction 1

  • Kate Vine's Death: Kate gave Rebecca £20 for a breakage
  • Broken Pub Window: Doesn't know who broke the window

Go to Eden Lodge and head inside to talk to Simon again. Ask him about everything new, and you will get an Atlas advertising poster. Switch to Emma and ask her about everything new.

Emma Contradiction 1

  • Kate's Argument: Went home to see parents Thursday night
  • Black 'Scrying' Mirror: James was selling them last Friday

Emma Contradiction 2

  • Broken Pendant: Kate bought lots of new jewelery
  • Kate's Argument: Lent money to Kate because Kate needed it

Emma Contradiction 3

  • Atlas Advertising Poster: Went to an Atlas seminar with Simon
  • Kate's Argument: Has never met Ryan

After 7pm

Go to the clearing in the woods to see a symbol carved into a tree. Return to Eden Lodge and talk to Simon to learn about a second greenhouse. While you are here, ask him about the hand symbol carving. Next go to Abbey Farm, and go up the steps, then further left and into a large greenhouse. Investigate to find a packet of dried leaves. Go to the pub and talk to Rebecca, asking her about everything new. Enter the woods and go to the southern part of the lake again to learn about another student Liam - you will automatically call the chief about this.

Go to Abbey Farm and talk to James about everything new.

James Contradiction 1

  • Liam's Death: James' degree is in plant science
  • Salvia Divinorum Drug: Doesn't know much about plants

James Contradiction 2

  • Simon's Homebrew: Traded his herbal tea for Simon's homebrew
  • Salvia Divinorum Drug: Grows Salvia for his private use only

Now head all the way out to the Atlas building. Go to the atrium, and then through the left door into the lounge. Talk to Ryan about everything.

Ryan Contradiction 1

  • Third Eye Flyer: Doesn't recognize any of the symbols
  • Cardboard Mask: Symbol on mask represents the 'triple Goddess'

Ryan Contradiction 2

  • Third Eye Flyer: Never came into contact with Third Eye
  • Atlas 'Freedom' Phrase: Phrase invented while based at the village hall

After 8pm

You will automatically start interviewing Paul at Branden House - ask him about everything.

Paul Contradiction 1

  • Salvia Divinorum Drug: Atlas don't allow drugs or alcohol on the site
  • Liam's Death: Liam had been drinking all night at the seminar

Go to the Atlas building. Head inside and go down the corridor to the left to find the kitchen. Investigate and you will find a suspicious 'XXX' DVD. Go over to the TV and use the DVD you just found. Now ask James, Paul, Rebecca, Simon and Emma about the DVD, before walking through the woods towards the Atlas building. After you are mugged, go back to see Paul again and show him the bag used in the mugging.

Paul Contradiction 2

  • Bag Used In Mugging: Doesn't know where the bag is from
  • Cardboard Mask: Thinks mask is from Monarch Costumes

Go to the Atlas building again. Enter the atrium and this time go right into the reading room. After you see the ceremony, leave the building and you will find a remote control lock on the ground just outside the gate. Go around to the back of Branden House. Use the remote control lock and you will see some guitars in the garage. Visit Emma once more and ask her about everything new.

Emma Contradiction 4

  • Liam's Death: Didn't know Liam very well
  • Ryan's Guitars: Used to sing in a pub band called Blackstone

Emma Contradiction 5

  • Liam's Death: Was on holiday the night Liam died
  • Paul's Theft Stunt: Was at Third Eye when Paul pulled the stunt

After 9pm

Enter the Atlas building and investigate to find a red torch. Now go back to the out building behind the pub. Use the red torch here, and you will find some vandalized car photos. Head to Eden Lodge and ask Simon about everything new. Next go back to the Atlas building and talk to Ryan in the lounge about everything. Go all the way to the west end of West Lane and approach the old house to meet Lisa. Return to Ryan and ask him about Lisa's accusation.

Ryan Contradiction 3

  • Black 'Scrying' Mirror: Used to read about black magic and Satanic rituals
  • Lisa's Accusation: Doesn't know anything about Devil worship

Ryan will give you the Atlas aptitude test. Go to Branden House and talk to Paul about everything new.

Paul Contradiction 3

  • Freedom Necklace Card: Bought a Freedom necklace for a student
  • Emma's Guilt: Hardly knew Emma

Paul Contradiction 4

  • Atlas Autohypnosis: Impossible to be hurt or damaged by hypnosis
  • Atlas Aptitude Test: Lisa couldn't handle the course techniques

Paul Contradiction 5

  • Atlas Autohypnosis: Avoids relationships with students
  • Emma's Guilt: Once tried to date Emma

After 10pm

Enter the pub, then go left to the restaurant and investigate to find some prescriptions. Return to the bar and press the bell, then ask Rebecca about everything new.

Rebecca Contradiction 2

  • Packet Of Dried Leaves: Doesn't take any drugs or medicines
  • Rebecca's Prescriptions: Cupboard contains Rebecca's prescription pain killers

Rebeca will tell you about Ryan's arthritis. Go to Eden Lodge and you will pick up a dropped business card and key ring. Go inside and talk to Simon about everything new.

Simon Contradiction 2

  • Dropped Key Ring: Owns a new car
  • Unlocked Bicycle: Bike is only way Simon can get to work

You will learn about Simon's stolen laptop. Return to the Atlas building and ask Ryan about everything new.

Ryan Contradiction 4

  • Salvia Divinorum Drug: Doesn't keep any medicines on site
  • Ryan's Arthritis: Keeps pain killers at work and home

Ryan Contradiction 5

  • Ryan's Arthritis: Keeps the morphine in a secure store room at Atlas
  • Simon's Stolen Laptop: Store room isn't particularly secure

Go upstairs and use the dropped business card from your inventory to get into the mirror room. After leaving, go to Eden Lodge and talk to Simon about everything new.

Simon Contradiction 3

  • The Atlas Mirror Room: Didn't know the combination to the mirror room
  • Dropped Business Card: Wrote his PIN on the back of the card

After 11pm

Head to the clearing in the woods and you will get a car key fob. Return behind Branden House and use the car key fob - you will end up discovering a cheque in his car. Go next to Abbey Farm and you will witness a delivery. Enter the large greenhouse up the back and investigate to find a box of poppy pods. Head to Eden Lodge and go inside, talking to Simon about everything new.

Simon Contradiction 4

  • Box Of Poppy Pods: Is allergic to opiates
  • The Atlas Mirror Room: He and Kate took morphine in the mirror room

Simon will tell you about the Prime Candidates. Now go to the Atlas building and talk to Ryan about everything new.

Ryan Contradiction 6

  • £500 Cheque For Kate: Money meant as a 'little' incentive for Kate
  • Atlas Autohypnosis: Students aren't coerced or bribed in any way

Ryan Contradiction 7

  • Atlas Autohypnosis: Gave Kate the money to test / assess her
  • Atlas Prime Candidates: Students aren't tested

After 12am

Visit Paul in Branden House and ask him about everything new.

Paul Contradiction 6

  • The Atlas Mirror Room: CD in mirror room used on the course
  • Kate's Prime Status: Don't use 'threshold testing'

Head to the clearing in the woods again and you will run into Ryan and Kyle. Go to Eden Lodge and talk to Simon about everything - he will give you the patterned sticky tape. Go to the pub and talk to Rebecca about everything.

Rebecca Contradiction 3

  • Broken Pub Window: Taped over the broken window to make it safer
  • Patterned Sticky Tape: Last saw the tape approx two months ago